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1551  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Can't fufill "Graduate 3 Children" want? on: 2005 July 18, 23:18:10
One of my sims had the "graduate 3 kids" want fulfilled when only two of her kids had graduated.  Nobody else in that neighborhood had graduated yet.  In her memories, she had two memories of each kid graduating.  The first would be "Nicholas graduated summa cum laude" and, a few memories later, the second would just be something like "Nicholas graduated", without listing honors.  I'm not sure what generated the second memory, but I did move each grad from one lot to another soon after graduation, so maybe that did it?  Also, maybe it only happens if the kid had a 4.0.

Anyway, I love the bug, because it means a sim with that want only has to have two kids, and because the specific sim it first happened to died between when her second and third kids graduated, so she died happy and platinum.
This happens in my game a lot.  Not with all Sims, but most.  I always delete the second one, because it makes them look as if they had a lesser degree than they actually had.  I have no idea what causes it, but it's a pain, because the memory has to be deleted from all family members and anyone around at the time as well, otherwise it'll get passed on to all and sundry.
1552  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: So what is an overpopulated neighborhood anyway? on: 2005 July 18, 23:08:59
I currently have around 450 in Pleasantview and this is only with 2 expansions and also with not playing it for a while (because it's so full).  Bearing in mind all the extra characters each expansion is going to create, surely the game will allow for that?  If not, Maxis can't have intended anyone to use the same neighbourhood for the entire duration of the expansions because it sounds as if it just won't be possible.  I assumed that if I reduced the size of the character files by deleting some tombstones, this would help, but presumably it won't, as it appears it's the number of files, not the size.

I have started a new Pleasantview ready for the expansion, but am very reluctant to give the old one up as I'm approaching 4th generation on the original families now.  For a while I've been trying to reduce the size by only allowing one child per family, but obviously that doesn't alter the number of files, only the number of playable Sims, so maybe it's a pointless exercise.
1553  Awesomeware / The Scrapyard / Re: No NPC Spam - Experimental Barista Fix on: 2005 July 18, 18:29:31
Is this going to be extended to other NPC's?  I had a llama mascot die in a dorm recently and the game immediately spawned another one, even though there were still 2 left in play.  I think I read somewhere that mascots are allocated to certain areas, which would explain it.  Is this actually the case?  Seems stupid to create extra characters when I am trying to reduce the number of character files.
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