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Author Topic: NoPedoStalkers gives error  (Read 9912 times)
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NoPedoStalkers gives error
« on: 2009 September 25, 03:09:52 »

I have all EPs, up to and including OFB, and all SPs.  No CC except for nopedostalkers.  Completely fresh game.  I enter the Goth house in Pleasantview, select Cassandra and click on Don to have her interact with him, then get an error.  Error log attached.
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Re: NoPedoStalkers gives error
« Reply #1 on: 2009 September 25, 04:03:01 »

Yeah, you appear to be running a peculiar corner-case install. By "all SPs", you mean you are also running MGS, yet lack AL, yes? Unfortunately, MGS is actually a more advanced engine than OFB, so overrides the object code, but the detection for engine requires AL to be able to detect the engine properly. Unfortunately, MGS has no detectable symptoms without AL installed, so it does not appear to be possible to catch this particular corner case and the configuration you are running is therefore cannot be supported.

Here are the possible solutions, in approximate order of recommendation:
1. Install AL, avoiding all the engine-detection corner cases.
2. Remove MGS.
3. Handpatch this particular hack by deleting Node 5 in the 0x04E1 BHAV using the "Pescado's Delete" button in SimPE to bypass the problem in this particular hack.

If you use option 3, be warned that other hacks may similarly misbehave because it appears to be entirely impossible to detect an MGS install independently of AL without blowing up in other games, because MGS and AL are expansion that basically should never have happened, exceeding bit-16 of all the expansion-bit fields, so EAxis opened an entirely new bitfield that doesn't exist in any older games. It is impossible to probe this bitfield because any attempt to access it will error in any game that doesn't have it, and therefore, the solution used is to probe for the existence of a global controller, which came with AL. Then to be annoying, EAxis released MGS, which has no real code changes, so all the hacks involved were written in AL, but this is a completely undetectable expansion that will foul the works if run without AL.

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Re: NoPedoStalkers gives error
« Reply #2 on: 2009 September 25, 04:12:50 »

Thanks for the explanation.  I haven't seen this problem with any of the other awesome mods (yet).  Sounds like installing AL is the way to go.

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Re: NoPedoStalkers gives error in M&G
« Reply #3 on: 2012 July 09, 19:02:32 »

Yes, I admit I am being necromantic but because this thread appears to be the last word on M&G detection, I do believe it is important to update it.

Mansions and Gardens detection is actually quite easy, even if Apartment Life is not available. Simply do a dummy load of any object that is unique to M&G. If Create New Object Instance succeeds then M&G is available, but otherwise the primitive simply returns False rather than producing an error. For example, lets look for some magic mushrooms! (Mushroom Mania, i.e. Sculpture - Rock Mushrooms)

[prim 0x002A] Create New Object Instance (GUID 0x35823918,
  place: out of world (put new object id in Stack Object),
  Create object normally,
  fail if tile is non-empty: False,
  pass Temp 0 to main: False,
  move in a new Sim: False,
  copying design mode materials from object in Temp 5: False)

[prim 0x0012] Remove Object Instance (Stack Object,
  return immediately: True,
  cleanup all: True)

A similar technique can be used for Holiday Edition/Holiday Pack detection.

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