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851  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Does anyone have this dress? on: 2006 October 26, 22:41:26
EDIT: Oh, and the recolours of Windkeeper's mailbox shelf thingy from TSR would be lovely as well. Grin

Those were up for free about half the time, unless the latest change rule made them pay all the time.

"All Sims1 stuff is free.  All Sims2 non-featured artist stuff is free. All Sims2 featured artist stuff is pay."  Don't know if they still have the rotation on the featured artist stuff...
852  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Maternity Pay on: 2006 October 26, 22:34:33
I do my best to get the pregger Sims to go to work so they'll get more time off with the baby/toddler.

Yes, they don't change for work.  No, mine have never been double paid.
853  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sick of razzle! on: 2006 October 26, 18:46:25
I've also never seen pets refuse the food in the bowl.

Assuming they're trained to eat pet food, that is Smiley  Have you played those obnoxious Crittur dogs yet?  They'll starve to death right in the same room with a bowl of pet food because they've been trained to eat Sim food.


Only thing you can do with them is drop a plate of food, let them eat most of it, then scold them.  That will give them a non-zero chance of eating from the bowl, so you can Praise them.

Also, if the Praise option is there, you can Give Love->Treat, which is Praise plus food.
854  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Myths, Urban Legends, And Apocrypha Of TS2 Explored And Exploded on: 2006 October 26, 18:31:33
The hood reset caused by the EP install will cause all 'stuck' sims to 'unstick'. This has always happened. Now whether they really fixed the 'bug' and no new toddlers will 'stick' is another story.

I suspect they have... 8 bottles of Smart Milk fed and counting, none stuck yet...
855  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Testers Wanted: Pets Custom Content Updater Program! on: 2006 October 26, 17:00:58
Does the file save the unmodified object in a .bak file?  That would help protect people from themselves.
856  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Testers Wanted: Pets Custom Content Updater Program! on: 2006 October 26, 15:29:51
I was wondering what would be involved in this sort of project... thanks for this utility!
857  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Bathroom Controller: In Soviet Russia, Bathroom Uses You! on: 2006 October 26, 14:52:32
Any plan to fix the Maxis Flag Out of Range error that you get when your Sim's bladder bar is solid red and they try to use the toilet?

BTW, BUY helps avoid that situation by sending them to the bathroom in a timely manner.  I've only had 1 "overfull" bladder since installing it.

Here's my oldest and newest logs!  Newest might possibly be after installing BUY.

[attachment deleted by admin]
858  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Neighbourhoods have disappeared... ZOMGPETZ. on: 2006 October 26, 14:04:33
Even after repeated play sessions, families load sooooooo slow!  Hoods seem to load more quickly now that they've been "upgraded" to Pets.  I'm still hoping the families will speed up.

Anyhow... I'm sadly afraid that you've lost the 'hood that you quit out of, since it was probably half converted, unless you did a backup before you installed Pets.

I'm not sure what you mean by "letting the game regenerate its three neighbourhoods."  This is how I do it:
1) Rename the "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims" folder, not just the Neighborhoods folder.
2) Run the game.
3) Play a little (yes, it will be horrible with no hacks... just pick a family and destroy their lives).
4) Quit.
5) Copy Downloads from your old data folder.  Also the numbered subfolders inside the Neighborhoods folder.
6) Try the game again. 
7) If everything works, copy back your other stuff, such as PhotoAlbums, Projects, etc.

I've had a problem with the game periodically refusing to run.  It's not Pets, it also happened a week before release with OFB.  This is how I fix it.
859  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Correcting the DNA of Strangetown premade characters on: 2006 October 25, 23:04:27
(All adults made in CAS are homozygous. I'm not sure whether this rule applies also for children that you make in Create-A-Sim by mixing together the genes of the parents you've made.)

Any Sim made in CAS using the pacifier will be heterozygous.  I use this trick to make my created Sims have recessives:

1) Make 2 adult Sims (4 if you're making a couple).  Give them interesting names like temp1 and temp2 so you remember they aren't "real" Sims.
2) Use the pacifier to make one or more offspring.  Change them to adults.
3) Delete the temporary Sims.
4) Make children for the "real" Sims if desired.  This will also give you an idea how their kids will look in the game.
5) Hook up the relationships in family tree mode.

Dang, now I wanna make a family with married cousins...

860  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Myths, Urban Legends, And Apocrypha Of TS2 Explored And Exploded on: 2006 October 25, 22:47:19
MYTH: Feeding a toddler smart milk results in him learning faster when he becomes a child than a toddler who is not fed smart milk.
STATUS: PARTIALLY TRUE. A toddler who receives smart milk can, in some circumstances, have his skill-boost-rate attribute "stuck" similar to the fashion of a stuck emitter, or perhaps the snooty-headmaster-departure. A freshly nuked toddler may also carry over his effect briefly into childhood. However, this represents a bug and does not occur consistently. Some children may stick and become "smart" for their entire childhood, others may not. No pattern has yet been discerned.

I suspect Maxis helpfully "fixed" this one in pets... I fed one toddler a whole machine full of Smart Milk and none of it stuck!  Although that is a fairly probable outcome, none of my kids who were stuck before installing Pets are currently stuck either.
861  Ye Olde Simmes 2 Archives: Dead Creators / Ye Olde Crammyboye Archives / Re: Electro Dance Sphere skilling changes. on: 2006 October 25, 15:25:02
There is a remote chance that if a male has been abducted by aliens before, he can be abducted again while using the electrosphere, and thus become alien pregnant.  From reading about the patch on Maxis' website, the patch only addresses YA males getting pregnant via the electrosphere, no one else.  This was probably because the Electrosphere was new in NL and they didn't think about closing that loophole at the time.  I don't think YA males can come back pregnant if they get abducted while stargazing with the telescope.  I have heard of this happening though, but the pregnancy doesn't advance until they graduate and move back home.

If the pregnant father moves to a different house on campus, the pregnancy will advance.
862  Ye Olde Simmes 2 Archives: Dead Creators / Ye Olde Crammyboye Archives / Re: Robots Break Less on: 2006 October 25, 15:17:40
Has anyone tested this with Pets?
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