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Author Topic: Move In Scenarios - My learnings  (Read 10909 times)
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Move In Scenarios - My learnings
« on: 2009 September 28, 16:38:57 »

I have not seen a whole lot of talk about the scenarios that pop up when you move a sim into a house from the Sim Bin.  I have found a few things about them over my time of playing and thought I would share.

There are 5 (maybe 6 not 100% sure of the 6th) possible scenarios.  

To get the scenario to pop up:
You need to be at Edit Town menu, have No active families selected, Choose Move In, pick a Sim/family from the Sim Bin, select a house they can afford and choose move in.  You can pick furnished or unfurnished.  The chance of the scenario to pop up is slim.  You may have to repeat the process over and over again.  Be sure to always deactivate any active families so you get the proper move in dialog box.  You can have any house on this lot.

Scenarios are:

Indian Burial Ground - 3 tombs, weeds and some gems or meteors laying around.  A ghost buster comes to rid you of the ghosts.  I found some really nice gems.  Known lot is 55 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley. (Do not stick the tombs in your inventory and then ask the ghost buster to help you...bugs out the tombs.)

Bug Infestation - Lots of roaches, beetles, moths and butterflies.  The science geek comes to collect specimens to help you clean up.  Known lot is 2450 Pinochle Point, Sunset Valley. Also 36 Sim Lane aka Mosquito Cove.

Meteor - Lots of meteors and rocks scattered also burnt areas.  Some rocks and meteors can sell very nicely.  A Fireman comes to help clean it up.  Known Lot is 72 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley.

Squatters - Garbage everywhere.  Rats are inside the garbage and you can shoo them away.  Also lots of nice quality fruits and veggies all over tables and counters.  The maid comes to help you clean up.  Known lot 306 Skyborough Blvd, Sunset Valley.

Water main break - All the sinks, tubs and showers are broken.  Water puddles everywhere.  The handy person comes and helps you fix everything. Known lot 58 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley.

The other possible scenario is weeds, but I have been unable to find it, might have been one of the above.  I was new to the game and have not seen it since.

Those are my learnings so far.  I am sure other lots can have the scenarios, but since it can take 30 tries just to get it to pop, these are the only lots I know for sure.

Edited to add: Hand Of God will remove the garbage the rats are hiding in.  So if you want to see the rats, you need to turn that off first.  Also to fix info.  Thanks Tangie.
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Re: Move In Scenarios - My learnings
« Reply #1 on: 2009 September 29, 00:55:33 »

The only one of these that I have experienced is the meteors at 72 Waterlilly. I've had that one on three separate occasions (not all in the same game, though). It is the fireman that has always showed up to help clean up the mess.
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Re: Move In Scenarios - My learnings
« Reply #2 on: 2009 September 30, 04:21:51 »

Doesn't happen only with bin families. Doesn't need tutorial to be on. Doesn't even need an unfurnished home. All you need to be doing, is moving a sim that's 'active' into a vacant home. Like when you're setting up the game for the first time. Not quite sure if it can happen if you're moving an 'active' person into a game that's been going a while, but it might be possible. <--- This thread contains a mod that increases the chances of these scenarios popping up.

Edit: Alsooo.... It can happen with any house. Even play made ones.

Oh! I just remembered too I got one of these events in Hatchet Falls, so it can happen after everything's been set up, and the game's been active, the only thing is you need someone who is 'active' .. as in, they're going to be marked as your active family, going into the neighborhood for the first time.

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Re: Move In Scenarios - My learnings
« Reply #3 on: 2009 September 30, 04:26:27 »

Yeah, the scenario chance is triggered every time you ATTEMPT to move the active fambly into a house from the Edit Town screen.

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