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2020 September 21, 15:19:04

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 on: 2020 September 16, 02:41:33 
Started by Kibble - Last post by jsader
it's not good. it's ... okay. it looks EXACTLY like the new Star Wars area at Disney Land, so I feel like I'm at DL. It's listed as a "vacation" destination, but you can't edit anything and everything is a rabbit hole, even the only place to sleep. The game play feels... lazy. Very frustrated with is, and it broke all the custom windows and doors.

 on: 2020 September 14, 18:44:53 
Started by Kibble - Last post by Kibble
I haven't bought Star Wars, despite being a completist with regard to packs. I don't intend to buy it, as it looks bad. Opinions?

To me, it looks so bad, it makes me think maybe they're running out of ideas. As of this writing, it looks like there are 9 expansion packs, 9 game packs, and 17 stuff packs -- for a total of 35. Could it be that Sims 5 is not far beyond the horizon?

 on: 2020 September 12, 07:41:04 
Started by zeldalinkmain - Last post by zeldalinkmain
and to clarify about why the two loves at once memory was weird for me. it's because it's a memory for cheating sims, sims who are playing multiple people, usually cheaters. it doesn't really make sense to have it for a widowed sim who got remarried. plus it's clarified that he was already in love with her before in an old memory, so even though he's loved two people his life i personally think it's odd to have a memory that says "2 Loves at ‘Once' when the other love is dead if that makes sense.

 on: 2020 September 12, 07:24:06 
Started by zeldalinkmain - Last post by zeldalinkmain
Well i was playing The Sims 2 and i had a sim of myself and got bored of the wife and daughter so i killed them. Now whenever the husband started with a new girl and fell in love in his memories it says "Had 2 Loves at Once" and i thought that was weird. and then a few sim days later it gave me a "Made New BFF" memory for his DEAD WIFE and his DEAD DAUGHTER! what in the ea-maxis shit is this?! now i get that yeah he probably does still love his dead wife but his memories look kinda screwed up, maybe it's kind of ocd but i don't like there being a new bff memory for a dead person 7 memories after the one with their death. i also did a debug save with that hood and resurrected his old wife and daughter and yes for his wife, they were in love (the marriage tag wasn't there) and she was a bff (she was only best friends with him when she died and even though he had a new wife!). the only mod i use that even come near romance would be marriage-postmortum. and also usually when i get a new lover for a sim and resurrect the ex they're relationship goes to just friends, and they have no love tags so why is it different for dead fiances and this would probably we worse if he had multiple dead fiancé's and multiple dead people still in love/become bffs after they die. i guess i feel it's better for gameplay for revived ex's to lose love tags because it makes it seem like they moved on in death after their spouse got remarried and they won't be mad at them for getting remarried and stuff. and also why for dead best friend sims can they become bffs after they died, how does that make sense. i feel like they should just be best friends in death why would it change they're dead anyway.

 on: 2020 August 17, 03:35:46 
Started by Pyromaniac - Last post by Pyromaniac
That'd be pretty cool if it were actually random. Sadly I'm guessing it's hard-coded into the game, so I have no choice but to get over it keep a few chosen sims attractive by unnaturally prolonging their lives while the neighbourhood gene pool degenerates.

Or it could be a milestone for the hood. First sim to Habsburg becomes mayor of the town.

What kind of creep looks at sims' faces that closely anyway?

The kind who spends close to 50 hours meticulously hand-picking custom content and replacing the default clothing meshes and textures in simPE to their liking. If I were smart enough to take meds for my sickness, I already would have.

 on: 2020 August 17, 01:14:00 
Started by Pyromaniac - Last post by J. M. Pescado
It's probably some kind of random drift function to try to ward off sameface, except it's not very random and thus drifts in the same direction every time.

Let me know when you get to Habsburg Jaw.

 on: 2020 August 16, 04:48:42 
Started by Pyromaniac - Last post by Milhouse Trixibelle Saltfucker III
Recommended solution: Take OCD meds and find something better to rub off to because the game implements random variation, like in real life. What kind of creep looks at sims' faces that closely anyway? I bet you crane up within two inches of people's noses on the street too. Besides, in your pictures, the kids look just as ugly as the parents. This just seems like something only terrible people care about.

 on: 2020 August 15, 19:51:42 
Started by Pyromaniac - Last post by Pyromaniac
So I recently learned about the "offspring face distortion" issue in TS2. Most people have likely experienced this in-game, where sims' faces become more distorted with each generation no matter how non-offensive the parents look. Some folks have tried to figure out why it happens and how to prevent it, but have yet to find a solution, and few people have the coding expertise to dig deeper. You can read more about it here. No matter what facial templates (Maxis or otherwise) were used to make the parents, all offspring born in the game (and created in CAS) will inevitably have some degree of facial distortion, even if they were spawned from parents with identical faces.

Some examples from people on tumblr:

(it seems to be worse for female faces.)

As funny as it is to imagine that these are genetic defects arising from frequent inbreeding and lack of genetic diversity in small hoods, I don't want to be forced to immigrate new sims every few generations just to keep the offspring looking decent. Even if that's the moral of the story.

Any idea what causes this, and how it can be fixed?

 on: 2020 August 15, 03:12:04 
Started by witch - Last post by witch
If you're interested in playing some forum games here, check this link:,23202.0.html

 on: 2020 August 09, 19:59:55 
Started by J. M. Pescado - Last post by NewSimmer
I know I'm super tardy to this party but... what does it mean that they will be "zapped" if they're already at their urn?  I don't want the ghosts destroyed, I just want them to stay near/inside the urn.

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