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Author Topic: Category list (EP6)  (Read 8263 times)
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Category list (EP6)
« on: 2007 March 27, 09:18:04 »

The following is a list of categories which can be used to roughly identify an object. This is a work in progress, so please let me know if you have more information.

Category 1 (BCON 0x106):

0x00 -
0x01 Phone base/booth
0x02 NPC/Taxi car
0x03 Carpool car
0x04 Bed/coffin
0x05 Toilet/urinal
0x06 Shower
0x07 Bath/tub
0x08 Column
0x09 Straight stair (lead)
0x0A Television
0x0B Message
0x0C Social
0x0D Dining chair/booth
0x0E Living chair
0x0F Lounge chair
0x10 Recliner chair
0x11 Sofa/couch/sectional
0x12 Counter
0x13 Modular stair
0x14 Book case
0x15 Video game CD (BUS/SC4/SSX3)
0x16 Window
0x17 Lamp
0x18 Fridge
0x19 Idle
0x1A Door
0x1B Toy
0x1C Sink
0x1D TV channel
0x1E Computer
0x1F Barstool
0x20 Job data adult
0x21 Coffee table
0x22 End table
0x23 Dining table
0x24 Food
0x25 Food dish
0x26 Shower tub
0x27 Handset
0x28 Food menu
0x29 Phone call/age controller
0x2A Trash compactor
0x2B Chess
0x2C Cash register
0x2D Kiosk rack item
0x2E Job data teen/elder
0x2F ?
0x30 Emitter/Thought about icon
0x31 Grandfather clock
0x32 Stereo/DJ booth
0x33 Desk
0x34 Clothing booth
0x35 Flowers
0x36 ?
0x37 Puddle
0x38 Dresser
0x39 Personality
0x3A Stove
0x3B Mirror
0x3C Bar
0x3D Hottub
0x3E Grill
0x3F Microwave
0x40 Toaster oven
0x41 Food processor
0x42 ?
0x43 Coffee machine
0x44 Espresso machine
0x45 Fire
0x46 Trashcan/trash pile
0x47 Dishwasher
0x48 Armoire
0x49 ?
0x4A Jewelry rack
0x4B Pool ladder
0x4C High chair
0x4D Diving board
0x4E Food container
0x4F Route behavior
0x50 Ashes
0x51 Straight stair (non-lead)
0x52 Tree
0x53 Shrub
0x54 Thought about object/death
0x55 Reserve tile
0x56 Social plugin
0x57 Urn stone
0x58 Fireplace
0x59 Pinball machine
0x5A Video game globals
0x5B Magazine rack item
0x5C Magazine
0x5D Aquarium
0x5E Telescope
0x5F Motive helper
0x60 Piano
0x61 Uni major
0x62 Memory
0x63 Homework Uni
0x64 Fountain
0x65 Ceiling sprinkler
0x66 Stuffed animal
0x67 Ownable car
0x68 Driveway
0x69 Poker table
0x6A Assigned job
0x6B Garage door
0x6C Rug
0x6D Dance floor/Rug tile
0x6E Small dresser
0x6F Small armoire
0x70 Robot
0x71 Robot base
0x72 Dining menu
0x73 Toy box
0x74 Fun Band-A-Tron
0x75 Radio station
0x76 Elevator
0x77 Craft object
0x78 Dining podium
0x79 Token
0x7A Display
0x7B Display tray
0x7C Raw fish/garden produce/fruit
0x7D Sauna

Category 2 (BCON 0x16C):

0x00 Party call
0x01 Work call
0x02 Incoming call
0x03 Vacation call
0x04 Business call
0x05 Pet runaway call
0x06 Pet work call
0x07 Register breed call
0x08 Delivery call
0x09 Taxi call
0x0A Hotel call
0x0B ?
0x0C College call
0x0D Ownable lot call
0x0E Outgoing/scenario/crank call
0x0F Service call
0x10 Emergency call
0x11 Phone call manager/pet runaway
0x12 Job data owned business
0x13 Bay window
0x14 ?
0x15 Commanded learned behavior
0x16 Unlockable learned behavior
0x17 Non-social learned behavior
0x18 Social learned behavior
0x19 Accessory
0x1A Non-command learned behavior
0x1B Job data pet
0x1C Dirt pile
0x1D Litter box
0x1E Contained pet
0x1F Pet bed basket
0x20 Pet house
0x21 Pet toy
0x22 Pet food dish
0x23 Display pet
0x24 Hot chocolate maker
0x25 Garden plant
0x26 Compost bin
0x27 Garden plot
0x28 Pool slide
0x29 Garden sprinkler
0x2A Raw boot
0x2B ?
0x2C Orchard tree
0x2D Leaf pile
0x2E Rink
0x2F Plant
0x30 Flamingo/Painting/Sculpture (since EP5)
0x31 Wedding arch (since EP6)
0x32 Massage table
0x33 Hammock
0x34 Mahjong table
0x35 Hotel desk
0x36 Pirate ship
0x37 Hotel door
0x38 Food stand
0x39 Walk sign
0x3A Vacation snapshot/photo album
0x3B Souvenir Rack
0x3C Beach collectible (clam/glass/conch/starfish)
0x3D Tea table
0x3E Hot spring
0x3F Campfire


Note that categories are sometimes taken from the object's definition "Selector Category" (0x4B)
and that categories are not always stored into the object's data "category" (0x3B).
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Re: Category list
« Reply #1 on: 2007 March 27, 12:46:44 »

Interesting that there's two sets of categories... How does one differentiate between the two? Like if I wanted to use Set to Next to a garden plant and I use the value 25, how does it know that I mean garden plant and not Food dish? (I've not actually used set to next with categories yet, but I plan to for one of the hacks I'm currently working on, so I'm just wanting to know now before I run into issues later. Tongue )

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Re: Category list
« Reply #2 on: 2007 March 27, 12:48:08 »

They're constant sets, not integer values. One is 1A XX 43, the other is 1A XX D6. YOU don't personally need to know what they are, other than the caveat that higher values are undefined in previous expansions, so do an engine test before using higher values.

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Obtuse Oaf
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Re: Category list
« Reply #3 on: 2007 March 27, 13:05:02 »

Ah, OK, that makes much more sense then. Thanks for the info. Smiley

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Re: Category list (EP6)
« Reply #4 on: 2007 October 13, 18:28:03 »

Updated for BV.  Grin

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