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1  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Homework, The One Desk, and kids of all ages on: 2008 December 12, 17:52:07
I find the One Desk to be a PITA too, but for a different reason.

My 12s come home, and one puts their homework on the right side of the desk.  If it's not autumn, often they'll still be doing their homework when their 6 sibling(s) come home.  As the 12's homework is pulled forward (since they're working on it), the 6 thinks the right end of the desk is clear, and puts their homework there - right where the 12 is doing homework.  Then the 6 is unable to do their homework because they can't reach it.  They either have to wait for the 12 to finish, or I have to go into buy mode to move their homework.  This stupidity started a couple of EPs back, not sure exactly when, so it could have been with FT.

My One Desk usually ends up with a computer and a phone on it.  I prefer homework on the floor to a stupid 6 putting their homework down right where a 12 is currently doing their homework.

I donīt think it can have been FT. I have everything up to FT installed and my one desk works fine. Provided there is free space beside the right side of the desk, the sims will drop their homework in the right place and have no problem sitting in front of the desk and doing their homework. Itīs true that once on sim is occupied doing homework, the desk is considered empty and the next sim will drop homework there. I kind of like that, though, because my teens are at least very close to finish doing homework when the kids come home and I like the homework to be on the desk.

ETA: I actually never had a sim putting homework on the left side of the desk, but I usually put something there.
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Hack/mod for perma-plat on: 2008 November 26, 19:12:36
I found the semipermaplat hack by hook quite helpful. It will let a permaplat simīs aspiration meter still decrease, albeit more slowly than before gaining permaplat. It is also the only thing I found, that had any effect on the permaplat-status given by the lifetime meter at all. It might still help you unitl pescado releases something. I use it without any problems, but I donīt have AL or M&G installed. Permaplat sims are really boring and I hate how freetime added this hard to escape permaplat with the lifetime meter. I additionally have a hack from the peasantry installed that slows the filling of the lifetime meter down.

The combination does reduce the annoyance factor of the lifetime meter quite a bit.
3  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Old cat in kitten body on: 2008 November 23, 15:26:13
I borkinated one of my cats. I had two old cats on the lot and their adult offspring. I was waiting for the old cat couple to die, because I wanted new kittens. When they aged to 35 days the grim reaper came for one of the cats. However the other one didnīt die. I thought that taking two cats at the same time might be to much work for grim and expected the other cat to die at eleven the next day, but she didnīt. Instead her age meter, which was previously completely filled now still seemed to have some days left. It correctly displayed 36 days, though.

Anyway I wanted to get rid of the cat and stupidely selected "set to birthday" in debug mode. Instead of dying the cat became a kitten. When I deleted her and reloaded she was still looking like a kitten, but the age meter showed old cat and displayed 36 days. She had all the options of a grown cat and her body was floating above the ground to adult cat height.

Is there any way I can fix the cat? I checked the lot-debugger with control pets enabled, but there is no option to age body. I just want her to die already and wouldnīt care about the kitten body, but she wonīt.
4  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Personality and Enthusiasm on: 2008 October 09, 16:11:57

Hook has made one - semiperma plat.  It gives sims who have reached perma plat a slower rate of aspiration decay.  I'm not sure if it's in peasantry here (it used to be) but I picked it up over at simbology recently.

That works perfectly. Thanks for the tip, I would never have found the right version otherwise.
5  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Personality and Enthusiasm on: 2008 October 05, 18:32:15
I think these things were designed for people allowing their sims to age at the standard rate.  Then it wouldn't be so easy for every sim to get rich and successful.  But how many of us do age our sims at original rate?   I guess if we want the sims to live longer we need to reduce skilling and enthusiasm rates etc.

It still is way to easy to gain permaplat with that stupid lifetime-aspiration meter. I started a playing a neighbourhood prosperity-style and all my in game born sims gain permaplat at the latest once they finish college, if not even before that. I donīt lengthen their lifespan at all and I use all the make stuff harder hacks, I could find.

Now I desperately want to get rid of the permaplatness. I have never seen a sim have a nightmare and I canīt even remember having one below green aspiration or seeing the worry animation. I got the slower lifetime aspiration hack from the peasantry, but I would really love to just get rid of the already accumulated permaplatness. The lifetime want permaplatness can be toggled with the lotdebugger, but I couldnīt find anything to get rid of the lifetime-aspiration permaplatness.

I would love a hack, that makes the aspiration just decay slower instead of not decaying at all, once a lifetime want is reached or the lifetime-aspiration bar is maxed. It would make much more sense, that a sim would still be devastaded by the death of a loved one, even if he had reached his lifetime goal in the past.

Ideally I would like to have a sim being in a good mood costing aspiration points. That way it would still make sense to fulfill wants and the points are gained in such abundance anyway.
6  Ye Olde Simmes 2 Archives: Dead Creators / Ye Olde Syberspunke Archives / Re: Risky Woohoo (Updated for Apartment Life) on: 2008 September 24, 21:28:52
Thanks for updating this hack. Did you correct the issue where it wasnīt possible for sims to woohoo in cars anymore? This happened to me with the freetime version of the hack. If two sims were told to woohoo in a car, they would get in and then jump right back out, because they had already been rendered invisible, they stayed that way.

I used the binary search method and the problem persisted in a clean game with just "risky woohoo in cars" installed.
It was discussed it here:,11952.msg339956.html#msg339956

It was also mentioned on your downloads page on MTS2, someone attached an error log there as well.

I am still running freetime as my latest ep, but I would presume the problem will persist with the new version, if you say that "woohoo in cars" wasnīt changed.
7  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Cleared out apartments: Really an intention??? on: 2008 August 31, 22:03:39
I think the new calculations was because ... it never made sense a family of 2 adults, 2 elders and 2 teens starting with the same funds as a "family" of 1, you might disagree but now the starting money makes sense.

I think it does make sense to have a different amount of start-out money for a different amount of sims as well, but they could have just lowered the amount for a single sim, as 20,000 is really way too much for one sim to have any problems starting out. And if people donīt like it giving sims insane amount of money via cheating is very easy.

I would have liked a random amount for CAS sims, that way some families would have to start out poor and some have it easier. Would have been a bit more realistic.
8  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: pregnant visitors on wrong belly stage on: 2008 August 03, 04:14:25
I havenīt used the insiminator since before I installed BV, but if I recall correctly it had the option to choose the pregnancy stage. So making the visitor selectable and choose the appropiate stage might be worth a try.

Other than that I unfortunately donīt have any ideas.
9  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: My Sim is Invisible on: 2008 May 31, 12:56:02
No, Ellatrue unfortunately you canīt force an error on the sim, because he is neither selectable to click on him nor is it possible to force an error just on that sim by clicking on the lotdebugger, while the sim is selected. Maybe I just didnīt find that option. It would be quite helpful in various situations.

To fix it you can direct the invisible sim to use a bed or sofa and delete that item. This way they will decloak properly. It is a pain if one of the sims is a visitor. I invited someone else over and choose say goodbye to everyone, that also got rid of the invisible visitor.

Anyway if you donīt use risky woohoo in cars anymore the problem goes away completely.
10  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: My Sim is Invisible on: 2008 May 23, 18:37:05
I have that happen whenever a couple tries to woohoo in a car while at home. I was to lazy to test, but it has got to be some sort of conflict. I couldnīt delete the invisible sims, as they were not selectable. However I made them both relax on a bed and deleted that. That did reset the sims and made them visible and selectable again.

I think I will test, what it causing that in a test neighbourhood. Let me get back to you.

ETA: Ok, I finished the binary dance. In this case a little common sense might have helped as well, as the culprit is the only hack I use, that actually modifies woohoo in cars. If you have Syberspunks Risky Wohoo, delete the "Risky Woohoo in Car" package. Mine was last modified on March the 30th 2008. Iīll check if a new version is out.

I just checked that I do have the most recent version of this hack. This problem is also already reported on the MTS2 page for the hack. In addition sims get sometimes thrown out of the photobooth as well. I observed that too. As the reports on MTS are from April, I donīt know if syberspunk did already look into it, but there are no new versions out.
11  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Selfmade vacation sims on: 2008 May 17, 01:15:43
I made my mountaineers an inbred family in plaid and dungerees though I could perhaps have done something more British.  mmmm.  I went with the blindingly obvious I'm afraid.  Sort of generic Eastern for the Far East location and Polynesian for Twikki Island.

That is what I wanted to know. I guess I have to confess, it wasnīt that blindly obvious to me at all. I only found polynesian for the Island location after I searched various sites and the lakes location really had me stumped. So, I have to thank Kazzandra for giving me the hint about Appalachia. I now have many more stereotypes at my disposition. I hadnīt even known what redneck really meant and would never have it associated with that location.

Google is a bitch if you donīt have any catchword to look for. Canada, mountains and lake are pretty generic and donīt turn up much. I only need names and appearance anyway, but it is nice to have some sort of backstory in my head while playing.
12  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Selfmade vacation sims on: 2008 May 16, 15:12:19
Ok, than I might have to download the fish replaces pillow thing and have the mountain sims constantly pillow-fish-fighting.  Wink

Seriously though, I planned to just put some generic sims in the mountain clothes. I thought about a bavarian theme but somehow the location felt more northern than bavaria to me. I realise this is not really important, but as I never make asian sims it was nice that the locals I made for that destination felt very different from my sims who are going to be tourists there. The slapdance actually is quite similar to the "Schuhplattler" which is a bavarian folklore dance. Maybe I will go with this theme after all. At least I know a lot of stereotypes about bavarian people.

I donīt know any Canadian stereotypes. I guess I could do some research, starting with where in the world people greet each other by pounding their chests.  Tongue
13  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Selfmade vacation sims on: 2008 May 16, 13:55:57
I am a little late at BV, as I thought I am not interested in my sims going on vacations, but I recently caved and got it anyway. Now thanks to Argon I have blessedly empty vacation locations that I have to fill myself.

I already populated the asian location by downloading some normal looking asian sims which I made have children in CAS. I am very pleased with how they turned out and had to force myself to make them into locals instead of playing them. I searched for japanese names on the web and the sims really seemed different than those I normally make.

I am a little stumped on what ethnicies to base the other two groups of locals on. The lakes location does make me think of Canada somewhat and the beach one gives a polynesian feeling.

So I am asking for inspiration. What did you base your locals on? I hope it is okay to post this here. Maybe someone wants to share their locals?

Here is a picture of my asian locals:

I hope I didnīt bork anything by making them related in CAS.
14  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Factoids and Statistics on Skill Gaining on: 2008 May 06, 23:25:01
The necromancy warning is nice. Hadnīt seen that before. Anyway I think this is the right place to post. In the first post the skillingrate for fixing up a restorable car is not given. Does anyone know the rate for it? It is a nice way to gain tinkering enthusiasm and earn money, so I would like if it has a good skillingratio as well.

I would also love to have it integrated in the macros in some way, as the sim will stop working on the motor when it backfires.
15  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Less Ballet Advertising: Testers needed on: 2008 May 05, 19:48:50
Yep, that hack is really appreciated as I had to delete all the ballet bars. Sims needed so long to snap out of this and my toddlers were sleeping on the floor all the time, or starving. At least the TV is much faster abandoned and the nanny at least sometimes takes care of the spawn again.
16  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: No choosing dialog on: 2008 May 05, 17:12:57
I just posted the same wish in the wishlist thread in the podium.  Grin

I am pretty sure sims killing other sims will never be a feature, although that graveyard lady in strangetown was certainly set up that way.
17  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What's on YOUR Wish List? on: 2008 May 05, 17:09:48
I want my sim to be able to beat up the stupid burglar by himself. Or to have the burglar being armed. That way the stupid "Be careful, burglars can be dangerous!" popup would actually mean something. I think I would even prefer that. A change that the burglar might kill you, would be good.

Sims being able to be run over by a car, would be good too. In my last playing session a car went over a skunk. For a second I actually expected it to be roadkill after that.
18  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Less Ballet Advertising: Testers needed on: 2008 May 05, 16:24:06
I havenīt had any problems with it either. The nanny now watches TV again.
19  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: No choosing dialog on: 2008 May 05, 15:59:25
Thanks for all the suggestions. I think it was just a glitch, though. I couldnīt recreate it and I very recently installed freetime and updated all my hacks. Ran the conflict scanner as well and only the usual TJ/pes conflicts showed up, which according to TJ are not harmful if I make sure his hacks load after pescados.

All my other lots get choosing dialogs. In fact it might even be all other sims get choosing dialogs, as I didnīt test with any other household members. It was just very frustrating. I sat in front of the screen yelling at the firefighter: "What do you mean, calling when there is no emergency? Canīt you see the burglar. Itīs not my problem, that you show up instead of the police."

And I really hate, that my sim canīt beat the burglar up himself. He certainly could the next day. Unfortunately he is very nicepoint heavy and now wants to apologise to the stupid burglar all the time.  Undecided

I thought notveryawesome meant, that the police canīt be called after the burglar entered the house. It is possible, that I always managed to call before the burglar actually entered the lot before. You can definitely call the police after the burglar shows up, as I do that all the time. Sometimes the police is too late, but I think that is kind of realistic. Not beeing able to fight the burglar by themselves is not.
20  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / No choosing dialog on: 2008 May 04, 18:26:11
I had a really strange glitch in one of my lots last night.

I usually donīt bother with fire and burglar alarms and just use the call emergency option, when something happened. So the burglar came and I woke my sim to call the police. He picked up the phone and dialled frantically, then immediately hung up. The dialog, which let me choose between police and fire station didnīt pop up.

As I play with debugmode on, I gave my sim a cellphone, thinking the phone might be corrupt. When he used that I didnīt get the choosing dialog either, but he must have called the firestation, as a firefighter showed up. He fined my sim for calling, when there was no emergency and poked him. The burglar got away with the piano, the stereo and the karaokemachine. All the sims in this house have Music and Dance as their one true hobby.

It was really bad, because the family is quite poor. Everyone else in my newly created prosperity neighbourhood is doing much better.

Later I bought them a birdcage and when I directed the same sim to stock it, no option to choose the bird and name him came up. Instead they got the red one and he got a really long name with the word Tropical in it. I think thatīs the object name for the bird.

No errors popped up at all. I donīt really expect a solution, I just had to share that. It was so frustrating to not be able to interact with the burglar at all. In fact as my sim wants to be a general and had just maxed his bodyskill I teleported the burglar in the next day and let him beat her up. That was somewhat satisfying. I really wish one could fight the burglar, while s/he is burgling, though. It is a tad unrealistic, that my sim would just stand there and let an unarmed burglar take all his most priced possessions.  Angry

Sorry for the useless post. If someone has any kind of solution, I would of course be grateful to hear them. At first I thought it might be the phonehack, but as no errors popped up and the same thing happened with the bird, I am pretty sure that is not it. I couldnīt recreate the problem on another lot either.
21  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Bork List: Freetime Ed. on: 2008 May 01, 01:44:23
My game is patched and sims still sometimes wonīt blog, with their needs in green. I realised, that they only bitch if their aspiration is green or lower, though.

I thought it was related to that mood. Would be kind of silly, because they always have a want to blog. So it should actually be good for their mood.
22  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Buying and selling novels on: 2008 April 26, 18:28:35
Thanks for the trick, Lord Darcy. I think I will try putting the novel in a bookcase and then marking that for sale. Maybe novels are buyable that way. At least with the trick to multiply them, I can try that.
23  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Buying and selling novels on: 2008 April 26, 00:38:27
A library is a good idea. I hadnīt thought about that. Still it would have been great if those bestsellers could actually be sold and owned by other sims in the neighbourhood.
24  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Buying and selling novels on: 2008 April 25, 23:59:21
Has anyone found a way to multiply the novels, that sims can write in FT?

My simkids get the want to read a novel and I think it is quite unrealistic, that someone in their family has to have written a novel, or they canīt ever read one. It would be great, if they could buy a novel in a bookstore. However I am reluctant to let my sims, who actually have written novels, sell those. As it is they get one hard copy of the novel and thatīs it. When they sell it, it is gone and they canīt sell it again. Iīd love to have the opportunity to order more copies of the already written novel in order to sell them. It would be great, if the additional copies would cost money, too.

Maybe there is a trick to get more copies of one novel. If someone managed to do so, please share.
25  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Decustomized and Updated Maxis Official Objects/Clothing (Updated 2008-04-23 on: 2008 April 23, 16:25:42
Thank you for pointing me to the right path. My Downloads folder is nicely organised and maintained, but I just put a note with my backups, that I had installed the bundles in the gamefiles and forgot to write down where exactly.

It was a nice idea to reduce the amount of cc, but I guess I wonīt do that anymore, as it is a hassle to update things this way. At least with my bad memory concerning where I actually put files.
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