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1  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: No celebs? on: 2010 December 03, 22:27:41
I think that by "celeb button" the OP means the celebrity journal button, which only appears if your sim is already a celebrity. That's probably why the OP can't find it.

Thank you for ruining the setup.

I'll try not to interfere next time.

So how does one create celebs?

Enable debug commands and enable debug interactions, control+shift+click the sim you want to make into a celebrity. Find the pie menu option for "Celebrity" and then "Set Celebrity Level".
2  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: No celebs? on: 2010 December 03, 20:23:25
Which neighborhood are you playing in? Sunset Valley doesn't start with any celebrities and awesomemod's story driver doesn't create them. If you want them you're going to have to create a few manually.

I think that by "celeb button" the OP means the celebrity journal button, which only appears if your sim is already a celebrity. That's probably why the OP can't find it.
3  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomemod for a new player on: 2010 December 02, 18:02:22

Yes, yes, we can all see you've read the FAQ.  Please to be reading on to the part about LURKING MOAR.
The FAQ? Nope, I've been lurking intermittently for a year.

Think what you want though, I really don't care.

So, you're saying you haven't read the FAQ? Maybe not the best thing to announce. You'd think someone who'd lurked sufficiently would know that.
4  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: This Sim deserves a medal! on: 2010 November 26, 22:29:02
5  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Is it really my processor? on: 2010 November 03, 22:49:21
I am assuming that you are trying to say that you have a 2.1 GHz processor, which is barely over the minimum specs for the game on Windows XP, and under the minimum specs for Vista. You usually want to be well over all minimum specs, not just barely scraping by. So, yeah, I would say it could be your processor, but that could just be one component of the problem, perhaps your entire system is under or just barely over specs. You haven't told us any other things like how much RAM you have, which operating system you use, or which graphics card you have so it makes it hard to diagnose the problem.
6  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Surprise buttsecks er... I mean, marriage. on: 2010 February 20, 03:56:24
This actually happened to me earlier this week, except my sim was in France. She had never had a romantic relationship with any foreigner, and she'd never even met the guy she was supposed to have been married to. I gave Pescado my save file and he updated awesomemod with a fix for this maybe four to seven days ago. If you are using the latest version and this is happening then you might want to give Pescado your save file to look over. This bug seems like it really doesn't want to die.
7  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Patching issues... on: 2010 February 09, 20:57:30
I think that this might be related to the problem that I was having earlier today because I'm pretty sure the error I had was invalid file found for code_version.txt. Unfortunately I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention to what the error messages actually said because I had a pretty good idea of what was actually wrong. My base game is region 1, and my WA is region 2. When I installed WA I changed the registry entry for my base game to region 2. I download my patches from My base game is RZR1911 and my WA is Reloaded.

I updated WA to patch 2.4.7 today and then I tried to run the game and I got a message saying that my base game was still out of date. I checked the SKUversion.txt in EA/TS3/game/bin for the base game and it was still 1.8, so I downloaded the 1.9.22 patch for region 2, and I got that invalid file found error message. I noticed that the SKUversion.txt in game/bin for my base game is still set for region 1 (version number had .0001 at the end), so I downloaded the region 1 version of the 1.9 patch, and of course it told me that it was the wrong version, too. So, I edited my base game registry entry so that SKU said region 1 and ran the version patch. Everything worked perfectly, and I edited my registry again to change my base game region to 2 again. My game appears to be running normally now.
8  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Pudding Iggy on: 2009 June 21, 07:40:56

Hates the Outdoors

Music: Classical
Food: Sushi
Color: Lilac
9  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Launcher doesn't work....Halp? on: 2009 June 17, 04:49:19
Why would you want to use the launcher? Also, if you want help it might be useful to describe what you mean by "doesn't work". Does it crash? Does it simply never open? Do you get an error message? Are you trying to run it from the shortcut or from the open launcher button inside of the game?
10  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Wardrobe Wrangler Released! on: 2009 January 10, 01:49:56
Stupid Question number 4: You do know that even if you geneticize and townize custom skin tones, that they still appear in the custom skintone menu in CAS? You still have to manually select them from that menu (no space in the MAXIS menu for skintones), they will just have a genetic value now.

I am pretty sure that if you townify a skintone it doesn't show up under the custom skintone menu anymore. When you geneticize the skins (without townifying them) then it works just as you describe where they are still available in the custom skintone menu and they have a genetic value. When I have townified skintones I usually work around this by creating a sim in BS with the skin and saving it so that I can easily access that skin after I townify it.
11  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Platinum Urns Float on: 2008 November 27, 00:16:03
I was just poking through the director's cut and I noticed a hack I haven't seen before called nournhaunting. That might be the aforementioned shiny.

ETA: I asked Pescado in grah, and nournhaunting is, in fact, the shiny in question.
12  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: "Package.Sims2Tmp" Files.... where are they supposed to go? on: 2008 November 17, 08:10:05
Yes, you may delete them. They are backup files created when you modify something in simpe (the WW might produce these as well). They are not in any way necessary for the game or your CC to function properly. The only time you might need them is if you bork something during editing and want to revert back to the original file (you do this by changing .bak to .package).
13  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Unofficial OFB Patch - Merge Of Several Older Fixes + New Stuff on: 2008 October 25, 19:13:05
I'm pretty sure that the full list of mods made obsolete by this fix are robotrestockfix.package, remotebusinessfix.package, waiterfix.package, ofbminifixes.package, noghostelevatorlag.package, missingmanagerfix.package, bandatronmovefix.package, and antibagthrow.package. If anyone is aware of one that I've missed please correct me.
14  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Lest we forget: SPORE on: 2008 September 13, 18:08:45
Yeah you just need the -w on the shortcut.

There's actually an ingame option under settings for windowed mode, too.

Motion Sickness update - Windowed mode helps a lot, for some reason. I've made it to tribal I've realised that the game is actually kind of boring. So, all that effort to get it working for me and I don't think I can be bothered completing Civilisation stage *shrugs*. I guess I'd like to ask those who've played it through, does it get any more exciting?
Yes. Space stage is what it's all about.
Seriously. I find tribal and civilisation to be a bit of a drag, civilisation is a snap if you're economically based (finish tribal in blue), just keep trading and buying everyone else out, but it's hardly exciting. But, space? Totally worth it.

Another easy method (once you have airplanes and at least one military city) is to forget about land vehicles and boats and instead make a huge swarm of airplanes. You can knock out even a heavily armed city pretty quickly with minimal losses and every city you take via military means can be turned into a military city and help grow your swarm. I'll have to try the economic method though, I haven't bothered with any peaceful attempts at the civ stage.
15  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Sims in Windows (I searched! I swear!) on: 2008 July 08, 03:25:40
This is really, really easy to do actually. Find your latest EP icon on your desktop and right click on it. Select "Properties". Find the spot where it says "Target" and add a space and -w to the end of the target line. It should look like this: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 FreeTime\TSBin\Sims2EP7.exe" -w

If you need a picture I would be happy to provide you with one. I would also like to mention that this information is contained in our FAQ. It might be best to thoroughly read (or if you've read it before, re-read) our FAQ because it contains lots of useful information. And I bet I know why your search didn't work; it's not called "windows mode", it's called "windowed mode". Cheesy

ETA: Whoops, fatkitty beat me to it. I'll let my post stand because the additional information I provided (FAQ link, windows/windowed explination, target line example) may be useful to someone, somewhere, someday.
16  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Changing eyecolor? on: 2008 April 29, 00:16:41
I am sure that someone more awesome than me knows of a way to actually change the eyes of a sim, so maybe you should wait for someone else to come along, but I CAN tell you how to change it's genetic value so that you can haev an easier time of breeding it out over time. You open the package in SimPe and click on Texture Overlay XML then you click on the name that shows up under resource list and look in the plugin view area on the bottom (picture!). You should see something taht says genetic (dtSingle). Change that value from 1 (dominant) to 4 (almost never see it because it's so recessive). You'll almost never get a 3 or 4 eye from breeding (unless both parents have a 3 or 4, obviously). So if you want to breed out the old eyes you could make them all 4s and then make sure that they only mate with sims with eyes with a 1 or 2 genetic value. 2 is just recessive, but not to the extremes that 3 or 4 are. 0 is what un-geneticized CC comes with and it will always be dominant.

When you use Sim Surgery to clone a sim in SimPE and put that sim into body shop you must make a clone of the clone and delete the first clone. The second clone will be safe to use in game.
17  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Party Invitation Bug on: 2008 April 16, 04:41:10
Your game likely believes your computer can not handle more sims on a lot.
Put the following lines into your userstartup.cheat file:

intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8

You only need to add this one to change the number of sims that you can invite to a party. The uintprop maxTotalwhatever lines change the number of sims that you can have on one lot via merging families from the hood screen.
18  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Odd (I'm assuming FT Related) Problems on: 2008 April 16, 03:32:21
If you want him to die you just have to keep trying to kill him. As I understand it the wish to cheat death works as follows; the first time he cheats death he has a 100% chance of survival. Each subsequent time that percentage will go down, so eventually he will lose and die, just don't give up. I believe that I read that each time he successfully cheats death the percentage will drop by 10%, so if you try 10 times he should die by the end.
19  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Object error from batch creating dormies in FT :( on: 2008 April 16, 03:00:00
It's the naming all of the sims in CAS that I object to.  I find I get more uniqueness in a hood if I let the game generate the sims than if I generate them myself.  With face templates most of the hideousness is removed, and I'm getting to kinda like S4 skin tones with blonde or red hair.  What's life without a bit of chaos?

I create all of my dormies, downtownies, vacation locals, and tourists using CAS and the teleporter shrub. The only sims that I batch create are the regular hood townies, actually. The thing that has absolutely saved my life through this process is Hook's Randomizer. It's very, very easy to modify the text file to roll random face template numbers, hair colors, eye colors, and names. I use a simplified system of having it roll a random number and that's how many times I press the "randomize" button in CAS. I keep the hair color and face template, but I allow myself to change the hair style and tweak the face to make it a bit more unique if I want to. I also add new interesting names to the text file as I discover them (I've stolen a ton of names from posts that you guys make about your sims and a ton from the discussion process that lead up to Ella's live.package creation). I also pick turn ons/turn offs, aspiration, and personality using this program. It really helps to speed up the process, and I wind up with more interesting characters instead of just making every popularity sim super outgoing and every family sim super neat, for example. I've also wound up with some sims with interesting turn on/off sets that seem near fetish like (like the sim that goes oh baby over zombies in formal wear, a combo that I probably would have never given to any sim on my own).

Since I'm so used to doing it this way now the process isn't very time consuming anymore, and I think that it's pretty easy to get used to. Of course, I should mention that I have also come to enjoy this process. I put the uintprop maxtotalsims to 44 in my userstartup.cheat (34 humans, 10 pets), so I create batches of 8, put the first 8 on a small teleport lot, put everyone onto macro/procrastinate, then merge two more batches of 8 onto the lot. I go back in, the game is still paused and I put the remaining sims onto macro/procrastinate. Then I can unpause and change sims to have custom hair or if it's uni give some of the sims majors and then turn them into dormies/downtownies/whatever one by one. When I had my old, cruddy computer it would die if I tried to put that many sims onto a lot at the same time, but I still managed by doing just 8 sims on the lot at a time. The entire process obviously took longer on that computer, but I seriously doubt that most of you are attempting this on a 5 year old laptop with an intel onboard graphics card and 512 MB RAM (it took me hours and hours to do this on that machine). My new computer obviously has substantially better specs and I can do 34 sims from creation to dormification in just about an hour (as a reference point I now use: GeForce 8400 GS, 2 gigs RAM, Athelon 64 X2 dual core 3.0 Ghz).
20  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV clothes without the gay backpacks? on: 2008 April 12, 02:49:19
I tried a google search for "BV clothes without gay backpacks" but suprisingly got no results   Roll Eyes

You're an idiot.
21  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Big Foot Hair and Beard taking my cc over on: 2008 April 12, 02:39:47
When you open up BS and go into "build or clone sims" and then select the green box with the + sign in it (tooltip says "Build a Sim") if the sim that is randomly created as your model sim is male then he has a chance of being spawned with the bigfoot beard. IIRC in BV Body Shop the first rolled male sim would ALWAYS have the bigfoot beard, but I have FT and I just did a bunch of tests and I had that beard roll up about half the time (although I don't claim that it will roll up half the time for everyone, I didn't do nearly enough tests to determine the percentage of the beard showing up; I just did enough to see if it would happen every time or if it would be a regular hair sometimes). From my limited testing the beard would never roll up if it rolled a female sim and you changed her to a male sim, but that can't be considered absolutely conclusive either. I do NOT have any missing meshes or any male hair that shows up looking like the bigfoot beard in any of my hair bins. This happens with no CC in the game. The Body Shop issue is just a standard EAxian bug and it has nothing to do with missing meshes. If you see the hair in the hair bins multiple times like the OP then you DO have a missing mesh and that is actually an entirely different issue.

I also hit the "randomize" button in Body Shop 200 times and the bigfoot beard never appeared in that test. It only seems to happen immediately after hitting the "build a sim" button.
22  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: More Awful Than You for April!Self Sims a Mutilator Couldn't Love on: 2008 April 06, 06:58:56
I feel sorry for the poor soul that must judge this one!

*Invisigoth points and laughs at Jelly

@Giggy, the first picture is obviously the great beggar of MATY, Omri Chan! IIRC, that sim was created by Assmitten. Although I don't want your fake e-booze. I'll just take bragging rights. It is also incredibly rich for you to be calling anyone too stupid to be 12.
23  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Shit hits the fan on: 2008 April 01, 03:30:19
What expansions exactly are you running?  It might also help to know how many character files you have, whether they have been checked in SimPE, whether you have a zillion bartenders, stuff like that......

Did you even read the OP? He said that this happened with a brand new hood.

Sounds like a bad install or a corrupt core file to me. You might want to uninstall/reinstall and then make sure that your TS2 files under program files are set as read only so that something like this doesn't happen again.
24  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: No head-templates... on: 2008 March 28, 02:06:12
So... How does one save sims so that their heads show up in that panel?

If you want heads to show up in that panel for a specific custom skintone then you need to make a sim using that skintone in body shop and then save it. Then it should show up in the head panel when you have that skintone selected in CAS.
25  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: omega drivers? on: 2008 March 27, 01:27:06
Search is your friend. This has been discussed on MATY over and over and over again. There are tons of other threads that reference this topic that I didn't bother to link because well, why should I do all of the work for you? Seriously, all I did was type the words "omega driver" into the search box. You've been here for long enough to know better than to post a thread without searching first.
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