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Author Topic: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW  (Read 581371 times)
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Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW
« Reply #950 on: 2011 April 03, 01:46:23 »

I just bought the Fun with Pets collection.  (I currently have all the EPs installed, but not the stuff packs that come with this collection.)  Before I install it, I want to make sure I know which crack I need.  I should use the Mansion and Garden no-cd patch right?

Yes, M&G has the most updated game engine and is the pack that your game will ask to run from.

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Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW
« Reply #951 on: 2011 April 03, 02:45:43 »

Don't install M&G unless you install AL, because M&G is an "undetectable" expansion pack that causes mod compatibility issues if you don't also install AL.

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Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW
« Reply #952 on: 2011 May 20, 12:15:17 »

K, I just read all 39 pages of this thread and I still have a couple questions.

Right now, the only Sims on my computer are from pre-Suckyrom discs (Base Game through my Seasons, minus Pets.) I'm planning to install the Fun with Pets Collection and AL, since Pescado the Awesome says you have to have it to stabilize M&G.

I'm running Win7 x64. All previous Sims EPs were installed from the standard we're-only-pretending-to-take-you-seriously Win7 user account. Do I need to enable the super-sekret Win7 Really Real Genuine Administrator account to install from the SecuRom infected discs to avoid getting the you're-not-an-administrator-ha-ha SecuRom files?

Yeah, discs. Kind of hard to Arr games when you're on dial up. (Yeah, I know. I suck.)

And, at this point, are the patches included on the damned discs or am I going to have to download them all? (By now, I'd hope they were included.)

Also, anybody know if the M&G v1.0 [MULTI16] No-DVD/Fixed EXE from GameCopyWorld is reliable?

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Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW
« Reply #953 on: 2013 January 17, 21:16:31 »

Okay I know I'm seriously necroing here, I just did a full reinstall of all my sims 2 games with all the patches I downloaded a few days ago (since the official site was going down and I needed to make sure I had all patches installed before it got nuked), I have everything up to M&G and I had a working no-CD crack on it before and never had Securom show up. Since there was no patch for M&G and M&G was the last expansion I installed, I thought my no-CD crack I had (by Reloaded) would be sufficient, but now the crack seems to be ineffective (First I got a 'wrong disk' msg, now I get the Direct X error whenever I try to run the game).

Now I have a few questions:
The reclaim your game site says that EADM needs to be removed first and will make the game unplayable. Should I just ignore it and remove it anyway, leave it there and just remove Suckarom, or should I remove it and will the patch just fix the unplayability of the game? Will I need a fixed .exe for AL too now that it's patched (it wasn't patched before) or will a new no-CD crack for the M&G .exe suffice?
For now I'm just going to try out removing EADM and Suckarom, as well as M&G and try re-installing that with a new crack and see if Suckarom reappears and post back my results.

I removed, uninstalled, reinstalled, patched and patched the .exe and now it's working just fine. Not sure why I had a problem before as M&G itself doesn't have its own patch. -shrugs- Looks like the EADM is not required to run it, though I'm not sure about Sims 3 but since I don't even have that installed anymore (waste of money, too) I can't check on that. No more problems here though, it seems. Smiley
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