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1476  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Burninator Mod Request on: 2005 July 22, 06:26:51
Your request will be taken under consideration.

Yippee!!! *jumps for joy and dances all around and stuff*!!!

Wait... what's this? *puts on glasses and gets a magnifying lens*

...and then promptly ignored.

...hey?!? Gettin my hopes all up and stuff. :p

What's wrong with a burninate option? That would like totally be cool! And I still think you should add kickable headstones to Kick Stuff option! And I'm still waitin for my kickble Teh Cheat! Did you tick off Queen that badly too? Grin

Oh well. I'll just have to pretend then. At least there's still "buyable fire" right? That will have to suffice.  Undecided


*sulks disappointedly*
1477  Awesomeware / The Scrapyard / Re: No Townie/NPC Move-In Amnesia *EXPERIMENTAL* on: 2005 July 22, 06:06:45
Hrm... interesting. Because of all the weird bugginess with NPCs, I've done my best to avoid getting my sims entangled in relationships with them. Well, at least to the point of only having some "romantic" flings and leaving it at that. With all the trouble associated with them, it seemed worthless to attempt trying to invite them into families.

Anyways... just wondering then... do you think that the npc/townie mind wipe was an intentional afterthought? Perhaps evidence that Maxis knew it was a bad idea for sims to have Too Many memories? Which only leads to your game blowing up in a fiery ball that could be seen from outerspace anyways. I guess not really, since they were so many OTHER obvious ways that the game can blow up, this was probably an unintentional fluke of an error that actually works in favor of NOT blowing up. :p

And do townies also get Amnesia? I thought that "feature" was only isolated to NPCs. :p

1478  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Burninator Mod Request on: 2005 July 22, 05:58:33
Seeing as I have only recently joined and also only recently noticed those funny avatars... I was wondering if you (Pescado) were intending to produce a burninator hack or add burninating functionality to Macrostatics?

It would be pretty neat if, say it would be based upon a sim's dysfunctional personality. Such hateful, evil, possibly crime/fire loving sims, who possibly have a lifetime of foul experiences (as denoted by several bad memories) and possibly having at least one or more enemies, and a foul temper as denoted by being more grouchy, (and whatever other possible criteria you come up with) would have the ability to start fires!!! Now that would be really neat! I mean... if we can have "buyable fire" then why not have a burninate option?

It would also be neat if this option had a tiny level of autonomity, for upping the challenge and adding both realism and unexpected surprises to the game. :p At least as far as dealing with pyromaniacs.  Grin  I mean, if grumpy teenagers can pass by your house and kick garbage cans or, when invited into your house, start banging the refridgerator door, wouldn't be interesting if they could also randomly start fires? Ok... maybe that's a bad idea... but I still think it would be neat to be able to start fires on purpose. This would serve well both for storywise purposes AND practical reasons, such as burninating improperly lobotomized nannies, eliminating certain annoying neighbors and/or townies/dormies and potentially invisible stuck objects on your lot!  Cheesy

Well... sorry if this has already been brought up, or if you already mentioned that you've been working on this. I've been out of the loop. I just finished reading your HUZZAH thread and found it thoroughly amusing.  Wink

Oh yeah, I thought of another reason: gay boys/teens can start fires just so they can meet the hunky firefighters of their dreams. Grin


1479  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hey, can you see my lips moving? on: 2005 July 22, 03:38:25
It's a hardcoded engine problem. All the animations are actually there and being invoked by the BHAV codes, so that's functioning correctly, but the engine is not rendering them properly. Nothing can be done about this from here. You'll have to buy the patch from Maxis yourself if you want this one fixed.

I'm confused. Are you saying that there is a purchasable official Maxian patch to fix this problem? This is news to me. I guess I should pay more attention to my game to see if I have the same problem...

1480  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Secret chat room? on: 2005 July 19, 06:09:37
lol. I sorta figured as much... but didn't want to press it. Ok, so you are forcing my hand here and I must now install an actual IRC client?  Tongue

I suppose I could just tweak Trillian. Meh. I'll do it later this week. I've got to head to bed so I can get up early tomorrow morning anyways.

1481  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Secret chat room? on: 2005 July 19, 05:51:49
Yep, I'm talking about the ghost rebels thingie...

Here's my status window:

*** Welcome to CGI:IRC 0.5.6 (2005/02/09)

*** Looking up

*** Connecting to [] port 6667 *** Looking up your hostname... *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead

*** Welcome to the IRCRebels IRC Network syberspunk!cgiirc@

*** Your host is, running version Unreal3.2.3

*** This server was created Wed Mar 30 2005 at 22:07:30 CST

*** Unreal3.2.3 iowghraAsORTVSxNCWqBzvdHtGp lvhopsmntikrRcaqOALQbSeIKVfMCuzNTGj


*** WATCH=128 SILENCE=15 MODES=12 CHANTYPES=# PREFIX=(qaohv)~&@%+ CHANMODES=beI,kfL,lj,psmntirRcOAQKVGCuzNSMTG NETWORK=IRCRebels CASEMAPPING=ascii EXTBAN=~,cqnr ELIST=MNUCT STATUSMSG=~&@%+ EXCEPTS INVEX are supported by this server

***  There are 13 users and 24 invisible on 5 servers

*** 20 operator(s) online

*** 30 channels formed

***  I have 11 clients and 3 servers

***  Current Local Users: 11  Max: 23

***  Current Global Users: 37  Max: 43

***  MOTD File is missing

-SecureServ- Your IRC client is being checked for Trojans. Please dis-regard VERSION messages from SecureServ

*** SecureServ requested CTCP VERSION from syberspunk:

*** PingServ requested CTCP PING from syberspunk: BottlerTest PleaseIgnore

-opsb- Your Host is being Scanned for Open Proxies

*** Access to channel #grah is blocked

*** Access to channel #grah is blocked

Am I personally blocked for some reason? What did I do my lord to offend thee? *offers lips in sacrifice*  Cry

1482  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Don't Rip My Lips Off But... (A Suggestion/Question/Pleading?) on: 2005 July 19, 05:49:54
You probably already considered this and rejected it, as evidenced by the mere lack of it, but would you [re-]consider having a separate forums for General Discussion and Hack Requests? As it stands now, the Podium seemed to always serve as both, but I can see it building up to the point where it may get overwhelming (at least for me).

Anyways, I think it'd be nice to have separate forums for each, so for those who are more social, they can browse through all the more chatty like threads. While those who are more interested in possible/suggested hack/hack development can peruse those separately.

What do you think? *presses his lips firmly together, folding them inwards in an attempt to hide them from possible ripping-offs*

1483  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Pool Hack - Anti-Pool Obsession And More! on: 2005 July 19, 05:16:22
Ahhh, sweet! By allow, I thought you meant it provided a new option to let your sims get nude. I really do need to learn how to read rather than misinterpret as my brain cell so often loves to do. Cool beans. I'll give this a test drive probably after I make sure all my hacks have been updated.  Grin

1484  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Pool Hack - Anti-Pool Obsession And More! on: 2005 July 19, 05:08:29
Oooooh... I've been looking for new stuff to rejuvinate my interest in Simming. This just might do the trick! Well... aside from the cock/nude penis hacks I found on MTS2.  Grin Which is partially why I'm posting as I'm wondering if this might possibly interfere with other nude related hacks?

I guess there's one way to find out... Ohhh, plus! I'm the first to reply with useless, non-sensical, rambling crap! Yay on me!  Grin

1485  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Secret chat room? on: 2005 July 19, 05:04:20
Er...  Huh I just tried to go to #grah and it says that it is blocked. Did stuff happen that we aren't aware of? Or maybe just me? Oddly enough, I haven't logged on in like days or maybe a week or so and I find out that you've Moved on me!!!!

I bet you thought you were gonna sneak away like that without me finding out eh? Not so fast clever dick! Hahah! I found you! You can't get rid of me that easily!!! Well... I suppose you could just kick/siteban me. Lol. I hope you won't.  Grin

Anyhewdle, I'm here, I'm queer, and something... something. New stuff huh?

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