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2019 December 10, 04:35:46

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 on: 2019 November 28, 01:17:51 
Started by galaxygraber - Last post by J. M. Pescado
TS4 doesn't really work on the "single monolithic mod" system that TS3 tended to operate on, it's more similar modwise to TS2.

As it is much harder to keep TS4 up to date, and I don't play all that often or have terribly many mods someone else hasn't already done, I haven't really released anything.

 on: 2019 November 27, 05:21:17 
Started by galaxygraber - Last post by LunarEgg
We'll see. It's too early in the process to tell, but it certainly looks possible. It is likely we will return to the TS2 system of individual mods rather than having to have a single core mod, though.

All this, however, will have to wait until it is even possible to get and play the game.

It's been 5 years since the game came out. Is the mod gonna come out for ts4 anytime soon? Have you considered it?

 on: 2019 November 11, 02:28:49 
Started by Dark Trepie - Last post by witch
I've been thinking about uploading some of my houses and commercial buildings to Mega as a backup. When I say 'mine', I mean stuff I have made, collected, and/or modified. I'll put a link up when I've done a few. A day or two from now probably.

 on: 2019 November 10, 23:22:56 
Started by Dark Trepie - Last post by socurious
Ready to play again and a link would be nice.

 on: 2019 September 30, 14:17:36 
Started by cwurts - Last post by J. M. Pescado
Developers ever came here? And what Cwurtzian Nonsense is this?

 on: 2019 September 29, 16:16:57 
Started by cwurts - Last post by cwurts
Do game developers still come to this forum? How about a "Sims 2" based game design software, in the same style as RPG Maker, with a comprehensive database which allowed you to create your own gameplay rules, and adjust aspect of the game?

 on: 2019 September 17, 01:53:10 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by J. M. Pescado
Not that I know of. Clown-painted townies isn't really a thing that seems desirable.

 on: 2019 September 17, 01:06:56 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by BurgerandFries
Any mod for that? I got the facial hair, glasses, and fit-fat townies mod but really really wish they could have some make-up.

 on: 2019 September 14, 17:06:56 
Started by SaraMK - Last post by bobobrains
This does not work with the free version released by EA a few years ago Smiley

 on: 2019 September 13, 17:15:00 
Started by bobobrains - Last post by bobobrains
Hi there, I can't get hobby peeps to visit sims who live in apartments. So now they can't visit their secret hobby lot. Any suggestions?

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