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2019 January 23, 19:10:52

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 on: 2019 January 19, 00:08:43 
Started by silkymoonshine - Last post by snabul
I do not own Windows 10, but every other Windows since 3.11
So maybe you could check if some pathes changed. Maybe userfiles are different, now at Windows 10.
Sorry for my bad english, since I use to speak german.
I would check at modthesims or at crincrit or at Carls site. These three are very good concerning informations like that you are looking for and they are still active.
You can as well check this site, because I bet your question came up at maty as well, in those days, when your problem was fresh.
As I told you in the beginning, I do not own Windows 10 yet and so I leave you like this:
check maty first, then check modthesims, then check crincrits, then check Carls. Google them adding "sims3" and "Windows 10".

 on: 2018 December 31, 17:23:56 
Started by silkymoonshine - Last post by silkymoonshine
Hi, I had to upgrade to Windows 10 and also updated my graphics card. I used to run on Windows 7 a lot of custom content, EPs and SPs, but any CC that wasn't installed with sims3pack isn't loading - the game won't even start (save for NRAAS' mods). I've tried the 50/50 method, just a few CC... nothing works and I am at my wits end because I really want to play. (Deviconfig) (DxDiag)

Thanks for any insight!

 on: 2018 December 28, 01:58:18 
Started by dekcerw - Last post by The Purple Pirate
Thanks for the link Sassy

 on: 2018 December 01, 16:34:28 
Started by dekcerw - Last post by SassyWoman
For anyone who wants to know....TS4 Booty:

 on: 2018 November 08, 21:05:27 
Started by Havelock - Last post by Simsample
Reuploaded here:

 on: 2018 October 26, 06:39:25 
Started by Flamme - Last post by Flamme
I had everything in the same file, but apparently that didn't work for clothes. So I moved all my clothes to a new file, called something else and then it worked.

 on: 2018 October 25, 22:27:14 
Started by Aggie - Last post by Sita
That's nothing new, Spode.

Thing about Sims 3, the thing of it is, it CAN be all flat. Or it can be pointy! Me, I prefer pointy worlds. But Witch has a point too.

 on: 2018 October 25, 22:25:22 
Started by Flamme - Last post by Sita
Mod the Sims 2, Sims 2 CleanInstaller. Also, if you downloaded lots of stuff, you might have got some Sims 3 (or even Sims 4) content there. That can also stop your stuff loading.
Good luck!

 on: 2018 October 25, 00:09:56 
Started by Flamme - Last post by witch
Mod the Sims 2 - do they still have Sims 2 tutorials? If your CC has a corrupt file it may prevent all the clothes showing. Delphy made a file checker for sims 3, did he do one for sims 2? Checking for file clashes et al. Then there's the binary test. Try with half your stuff, if it works put it to one side and halve the remains and so on. Are you fully patched?

 on: 2018 October 24, 08:59:36 
Started by Flamme - Last post by J. M. Pescado
I got nothin', then. You sure the relevant options are enabled? I forget whether there's an option to disable third-party content, including that.

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