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Author Topic: Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???  (Read 3180 times)
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Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???
« on: 2010 January 13, 04:56:04 »

I have made the tentative step of emerging from safe, cosy lurkdom to pick some awesome brains about the issue of packaging occupied lots.
I have read around & have seen lots about deleting SWAFs after performing DAC but couldn't seem to find a definitive and appropriately reassuring answer to my specific question - please feel free to P&L if I have missed a glaringly obvious topic on this before!

I have been playing the same neighbourhood (a made-over Veronaville) for, oooh, years and in my pre-lurking days committed a number of VBTs, largely in the form of mass fuggo-cide and sim-bin delete-athons. Luckily I have no signs of borkedness yet, but as I need to migrate my game to another hard disk before finally installing AL and M&G, I feel a fresh start with empty templates is the way forward.

However, I am awfully attached to a fair few simmies and I was planning on packaging my beloved legacy families along with their lovingly renovated lots, rather than cloning them as I've done with all the individual 'keepers'.

I have followed the instructions to nuke all memories of, gossip about, & relations to anyone not to be packaged in the lot. I have double, triple & quadruple-checked these changes in SimPE (which seemed to adopt a somewhat lackadaisical approach to actually COMMITTING the 8,000,000 deleted sim relations the first few times, gaaaaaah!) and also in Clean Installer. All looks well. Then just as I thought I was good to go I stumbled across the topic of SWAFs - specifically SWAF History containing yet more inconvenient 'dangling' detritus.

So I am hoping that those more awesome will be able to advise on the following: 
1- Will packaged Sims' SWAFs introduce 'ghost' character info into my new neighbourhood?

2 -Will deleting the SWAFs for my legacy families & repackaging them for export minimise potential borkination in the new neighbourhood or is still a major no-no?
3 - If it is ok - is it as simple as highlighting all the SWAF files in SimPE, right-clicking and selecting delete? (and of course the inevitable cycle of commit-save-close-reopen-*bangheadondesk*-startagain)

J. M. Pescado
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Re: Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???
« Reply #1 on: 2010 January 13, 05:26:44 »

Assuming you have done it right, the procedure you describe SHOULD be safe. Of course, that is contingent on you performing the procedure perfectly.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off.
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Re: Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???
« Reply #2 on: 2010 January 19, 00:35:29 »

It's not that hard to make occupied lots safe to use. Roll Eyes 

Instructions for safely saving sims on Lots, for use in other hoods:

1, Package them on their lot.
2, install them into the throw away hood using clean installer (making sure you only install the family and the lot - no one that isn't living on the lot)
3, use Simpe or Pescado's Lot debugger (ffsdebugger) to clean up their memories (or use both).
4, re-package them on their lot.
5, install in your new hood.


clean installer

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Re: Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???
« Reply #3 on: 2010 February 02, 19:38:05 »

Just as a quick clarification (while praying someone will still be reading this thread), by packaging the lot, do you mean you put it in the lot bin or does it have to be packaged externally?

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Re: Deleting SWAFs to safely package occupied lots???
« Reply #4 on: 2010 February 02, 20:32:52 »

Package it from the neighborhood view.  Putting the lot into the lot bin is a very bad idea.

I don't think this level of hostility is necessary
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