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Jubilee Gardens

Try out these terraced houses from Meadow Lawns - set of 4 lots each containing 3 or 4 living units. See more They were built with OFB using OFB lockable doors but most of the decor etc is base game, so they will probably load without OFB. You do need lockable doors of some kind to keep the families separate though.

Modern house with driveway

Choose the house with the drive placement you prefer
at the edge of the lot . . . or . . . more central.

Two versions of a modern house with a driveway (requires Nightlife or the driveway download from Maxis. The original is in Meadow Lawns and on TSR. The living area is upstairs with a terrace overlooking the pond.

Thanks to rsn for help with the house.

Problem 'hood

Problem solved - Two hoods wouldn't load in Seasons. Common factor looked to be that OFB suburbs had been deleted and there was no B001 in either case. With Seasons added the 'hood screen started flashing on load and I couldn't get into the main 'hood at all. Sub-hood could be accessed fine. Re-installing seasons and deleting neighbouehoodmanager fixed the problem.


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