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1  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Flashing Blue objects again on: 2008 September 24, 05:25:13
I believe seasons changed the way textures are handled on plants. I know that many recolors made for plants, possibly all, made before seasons will no longer work if the plant changes color with the seasons. You could try fixing them with SimPe. Did the lot change seasons while you were playing?
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: MATY and PMBD design contest! on: 2008 August 22, 06:17:47
I'd say that a good MATY logo would a Sims 2 symbol. Held together with duct tape and wire. A good PMBD would logo would be a TSR logo with a cannonball punching through it from behind.

Dr. Pepper came out my nose when I read that! For PMBD, how about "Moar Coconut" or "pissing off atwat since 2006." "Don't ever pay for booty!" I think the last one is funny, mostly because only people who play the sims would get it.
3  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: You could meet Pescado in a dark alley with a suitcase full of cash, or... on: 2008 August 08, 03:18:40
I vote for CafePress.  I think we need pirate tees, how about a TSR must be destroyed t-shirt, I would by that today!
4  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: CS Items and Replacements - Testers Wanted and Help Needed! on: 2008 August 03, 06:23:12
Without pictures, it was not clear what you had extracted.
5  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The Asylum Challenge? on: 2008 July 18, 04:21:57
I like trying different strategies.  I seem to remember some restrictions on the Seasons rules, at least as they appear on

Oh, yes, here it is:

"-Fishing is allowed

-Your chosen sim maybe a graduate from college however if your sim graduates "cum laude" or higher take away 10, 20 or 30 points from your score

-Garden Plots and/or fruit trees are allowed but you can't use the juicer."

So there's no point in growing veggies for skill points if you can't use the juicer, though fish might be a helpful addition to the food supply. 

My original plan was to open a home business in the front part of the asylum.  My playable truly is that mean--"roll up and see the crazy people!  Five cents, one nickel, the twentieth part of a dollah!"  I figured if he had an LTW like 20 WooHoos or Twenty Lovers, he'd have to meet them all some way.    It just never became necessary.


If you grow a big enough garden, you should not need to buy groceries. Then maybe you will not even need a job, if the LTW doesn't require one.
6  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: I think I broke it. The game won't even finish loading. on: 2008 July 08, 23:50:59
If you have recently put new CC into your game take it out.

This is why my downloads are so organized, I have had this same thing happen almost a hundred times!  I always have the folder open that I last extracted content into, this way if it crashes the program or turns the sky orange, I know just what did it. The last time this happened to me it was from the fishing bridge from ReflexSims forum; I was so excited that sims would be able to fish from the pier, alas it borked my game hard.

I organize everything based on where it is found in the catalog -
1). Game Modifations have the first folder, then sort by who created it.
2). All Neighborhood deco, and items commonly found on Community Lots have the second folder.
3). Build Mode has the third.

So on and so forth. One more thing, many players don't know that you can dump all content for BodyShop/Create a Sim into the SavedSims folder, nothing will be worse for wear. I give defalut replacements their own folder as well, then subdivided by type.  I also rar backups of the different folders and store them on a thumb drive, it saves me hedaches.   Cool
7  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: More Awful than You! July: AUGH, get that stuff off my face! on: 2008 July 05, 05:26:09
She looks like Pennywise's girlfiend (I spelled it wrong on purpose, Pennywise would have a girlfiend!).

Even for an Asylum challange, I do not want that in my game, she looks like she want to go on a baby eating spree!
8  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: TS2 Store Stuff on: 2008 July 01, 02:58:32
Thanks for sharing this.  Grin

One observation - EA can make descent hair just not for TS2? In their defence, some of this hair does meet their high standards of barf.

1). One of the bun/twists things looks as if the woman has a hair colored growth on her neck.
2). There is a asymmetrical cut like the one that came with OfB, that was exposed to Chicago winds for a few hours. 
3). But the curly hair, from EA? Actually it all makes since, they want people to pay out the ass for the decent quality stuff that they have been holding back.
9  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: CS native Easel on: 2008 April 04, 22:02:09
Castaway Stories salvaged stuff has inspired me to try a tropical Apocalypse. Thanks for all the objects, clothes, etc...
10  Awesomeware / Playsets & Toys / Re: Salvaged Stories Crap on: 2008 March 30, 04:35:59
Could someone do the barrel/drum cooker/stove thing?

Could it be cloned as a grill? This would be perfect for my Apocalypse neighborhood. Then the foods could be cloned from hamburgers and hot dogs?
11  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: my sim got stupid and my residential lot not working! on: 2008 March 10, 04:03:05
Go here, get the portal reveler and the buy-able portals. Since it was originally as comm-lot, there is probably a portal missing that the carpool needs.
12  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 March 10, 03:47:20
It appears that it is almost perfectly flipped, but the proportions are off. Sections of road seem to have wandered from their original positions? That is really weird. With a few more pictures, I could certainly make a new hood... Is their water anywhere on the original pleasantview template (the neighborhood that came installed)?

It's officia,l EA programmers and testers take breaks to smoke crack... Hey, it explains the screwy code!  Roll Eyes
13  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 March 08, 03:48:59

I suppose what I really need is to find someone who knows something about the SimCity 4 package file formats.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just export the Neighborhood Terrain / Geometry from Sims 2 and import into an existing small city SC4 and everything would come out right?

I know a bit, the largest problem in the rendering. Your city will not look anywhere near the same as it does in TS2. This causes some problems, it is really difficult for me (maybe not someone like sleepycat who is a wizard with it...) to change things in SC4 to the way I want them to be in TS2. I think this may be some of the reason that the roads and other landmarks of the city look "off" to you. Changing the way TS2 and SC4 interpret files, that is nearly impossible. SC4 forums have been trying for years, no dice.
14  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 March 07, 23:47:14
Now I am detirmed to figure this out. If EA is using some other way to creat Neighborhoods, or edit them, I want it.

1). For Castaway Stories, EA used some other method to create the "hood," if you can call it that, it did not appear to have any roads.

2). For Pet Stories was there more than four neighborhoods? Four were posted on-line extracted from the game. Not so in Life Stories? Why would EA do it different, oh never mind......

3). For Pleasentview would you mid posting a few pictures? I can't seem to get my brain around this. If I can comprehend this maybe we can find a fix, or figure out wth EA was smoking. Btw, in SC4, everything always looks screwy since the scale is different, and backwards.
15  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 March 07, 22:41:37

Good information, but I don't believe that it answers the question.  Your answer assumes that the original SC4 file for the neighborhood exists.  Maxis often ships SC4 files which don't actually match the final shipped neighborhood terrains - even the Pleasantview SC4 doesn't match the Pleasantview terrain.  The question is: how can I create an SC4 file from information extracted from a Sims 2 neighborhood package, so that I can edit the SC4 file using SimCity 4?

First thing, what do you mean by: "even the Pleasantview SC4 doesn't match the Pleasantview terrain". What are the differences, there are a few things that can be done in TS2 that modify the terrain slightly. They are quite minor, most someone may flatten it a bit.

Second, I don't think that there is anything to extract from the Neighborhood file, it points to what SC4 file to use to create the neighborhood. The SC4 file should come very close to matching, except for things like decorations. Those  are controlled by TS2. If you import a file into SC4, tinker it with a bit, then copy it back into TS2 there will probably be changes in the trees, due to SC4 re-rendering them. Also, if you don't like the way TS2 places trees one time when creating a new neighborhood, try making another one. Since there is a bit of difference between the scale of the games, there is a bit of "artistic interpretation" on TS2's part every time you create a new neighborhood. This should be less than modifying in SC4. Doing one of these is much easier than placing single trees.

I don't know anywhere that another terrain could be hiding.
16  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: The Buildings of SimCity 4: Municipals on: 2008 February 21, 03:20:48
Zazazu you rule! I started playing SC4 just before I started playing TS1. I have wanted some of the lots for a very long time as Sims lots. Any time I try to make them, they always get "embellished" upon. I guess I can't leave well enough alone.
17  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: CS masks and clothes [FIXED : Castaway casual four / Native career ] on: 2008 February 19, 20:38:51
Kabuto, thanks for the downloads but I think there is a problem with those links.

After putting in the numbers to get the download it's putting a porn page up on my browser and pg2 is blocking a site called "InterCage, Malware Central Inc".  Luckily I block all http and only allow certain sites through Peer Guardian.  Thought you should know this so others don't get caught. 

Kabuto, I got that also. I did get the files (and some spyware that my pc caught). You may want to change the host on those files, it took me three tries and 10 min to download one file.
18  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 February 13, 07:25:12
Now that's useful information. I wanted to create a region with a lot of large cities once and never got a satisfactory one. Cheers for that Cassandra. Modern-day Cassandra brings good news.  Cheesy

See I'm not gloom and doom, we are on the edge of apocalypse all the time. My sims on the other hand..........
19  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 February 13, 05:27:46
Also if you don't play SC4 much or need more small cities,you can modify the "config" file which dictate how many smalll/large cities are in each region. The more red in the config the more small cities, more green more bigger ones. They are placed inside the region folder, the one inside "London" dictates how the layout of the cites for that region. It's a small BMP take it into paint, paint it red. Now you have all small cities to work with.

20  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2008 February 13, 05:16:44
Is there a way to get a Sims 2 neighborhood terrain into Sim City 4 so that you can edit it?  Or is it a one-way street?

SimCity is Special like that, You need to put it in the right place so it will be found. This is kinda long, but this is me trying to be clear, Sims have never been logical, ever.

1 ). Take the SC4 file you wish to modify (or mutilate in my case). Rename it something obvious or funny, makes the little bugger much easier to find in a minute.

2 ). Copy that to "My Documents\SimCity 4\Regions\Downloads\"

3 ). Boot up Sim City, select whichever region you want to use. Make sure you know what region you are in. (Sounds funny but it isn't later when you can't find the file.)

4 ). Select one of the smallest "boxes" in the region. That is the smallest sized city.

5 ). In the box that appears asking what you want to do with the city there is a computer with an arrow going into the monitor. Click it.

6 ). A box comes up asking which city you would like to import. It should have several folders with names in a list. Select Downloads.

7 ). Under downloads there should be listed all of the cities in your downloads folder, find the one you renamed earlier. This is where the renaming coming in handy, if you have 50 cities there "greenview" may not stand out. "Vlad's Vampire Ville" has a better chance of being spotted.

8 ). Select OK. It will take a few minutes to import it, you may have to select it again to open it. Can't remember, it's the middle of the night as I am writing this.

9 ). DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCIMSTANCES say yes to "reconcile edges" the game will sometimes do a pop-up box offering to do so. This will make things nice and even with the surrounding cities. The game looks at the landscape on each of the borders finds any places that do not meet up and changes the terrain of the currently selected city to match up all pretty. (This can be useful when making a group of cities that connect.) This process tends to destroy roads, landscapes, families and sometimes causes birth defects.

10 ). Do whatever surgery you like to said city. In SC4 everything is a mirrior image of what it will be in TS2. This is a real PITA, at least for me, once you get everyting built to your liking in SC4, in TS2 it looks wrong. I guess Maxis never made anything that acted quite the way it should (without lots of help from Inge, C&C, JMP, & Quaxi).
21  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Game crashes on: 2007 August 01, 05:02:39
I have found that I can start seasons and all of the things from H&M show up, Objects and BodyShop contents. I have not tried to use a house that requires seasons as I have not found one that I like enough to test. It appears that Seasons finds all of the content from the stuff pack and includes it, and I guess any lots requiring those items will work also.
22  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Play Style: The Nitty Gritty on: 2007 July 18, 08:44:09
- are you more into building lots, decorating lots, creating sims, or playing families?

I use already made lots mostly plasticbox these days, redecorate and change a few things in them to fit certain families needs.

- lots: do you play highly decorated, with walls up/cutaway, with a focus on 'whoever has the most toys wins"? Or do you play barely decorated, walls down, with a focus on interractions/spawning?

Walls are always down, camera in the back of the lot facing the street.

- is genetics your thing? Do you like watching spawns, and spawns of spawns for how they turn out? Or do you barely get through one generation before you're off to the next family?

I am playing a hood now that I am trying to see through several generations, now that I have a good set of CAS replacements spawns do not look so awful.

- do you build lots of hoods, or have you been playing one or two hoods forever?

I have four XP user accounts, with one neighborhood in each. They are Modern/Suburban, Country-Rural, Victorian and Medieval.

- in terms of what your sims do: are you into relationships and interractions, or are you more into how they skill and climb the corporate ladders?

It depends on the aspiration, I find that the Rural theme I am playing now I have become a bit more laid back allowing free will a bit now and then. Ever since TS1 I have been micromanaging my sims every move, with the invention of macrotastics to manage those issues that now only need addressing about once a week I even let my sims relax a bit now and then. My TS1 sims must have hated me with a burning passion, I never allowed them any rest, if they were awake they needed to be working on something.

- do you play lots of community lots, or are your sims homebodies?

I do not go to community lots, my sims are hermits. A few own business, but that is as close as I go to community lots.

-city/country/suburban? do you do themes? (aliens, medieval, Victorian)

I have four XP user accounts, with one neighborhood in each. They are Modern/Suburban, Country-Rural, Victorian and Medieval.

- do you play with pets?
Yes, many familes have pest, mostly cats as I am a cat person. Mine is on my lap whenever I am at the computer with her head on my keyboard.

- do you do the vamp/werewolf/alien/zombie thing, or are you more a 'real person' player?

There are a few families where aliens, zombies and servoes are part of the family, I find them useful for minding and training spawn.

- hacks: do you like to make life simpler or harder? insim? inteen?
 I do not play with out the Insim and lots of stuffings from the fish. I use hacks to create nobility and royalty in my medieval neighborhood. I also use that in my Victorian area, very handy to create slums complete with a slumlord!

-custom content: lots or a little? what do you have the most of?
I have alot of CC if it was to be all added up, the most is genetics. I only have 8 skins, mostly it is hair & eyes to give different classes of sim a hairstyle that is approperate.

- and finally, if you share your creations...what do you create?

By looking at the things I have tried to create I have determined them not fit to share, my recolors are so awful it would be criminal to post them.
23  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Game crashes on: 2007 July 14, 06:47:16
I put both discs in hoping what one did not have, the other would. No dice. After about 5 min of loading time I got an error message:

Unable to authe

I am now convinced that the EA Quality Control Dept. Spends their budget on Crack. I got Body Shop to load though, by starting up the Seasons version of it, it booted, although the one on my desktop no longer works (it did before I installed H&M), now it's busted along with everything else. I tried just loading "Seasons" and it is still working, will the clothes from H&M show if I have Saved sims who are dressed in them?
24  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Game crashes on: 2007 July 14, 06:16:43
Hey everyone. I just installed the Sims 2 H and M stuff pack. When i started up the game it started to load but then crashed. I checked my mods and stuff and I think they are all up to date.  I'm not sure if this information will help any but:When I installed it it checked for updates and ones where found for seasons and pets; and now it says i have to use the pets disc. Any help will be greatly appreciated. As for now, i'll play around a little with it and see what I can do. Thanks a bunch!

I am having simular problems. I have all EP's, I had not heard about any bugs so I thought it was okay to install this SP. Apparently not, now my game or Body shop won't load, I put in the Season's disc and I get a pop-up box telling me to use the H & M disc, and try again. I try again with the H & M disc and it tells me to use the Season's disc.

To answer the basic questions -I restarted my computer, defraged before the install, even complemented the PC on how nice it has been acting today, nothing.  The game loads about One square of green over saying something about "Gleefully stocking inventory" at the bottom of the load screen and then nothing, for 45 min. My whole PC crashed, it wasn't even nice enough to give me a blue screen, it just stops loading stalls, dies and stops responding as if it is in full arrest, can a computer have a seizure?

I have kept the Windows Task Manager up during the last two times I tried alternating between trying to start BodyShop & TSCrap, the application just drops of the "Process" list, no error message or anything.
25  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Bon Voyage - Crash of Century! on: 2007 July 06, 06:31:16
I predict this:

Maxis was a little "sensitive" TS2 came out, of TS1 bugs. There was almost no sickness in Base game, (anyone here remember losing a whole families to the f^%#&+ rodent disease?) even now sickness is being a pain to engineer. As time has gone on they have forgotten about these bugs, and now will overlook them completely. Introducing the long awaited EP -

Plague and Corruption!
There will be massive food poisoning. Food created on vacation lots will go bad quickly without any sign it has turned to the dark side, this will cause a diarrhea pandemic. Return of Montezuma Revenge! 

All templates for "Vacation" Hoods and the accompanying lots will be bugged beyond belief, any family that does go on vacation start a "garbage bug." It would start in their household when they came back from "Vacation" (oops! meant error hell), there would be something off or wrong, any member of the family that was not able to go on holiday, babies and pets, would no longer be members of the family, the family would have been reset to those who went on holiday only. These erros would only increase, eventually the lot would be unplayable. Also, any sims that the family had interacted with on their lot or another would catch some of the "transient garbage" [ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving, I love it when EA gives my game herpes!]. The sims who had interacted with the bugged lot would now have the bug, and so it would snowball, how appropriate, out of control.

Because the testers were busy gagging over botched graphics and awful clothing, they would have never have tested the fire dancers and the Asian roofs on the same lot. There will be the possibility of catching the roof on fire by the performance, this will be increased exponentially if there is a dragon deco on that roof. The fireman will not arrive, they live in the base neighborhood, and no one thought of enabling them on Vacation lots. Furthermore, since there is a fire on the roof how will it get put out? No one will be able to reach it, to extinguish it, this will case a low vacation score and lead to lame "desperation" like actions. Also sims returning from vacation will have reoccurring nightmares of the fire, children who have seen it may be haunted for life by the image of the fire dancer being consumed by flames.

Mascots will randomly come up to sims and hug them, but since there is not enough of a relationship score to support hugging, children will refuse and asp. will drop. EA forgot the code the runts to have the corosponding wants to ingeract with the mascots "take picture with Yeti." Mascots will moth around children and teens, enough to prevent the kid from moving.

The "take a picture" action will not have been coded correctly. The picture will botch sims inventories making them inaccessible, clicking on the inventory crashes the game.

All Vacation actions and Wants are all in one bundle, thus sims who visit a campground may want to see the ocean. Sims on the beach will roll wants to have a snow ball fight etc....

Also NPC will be partaking in said interactions, snow ball fights in the forest, looking for Yeti on the beach etc...

Staying at a hotel, the cost will be miscalculated. the code will look at all objects on the lot, not just the ones controllable sims have access to. You will be charged for all hotel rooms on the lot, not just the one you are using. Also taken into consideration will be the "big money items" like the massage table and other items that cue a fee.

On campground lots the hotel maids will arrive and "clean" the campground. This will including tiding the tent, which removes any items left in there, since it *appears* that multiple sims can share a tent for the night, [kinda like the carpool?] undoubtibly they will leave something in there, even if it is just a token that says that this is the tent that I slept in last night & should use again. The tent will reset after the maid has cleaned it, the family will have to claim it again or it will be taken by some other random family.

Fishing will defiantly not work as it should, sims will not be allowed to cook, since this is vacation no one thought of enabling that & a comm. lot was used to make the Vac. lots. No one will be able to grill their catch of the day [that one is gonna make me mad!].

Now for the other food. Some "smart" Maxiod decided to clone the cooks for Vac. off the dormitory cook. They will only serve lunch meat sandwiches, mac and cheese and other dorm food. Foret about a nice black tie dinner.

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