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51  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: TSR Privacy Violation on: 2009 April 01, 20:29:14
Your main arguement appears to be that LyricLee is too stupid to know what a .rar file is. 

No, I was pointing out that Lorelei's basis for characterizing Lyric Lee as a pirate herself relies on a weak connection, and looks like it was born from animosity. You no more have proven that from those logs than you could say that someone who picked up an item lost on a street and looked at it was in posession of stolen property. There is no other way to examine the contents of the booty, or even see the index of a RAR file, except to get them onto your own computer. You cannot assume she automatically took those files, placed them in downloads and tried them out merely from the logs.

You attack those people with which you do not agree, and when your arguments fail, you resort to name calling, as always. The behavior matches children on a playground, bereft of adult supervision. The next step will be putting your fingers in your ears and pretending I am not here, as you do with Celestard, and go running to your daddy to ask him to make me go away.

Grow up.

52  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: TS3 L&P on: 2009 April 01, 15:01:30
Subject to check after the game is out:

The ingame advertising rankles me, and others too, very much. Until I recognized that it can be leveraged to make a new game feature, bu subverting the commercial stuff and replacing it with neighborhood artsy things. We will make Lemonade from this.

Lastly, I had technical issues with the EA download manager here (using it for Spore), which I think were related to my refusal to allow "Flash" to occupy any of my computer real estate.

It turns out that the process to make updates is nothing more than the EA download manager downloading an .exe file to your harddrive, and then running it. And once one person has noted the direct download address of the patch, you can get it without the download manager. This may change, but to date it has just been a marketing tool whereby the URL of the patch isn't published, in the hope that once additional people have the download manager on their computer, they will use it to buy stuff with.
53  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: TSR Privacy Violation on: 2009 April 01, 14:27:51
Well, I "get" that she isn't well liked. And she can come here and defend herself, I won't do so. And I stipulate that you are correct on the facts here, that she looked at stuff from other sites. Hey, the curtains are open, people can look in.

But when you go on a tirade and toss shit around that is such a weak argument, it makes all of the rest of your arguments suspect, too. Bark, bark, bark. You will note I didn't disagree with the general sentiment, just that statement. It just looks like the sort of petty, vindictive accusation that it is, one that does not enhance your overall argument.

Now that I completely diverted what we were talking about, I will add in my $0.02. Some may not know that TSR required FAs to use some free tools I made for their mesh creations. I didn't mind, because I made them for people to use. But I am tired of the sort of community destructive things that come from there, such as the idea they will make tools and not share them.

It is also no secret that I am interested in working with TS3 when it comes out. While I cannot guarantee I will be successful at that effort, betting against me is ill advised. But this time, terms and conditions will be different than in the past, via restrictive licensing. Those restrictions will not apply to items created for free distribution. The rest of the details are undecided, pending actual creation of anything new.

Yeah, I got pissed off, too. I know all of the non-TSR parties involved, it is so stupid and childish, if it wasn't so mean spirited and destructive. They pissed in their wheaties.
54  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: TSR Privacy Violation on: 2009 March 31, 22:31:37
A .rar file, yeah, we can all tell what is in a .rar file just by looking at the title. No one ever posts anything unless it is exactly what they say it is, you can trust the title implicitly, therefore if anyone looked at the file, well they must have been rummaging through the booty. No, there is no other explanantion except that she is just like everybody else, they all want the booty. You are so smart, yeah, you have it ALL figured out.

If you leave the doors and windows open, you can't complain when anyone looks through them. While you have "proven" she looked through some files, you haven't really proven anything else, you have just characterized it that way because you don't like her or what she said.

Barking at the moon will only make you look looney yourself.
55  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: TSR Privacy Violation on: 2009 March 31, 15:32:44
In other words, U R WRONG.

You are too wrapped up in this to see that your statement is petty, whiney and proves nothing... the logs show she looked, and prove nothing about use. If you want to win arguments and converts, use provable assertions. If you just want to be perceived as a whiney bitch that dislikes some ho, well, carry on.
56  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: TSR Privacy Violation on: 2009 March 31, 04:22:28
7. He has ATTEMPTED to hack PMBD. Also, TSR stooges like Atwa have helped themselves to the booty, including TSR items, while yelling about the booty. (See also Lyric Lee's hypocrisy of raiding the booty while yelling about the booty.)

Let me preface my statements with an amen of condemnation for the recent acts cited.

However, what you have cited here is proof of nothing. If someone posted a random garbage file and called it a stolen file, the only way for the person whose file was purported to be stolen to know it if it true would be for them to download it themselves. The existance of their IP address in the logs shown looking at their own stuff does not mean hey came there to 'raid the booty'.

If you want to do damage, don't throw pebbles; find some rocks. Or ask Pescado to lend you a flamethrower.

57  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Firefox and MTS2 on: 2009 March 27, 03:45:18
I had the same problem with crashing (well, locking up) on MTS2 with IE7 and now with IE8. The solution Pescado mentioned has stopped the crashes. I think the problem is not in the browser, but in WinSock itself (the TCPIP part of Windows).
58  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: LIFO Files on: 2009 March 27, 03:25:30
I was never able to get LIFO files to link to a scenegraph as LIFO files. They appear to be the source image for the mipmaps used in the scenegraph, that is the TXTR files, and the game will accept TXTR mipmaps with more levels and a parger size, allowing greater resolution characters. But you have to extract the LIFO image and then remake the new mipmap texture from that.

As Amber said, always draw on the largest ones, because you can still reduce resolution later, but if you edit the lower resolution ones, they will not look good as good in a larger resolution.
59  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Another Question of Mind-Stunning Dumbness on: 2009 March 12, 05:07:45
Bodyshop was a promotional item, like the Creature Creator was with Spore. It was release some months before the game itself was released. Some compatibility changes were made between the downloadable version and the game release, and minor compatibility updates have been made to BodyShop every release, or at least it was recompiled each time.

But nothing in the functionality seems to have changed between the free release and now. The same problems are evident, animations only use the first frame, compression gets misconfigured and so on. At least there are fixes for a few of the problems. BodyShop appears to be something that stays around because it was part of the first game release, and no one wants to hear complaints that it was "taken away". But the lack of investment in development in almost five years should be sufficient statement to reveal the prospects of them ever improving it.
60  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sims 2 and Windows 7 on: 2009 February 21, 18:59:56
My personal experiences with Vista indicate that the suckage is fiixable, Microsoft just cannot get beyond the idea that they might have to actually admit a failure with UAC and change it, because they have clearly lost with their present posture of "training the users".

A few small changes and Vista works a lot better. Nuke UAC completely (Unsafe? XP had no such critter) and then change the permissions on the directory links such as "My Documents" (which just points to "Documents"). These two steps eliminate 99% of the aggravating stuffs that pops up anytime you try to organize anything.

As far as the resources, yes, Vista uses a lot. The philosophy is that RAM is cheap, so just go ahead and load everything instead of waiting until someone clicks on something. And startup is faster and cleaner because many services and modules are deferred and continue to load after your desktop is ready.

However, at this point I believe that Vista's reputation is irreparable. For all I see, Windows 7 is just Vista already fixed. Of course, Microsoft gets to charge us all over again for doing so. I think I am going to stick with Vista unless I get a newer box.
61  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: TS3 L&P on: 2009 February 17, 02:19:02
The again, I'm apparently blind and unknowing. Since you're so much wiser than the rest of us, maybe you'd care to enlighten us ignorant slobs as to what the theme of this thread should be?

I have not played the game myself, so I cannot be the leader. Let someone else cast the first stone.
62  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: TS3 L&P on: 2009 February 16, 19:45:43
TS3 has all five fingers in the models, versus four in TS2, where the two middle fingers shared a set of joints. I see no evidence of individual toes as skeletal entities, although making the appearance of toes on a foot mesh is mostly just a polygon count issue.

I am not as inclined to think the game will bomb popularly as has been expressed here, although I have no doubts that some users will cling to their Sims 2 the way the great unwashed masses bitterly cling to their guns and religion. Smiley
63  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: TS3 L&P on: 2009 February 16, 02:57:12
The textures in the best screenshots show there to be more texture detail than was in TS2; that follows expectations, because the minimum graphics adapter specs are much higher than in TS2.

Of course, my thoughts do not follow the theme of this thread, which has degenerated into the blind leading the merely unknowing in a P&L tournament.
64  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What is Abobe Flash Player? on: 2009 January 01, 23:35:36
You can cure that with Antiobitics.

Antiobitics before infections save lives: study

EDIT: I didn't know MATY was so widely read. This typo has been there since last year (really, yesterday), but a couple hours after I posted it here, Yahoo fixed it.
65  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Computer Consumer Question: Wireless Router Edition on: 2009 January 01, 05:09:47
Well, if the Wii has WiFi in it, then I never set it up. The LinkSys Game adapter makes it look like ethernet, and I have a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.
Go figure. The LinkSys was designed to trick any of the consoles into thinking they were direct connected... I originally bought it for a non-game ethernet enabled device so I didn't have to run another cable.

While it is more expensive than a USB style WiFi adapter, considering cable, connectors and effort into the formula makes it a reasonable alternative.

And I have a WRT54G wireless router here. Wireless + four wired ports. Works good, lasts a long time, and pretty cheap now compared to the N compatible routers.
66  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Computer Consumer Question: Wireless Router Edition on: 2008 December 31, 16:37:53
If I had to replace mine, it would be with a newer LinkSys model (Cisco owns the company). My LinkSys has worked fine for several years (ancient by modern standards). Mine was plug and play 100% right from the box, although I took the time to log into it and change the admin password and setup some security... both steps highly recommended, and easily accomplished with your browser. Wireless G is pretty cheap now, and while it is only half the speed of your ethernet port, it is sufficient here, particularly because the internet connection itself is only a fraction of the speed, and thus a move to N would be a waste.

As for the game boxes, if you can't hardwire the 360 ethernet to your router because of location, LinkSys makes a game adapter which you can program from a PC (access code, networks name and such) and then carry over to any device with an ethernet port and it will look like a hardwire to the game box, but connect wirelessly with any standard wireless signal. Right now, it is being used on our Wii, although there may be a cheaper wireless adapter for it (if I already own it, it is the cheapest alternative).
67  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: NEWS: WE CAN HAZ LEGAL THREATS? on: 2008 December 16, 01:09:53
Would the copyright law be upheld if the copyright violated was that of child porn?

Sure you can protect your interests with copyright. Just mail copies of your kiddy porn with the registration form and fee to:

Library of Congress
Copyright Office
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20559-6000

After doing so, you probably have a couple of days while your package is in transit to practice some good rectal stretching exercises. Just do them diligently; later, when you meet Tiny, you'll be glad you did.
68  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: NEWS: WE CAN HAZ LEGAL THREATS? on: 2008 December 15, 19:36:18
This is a very troubling trend, the confusion of information and pointers to information. Yes, pointers is a geeky programmer concept, but the address of a brothel can be public information while the brothel remains a private residence for ladies and generous gentlemen. When trouble happens, you don;t eliminate the address, you close the brothel.

Here the concept of requiring links to child pornography be removed is attempting to be extended to links to examples of copyright violation. While you can make an argument that there is an overriding social purpose for obliterating mere references to child pornography, you cannot make the same argument in what is a property rights issue. But it appears that EA would like to do so.
69  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Bored on: 2008 October 01, 00:47:54
You've neatly discovered the fundamental shortcomings of Splotch. Solution: Go back to TS2! There's always something new to make there!

I agree with the inestimable and humble El Presidente. Despite having a lot of effort invested in Spore, I do not think it has the staying power of TS2. I would be surprised if it lasts long enough for EP2.
70  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Spore Mods! on: 2008 September 20, 02:35:46
I've always assumed the Complexity Meter was the game's way of saying "you're gonna make me lock up if I have to animate that."

I think it has more to do with how much data can be compressed into the .png file for the creature.
71  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: SimPE site? on: 2008 September 18, 02:10:53 says that the domain name is not registered.
Perhaps the registration lapsed. I don't believe Inge controls it and Quaxi seems to have been teleported to another parallel dimension.
72  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: Lest we forget: SPORE on: 2008 September 16, 15:42:45
Of course, once you reach Tribal, if you reach Tribal
Shift-Ctrl-C brings up a console (deja vu all over again)
levels -unlock
will let you start a new game at any level you want.
73  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: MASSIVE SECURITY HAZARD in Spore! on: 2008 June 23, 02:03:40
Where are these package files HIDING, anyway? I can't seem to locate them inside the directories.

I am running the program here on a Vista machine. On Vista the packages are in C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\SPORE Creature Creator\

I would believe on XP there will be a SPORE Creature Creator in your user area in a folder called "Application Data". This folder or it's analog is, under both Vista and XP, a locked system folder, and to see the files in Windows Explorer you have to uncheck the option "Hide Protected Operating System Files", ignoring the dire warnings that messing with these files could ruin your system, and may perhaps be the source of all strife in the world.

SimPE Phails at opening them, because the format has been updated to version major 2. This has become the latest time sink for me.

74  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: MASSIVE SECURITY HAZARD in Spore! on: 2008 June 22, 05:11:06
I saw a post elsewhere claiming that the data is in the color channels at all the locations that are transparent (where teh alpha is zero). It seems like a reasonable conjecture and also a very clever method.

If it bears out to be true I will eat my words here publicly (and this may very well be necessary), although I am correct that there are only standard PNG chunk types in any of the files I examined (no private or metadata chunks). Since I do not have any significant tools here or previous experience to aid me in decompressing and checking these files, I will leave that research to the ongoing efforts of others.

I will say that I know the username is saved in .package files, along with the creature name and other data (likely ID values similar to the TS2 group and instance) after the file is downloaded, and that at least a significant amount of the creature data is an XML file. Unlike TS2, it appears when the file is donwloaded that the package file containing your creature data (created by you and that downloaded) is updated, rather than separate files existing for each creature.
75  Serious Business / Spore Discussions / Re: MASSIVE SECURITY HAZARD in Spore! on: 2008 June 20, 18:52:35
I have examined the PNG image files that appear publicly on Sporepedia.

The PNG format allows non-standard chunks to be inserted in a file, but I find only image data in them. Interestingly enough, when you load one into Paint Shop Pro and save it under a different name, the resulting file is actually larger than the one downloaded from Sporepedia. Clearly, there is no room for 3K of creature data in there, unless they have much beter compression than WinRar.

I still think a download of creature data happens after the image is dropped on the CC.
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