Hard Luck Sims


Sedona is a slightly seedy, out of town retail park. Is it going to explode into a mega modern city or drift along with the tumbleweed? Your choice! Nothing is classy or expensive - yet - apart from the real estate office. Sedona has 30 or so retail outlets - mainly starter businesses including some 3x1 lots that fit nicely in the middle of that two-lane road in Strangetown. Here's AJ Loner testing them in Strangetown.

Sedona also has a dozen or so houses and some community lots built for a hot dry climate with flat rooves and small windows.

Sedona retail park includes playable Sims and townies who have come a long way to shop in Sedona. A few have even moved in. Most Sims wear hats and glasses to protect themselves from the sun and the tourists wear, well, all kinds of things! The hood is a little quirky, so, unless you like surprises, check out the neighbourhood story here or on mysimpage before you download.

Installing Sedona

Sedona does not go into your Downloads folder! It goes into a folder in program files. It's not a hack in that it doesn't change anything, but you need a hack to let you see it in your game. Instructions are included in the RAR file.

Download Sedona or read installation details.

Known Issues

The alien features are deliberately extreme and this can cause temporary problems for their children. When the Jones children age to teen for example, you might find that they become faceless. You can fix it by using the mirror to change appearance twice; change them into face paint and go back to the game: then change appearance again to remove the face paint. Change appearance forces the game to redraw their face completely. The first change gives a default of some kind and isn't right. The second gives them the family features.


The map is Maxis-made Aridia and came with base game. Thanks to Zandy Crafty and PinkiePooper4ever for Bubba. He's looking forward to Pets for any of you who read Sookie Stackhouse books! Thanks to Marvin Kosh for the "how to make a sub-hood", Syberspunk and rsn for testing and of course to Quaxi and Numenor - without SimPE this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you also to all the guys at MATY who've been patient when I asked stupid questions about how to clean 'hood files especially Pescado who found more things to clean up!


I'd welcome feedback - you can sign my guestbook, or PM me at MATY or MTS2 with comments or requests..

If you want the lots, but not the sims ask me. Deleting sims is bad for your game unless you follow Pescado's instructions on How to Delete Sims Completely.

Happy Simming! .......cwykes
last update 31 Jan 2008 to change the upload to use Marvin's hack and eliminate warnings against deleting subhoods. Problem turned out to be complex hood screens not sub-hoods.