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 on: 2019 September 29, 16:16:57 
Started by cwurts - Last post by cwurts
Do game developers still come to this forum? How about a "Sims 2" based game design software, in the same style as RPG Maker, with a comprehensive database which allowed you to create your own gameplay rules, and adjust aspect of the game?

 on: 2019 September 17, 01:53:10 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by J. M. Pescado
Not that I know of. Clown-painted townies isn't really a thing that seems desirable.

 on: 2019 September 17, 01:06:56 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by BurgerandFries
Any mod for that? I got the facial hair, glasses, and fit-fat townies mod but really really wish they could have some make-up.

 on: 2019 September 14, 17:06:56 
Started by SaraMK - Last post by bobobrains
This does not work with the free version released by EA a few years ago Smiley

 on: 2019 September 13, 17:15:00 
Started by bobobrains - Last post by bobobrains
Hi there, I can't get hobby peeps to visit sims who live in apartments. So now they can't visit their secret hobby lot. Any suggestions?

 on: 2019 September 11, 11:33:34 
Started by Dark Trepie - Last post by Sita
Nice house. Does anyone still have a working link please?

 on: 2019 September 01, 03:42:10 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by BurgerandFries
it could just be an adult that definitely grew 3x faster than he normally would, but it's sims they wouldn't think about it as that. It's such a weird feature, and I've never heard anyone talk about it ever. I'd rather just keep the old, saggy, gray-haired, wrinkle-covered headmasters to be set as elders but it doesn't seem like someone made a mod for that. They also wear regular elder clothes and just have an adult voice, but their lifespan is 16 days left, not 29 days left like regular adults. Maybe they just messed up in their coding?

 on: 2019 September 01, 02:56:41 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by J. M. Pescado
I wasn't aware this was actually an issue, I figured it was just a feature, since it exists in real life, also. I mean, have you seen Barack Obama lately?

 on: 2019 August 31, 21:39:01 
Started by BurgerandFries - Last post by BurgerandFries
I just started playing Sims 2 again after about 3 years and I've been working on my own custom neighborhood called Lyssaria. And I've run into 3 different problems.
*I downloaded the store content and pre-order stuff as custom content (I even put into into the game files [Catalog/Bins] and none of it ever appears on townies, I guess it's only available for the sims I make, even after I generate around 600 townies they just don't appear on them. I also check all 600 of them in SimPE after and they just don't wear any of it. I've also been wondering if there's a mod to give female townies make-up can anyone link me to one of those?
*I use better face templates, so I end up having to spawn new sims myself, since hobby instructors only come with their regular outfit if you generate them through the Townie & NPC Maker, I use that but the nature sims don't have their special customized outfits, it's supposed to be a leaf outfit for both females and males but it's just regular clothing. How should I fix it, and also is there a mod that makes hobby instructors just wear their special outfits when they come and give my sim the invitation to the hobby lot because that would make things a lot easier.
*I called to get one of my sims into private school and I ended up actually getting the mom married to the newly generated headmaster (isn't a premade Maxis Headmaster), he had gray hair, creases in his face and other elder features and seemed 100% like an elder but he was an adult. I generated another headmaster in a throwaway neighborhood, he looked like an elder but is set as an adult, it really bothers me because he's obviously an elder.
Are there any mods out there to fix these issues if they were I would be eternally grateful

 on: 2019 August 09, 16:39:06 
Started by Flamme - Last post by J. M. Pescado
Increased skill difficulty is a configurable functionality of AwesomeMod, but beyond that I don't really know of anything else. Perhaps Twallan has something.

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