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2018 October 15, 20:32:02

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 on: 2018 July 11, 12:00:42 
Started by J. M. Pescado - Last post by Fierro
Hello, Awesomemod in my game causes sims not able to Discover potion through Chemical table. They don't even change outfit to Scientific when start working with it. After I remove AM everything works fine. Game version 1.69

Also, somehow aweconfig stopped working for me. I change options via this page but after I delete old config package, download new file and add it to Packages folder, nothing changes from last time, even though Xml files inside package are as they meant to be.

 on: 2018 July 11, 04:49:17 
Started by Aggie - Last post by Zazu

I never bought Sims 4. I am holding out for Sims 5. I hear it's going to be a great deal better, and they will be announcing it this year.

G'day Tiger! I played TS4 for an hour or so once. It's a mobile game for your phone. I still play TS3.
ETA: Tsen wants to know if there is not enough squid for you.

And g'day Aggie!

Oh look who we have here. It's the one who made MATY boring. Proud of yourself?

 on: 2018 July 09, 02:06:49 
Started by Aggie - Last post by J. M. Pescado
But did you WIN MUSHROOMS?

 on: 2018 July 01, 03:02:02 
Started by Aggie - Last post by Skadi
I'm still playing 4, thankfully I have enough ramz to handle the CC.

 on: 2018 June 27, 10:46:30 
Started by Ambular - Last post by Mason
Ambular, you are my hero for today! The Jeanette style was my absolute favorite long-ish style for guys ever! Grin  I currently have a Sim who needs that hair almost more than life itself. lol

 on: 2018 June 27, 10:43:50 
Started by Ambular - Last post by Mason
 I have never seen the Jeanette hairstyle from S2 and LOVE longer hair on my guy sims having been a '70's teen.and this site is about hairstyles hope you can get some information about this site

 on: 2018 June 19, 21:35:06 
Started by wizard_merlin - Last post by Viridae
Nice to know it's not just me. I get the "unable to start" error.

 on: 2018 June 12, 04:48:05 
Started by wizard_merlin - Last post by wizard_merlin
Sometimes I get a bout of crashing. I run the last patch before Origin in case some files have been corrupted and that seems to help. A reboot before starting the game will usually help too. I play TS3 on Win 7.

I have taken to rebooting everytime before I play, a pain in the arse more than anything else.  A fresh reboot does seem to help for a while.  I'll try running the last patch again, just in case something is screwed up.

Yep, something with the update affected the memory in Win 10.

I only play TS2 and was getting the crashes to the desktop.

Follow the tutorial in this link:-

I did and I've had a few days of no crashes at all.

I had a look at one of the links posted within that link.  Appears to be a known memory bug that has been in windows 10 for a while, and still not fixed yet. when I am more awake to concentrate and follow the instructions, I'll try the fix and see if it helps any.

 on: 2018 June 08, 08:50:02 
Started by exoplanet - Last post by J. M. Pescado
The answer to your question is "not at all feasible". There is just no way to magically convert an x32 program to x64.

 on: 2018 June 07, 06:19:43 
Started by exoplanet - Last post by exoplanet
I know that TS3 is quickly approaching ancient status, but I'm in a thread over at MTS that's discussing potential avenues of improvement for TS3, specifically concerning upgrading TS3 to utilize 64-bit functionality (as well as griping about things that AwesomeMod already fixes because everyone only seems to use Twallan's mods on MTS). I know that Pescado was talking about doing extensive tinkering with TS3 when it stopped being updated, and I have been pretty absent from the Sims community for a few years, but I haven't seen any results of that since I've started lurking around here again. This whole place seems pretty dead nowadays.

Pescado, would you be interested in tackling such a fix? I'm not especially knowledgeable about how feasible it actually would be to do it, and I understand that it may very well be harder than the simpletons at MTS made it out to be. Also, have you actually been doing things with TS3, and would they be fit for public consumption?

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