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Now I don't want to start an argument on this, I just said on the 1st line of my post that I found it interesting to check.  In no way I said it is safe to use.

I notice JM enquire about this directly to Squinge, if JM say to stay away from this because it can cause problems I will believe him and stay away from it, I posted this exactly for this reason so he can take look and give us an opinion on this new mod.  I also read to stay away from things that could mess-up Mrs. Crumplebottom but I would like an opinion of an expert since I am no modder and I am definetely not awesome as Pescado or other modders.

I thought he and others would find this interesting.  This is the only reason why I gave the link.

I don't think Pescado as anything against this and if he does well he can surely speak for himself about this matter.

Now let us all smile, hug and enjoy our game shall we.  ;)  :P

Quote from: MissDoh on 2006 April 23, 21:49:51

Well if he finds it offending he can always delete my post.  He does have all the power to do this.

This mod is not part of the insimenator it as nothing to do with it, it is a stand-alone mod, it is just hosted on the same site.  I am not using the insimenator but I do like some of Squinge's mods.

My personal opinion is that it was rude to post it in this specific thread. I think it would have been more appropriate  in Retardoland, and may have been received in a more positive way. That's all. I don't think you are wrong for wanting to post the link.  :)

Just wanted to add, I edited the post, removed the link and only mention that it can be found at the insimenator site.  I am now waiting for JM impression of this mod.  I am truly scared of it and really don't want to mess-up the game by installing it though Squinge seems confident it will not. 

EDIT:  JM gave me his opinion on that mod on the chat in a PM.  If you also wonder what he thinks just ask him.


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