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Question: Who would like the most awesome one to make a hack SPECIFICALLY to disallow the Sims automonously making Lobster Thermidor at home?  (Voting closed: 2006 August 27, 05:22:19)
OMG! I will worship you forever.  Lobster Thermidor must be DIE! - 51 (46.4%)
What do I need that for? - 38 (34.5%)
I obstain from a vote because I don't believe in democracy. - 11 (10%)
Sims?  What's a Sim? - 10 (9.1%)
Total Voters: 98

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Author Topic: DEATH & DESTRUCTION to Lobster Thermidor  (Read 23186 times)
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Re: DEATH & DESTRUCTION to Lobster Thermidor
« Reply #75 on: 2006 August 19, 16:28:35 »

Get the last file on the page. The other fridges on this page aren't used by the sims correctly. Don't get the globals. That was a failed attempt to get his original smart fridge to work right. The last file has it all working correct and is a local object.

I took a look at that thread, and the only comment about not using the global hack or the other fridges was yours.  The creator didn't update his post to say the global hack wasn't required for the fridges to work, although he had the opportunity to do so when he added the updated file for the smart fridges.  Also, he left up fridges that you say "aren't used by the sims correctly".

I am very choosy about the creators of the mods in my game, probably more choosy than I need to be.  I have to say that it worries me that a modder will leave a "failed attempt" and fridges that "aren't used ... correctly" up for download.

He left the nursery fridge up because it was a simple one. It only leaves the bottles options in place. Which means that sims will get bottles from it, but they are just as likely to get the bottle from the kitchen fridge instead. It works, you just can't count on the sims using it all the time.

As far as the first smart fridge and the globals, you'll see the creator posted about how he was trying to get the sims to use the fridge in the nursery by trying that method. Later he posts about how he did the experiments with version B to get the sims to use the fridges for the right things.

He leaves up items that work because if he pulled them, someone would complain. I worked on testing this fridge during development and that is how I know which ones work which way. None of them will hurt your game, or cause crashes, or do anything bad. But if you want them to use one fridge for food and a different one for bottles, it needs to be done the way I said. I've tested all these fridges in different combinations, with and without the globals, so I know.

In my opinion, he should pull the original smart fridge and its globals, but he feels that SOMEONE might have a use for it the way it stands and so leaves it for those people. As far as being choosy about creators, this man has done some excellent work and will always fix things that don't work correctly, or even add other options that downloaders have requested.

The thread started when another person and I asked for a fridge that only gave out bottles. He made that-the nursery fridge. But what I should have asked for was a fridge that only gave bottles and for sims to use that one exclusively for bottles, which the nursery fridge did not do. That lead to the development of the other 2 fridges to solve the problem. English isn't his first language and he doesn't always update posts if he agrees with what other's have said, but will correct wrong info. If you feel that you want a different combination than what I suggested, by all means get it and try it out for yourself. If you think you need the globals, try them, or post asking him if he feels they are needed with the version B fridge.

I'm using the combo I spoke about in my game and it is working flawlessly.

Running: Sims2, University, Nightlife, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT and AL
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