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 on: 2018 February 28, 12:15:12 
Started by BastDawn - Last post by Sita
Baa!  Grin

 on: 2018 February 27, 23:48:04 
Started by J. M. Pescado - Last post by columbia
Flagrant System Error. Very scarey.
I checked; do have the latest AM, and I don't know what's going on.

Did you ever find out what this was? I've been getting the same thing for a few months, too. Seems like it happens after a birthday, although the one I got today was after I adopted a pet and the pet was on the way. The clock stops running but the game goes on. (The time it stops is random.) The household no longer knows when to go to work, school, etc.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<FSE> <Error>Sims3.SimIFace.ResetException: Exception of type Sims3.SimIFace.ResetException was thrown.</Error> </FSE>

FYI, I removed Awesome Mod and no problems with the clock. Still have Nraas MC/SP & Tagger, plus some fixes for EA items. This first time this clock issue happened to me was around the end of October '17. I haven't played much since then and certainly not long enough to trigger it. I decided to play a different house in a different neighborhood (an EA house) and the clock stoppage happened (as mentioned above). Yesterday I downloaded the new AM (since I was cursed at when I'd asked about a mod when EA changed something with Origin, I figured the mod would never be updated), and a new MC/SP. Tried again and the house was still dealing with the clock stoppage. That did not fix the problem and I still got the message when I started the game that Awesome conflicts - mentioning the latter simply because I'm here. I removed Awesome and the house that I'd quit playing 4 months ago is now working fine. I, of course, created a new config so wondering if there is something on it that conflicts.

 on: 2018 February 24, 12:56:28 
Started by J. M. Pescado - Last post by alfaSim
Hi folks.
I want to use fpslimiter, but I don't like that it doesn't support -W option to launch Sims 3 in Windowed mode.  I don't play in Windowed mod, I just use it when game loads, so I can do other things instead of watching loading bar, when it's fully loaded, I just press alt+Enter to play the game. I read all topic and understand that tool doesn't support passing -w to the game, the only way to launch Sims 3 in Windowed mode is to set it in options in advance, but I don't want to uncheck full-screen every-time I quit Sims 3.

Maybe any other ways/hacks to achieve what I want?

 on: 2018 February 20, 02:41:33 
Started by rufio - Last post by VirtualAlex
Well this thread is only 9 years old, so I figured it was ok to resurrect it...

Rufio's dropbox files are gone, can anyone please tell me if sellablenovels is around anywhere? Can someone send it to me? I would love to have it in my game for my book store. Thanks!

 on: 2018 February 03, 05:00:19 
Started by NewPulse - Last post by jrcaporal
Update your AW.

 on: 2018 January 28, 10:10:19 
Started by NewPulse - Last post by NewPulse
It's been over a month since I played the Sims 3, and I had no problems with awesomemod or with anything else. Everything worked fine. I decided to play TS3 again today, and mind you, I didn't touch anything regarding my Sims 3 folders beforehand and yadda yadda. Anyway, my loading screen was stuck at 99%. I removed awesomemod, game loaded, mods worked fine. I decided to update AM and redownload framework. Resource file in mods folder, AM in packages folder. Game loaded, but all my other mods suddenly did not show up in my game. Removed AM, mods worked fine.

Checked to find solutions on Google and on here, but came up with nothing. I'm stumped.

 on: 2018 January 27, 18:35:00 
Started by Ellatrue - Last post by Ellatrue
You're still alive? Did Fairlight let you out of the basement?

Yeah, I actually just got married. Not to Fairlight. He came to the wedding, though. I also just bought a house, which is like the sims but more expensive.

I learned how to program, too, so I'm thinking it might be cool to do an NRAAS modification to the factions thing to let you set factions to hate each other so my aliens and humans can fight. Assuming I have time for that, which I probably don't. I think there might be some logical issues, too - I'm not sure how it should handle sims who are in both factions, or children inheriting a faction if the factions are at war.

Right now the neighborhood doesn't have roads at all, just canals. I'm playtesting it and it seems to work okay so long as you turn off the animals, because the horses get routing errors. The canals have to go all the way to the edge of the routeable area, otherwise the sims try to do an end run around them instead of getting in a speed boat. I think there might also be an issue with school field trips - do those require a bus? The sims seem to move pretty fast with the IP taxi boats. The carpool not coming is annoying, but I've managed to have my sims keep their jobs by leaving for work as soon as the carpool notification shows up so I don't forget about it. Non-active families seem to be getting to work just fine, although that might be the result of NRAAS/Awesomemod pushing them. I think it's a fun concept, but maybe I should just bite the bullet and deal with customizing and building all the goddamn bridges. Opinions/other playtesters welcome.

Does Awesomemod automatically make people use hoverboards/jetpacks as part of the less stupid movement if their skill is high enough?

 on: 2018 January 21, 18:46:13 
Started by guking - Last post by guking
Hello there guys!

I am looking for mods to make farming more fun and profitable, but I am having a hard time to find. I have lots of mods about business but no one of them makes farming "easier" or "better". Well, if anyone knows any mod that could help me, I would love to know.

Thank you guys!

 on: 2018 January 18, 02:18:35 
Started by Ellatrue - Last post by witch
I'm still playing TS3, I was doing LotRO for the first several years of TS3, so I still have a huge amount of game to explore. I'm loving playing with climates, daylight hours, and the ability to tune and change almost anything. I had a go at TS4 but it didn't do it for me, all the sims seemed the same. I like the open world in TS3. I do miss the genetics from TS2, and the ability of one sim to feel differently toward another, where one might be in love and the other might be in hate.

I'm currently playing with canals on a festival lot so the OP caught my eye.

 on: 2018 January 17, 02:13:41 
Started by Ellatrue - Last post by Bugger
I am refusing to move on to TS4. Hell, it took til TS4 was released before I was willing to really play TS3.

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