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551  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Dance Sphere Abductions on: 2006 August 15, 17:15:18
I forget, can woman get pregnant from abductions, or is it just guys?

Just men, but there is a hack on MTS2 that changes that (to either, both, or just female).

I've only used the boolprop cheat once to get a female pregnant after she got abducted naturally.  The pregnancy progressed normally and both are fine.  Is there any reason to choose a mod over the cheat, other than convenience?
552  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Dance Sphere Abductions on: 2006 August 14, 19:20:30
I have no increased chance of abduction mods, but I've had a lot of abductions.  Most of them accidental and on sims who did not enjoy it at all.

Sometimes I think Maxis' randnum generator gets stuck or caught in some sort of loop.  Not implying that's the case with your 'hood Gwill, just mine. Smiley
I didn't have any abductions for a whole generation of 6 couples, and then I had 5 within the space of 10 sim days.  One poor sim got taken for a second time while he was still pregnant (autonomous gazing).

I think partially it became more likely because I was actively trying for abductions by making sure that at least 1 or 2 sims spent the entire night dedicated to stargazing in each household, each night.  It wasn't always the same sims, but I always had someone on the telescope, and everyone else went about their business.  This made the wait easier for me, probably.

Anyway, I appear to have exhausted my allotment of abductions for the time being.  I haven't had any more abductions and that first bunch of abductees is just about to turn elder.
553  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: lot sync & college question on: 2006 August 04, 21:19:20
The number of years a sim spends at each age is odd anyway, so the college discrepancy doesn't bother me.

I was just noticing this!  Right now, I have a bit of baby boom on my hands, and it's ridiculous that adult sims are pregnant through 3 years of uni! Shocked (If you play 1 day = 1 year at uni.)  Before I had very many families, I only kept them in sync sort of loosely, only making sure that age transitions happened in a way that roughly made sense.  Now with more families I had to get a System. Wink  It's now apparent how unbalanced the sim life stages are.
554  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: AutoYakYak Macro Phone Caller (01/29/06) on: 2006 August 02, 16:28:58
You can still have teens call other sims normally, and AutoYakYak will keep them talking until they hit the friends stage (and all the way up to 100 STR, if you let them go that long). Call/Targets is handy if they know a lot of folks already, since it winnows down the call list, but teens usually won't have as big of a relationship list as their parents.

Oh don't get me wrong, Autoyak is a great improvement over nothing at all!  It's most definitely staying in my game.  Smiley

It's quite possible that Call/Targets wouldn't do what I'd like, even if I could get it turned on.  That's hard to say since the docs are thin, and I haven't been able to get the right conditions to see it in action.  Mainly, I was challenging Pescado's position that a household with many family friends has no need for more.  I gave two examples where individuals may benefit (indeed, profit).

Under just what circumstances does a sim have a valid Target?  I played some sims in Uni with only 5 or 6 friends, and they don't have this option either.  Huh
555  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: AutoYakYak Macro Phone Caller (01/29/06) on: 2006 August 01, 18:36:46
The targets option won't appear if your sims have an already massive surplus of family friends, as it would be unnecessary and likely counterproductive to make more!

But Pescado!  What about teens?  They may be currently living in a multi-generational household with well over 50 family friends, but eventually they're going to have to make their own way.  Since I don't let my teens kill kittens, gaining skills and getting a start on accumulating friends is all they do.

Another major activity my sims engage in (esp. elders) is going on outings for profit.  With 1 or 2 friends about to fall off the 50/50 threshold and 1 acquaintance at around 40/20, you're pretty much guaranteed the highest outing rating once you get all guests up to 100 daily with the host.  At the end of it all, needs are greened up and they will have earned anywhere from $2000 - $5000 from gifts in about 4 sim hours.  Anyway, my point is that acquaintance is important to getting a strategic ratio of guests to relationship points.  My elders need to cultivate their targets for maximum profits from their outings!
556  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: AutoYakYak Macro Phone Caller (01/29/06) on: 2006 July 31, 18:55:05
Nope, I didn't have it.  Thank you!  Smiley

I read over the description for the phone hack before, but it doesn't fix anything critical and I didn't find its features particularly compelling.  Maybe there should be a footnote about it in the autoyak or macrotastics rtfms for noobs like me?

Anyhoo, off to try it now...

EDIT: To the powers-that-be, the link for the Shiny Edition Phone Controller in the Armory is dead.  I dl'ed the Nuclear Edition for the appropriate EP from the Firing Range.

EDIT #2: I still don't see the option to call targets.  Embarrassed  I looked in the self-menu under Call... and Macro... and the wall phone itself.  They can call Family, Friends, and the usual suspects, but no Targets.  These sims (now adults) were born in-game so they have 2 or 3 panels' worth of sims they've met in their address books, so a lack of targets isn't the problem.  What else can I try?  Huh

EDIT #3: Hmmm, I think maybe the problem is in the Autoyak.  There's no option to call Enemies, either.  I didn't notice this before because most of my sims don't have any enemies, but just checked one crotchety elder who does.  His enemy is most definitely home; I manually had him call and harass...  Cheesy
557  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: AutoYakYak Macro Phone Caller (01/29/06) on: 2006 July 31, 18:16:19
I know it's not a rumour because I read it here, but the RTFM doesn't have anything about it and I can't find or don't have the option in my game.

None of my sims can Call... Targets.  They can call friends or family from the Macro... menu, as per macrotastics, but no targets.  Embarrassed  I have autoyak dated June 06, 2006, and I have the other items needed for macrotastics.  Do I need something else?

I can't imagine that it's due to a conflict.  I have barely half a dozen other mods, strictly critical items and all Awesome.  Huh

Oh, and I have Uni and NL EPs.
558  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Default skins and macintosh 'puter? on: 2006 July 21, 18:07:27
O. my. Bob.

That's just so much more than I even _conceived_ of.  Y'all really are more awesome than I.   Kiss

Well, I knew about binning, but that whole discussion of dominant/recessive...  Impressive.

Back to lurking and quietly working to become more awesome than I currently am...
559  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Too lazy for Sim Surgery? on: 2006 July 20, 21:47:33
Well, for those of us sad simmers who toil SimPE-less, this is still pretty useful.  I have a few sims whom I unintentionally created with custom skins.  Normally, I avoid custom genetics for sims whose purpose is to breed, but while they await their turn to be culled, I can change their skins to shiny new defaults.  Smiley
560  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Default skins and macintosh 'puter? on: 2006 July 20, 18:16:32
I've tried that default set, and not to repeat an earlier discussion just a month ago re. the merits of various skins, but I personally like the shininess of Enayla's skins.  Sometimes I don't like the .placement. but given that I cannot edit them for my own use, I suppose I'd rather have oily sims than matte ones. Smiley  My main problem with that set (and with Maxis' tones) is that I'd like there to be a little more distinction and range, especially between S1 and S2.

Do you know if there are any of Enayla's eyes on offer anywhere?  She mentions a default set in one of the descriptions for her skins, but that must have been at least 5 mos. ago.  I could probably cobble together a set from those that came packaged with some of her custom skins, but if she already has a set somewhere, I'd probably leave it at that.
561  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Default skins and macintosh 'puter? on: 2006 July 20, 01:08:53
Wow, y'all sure don't live up to the hype of being hoity-toity smarty-pants over here.  Well, mebbe just the smarty-pants part...  Grin

To be honest I haven't tried all of the custom skins on offer around the net, as I didn't know how to make them default.  Now that I have your very generous offer BlueSoup, may I get back to you in a couple of days after I've collected my preferences?  I don't want to have to subject you to my various waverings as I assemble a suitable spectrum of skins and eyes.

Overall, I like Enayla's work best, though I think the shininess of her skins translates less well to darker pigments.  I don't care about anatomical details one way or another; I still play with the blur on!  Cheesy  It's less a matter of ideology than convenience.  If the game shipped with the blur off, I probably would not have bothered to put it on...

I loved the few sets of Enayla's eyes which came with her otherworldly creatures though, so thank you for the tip Dewshine.  They're not on MTS2 any more, so I shall duly search for her default set.

Thank you, oh wise ones.  Smiley
562  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Default skins and macintosh 'puter? on: 2006 July 18, 22:14:52
I have dutifully searched and read through the many threads on default skins.  I've also tried the many suggestions for sets already available by their creators, but haven't managed to patch together a complete set of skins or eyes I like.

So, I ask you, oh wise ones: is there a way for me to convert custom skins to default on my SimPE-less Powerbook?

Can I get SimPE for MacOS somehow, somewhere?

As much as I love TS2, SimPE is the only Windows app I yearn for, so I am unwilling to add emulation infrastructure just for this one item.
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