So, hey, is anyone interested in the Tutorial neighborhood?

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It's a stupid thing, and I made it just because I wanted to see if I could. Do you know if anyone else has already made it playable? I wouldn't be surprised, since it was ridiculously easy to do.

The lovely little neighborhood is inhabited by three clones of Joe Sim, two clones of Jane Sim, and a bunch of NPCs.

It plays just like any normal neighborhood, and is about 13MB without being zipped up, so probably under 5MB when zipped.

For people who are truly bored.... because that's the only reason I can imagine anyone would want to play in the Tutorial neighborhood. :P

I'm pretty sure it would be compatible for anyone, including people with just the base game.

Download Links:

You may also request it by email at saramkirk at yahoo dot com

This is a .rar file about 6.5MB in size.


This is the Tutorial Neighborhood made playable. It is inhabited by three clones of Joe Sim and two clones of Jane Sim. The three building tutorial houses don't show up for unknown reasons, so I recommend bulldozing the empty lots as soon as possible.

WARNING: DO NOT rename the neighborhood to "Tutorial." If you name this neighborhood "Tutorial" you will break it, because the game will confuse it with the real Tutorial.

Compatibility: Compatible for anyone! Even if you just have the base game with no EPs.

While I'm on this subject, I think it would be only right to actually explain how this was done, in case someone else wants to be able to do this for themselves in the future.

First of all, all the files are located at C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods and you need to make a copy of NeighborhoodManager.package (file), N001_Neighborhood.package (file inside the N001 folder), N001_Neighborhood.png (picture file inside the N001 folder), and Tutorial (folder). NEVER work with the original files! Always use your copy for all editing.

The Tutorial neighborhood was missing two files that seem to be rather critical to making it work. One is "Catalog Description." It looks like just a simple text entry, but do not be fooled! This little file can make or break the neighborhood. The second one is "ID Number" which seems to be the thing that tells the neighborhood to actually show up on the selection screen.

There is no way to create these entries by hand, so, you will need to extract them from a normal neighborhood. Open N001_Neighborhood.package, select Catalog Description, right-click and choose Extract. Then open the Tutorial neighborhood (called Tutorial_Neighborhood.package) and import the file you extracted (right-click anywhere in the right-hand screen and choose Import). Next do the same thing for ID Number.

Now you must change the Catalog description. Call the neighborhood anything you like, but NOT "Tutorial." If you call it "Tutorial" the game will confuse it with the real tutorial, and while it will show up as a selectable neighborhood, all options will be disabled (taking pictures, saving lots, etc). Don't forget to click the Commit button after you change the text.

Next, you need a picture for your neighborhood. Any picture will do. This is what you'll see on the neighborhood selection screen. Grab the Pleasantview picture, it's called N001_Neighborhood.png. Open it in your favorite image editing program and change it to whatever you want. Place it in the same place as Tutorial_Neighborhood.package.

Now open C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\EA Games and remove your saved game (the entire The Sims 2 folder). Then, create a folder called The Sims 2, and inside it a folder called Neighborhoods. Take the NeighborhoodManager.package and put it inside the Neighborhoods folder. Take the Tutorial folder and put it inside the Neighborhoods folder.

Rename the folder from Tutorial to N001. Rename Tutorial_Neighborhood.package to N001_Neighborhood.package. It helps to use a renaming tool of some kind. Everything in the Characters folder needs to be renamed the same way (change Tutorial_ to N001_) and everything in the Lots and Thumbnails folders needs to be changed too.

That's it. Load the game and you should have a playable tutorial neighborhood.

EDIT: I finally tracked down the original pictures for this neighborhood. Maxis hid them in the ui.package file. Here they are for anyone who wants them.

Elven Ranger:
i actually wouldnt mind taking a lookie at it.

Yeah. ditto please. After all, we wouldn't need to keep the maxis sims...

That would be great  :D

Ancient Sim:
I had a go at playing this a while back, but it wouldn't work, I couldn't get it to show-up on the main screen.  I renamed everything so it was Neighbourhood 3, but it just wouldn't show up.  I think it's because there's no neighborhood.reia package, but as these seem to be specific to the neighbourhood, I didn't really know how to make one.  I thought the game would generate it, but presumably it couldn't because the neighbourhood wasn't accessible.  I've just had another go, but the same thing happened.  I'm obviously doing something wrong, so I will work at it a bit more.

Why the clones, incidentally?  I noticed that.  Only recall one of each in the house when I played the Tutorial originally, but looking in SimPE it would appear all five of them are part of the same family.  I also noticed that one of the Jane Sims has a memory of burning herself.  I will have to go play the Tutorial again, see what's what.  If I get this to work I will change their name to Newbie, as it would appear that Joe is the son of Bob & Betty.  Wonder if he knows he has a sister called Brandi living in a parellel universe?

OK, having been into the Tutorial, I think the problem is that there is no neighbourhood template associated with it, so presumably if I create a new neighbourhood with whatever terrain I want and put the files into it, it will work?  One way to find out, I suppose ... gee, I must be bored.


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