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Author Topic: House Of Nec  (Read 6604 times)
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House Of Nec
« on: 2006 June 19, 02:43:58 »

Sturdy, semi-commercial style home, able to comfortably house more than 8 sims, should your game allow it. Ample space to fill with various rewards and musical instruments of your liking, as well as plenty of room to grow. Vampire-friendly, awesomely (and pretty much completely) furnished, efficient, and not an eyesore. House color can obviously be changed -I like greys, personally. Gnomatorium on the second floor can be fenced in allowing visitors to only access the deck space that will accomodate a jacuzzi, and the sliding door locked to restrict visitor access to gnomes, or you can restrict the upstairs completely to all but household members. The nursery is located conveniently close to the kitchen, and features individual crib rooms so your screaming tiny-sims don't wake each other up. Plenty of room in the dining area for high chairs, should you want them. Access to the garage is restricted from the stair area, should you choose to secure the top floor, but accessible by visiting sims to play pool, and party in if you choose to add a bar or fruit punch barrel. Access to the back yard is currently blocked by trees, and fencing arrangements left up to how each person sees fit. Landscaping is minimal, and there are no decorations as both vary with each person as far as taste goes.

Please note: The chessboard is now a good one located in the large room on the top floor, and all bathrooms, the downstairs hallway, and crib rooms now have wall-mounted lights.

3x3 lot, $87,338, dishwasher and vehicle not included.

Front view

Top view:

Floor 2:

Floor 1:

BRIBE: Will torture the sim/person of your choice for one month. Sim, all forms; person, verbal. BlueSoup, I already bribed you Tongue


* HouseOfNec.rar (434.57 KB - downloaded 405 times.)
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Re: House Of Nec
« Reply #1 on: 2006 July 02, 15:41:56 »

5.0 for aesthetics.
J. M. Pescado
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Re: House Of Nec
« Reply #2 on: 2006 August 05, 14:49:14 »

Possible issues regarding placement of The One Desk. Routes to The One Desk either requires leaving of visible playing deck or somewhat roundabout course of moderate lengthiness. Bookshelves could do better job flanking couch, to improve time to reach seating. Gnomes face wrong way for kicking. No physical abnormalities or artifacts found - lot appears clean. Bribe not terribly well thought out - exactly how is this supposed to be of use if I cannot witness the torturing live?

Bribe: 0.0
Functionality: 4.1
Scenarios: 3.8
Expand/Adapt: 2.9
Cost Effectiveness: 2.2
Physics: 10.0
Aesthetics: 5.0

Technical: 4.358
Total: 2.615

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off.
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