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151  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Testers Wanted For Updated Monique's Cheap Computer (FreeTime) on: 2008 March 28, 05:06:54
Thanks so much for pointing that out. Let me know how the new computer is working for you.
152  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Abandonated Mods Needing Updates for Free Time on: 2008 March 28, 04:27:07
I was given the link to this thread to read the discussion about abandonated mods and their creators' demises.

I've gone over to MTS2 to look at Monique's thread to see if she had a policy about her work there or in her zipped packages. The only document she made and included in her packages was about the recolors for one of her computers (LS version). She didn't state how she wanted her work to be updated, redistributed or uploaded.

So, I think it's basically common sense and courtesy to give her full credit for her work and provide updated versions with links to her original work at MTS2.

Like everyone else, I wondered what caused her to drop off the face of Earth.. Can only hope she's okay.
153  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Updated Monique's Cheap Computer (FreeTime) - No Longer Available on: 2008 March 28, 04:00:21
I originally planned to update Monique's BV Cheap Computer for my own use with new functions and badges that came with FreeTime until Kyna asked if I planned to make this available for FreeTime (via Monique's Thread and PMs at MTS2). I told her I can try to make the updated version available.

Right now with this updated computer, the function - Buy Video Games Online - is working as originally intended by Monique. When the Sim chooses to "Buy Video Games Online", he/she is presented with a video game dialog box (the same kind of window spawned for buying clothes, jewelery and etc.). Only two games were displayed - Sims Bustin' Out and SimCity 4 Rush Hour. The new games from FT did not show up. I examined how Monique wrote her set of instructions for buying video games online and discovered that she wrote her own set of instructions that didn't match the Maxis code for buying video games. **I decided to leave the Buy Video Games Online function as is with no update.**

I compiled a zipped package with all of the files and readme.txt to be made available for download.

Many thanks for any help with this!!

** Thank you guys for the feedback and comments about the updated version of Monique's Cheap Computer.  Very much appreciated!**

All credit goes to Monique for her original work:


Fixed (3-29-08):

Removed the autonomy from studying badges on both home and business lots. Visitors (unless they're employees directed to study badges by your Sim managers) should not autonomously study badges on both types of lots.

Fixed (3-31-08):

Addressed the issue with the autonomous behavior displayed by a Sim when he/she tries to study a FT badge.

Fixed (4-2-08):

Monique's Cheap Computer is -now- compatible with JM Pescado's "nohumble" mod. You can use either Pescado's "nohumble" or Jfade's "djshumblechoice" mods. For descriptions of their mods, visit their sites/threads to check them out. Whichever floats your boat.

Fixed (4-4-08):

A minor label fix was implemented to address the issue brought up by jsalemi in Alexx's thread. The old label "Sell Community Lot" was changed back to "Sell Owned Lot" to reflect the option(s) to sell both vacation homes and business lots back. "Sell Community Lot" was Monique's own label for the original "Sell Owned Lot" function that was seen on Maxis computers.

Fixed (4-4-08):

With Alexx's permission, I incorporated his fix for the Write Novel issue he addressed in his thread. Monique's original Write Novel function was re-introduced into the FT version of Monique's Cheap Computer.

**Thank you for allowing me to incorporate the fix, Alexx.**


Redownload if you don't have the current version to be sure you have the most recently updated version of Monique's Cheap Computer for FreeTime. Remember to remove any old versions of Monique's Cheap Computer and install the newest version. Just a reminder to watch for new updates. I'm currently working on the Expensive Computer version (the laptop wanna-be). I don't know when I will release this one, but keep an eye out for this one.


Readjusted the price on this version to bring it in line, but the Cheap Computer is still slightly more expensive with newer features. It's just like in reality, computers with Vista are more expensive with new features than computers with Windows 98/XP. That same idea is applied to this computer in Sims 2.

Monique's Cheap Computer is now priced at $1500 with new features, whistles and bells (Kitchen sink not included) for your Sim(s) to drool over, making Moneywell's outdated computer (Maxis), Little Sister's WD15 flimsy laptop-wannabe (Maxis) and Mr Humble's craptastic computer (Maxis) look like slow and ugly dinosaurs.

*As if Eaxis got any clue what real computers look like or do..*

New Features:

Give Financial Advice - (better wording than "Give Financial Consulting" only on this computer. Why "Give Financial Consulting" when "Give Financial Advice" is much better and comprehendable? Available only IF the Fortune Sim or Sim with Secondary Fortune Aspiration choose the benefit from their Aspiration window for FT.)

Browse Web/Blog - (Available only IF the Sim has enough enthusiasm points in his or her hobby to do either one. All of the hobbies will become available if the Sim reach that point in some, most or all of his or her hobbies to do so. Enabled for children as well as teens, adults and elders to browse the web and/or blog if they have enough enthusiasm points in their hobby.)

Write Restaurant Guide - (Available only IF the Pleasure Sim or Sim with Secondary Pleasure Aspiration choose the benefit from their Aspiration window for FT.)

Start Gaming Competition - (Available only IF there is more than one computer and more than one Sim on a home or university lot. Similar to LAN Party, but available at all times.)

Write Novel - (Completely revamped to be compatible with FreeTime. This new function enables Sims to choose the plot elements and book cover for their new novels just like they would on the FT computers.)

Pottery and Sewing Badges - (Added to the functions for studying badges on a home lot and a business lot.)

All of the original options (except Write Novel) are available on this updated version of Monique's Cheap Computer for those of you who want everything -but- the kitchen sink. This version has autonomy removed, meaning that there should be -no- reason for your Sim(s) to touch the computer without you telling them to.

This version can use recolors made by Monique and happygolucky at the following:


Screenshots to check out the new features: - FreeTime Options - Study Badge Options - Start Gaming Competition and Write Restaurant Guide Options

Re-download the new and (final) version please!

*CAUTION*: If you don't have FreeTime, don't download this. Go to Monique's thread to donwload the appropriate version for your current expansion pack.


Thank you all for the comments, suggestions and links and had made this a fun experience to work on this computer. I now have new versions for both FT and AL at Insimenator. Feel free to drop by there and pick up a couple for yourself.
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