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2018 April 21, 13:34:36

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 on: Today at 01:58:10 
Started by bzrburns - Last post by Sita
I'm looking for the Store item called Spooky Pumpkin Head. Does anyone stilll have this one? I've tried all the usual suspects Sad

Also the Missink Point Topiary.

 on: 2018 April 06, 03:44:57 
Started by Capitaine Marie - Last post by J. M. Pescado
The server is having serious stability issues as it is getting really old and creaky and the hosting service keeps trying to install NEW THINGS on it, overloading it.

 on: 2018 April 05, 17:34:48 
Started by Capitaine Marie - Last post by Queen Bee
So, what happened??? Why is it down? I see him logging in here everyday.  Doesn't anyone know if he's ok?

 on: 2018 March 25, 21:38:00 
Started by Capitaine Marie - Last post by sora
Sorry to resurrect this but booty appears to be down again.

 on: 2018 March 05, 04:24:43 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by witch
That's the spirit!

 on: 2018 March 04, 20:52:36 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by Cervantes

I tried two versions of the item. One from the standalone sims3pack of the spellbook and the other from the Gothique library set, both won't show the effects. But as I also said on my edit to my post above, the accursed thing works correctly when I extracted the decrapified sims3pack of the standalone file with Delphy's multi-installer. And I think I'll just use that extracted .package file since it is working.

Also I had to resort to redownloading those two sims3pack files from other sites because the old links here no longer work. I did expect that though seeing as most of the links here are old now.

Anyhoo, back to my small corner of shame for having troubled you folk Sad

 on: 2018 March 04, 19:15:56 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by witch

Did you decrap the *.sims3pack?

 on: 2018 March 04, 13:48:56 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by Cervantes
Whelp, my copy of the item must be broken then. Most likely due to PEBKAC to boot too heh.

RFE: Addendum

Argh~!  Huh

How come when I extract the item using Delphy's Multi-installer the thing works perfectly, but when I install the sims3pack the thing has it's effects missing.

 on: 2018 March 04, 13:03:17 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by witch
Mine works fine, little ghosts and moons over the book, flash bang when the spell goes right.

Press the 'Thanks' button 13 times and don't thank again.

 on: 2018 March 04, 10:15:31 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by Cervantes
I'll check if I still have the Gothique library and test whether the effects work for me.

And here I was expecting a snarky remark from jezzer or any of the other members of the welcoming committee. Thanks though Smiley

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