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Author Topic: Having problems making plastic surgery genetic with SimPE  (Read 3031 times)
Malodorous Moron
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Having problems making plastic surgery genetic with SimPE
« on: 2007 May 27, 14:50:20 »

Before Seasons I'd used SimPE many times to make the Dr. Vu's plastic surgery genetic and never had a problem with it. I carefully followed the tutorial from MTS2 that Bippy mentioned in CountFour's thread-


If you changed a sims' ugly maw with Danny's coa or Dr Vu's machine and it want to extract the new look YOU MUST alter the DNA as explained here:

1. Open Simpe, then open your neighbourhood via the neighbourhood browser

2. Open the Sim browser

3. Find the Sim that has recently been to the plastic surgeon (they're listed by their first name) and click "open"

4. You'll see a lot of info. Click on "more" and choose "open character file"

5. Then the character file of your Sim opens. On the left hand side you will see "Facial Structure", click it and on the right hand side two lines will appear (if you've done plastic surgery that is!!!)

6. Right click the second line and choose "Extract..."

7. Save the extracted file in a directory of your choice, KEEP THE ORIGINAL NAME

8. Back in Simpe, right click the first line and choose "Replace..."

9. Then select the file you just extracted. IMPORTANT: use the file with the .simpe extension NOT the file with the .xml extension!!!

10. The first line will go italics, telling you that it's been changed. Click "Save" and you're all done!

Yesterday was the first time I'd attempted this procedure with a sim after installing Seasons & Celebrations. I installed the updated Seasons/Celebrations compatible version of SimPE. I have no problems until I get to step #5. I see the "Facial Structure" in the opened character file and it has a two in parenthesis, indicating that the sim has had plastic surgery. When I click on Facial Structure nothing happens. It doesn't open and put the two lines on the right hand side. The right hand side remains blank. I've tried left click (which worked before Seasons), double click and right click. Facial Structure will be highlighted but that's it. I'm rather frustrated.

I've only used SimPE for this, to change last names and to clean up dangling SWAFs in Pleasantview (I deleted the other two Maxis 'hoods).  So I'd consider my SimPE skills to be low to middle. I print out the tutorials for what I plan to do, back up my neighborhood and carefully follow the tutorial step by step. Would someone who is more awesome than me help me figure out why it's not working anymore? I'd really appreciate it, thanks.  Smiley
Exasperating Eyesore
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Re: Having problems making plastic surgery genetic with SimPE
« Reply #1 on: 2007 May 27, 15:01:49 »

Man that would drive me mad.  I only have Uni and NL.  Just for giiggles, did you try extracting the sim to see what it looked like?  Maybe by some strange miracle, when you upgrade to Seasons, plastic surgery become generic?
Malodorous Moron
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Re: Having problems making plastic surgery genetic with SimPE
« Reply #2 on: 2007 May 27, 15:26:29 »

I didn't try extracting the sim yet. I should probably try that next. I'd love it if Seasons has made it so plastic surgery will now be genetic but I really doubt they'd do that. This is driving me mad because it's how I always fixed some of the really bugly Maxis sims prior to Seasons. I'm scratching my head with what could be wrong. It might be that something croaked when I installed the updated SimPE and I need to reinstall. The interface looks much different too, compared with previous versions. There could easily be another step or two to open the Facial Structure file that wasn't required with earlier versions of SimPE. It doesn't seem as user friendly as past versions felt to me. Looks like I'll be busy trying to ferret out the issue.

Edit- Reinstalling SimPE fixed the issue. The Facial Structure file now opens when I click on it and I was able to complete the "make plastic surgery genetic" procedure for two sims in different neighborhoods. Something must have gone wonky the first time I installed the updated SimPE. I'm so relieved it's working now. Thanks for the help Bippy and the mods can go ahead and close this thread.  Smiley
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