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Author Topic: Go on then - mock me.  (Read 5172 times)
Corpulent Cretin
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Go on then - mock me.
« on: 2006 June 28, 17:48:09 »

How's about this, then? 120K* or so, Northern England-esque suburban home. (i.e. my home.)
*The original version was 160K. It essentially had another semi-detatched house on the lot. Because they looked similar, I got confused.

The garage doesn't work, but it could probably be made to by removal of the fireplace and side door & gate. (And the addition of driveway extension pieces.) However, it does contain a few career/aspiration rewards anydangways.

Upper level spare room could probably be converted into a nursery, and a door could be placed linking the two essentially seperate-but-not homes together into one big one, and/or they could be treated as two seperate homes altogether, which is why the other half isn't furnished.
(Or it might be because I couldn't be arsed and I don't know how my neighbours furnish their home. And I couldn't care less, either.)

Bribe: Either Two goat sacrifices, or I don't release the film I made in The Movies, which generally consists of Pescado making a complete arse of himself, to the public. (i.e. post it here) I haven't decided yet.

* Contest of Awesomeness.rar (677.31 KB - downloaded 318 times.)
* Pictures.rar (106.06 KB - downloaded 290 times.)
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"We could remove the bugs, but we're not going to. Let's leave them in and call them features."
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Re: Go on then - mock me.
« Reply #1 on: 2006 July 02, 15:25:05 »

6.0 for aesthetics.
J. M. Pescado
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Re: Go on then - mock me.
« Reply #2 on: 2006 August 29, 23:17:37 »

Are you threatening me? ARE YOU THREATENING ME?!? I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL, PUNY MORTAL! House designed with almost sadistic attempt to deliberately render garages unusable. Motivation for this particular act unknown. Moderate interior redesign of vestigial rooms required to repair. Kitchen access control broken, should replace archway with door for proper lockout. Poor placement of staircases further impedes visitor access control. Placement of caffeination station poorly chosen: Kitchen much too crammed for that level of traffic, with no seating located anywhere nearby. Placement of TVs in bedrooms not recommended given poor visitor control. Some ambiguity over location of The One Desk. No installed nursery, although several potential sites available. Costs too damn much. No physical anomalies detected.

Bribe: 0.0
Functionality: 0.85
Scenarios: 0.85
Expand/Adapt: 3.3
Cost Effectiveness: 0.5
Physics: 10.0
Aesthetics: 6.0

Technical: 2.216
Total: 1.33

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off.
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