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1  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Check Tree (in)efficiency on: 2009 April 26, 04:17:52
@Pes, I don't know of any offhand.

The one you fixed is passing more than 8.  If it was passing zero's instead of the args then SimPE is doing a better job than Edith Smiley
If not, then something has changed since NL ~ it was about then that the flags causing "all zeros" to be passed was found.

That might be the Numenor was talking about.  Param 8 is labelled as 'moving foot' somewhere, then gets labelled in another (and used) as a boolean '[FBA/FFO?]'.
I think that param 8 is something to do with "Find Best Action/Find Functional O???", and it's only used to decide whether to display a thought bubble.  So if param 8 is still broke then it's not a biggie.
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Check Tree (in)efficiency on: 2009 April 26, 02:50:24
Ah, thanks, I forgot about Temps.  Why is there a limit on four arguments, though?  Four arguments is only 8 operands, but in the editor you get 16.

The 16 Operands (bytes) are used by the 'node'.  They vary depending whether you ar calling a primitive or calling a function.  Some bytes will be used as flags, and some will be data.
When calling another bhav.  If the flags are set to pass 4 args, then 4*3bytes are needed as data.  Each arg is described with one byte showing the 'owner' (local, temp, param, literal, const, etc.), and 2 bytes for the offset (or value).

The '4 arg' and 'use temps' methods are the most common ones used in the game.  There is a way to pass 8 constants though in one node using only the operands - though it's not that useful.  There's an old thread on MTS2 you can use if you ever need that ability.  If you set the operands manually SimPE will tell you what you are actuallly passing.

Most of those 16 Operands have been worked out over the years by dozens of people, and there are still some unknowns.

Interesting, there is a horrible bug which occurs if a function seems to use more than 8 arguments. This is what causes the Apartment Door Bug, that more than 8 arguments will not pass successfully...and it seems this bug is shared, either by intent or accident, with SimPE. Weird.

The only BHAV I've seen that use more than 8 args are called from Entry Points, (using the FFFF... Ops (aka pass temps)).
The args above param7 are consistent, but I couldn't figure out where they come from.

@Rufio, yeah I took a quick look at that lua, and wondered what the hell it had to do with relationships too.

ETA: Link to the 'more than 8 args' discussion at MTS2.
3  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Check Tree (in)efficiency on: 2009 April 26, 01:52:18
The Script Errors are LUA errors.
I've posted the LUA source in Trogdor so you can search those function names an hopefully get a better idea of what is going on there.

As for passing more than 4 args;  You can store the arguments in Temps, and use the 'Pass Temps' button on the wizard.
This copies the necessary temp values into param for the called bhav (Temp0 -> Param 0, etc...)
So if that global bhav already uses more than 4, then you can supply them without having to edit it.

4  The Bowels of Trogdor / The Small Intestines of Trogdor / LUA source from M&G on: 2009 April 26, 01:44:25
Attached is a zip of all the LUA functions exported to source code using SimPE.
The GLUA are in a subfolder.

The decompiler doesn't do a 100% perfect job, so some of these files are gibberish.
(I've still not found a decompiler that does any better)

Useful for debugging, or figuring out what the LUA is doing with the arguments.
5  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: SimSheet (a sim-tracking program) [Now with Aspiration and LTW tracking!] on: 2009 April 25, 02:08:24
Not any longer, the QA is now available to all.
SimPE Homepage
6  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Run FT/AL/M&G instead of new Store Edition on: 2009 April 11, 03:30:11
Argon (or anyone), did you run a diff on the MG->Store Objects.package?

The reason I ask is because of this comment concerning the new Store baby items...
Edit:  As far as EAxis goes, the really sad part is that unsuspecting players will pay good money for this, and if they don't own AL/M&G, it won't work at all for them.

If someone with the new Store is willing to mail me a copy then I'll run it myself.
7  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Kid's error after school on Driveway on: 2009 March 27, 05:20:15
I need to understand this better to track down what is causing it since HCDU isn't showing a problem.

I don't envy you in that task.  I'd wave the logs under the noses of some modders more intimate with the pregnancy code Smiley

Ok, so when a sim is listed as the Stack Object in an error log, it's because the SO ID is the sim's object ID (rather than the sim's NID)?  And I'm guessing that setting the SO to an NID and then trying to access "Stack Object's person data..." will not work, right - because you have to set it to the sim's Object ID?

Yep Smiley
If you want the person data from an nID, then use "Neighbors person data", unless the sim is on the lot.

<snip>the value listed for "Iterations" is always low..
<snip>although they do call Get Parents...

Weird.  Yeah two of those logs show 0 Interations as too much!  I didn't notice that.
Still, to make sense of them you'd be better off looking at the character to see what it contains that could cause this.
Also, as geneology algorithms tend to be headfucks, it would be worth labeling your new globals.  Use the 'labels' button in SimPE (Special buttons).

The Get Parents call is to the NID's gobal (0x337), not the one that was broken that was for Obj ID's (0x1E0).  Yeah it does use Set To Next.
I did look at that one too to see if it needed fixing, but it's fine.
Just be aware though that if it returns true, that does not mean that both parent nID's were found.
T2 will be a valid parent, T3 will be 0 if there was no second parent.

By "invalid age" do you mean they have their lifestage set to something other than baby/toddler/child/teen/adult/elder?

Yep, their age field was 0.  I've no frigging idea who they are or what they do.
8  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Kid's error after school on Driveway on: 2009 March 26, 06:10:10
Ah right, yeah ignore what the log says about the object names Smiley

The "Has a child?" BHAV cycles over all the nID's in your hood, and uses the Stack Object to store the number.  So as long as there other BHAV's that it is passed to actually treat it as an nID then that's fine.  When an error occurs then there's no way for the engine to tell what the number in the SO is refering to.  There are no 'variable types' in simantics, so it assumes that it is an object ID as that is normally what it holds most of the time.

These logs are 'Too many iterations' errors.  Basically just taking too long and will be terminated at a random point in the code.
To make sense of them you'd need to take the numbers in the SO, and then look at those characters in your hood to find out why they confuse your code (and possibly send it into an endless loop).

Editing 'Has a Child?'... yeah good thing efficiency wise as you say Smiley [**]

/pedantic mode on
You have bypassed the Verify Neighbour call though, so it might be worth putting that back.
That filters out Sims with an invalid age, and there are a few of those in in the EA Pleasantview hood and maybe elsewhere. SimPE shows them as 'Unknown" potatoheads.
It's very unlikely that they'd also return true as a child, but I've coded in places where 'very unlikely' is not acceptable and should always be changed to 'never'.
9  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Kid's error after school on Driveway on: 2009 March 25, 17:38:29
@magicmoon, I'd guess at a hack conflict as there seemed to be a bunch of the controllers with consecutive ID's.  So most of them are probably just idling waiting to be initialised.  I'd keep an eye on them.  I doubt it's anything to do with rufio's hack if it doesn't show in the HCDU.

... and it kept barfing on the call to Verify - Neighbor ID, where the value being passed was an inanimate object.

That would be a bug yes.  I just looked and didn't spot anything like that your mod or the EA BHAVs.
Are you sure it was an Object ID being passed and not a Neighbor ID?

The wants controller didn't call the BHAV I fixed, so that's not related.
10  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Kid's error after school on Driveway on: 2009 March 24, 15:55:20
Try this fix: Fix - All Games, Get Parents.

It's the global function that finds the parents on the lot.  It never worked very well to begin with.  EA tried to improve it in AL and borked it even worse.  So your kid is thinking that it is the spawn of driveway and wanting to do the A+ cheer with it.

There's another issue I noticed in your log too that I'd be concerned about.  There are about 40ish pregnancy controllers!  That doesn't look normal to me  Undecided
11  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Is it possible to hide maxis content from the game? on: 2009 March 23, 05:07:09
I was wondering the same thing, having never made a new hood I didn't know that happened.
That's why I didn't know what the hell you were talking about Smiley
Sorry parrot I seem to have glossed over the word 'neighborhood' above.

As it's a neighbourhood package, then I don't think it even has an OBJD file to look for.
The equivalent for them (afaik) is the XNGB file, which is XML format.
There's a field in those that says... showincatalog=1

I still don't know where they are stored.
Or whether you can override them by a file in the downloads folder.
Or whether changing the catalog field will make them any less spawnable.

I'll watch this thread with interest until someone that knows what they are talking about turns up Smiley
12  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Is it possible to hide maxis content from the game? on: 2009 March 22, 12:59:30
I've got no idea what object you're talking about, but if you find the OBJD (Object Definition) file then it's simple from there on.
Locate the OBJD file.  Extract it with SimPE.  Edit the catalog sort fields to all zero's.  Save the file and drop it in your downloads.

The hardest part is finding it.  There isn't a pancakes.package anywhere!
If you're still looking for it after an hour, then you might feel that averting your eyes from the tiny little icon is easier.
13  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Miscellaneous hacks by rufio on: 2009 March 16, 09:56:14
The Education bookshelf has special books, doesn't it?
I think it's just a golden cover on the normal book.  (Going from memory but pretty sure)

BTW, glad to see your hacks in one place Smiley
14  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Nohobbyspam(not functioning) on: 2009 March 14, 06:13:02
Or get "No hobby mag subscription offer" or the "enthusiam overhaul". (link in signature)
They works fine with the mods Pescado did in the same area. RTFM describes the differences you may see with load order.
15  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Badge building and Skills on: 2009 March 12, 11:26:32
I got reminded of this thread today Smiley

Yes, those personalities will help you gain the skill faster, but not the badge.  So they're indirectly related.  The above list is correct.

Skills that give boosts to badge gain speed. (Same list as first post, in different order)

Mechanical - Toy Making, Robotery, Fishing
Charisma - Gardening, Sales
Body - Stocking
Logic - Cash Register
Creativity - Pottery, Sewing, Flower Arranging
Cleaning - Cosmetology

The amount of boost varies depending on the number of skill points showing (0-10) on a sliding scale.
0 no effect. 1 point will increase the gain by 10% ... 10 points will double the gain speed.

(Source: Global 0x04CD and lua "Badges - Calc Skill Mod")

Things that take the skill bonus into account using the above lookup table...
Destination - Fishing (Fishing)
Badge Juicer cheat object (All)
Script Holder - Shops (Sales)
Sell Objects from CashRegisterGlobals (Sales)
Restaurant podium guy (Sales)
Stuff in CraftingGlobals...
(Toy Workbench, Flower Station, Robot Workbench, Sewing Machine, Pottery Wheel, Robot Workbench)

If you install Richief's mod, you can add shrubs, flowers, and the hydrogarden to that list.

Harvestable Plants don't use the same table for gardening badge gain, but have Charisma hardwired into the equation. (with the same relative increase in rate)
Harvestable Tree's probably work the same.
The Restoking interaction doesn't use the above table either, but this does not have the body skill hardwired.
If you install my mod you can add the body skill bonus to restoking (same rates)
16  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Proper Gardening Badge Building! on: 2009 March 12, 11:21:57
Or ask rohina, she'll know.
rohina is the Information Desk?  I shall watch your future career at MATY with some interest.

Indeed.  I was totally serious about that too.  Which is why the suggestion came after sacrificing a goat  Wink

The "she'll know" part is probably correct though.  The topic was MATY procedures, and the comment came at the time she was re-writing the Senate game rules.
Since then she's done heaps on the wikka, so you cannot really argue that she is not a good source of info.
I would advise anyone to exaust all other avenues in a search of information before asking rohina though - including goats.

For some reason, I could have sworn that tending shrubs/flowers already built Gardening badge. Could be wrong though.
Quite so.  Nevertheless, the current debate is whether having certain skills provides a boost of speed in achieving the badge, once the tending flowers/shrubs/trees/plants has commenced.  The hypthesis seems to be that charisma may help.  This may not be completely farfetched, since the best way I have found to make fruit trees nonsickly is to talk to them.  Since her husband died, my one elder sim has discussed all manner of subjects with her lemon trees, and they are clearly appreciative of this effort.  Lemonade abounds.  Mind you, you need to already HAVE the gold badge to do that, IIRC.

Yes, the harvestables do give the badge points, and they do take charisma into account.
They don't get the badge gain for flowers/shrubs in an unmodded game.  This mod addresses those.  They do get nature enthusiasm though.

I'll post my info's in this thread shortly on the badge rates.
Thanks for reminding me about this topic Smiley
17  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: New novel plotlines! on: 2009 March 06, 05:11:14
CandyToast.  Yes, like that.
Although you need to delete that NREF file too.  Your package will contain nothing but IMG files when you're done.
After you compressorize you'll see a new 'list of compressed files' resource added - Don't delete that one.
18  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: New novel plotlines! on: 2009 March 06, 05:06:09
lol, I'll pass on the info about the image Smiley

To change the group numbers, select the IMG file, then click on the 'Resouce' tab at the bottom of SimPE.
Paste the group over the top of the 0xFFFFFFFF, then press commit.
Rinse and repeat.

'shift-delete' is the key-combo you'll need to remove the non-IMG files.
19  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: New novel plotlines! on: 2009 March 06, 04:52:39
Thanks for tracking these down CandyToast Smiley
I was looking all over the place for that alien icon and ended up getting my murdered wife to make a new one.

Your package file is wierd though.  You've used a private group but actually made a global hack. (The NREF points to the actual global group)
Remove all the resources that are not IMG files, and change the group to 0x7F9959BA.  That will do the same thing and with less files.
It also won't confuse other programs into thinking it's a standalone object.
Then use the compressorisor!  Those targa's compress down very well.

Nice work on the images Smiley
20  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack Requests? I'd Like a Newspaper Fix... on: 2009 February 26, 04:51:50
Back to the subject at hand, I do realize the fix is for a NIT!  This message really belonged in the other section, because it is an annoying EAxis bug to me; among other stupid little inconsistent bugs.  I also understand it wouldn't be a priority to anybody; I was just hoping.

Did my fix not suffice then?
Perhaps my posts were overlooked as I don't have 500+ posts here yet.

21  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack Requests? I'd Like a Newspaper Fix... on: 2009 February 25, 14:36:32
Nothing to stompinate - see FOJ reply above yours.
Actually, the way EAxis have written it, they actually call a different dialog control if no 12's are found.  So if you run a paperdeliveratorless hood - that dialog confirms you still have no 12's.  If you ever see one, they already exist.
If you want the actual phonecall stompinated but keep the dialog then I have a hack for that already.

22  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack Requests? I'd Like a Newspaper Fix... on: 2009 February 25, 13:12:19
Do you use the overhaul too? If you don't then try that as it will help your sims concentrate on their OTH.  You can turn gain off completely for spam hobbies with that.
If you already do then it's probably better to move discussion of that back to the sporum thread so we don't hijack this one.
23  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack Requests? I'd Like a Newspaper Fix... on: 2009 February 25, 12:57:54
The benefits of the hobby mags are high, as the mag has a base enth. gain rate of 200... best rate in the game as far as I know.
24  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack Requests? I'd Like a Newspaper Fix... on: 2009 February 25, 09:06:04
My Sims always put the paper back on an available table (if present) when checking the forecast, doing a crossword, and perhaps others.  They never place it on an end-table or coffee table for reading hobby sections.

That's because you have never cancelled the crossword or forecast, and you always cancel the reading before they stop on their own due to low motives.
There's basically no difference in the code with regard to 'put away' tidiness.
So if there were another way to cancel the reading, then that minor annoyance would be dust.  See .sig

And no 12 will be spawned because you can haz too many newspapers.

I assume that you'd still get the 12 spawned to deliver hobby mag's,  or to make the subscription call.

What's gotten annoying is that the paperboy/girl will hike all the way to your front door now and plop it down instead of at the mailbox.  And any walk-bys who want to read it will do the same.

I find that annoying too.  I keep forgetting to lock the gates to see if that makes a difference (on those lots that have them anyway).
Neder @ MTS2 has a hack that nukes the visitors reading the paper.  Not sure about compatibility. I'm told still works fine with M&G. Thanks CandyToast.
There's probably a few ways of attacking that one with a hack.

ETA: Neder's hack compatibility.
25  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Attraction Trait Fix BV+ on: 2009 February 01, 18:40:43
I posted a version that doesn't reset (on M&G at least).
I found the same problems and had to lose the calls to the ofb career checks too.

The facepaint seems to always be set for plantsims and witches.

ETA: Fully functional version without the reset problem now available.
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