Jubilee Gardens

There are 4 unnocupied lots subdivided into 14 units in total. You'll need lockable doors to keep the families separate. No CC apart from maxis topiary which is not included. If you don't have it, it will disappear. The lots are made with OFB, but all/most of the content is from base game, so these could be OK without OFB.

UK pre-war houses something like these are typically divided into between 2 and 6 separate homes. Sought after in "good" areas, but run down and deserted elsewhere in the country, this kind of housing block is found everywhere - except when the area has been raised to the ground by property developers or local authority and replaced by "better" housing. Terraced houses are often owned by absentee landlords and inhabited by old people who have lived there all their lives and can't afford heating. Immigrant families, students and other economically disadvantaged people also find them to be affordable homes. Young couples looking to move up the property ladder sometimes buy and develop in the hope of making a profit when they resell.

My exteriors are all tasteful, maxis brick. In reality people express themselves by painting their bit purple, adding stone/plaster coverings to the walls, making a showcase garden or extending backwards.

Use the OFB locking doors to give each sim their own home. If there are two sims, make them a gate each in the fence and lock those instead. Unlock for visitors, parties and the Headmaster.

each house has it's own garden

Floor plans and decor vary

last updated 23 February