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1  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 September 22, 06:44:45
Doesn't seem to matter if they live in a house or not, sims just randomly come up missing.  They disappear from the game totally, no longer related to anyone, no memory of them, no evidence of ever existing at all. user MasterDinadan has a beta out to hopefully solve part of this problem.
2  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 September 15, 22:04:11
Anyone else having an issue with time speed? I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's something I'm doing wrong but sometimes the time speed doesn't go to the fastest setting (where the minutes blur) when there are no sims on my lot. It's annoying because I have to sit and look at an empty house for five minutes until my sim returns from work, and hitting the 'ultra speed' button doesn't do anything to fix it.

I have been getting this a lot lately.

I think sometimes the game thinks there's someone on your lot when there isn't? I've tried to invite people over only to be told they're on my lot, when they're nowhere to be found. Try going to the slowest speed for like, a ten count, then to the fastest a few times, that might help? It also just might be coincidence though.
3  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomemod for TS4? on: 2014 September 04, 08:41:04
Sure an awesomemod for ts4 would be great.

Btw, is there a way I can patch my game manually ? Since I am using 3dm launcher with the skidrow's ts4 at the moment, I can't update it from the origin. I don't even know if it's already patched or not but what I know is that creepy baby glitch is unbearable...

I haven't seen anything yet. I think skidrow says a patch download is coming soon or something?
4  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: More Featured Than You on: 2012 December 13, 00:42:24
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was getting tired of sifting through 'pose packs', 'contacts', 'lipsticks', etc, that all look the same when looking for some new & unique, custom content.

I don't understand what is the most intriguing about contacts and lipsticks, considering they all wind up looking pretty much the same.

I admit I tend to go overboard on contacts. I rarely see them in game, but the customization part of the game is something I really enjoy. So I can see why some people like those things. However, I agree that, especially at this point, most of the make up being released (especially lipsticks!) are identical. I was actually just reflecting on that while looking at some CC earlier. At this point in the game, I feel like I have about as much variation make up wise as I'm going to get, and am more interested in mods that actually affect gameplay.

Also, am I the only one who can't tell what the heck some sliders are changing in some of the pictures? Like, all those lip and nose ones people keep making. I can barely, if ever, tell the difference it seems.
5  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Seasons Impressions? on: 2012 December 13, 00:29:21
I forgot to put a roof on my house somehow. I noticed the first day I played, when it was snowing from the Hunter's Storm or whatever it's called. So I went, and put a roof on. It's about..  a week later? And normal summer. There's no snow on the floor or anything, but the snowing graphic is still showing up indoors. Not annoying enough to rebuild the house or nuke the save, but a bit amusing.
6  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: For testing - morphing penis (NWS) on: 2011 September 12, 18:22:02
Daft question. How do i get my sim starkers in cass in order to play around with the goods?  Tongue

I think you can disable the clothing filter, or just enter CAS from in game while they're naked. There's also naked clothing on sexysims2.
7  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 May 12, 00:15:30
I don't use the custom launcher, so I'm unsure as to why the package would crash it.

You don't? Shocked  How can you stand loading the game without? My game took 15 minutes + to load without. Woah.

Anyway, I quite like the TSM kid skins. I think I may have to slap the scarlet fever faces on my default skins those kids look a lot more natural with that TSM scarlet fever freckled blush effect. ;-)

I just built a new computer, and it loads pretty quick nowadays, so I don't worry about that too much. And yeah, I made all the TSM ones default for awhile, and I found I liked the kids better and better, they look pretty cute with the blush.
8  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 May 09, 14:12:26

@ Araenna,

your *.package seems to crash the Custom Launcher. Going to load it into the game without the Launcher now to have a look at your skins - just thought I'd let you know. Smiley

I don't use the custom launcher, so I'm unsure as to why the package would crash it.
9  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 April 20, 19:33:13
I like the skintones, but in TS3, the freckles look a lot more grayish and stand out more.  In TSM, they more closely match the base skintone in hue (more brownish than gray) and are a bit more subtle.

Feel free to open them up and play around with them. I don't think I played around with the color or anything of them, just resized them to fit the way TS3 maps faces, and changed the eyes because they were waaay too red.

Also, it seems I did use the version of the face with more freckles, even though I could have sworn I didn't. Once again, anyone is welcome to play with the skins and airbrush them out if they want.
10  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 April 13, 19:51:50
It does mention some freezing with Win 7 on the download page. Maybe somebody is using an older/different version.

When running Skininator on Windows 7 you'll probably find that the file selection buttons stop responding every several files that you select. You'll have to wait for the program to start responding again. This appears to be a problem with the compiler I use to build the application and I'm trying to make the vendor aware of it.

I'm going to try some older versions, in case that's why people aren't having problems. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong, since I've been using the program since it first came out, and never had the problem before. It is possible that it isn't Windows seven causing it, since I also have a new computer now, but I'm not sure what I have on it now that would interfere with it. The thing is, it doesn't unhang, so maybe it isn't windows 7. I'll try older versions and see how they work. *shrug*
11  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 April 12, 22:54:50
It's not Windows 7 that's making it tough to use the skinator. Do you have the latest version?

Yeah. It said that it hangs on windows 7 on the download page, so I figured that was what was doing it.
12  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 April 12, 14:35:09
I didn't have the time to do it all the other night, and I have trouble with the skininator because I have windows 7, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish it. You can always either use other defaults for your kids/elders, or if you're using the non-default skin, you would have your defaults show up for those ages. So it's not like there's no way to mix and match different ages/genders in this game. I figured some people at least might like them for their teens-adults, and posted them because, as I said, I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish it.
13  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: TSM for TS3 on: 2011 April 11, 17:31:47
I converted some of the skins from the sims medieval to the sims 3. Teen through adult, male and female. The male skin shows a green tinge for darker tones in CAS that doesn't seem to be there in game.


Default Download:
Non-Default Download:

Now in child and toddler flavors.
They look a bit like they have scarlet fever, but they're not too bad. I didn't do the babies because they have the same skin as the TS3 ones, and there are no elder skins to convert.

Default download with CU/PU:
Non default Download with CU/PU:
14  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Does anyone make realistic skin tones in Sims 3 3 pack format? on: 2010 November 02, 01:06:32
I'm not sure, but I don't think it's possible to make skins in a sims3pack. If your packages are screwing up your game, you probably just have an out of date mod in there somewhere.
15  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Twinbrook: Pudding Pied! on: 2010 August 20, 01:17:38
As a note, I've been using a copy of this save to play for awhile, without AM, and have had no problems. Not a guarantee that no one will, but just in case anyone without AM is curious about user experiences.
16  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Facts & Strategery / Re: Multiple Skins in Sims 3 on: 2010 February 20, 09:11:05

Several skins there, including some defaults I made non-default.
17  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: 1.4 Awesome mod on: 2009 December 03, 05:01:18
Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. As well as downloading my sims3pack files I had mad into packages. Ugh, I hate those, so unorganized..
18  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: 1.4 Awesome mod on: 2009 December 03, 01:39:22
Try a binary search, it is fast: Take half of your CC, and plop it in. If it doesn't load, take the half you put in, split that in half, and put one half of that in. If it doesn't load, take half of the stuff you didn't put in, and put that in instead. Repeat until you've narrowed it down. Even if you had 65000 items, it would take only 16 attempts to find the single culprit.

Between that and using the process monitor, I figured out what was borking my game finally. It actually loads now! Thanks for all the help guys. It gets so frustrating sometimes, trying to figure out what's causing the game to bug this time. I just get unlucky with it, I think.
19  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: 1.4 Awesome mod on: 2009 December 02, 17:52:17
Thanks so much! I think I finally figured out my problem. Has to do with TSR sims3packs I made into package files, it looks like. Gonna try another update to 1.7, and see if that fixes it.

Nope. Still can't figure out why my game won't load. I've been trying to figure out what CC it is, but I'm having trouble with it.
20  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: 1.4 Awesome mod on: 2009 December 02, 17:26:49
I can get it to load, but not with any CC except a no CC crack. Same now with 1.4. I've reinstalled more times than I care to think of. I figure I must be doing something wrong. I think I'm gonna give up for now, and try again when I'm less likely to make stupid mistakes from frustration.
21  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / 1.4 Awesome mod on: 2009 December 02, 17:08:22
I expect to get flamed. However, I did try to use the search. I believe that, somewhere, it was said that the 1.4 version of awesome mod is gone. However, I thought perhaps someone here would have a copy? I can't get any CC to load when I patch my game (it freezes on the load save/new town screen, if it even gets that far), so I figured "Well, screw this, I'm going back to 1.4!". Of course, stupid me, I didn't keep a back-up of awesome mod anywhere. So. Can anyone perhaps help me out?
22  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: NoAgingSwarm not working on: 2009 October 30, 03:48:29

You could always use the cheats to age up.  Can't remember which setting enables it, probably debuginteractions, but there is one to "Trigger Age Transition", I have used this from time to time to age sims when I have aging turned off, and want to age a couple of sims, or I want to simply move them along faster, without the cake/party hassle.

testingcheatsenabled true, then shift click the sim, I believe.
23  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Delphy's New Breast Slider Hack on: 2009 October 09, 16:27:19
Now I need to integrate this into AwesomeMod, so that if you make them overly large, your sim will get a backache moodlet from them.

I would, personally, love that. Much more realistic.
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