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1  Darcyland / Lord Darcy Investigates / Re: Kitchen & Bath Stuff Objects Fix - SNS/FT Functions Enabled (Updated 2008/07/10) on: 2012 August 20, 15:35:59

Okay, I realize that I'm probably the only one still playing the Sims 2, but I have something to add to this conversation.

Yesterday I fired up my game and several objects were missing. The most expensive refrigerator, romantic stove, footed stove, romantic dishwasher and a round mirror, just to name a few. In the houses that they were placed in, the object was not visible, but the space was occupied.

I could not highlight or delete the invisible items because they technically weren't there. The sledgehammer would sometimes delete the item, but sometimes it wouldn't. There was no set pattern on what it would delete and what it wouldn't.

The items came from Kitchens & Bath Interior Design. Also missing from this game were all hair that came with this particular game, all clothes that came with this particular game, cabinets, bathroom tiles and flooring, besides the other stuff mentioned. Flooring and paint were easily re-covered over since you don't have to delete the previous object before re-painting or re-flooring.

This morning I decided to re-load the entire game series, starting with the original Sims 2 disks. But when I got to Kitchens & Bath Interior Design, when I got into the game, the items were completely missing, as in, in the display panel, "No Pic" was displayed instead of the picture of the item. When I selected the "item", because the game would still let me, the items were still invisible but would still take up space.

All of these items coincidentally, are the ones you made the patch for. I did not install your patch...yet. If I decide to load your patch, I will let you know if it brought back these items.

I made no changes or updates to my PC from the time I played it and everything worked/was there, until the time I played it and stuff was missing.

If anyone is still playing the Sims 2, you might want to consider deleting these items before they disappear and you have a "blank space" that you cannot move another item into.
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