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Author Topic: No Party Research (Updated 4/14/2008)  (Read 9341 times)
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No Party Research (Updated 4/14/2008)
« on: 2008 March 29, 17:32:41 »

No Party Research v1.01 for TS2FT v1.0p0
Made by: syberspunk

This hack is somewhat complementary to my nopartyassignment (Less Autonomous College Assignment) hack.  It does similar things but for research, as follows:

Any type of sims can autonomously do/join research on Comm lots.
YAs who live at the current Dorm lot can autonmously do/join research.
If a sim's grade meter is full, they will not autonomously do/join research.

This MUST be in your Downloads folder, typically found under:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Downloads

:!!: Note: You can use subfolders, however, be aware of 'benign' conflicts that depend on the load order of hacks.


Obviously this requires Nightlife.  It theoretically should be compatible with NL and later.

This hack is compatible with asprechargehack by FFS (but just in case, make sure this hack loads last).

This hack is compatible with most, if not all mods by MATY crew (Pescado, TJ, and CBoy), dizzy, and probably more. Again, up to you to help me determine any possible conflicts.

REMINDER and fine print (to cover my ass ) :
Remember to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE INSTALLING NEW HACKS. By using this hack, you agree to absolve me of any responsibility or liability for any potential loss of or damage to your data. You have been warned.

HOW TO REPORT: Conflicts, problems, or errors
I would appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback that is actually helpful. With that in mind, it would be helpful, when reporting any conflicts or issues, that you include the following:

1) thorough but reasonably brief description of what you were doing
2) clear, comprehendible explanation of your problem
3) list of hacks that may be related aging, moving in sims, or inheritance
4) archived (.rar or .zip) of log produced by error

1) Open the cheat menu - Ctrl + Shift + C
2) Enable the debug mode - Type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) Hit Enter Tongue
4) Play as normal until an error occurs. If an error dialog box pops up, note the location of the error log and choose Reset. If the error pops up repeatedly, choose Delete and exit WITHOUT SAVING!
5) Post your error log here, preferably as a .zip or .rar archive.

Posts which do not include a clear description of what your problem is will be pretty much ignored. (i.e. posts such as "This does not work! I am taking it out! You suck! Nice try! etc.") I can't and won't help you if you don't explain what's wrong.

Please be nice when trying to explain your problem and I might be nice and help you.

Finally, my Thank Yous go to:

J.M. Pescado, twojeffs, dizzy2, and jase439 for being excellent tutors and providing excellent models in their mods. As always, thanks to those creators who've put out some excellent modding tutorials, Quaxi and co for SimPE, and dizzy2 for disaSim2, and the finally letters T and S, and the number 2, all of whom, without which this mod would not be possible.

Version History:
v0.02 - Tweaked exit code based on Aspiration.
v0.03 - Fixed undefined transition error.
v1.00 - Updated for Free Time
v1.01 - fixed minor bug

* (2.9 KB - downloaded 602 times.)
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Re: No Party Research - Updated for Free Time (3/29/2008)
« Reply #1 on: 2008 March 29, 18:02:31 »

*Emma presses 'thanks' button

[edit] I'm getting an error with all my dormies with this installed Ste. Attaching error log.
« Last Edit: 2008 April 15, 00:10:15 by syberspunk » Logged

Juvenile Jackass
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Re: No Party Research - Updated for Free Time (3/29/2008)
« Reply #2 on: 2008 March 30, 18:42:08 »

I am getting an error every time I click a bookcase with the active sim on a dorm lot, choosing reset makes it go but it happens the moment you try to click a bookcase again.  When I remove nopartyresearch.package the error stops (I play in debug mode), that's all the testing I've done for now. 

All expansions and stuff packs installed up to and including FT & TSS.  Just in case it's not the same problem as Emma has I'm adding the error log.
« Last Edit: 2008 April 15, 00:10:25 by syberspunk » Logged
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ISTJ - what a crazy random happenstance

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Re: No Party Research - Updated for Free Time (4/14/2008)
« Reply #3 on: 2008 April 15, 00:10:44 »

Updated to fix minor bug.  Thanks for the reports! Smiley


Marvin Kosh
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Re: No Party Research - Updated for Free Time (4/14/2008)
« Reply #4 on: 2008 June 02, 06:23:42 »

I have an error when clicking on another Sim who's doing research (to choose the Join Group Research option).  Error log is attached.

It isn't that big of a deal since joining research using the bookcase works fine. Wink

[attachment deleted by admin]

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