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26  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Request for Fun Stats on: 2005 August 10, 01:57:14
Ooh! I didn't even think of those! Do mean sims get more fun from kicking flamingoes than nice sims?

Oops, never mind. The roomie shot that one down. He claims it's too "redneck" for this particular challenge and we're debating whether or not a plastic flamingo counts as a graven image.

Anyway, I've been *trying* the swing, but they won't use it if they are totally in the red. And then there are obsessive visitors who won't leave it alone. When I play normally I go with the TV or radio as they seem to work the fastest, but they are off-limits in this challenge. (Hence, it being an actual challenge.)
27  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: No stupid stranger behavior - ever. on: 2005 August 10, 01:31:06
I think the word "admire" is wrong too, because nobody admires a stranger, at least not openly.  What are they admiring them for?  It always seems somehow verging on the sexual to me, although it's obviously not meant to be.  There are different kinds of admiration obviously, but unless they have a reason to admire them (perhaps because they're the Mayor of Sim City), it makes no real sense.

I thought "admire" was meant to be a sexual action in the game. When I first got the game, I had one of my sims invite the headmaster over and was schmoozing poorly. I told her to admire and suddenly her son was crying and her husband was coming over to slap the headmaster! I cancelled that out, but looked at her memories and saw "Had an Affair with X." I don't know if this has changed since Uni, but I have avoided using that interaction ever since with an attached sim. (nless, of course, they are the only one home.) That's one of my favorite interactions to use when I'm trying to hook someone up though and haven't gotten to an acceptable kissing stage.
28  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Request for Fun Stats on: 2005 August 10, 01:20:27
JM, I loved the tables you did on skill-gaining and the chance cards. So I have a special request--can we get something that explores the stat gain on Fun for all ages?

I am currently composing a new challenge and some of the requirements are making it near impossible to keep the kids happy enough to finish their homework. Hence, social worker visits because the kids are failing. I want to see if I'm just dumb and not using the best objects or actions to increase fun gain. I'm squeaking by on the teenagers (although the social worker doesn't care about them, so it's not a big deal), but the children are impossible! I hate the fun-sucking school and homework!

Real school was not as bad as Maxis makes it for the Sim kids.
29  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Nightlife: UGLY! on: 2005 August 01, 20:21:07
The ex played in a country band (still does) and so back when I cared, I would go to every gig with him to watch. This was a big sacrifice on my part because I despise country music. I would have survived except the bassist's wife went to every show, too, and she loved to dance. I was forced on multiple occasions to line dance because she wanted a partner. I hate group dancing. All those years of having to Chicken Dance and Electric Slide as a child scarred me in ways I cannot describe.

There will be no group dancing for my sims. I forbid it. They are dronish enough.
30  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Nightlife: UGLY! on: 2005 July 31, 19:49:53
Yes, but a lighter ball lets you get a higher velocity on it, which translates to greater kinetic energy. I tended to get a lot of strikes like this. That, or I'd miss target entirely and fail to register.

I think she was going for the big noise more than a big score.

And I know perfectly well why I was never thrown out: Being more heavily armed than everyone else put together has that effect.

I never thought about it that way. Hmm. That must have been why we got to stay, too.
31  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: who's playing this game? on: 2005 July 31, 19:46:43
My son has devised either the ultimate challenge for control freaks, or the ultimate nightmare, depending upon point of view. It's the "I'm Surrounded by Idiots" Challenge. In any given household, you control one Sim and one Sim only. Everyone else is free-range. Of course, the challenge is in keeping everyone else happy and productive using just the one Sim. You're not allowed to see what the others want, however. You have to use observation and educated guessing. It's both fun and challenging and often has quite hilarious results.

Details here, if anyone's interested:

Ooh! Something I can do after I finish, Legacy, Prosperity and Email! Yay!

Of course, I'm only on Generation 2 of Legacy is still a child, Generation 2 of Prosperity is at toddler age, and Email is still in the Sim bin. I think play with my other sims too much.  Embarrassed
32  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Nightlife: UGLY! on: 2005 July 31, 01:24:38
Heh, well, I strike fairly consistently, but I'm not liked much in bowling arenas due to my habit of taking a lightweight ball and hurling it like a shotput as my bowl. If the ball manages to come to ground before impact, it's liable to put an impressive ding in the floor.

Good lord, you bowl like my best friend. Except she would get the heaviest ball and shotput with it. It would make a very, very large crack on the alleyway and then (hopefully) make it down to the end of the alley with minimal bouncing.

I have no idea why we never got thrown out. *Everyone* would stop and stare at us so it wasn't like no one noticed.
33  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: who's playing this game? on: 2005 July 30, 16:18:22
Of course you are more awesome than me, but then my game would be easier and therefore, less fun for me.  Wink
34  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: who's playing this game? on: 2005 July 30, 16:13:14
I'm a control freak, and I certainly do, since the alternatives are "micromanage everything tediously and laboriously" or "watch them do shit wrong".

Exactly! Then you are forced to control them! Or maybe I just enjoy doing things the hard way.
35  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: who's playing this game? on: 2005 July 30, 15:23:23
Untrue. According to Inge, control freaks represent a niche market, and this is why Macrotastics and the military-level control it provides will never be popular. But I think that Inge is just a round mound of gray fatness.

That's because you don't have total control if you use a macro. What if you want to change something mid-macro?
36  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: who's playing this game? on: 2005 July 30, 15:19:05
I'm an artsy type--I've got a design degree, but I can balance my checkbook, for what it's worth. I never did well in school with math/science subjects, but I think it's because I find things easier to understand when given a real-life context rather than a "Learn this cause it's in the lesson plan" explanation. The last time I remember enjoying science class was 3rd grade when our teacher did experiments all the time to explain things. I was lost in math once I got to Algebra 2. I never saw the point in doing math when you didn't know one of the numbers you needed to use. For example, 2 + a = b. Well, duh, it you add 2 to another number it will yield yet another number. Did we need to write out the obvious? I suppose I found that "higher" maths were just a waste of time so I stopped paying attention.

Personally, I think that the reason people play this game has less to do with interests and more to do with personality. I think everyone who plays this game is a control freak. Just like me.
37  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Nightlife: COOL! on: 2005 July 30, 15:00:50
I have officially found something awesome to be excited about. All that other crap doesn't interest me, but THIS, *THIS* is fuckin' badass!

Now tell me that isn't AWESOME. I have these in my house, too! I WANT THIS! You can clearly see the potential here: THOOOOOM! Trogdor strikes again!

Awesome! I'll be able to use pyrotechnics at the next frat party while the bands playing!
38  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: TUTORIAL: Neighborhood Terrain Surgery on: 2005 July 30, 14:07:14
Veilchen, yes I made it. I think you would need simcity4 to make the terrains in this way. I thought the default terrains were quite ugly so I made one I liked. The square on the right was to be the commercial district, though I've ended up not playing community lots at all since JM's clothing outfitter.

JM, yes some of the surfaces are a little uneven, I like that for landscaping ideas. Not many areas are more than a 15 degree slope, I alter max slope value so I can build there anyway. I quite like sloping sections for basements with windows along one side and so on.
"and more about random orbital bombardment around the edges" ? You make it look like your n'hoods have been bombarded?  Roll Eyes Grin

Very cool! I tried making my own neighborhood maps (as I have Sims City 4), but I had mucho problems doing it. Apparently, Sim City 4 insisted on corrupting mt DirectX drivers every time it started up, so I would have to reinstall them. Then it would crash after 20 minutes. Then Sims 2 started going wonky after installing Sim City 4, so decided Sim City could go away since I always sucked at playing it anyway.

So thank you for the awesome new neighborhood. This was the type of thing I was looking to make for myself.  Smiley
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