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2017 June 26, 16:00:10

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 on: 2017 June 24, 15:23:27 
Started by looneybin - Last post by J. M. Pescado
There isn't a cheat for "resetting the adventures" on a "current household" level, but there is a procedure, not entirely contained within the mod, for Resetting Foreignia, so that another household can experience foreignia without the damage you've currently done to it.

 on: 2017 June 20, 20:49:14 
Started by looneybin - Last post by looneybin
Hey someone told me this mod has an option to reset the adventures?Is it true?What's the cheat for it?

 on: 2017 June 08, 21:25:55 
Started by FerDeLance - Last post by Sita
What your teeny underprivileged brain cells missed, Starler, is that ANYONE can flounce and bounce back, when they are in the mood. And that you have no way to stop them doing so, if they so wish. Huh Shocked YOU do not have the control.
By the way, welcome back FerDeLance.

 on: 2017 June 07, 19:35:52 
Started by FerDeLance - Last post by Starler
Didn't you flounce? I'm pretty sure you flounced. I just can't seem to find the it anywh- Oh, here it is!

 on: 2017 June 07, 14:31:45 
Started by FerDeLance - Last post by Sita
Maybe you need to do some research on this and report back when you have an answer?

Vaguely interested minds would like to know.

 on: 2017 June 07, 02:07:14 
Started by FerDeLance - Last post by FerDeLance
Okay ... so I know that under certain conditions a sim can squeeze out a ghost baby.  Said baby grows into a toddler, child, teen and so on.  So what happens when it gets old and ... well ... does it drop alive?  Or does the dead sim ... die?  A question that needs an answer, methinks.

 on: 2017 May 30, 22:40:45 
Started by Mmmary - Last post by Mmmary
That was a good idea but the same thing happens in a test neighbourhood. I gave a bunch of townies the required enthusiasm points for membership and they got the pop-up notification that they have access to Sue's Secret Kitchen. But when my sim travelled there - only two other visitors. One of them was one of the townies that I had given membership to (I visited three times and it was always him and one of the burglars - not sure if that's significant). None of the others showed up and the original two didn't leave, so same as in my main hood.  Huh

 on: 2017 May 29, 23:55:57 
Started by Mmmary - Last post by simsfreq
Sims will only show up on hobby lots if they have the required enthusiasm level to get the membership card thing. I'm not sure if that also applies to townies, and if it does, what causes them to get given the membership card. It may be that townies just get automagic membership to their one true hobby lot.

Try making a test hood with loads of sims maxed out in the same hobby and if they don't show up either, something else may be causing it.

 on: 2017 May 29, 15:59:32 
Started by Mmmary - Last post by Mmmary
No, that's not it. My graphics card certainly is a bit senior, so I already have that line in userstartup.cheat. It does the trick on all other types of community lots; for some reason hobby lots are different.

 on: 2017 May 29, 13:33:06 
Started by Mmmary - Last post by J. M. Pescado
Okay, I think I remember this one. It's because your graphics card is not recognized in the increasingly aging "videocards.sgr" , causing "graphicsrules.sgr" to interpret your video card as "shit tier" and give you "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 2". To fix this, add the line:
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8
into your userStartup.cheat file. You may substitute 8 for some larger number if you prefer.

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