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J. M. Pescado:
As it turns out, most of Mrs. Crumplebottom's more obnoxious, as opposed to humorous, aspects stem from, surprise, surprise, buggy Maxian programming that isn't working as it should. The Clothes Lecture, for instance, seems to occur because the "target counter" loop and the "target selector" loop differ by one key logical line ("Ignore This Sim?"), and that even when a target is not found, the target selector loop runs anyway (it shouldn't!), and thus chooses the first sim that is naked (but SHOULD have been ignored!), which, invariably, is the showering sim. She also loses her powers of X-ray perception with this, and can now only detect sims in her room. Because Mrs. Crumplebottom is cool. She assaults random strangers with a purse full of powdered cement! And that's simply hilarious.

Crumplebottom Fix for TS2NL v1.0p1
Made by: Flying Fish Systems (J. M. Pescado)

Congratulations to: Draklixa!

Place in your MYDOCU~1\EAGAME~1\THESIM~1\DOWNLO~1 directory.

Mrs. Crumplebottom should no longer interrupt showering sims to scream at them.
A Crumplebottom action should no longer stomp your queue.

Compatible with all FFS hacks. Tested for TS2NL v1.0p1.

May cause computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user's head, coma, death,
and/or halitosis.

Do not open, crush, dispose of in fire, put in backwards, short-circuit, or mix
with non-awesome hacks - may explode, leak, or catch fire, resulting in injury
and/or death.

I like the new warning at the end of the RTFM JM, I hadn't seen that before... although it's probably been there for a year on all hacks... and I agree Crumplebottom is cool.


She even looks kind of like you, JM. Hmm. I may have to clone her in SimPE and make a sim that looks like her. Perfect mate for JM sim, and the children would be truly frightening.

Is there a logical reason this one replaces Crammyboy's "No Driver Watchout?"  ???


A friend of mine has had Sims produce children by Santa and Mrs. Crumplebottom in-game using I think the autonomous bed. No word yet on how they turn out :P

Anyway, awesome as usual, heh. It always bugged me how I'd be having a male Sim sponge-bathing downtown in the male-only bathroom and she'd burst in to lecture them. Reminds me of how in Sims1 I'd have a hotel downtown and she'd take a bath and proceed to wander around naked thenceforth in a medium-skinned male body, clutching her purse primly in front of her...


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