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Author Topic: Ambitions Baby Genetics  (Read 2904 times)
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Ambitions Baby Genetics
« on: 2010 June 21, 23:38:35 »

Has anyone else played with the genetics in Create A Sim using two parents and hitting random baby icon???  What the hell happened!  My babies are all mutants.  They seem to totally get random features and look nothing at all like their base parents.  I used this all the time before and you could always see the parents nose, or eyes in their children.  Now they look like old TS2 Townie rejects!

I start off with 2 Sims, then I click on the "Add Sims" icon, click the baby symbol.  That first child looks similar to the parents, but when you then click the Pacifier Icon, it seems to totally randomize their face using the games preset features.

I used this a lot making sims, and children before.  So I know it used to work.  I just got Ambitions today and this was the first thing I noticed.  I had not seen anyone else talking about this.  Does anyone know if the babies that are born look like their parents still?

In the attached photo you have, Dad, Mom and aged up child.  The eyes and nose of the child, you can tell are preset CAS features.  It never did that before.  I don't like it.

Edited to add: Yes I use sliders, yes I have Awesome Mod, and I do have randomized townie faces checked off. I did some more experimenting and it looks like it is the work of No Vanilla Pudding setting in Awesome Mod.  Will report it there.

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Re: Ambitions Baby Genetics
« Reply #1 on: 2010 June 22, 01:17:30 »

Should be fixed now. Should also fix discovered EAxian issue where breeding with a vacationlander could result in the Vacationland features being forcibly imprinted onto the babby.

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