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Author Topic: A special breed  (Read 50547 times)
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Re: A special breed
« Reply #50 on: 2009 August 08, 17:50:04 »

Special NPCs do not ALWAYS spawn with the same traits, but they have a number of "fixed" traits (Maids are always Neat, Brave, Make No Messes), and some random traits, generally picked from a very restricted subset of traits (Maids are always 2 out of 3: Flirty, Charismatic, Klepto).

Pescado do you know where that information for those templates is stashed? Is it in one of the full builds packages somewhere? I'd like to modify it so that they don't spawn with such annoying traits. And also to better set up my babysitter > nannies without me have to change traits and dress their asses every time manually.

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Re: A special breed
« Reply #51 on: 2009 August 12, 07:30:51 »

So how do you get to interact with Grimmie anyways? I'm still playing the unpatched game and decided to experiment with a "house of horror" but failed miserably.

I know someone mentioned that you can download lots with the Reaper from the exchange but I much rather conquer my own. Grimmie does show up in the control panel of my sims but he immediately poofs away so I'm not ale to talk to him. Should I keep on killing off sims till he decides to hang around the house?

Trubble already explained that last part in he rprevious posts I see. I'll try looking for some Grimmies in the Exchange then. Also eventhough Mr. Reaper is too dark to distinguish his features clearly something about him reminds me of Brynne's Joe.
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Re: A special breed
« Reply #52 on: 2009 August 21, 21:59:44 »

They removed it with the patch? Why? Did it bork things if you had kids with Grim? I'm clearly out of the loop here.

I can't remember if I said, but if you use an unlucky sim and just keep dragging their hunger down (bearing in mind they can apparently only die of old age) you have plenty of opportunity to interact with one of the Grims. Additionally if you use testingcheats you can just drag up the relationship bar so the next chance you get to interact with him you can get things moving pretty quickly. I initially did it without the cheat, though.

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