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51  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomod discussion/questions/helpful tips thread on: 2010 February 06, 00:02:16
The pay version is  CLEARLY sooo much can make your simmies FLY O_O!! and they can go to the moon..and...and and and you can even have like..a like ginormous block party and watch like 1000+ simmies dancing the smustle...Viva AM Pay!!

*Silently walks away

Haha! Seriously! But you can't forget the Jedi powers. Or the Shoop Da Woop toggle. XD

Someone delete this shit or move it to Retardo land?
Poking fun is only open for those who are MORE awesome. Not for those who are more retarded than the retard who is being poked at.

Edit: Verb-tense fail.
52  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Hell, damn, shit, piss, & all those other words! No sound! on: 2010 February 05, 05:17:11
I know this is from January, and it's February now, but wasn't this an issue with too many stereos on at the same time or something like that?
It was an issue I read about long ago, if I remember correctly.

Twallan's NRaas Computer automatically turns off stereos every night to remedy this, unless you already have the computer, in which case I don't know what's causing the problems with your sound.
53  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: How To Get AwesomeMOD work with High-End Loft on: 2010 February 04, 08:47:18
Sigh. I think we may have to amend coconnor's help thread for the idiots who can't figure shit out on their own.
Amend with what? The instructions are as clear as a day in the desert.
Images? A youtube video?  A total explanation of how games work?
And that method is not working for whom again?

And it IS a lesson. For the idiots who don't know how the game reads files. You need to put the framework (.resource file) in every subsequent "Game" folder and Root directory of the Sim games you install so the game knows where to read your mods. In addition to the d3dx9_31.dll files inside every Gameplay>Bin folder. When you patch your game, take all foreign files out, then put them back in. How hard is that possibly to understand?

Besides, I find it to be a good test to filter out people who can logically figure something out on their own, to the people who want someone to coddle them and hold their hand throughout the whole process. The later get pwned, therefore MOAR FIGHT, and more LULZ.
54  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: How To Get AwesomeMOD work with High-End Loft on: 2010 February 04, 02:40:19
Wanted to report I got HELS installed (version 3.0) and the test version is working beautifully (to my knowledge) and the 3 booter is working for me as well. My other teeny XML mods seem to be working fine as well-- no black objects or blue lots on my end. Store content that I had installed as either a .dbc archive or merged .package file also works fine.

I have Vista (32 bit) and for me, everything (like I said) is working beautifully. However, the post was bit tealdeery, so yeah. Don't know what you're problem is with thumbnails, everything for me seems to be fine.

Anyway, thanks for the quick update of AwesomeMod and whatnot. Efficiency sure is, well, awesome.
55  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: How To Get AwesomeMOD work with High-End Loft on: 2010 February 03, 06:03:13
Modify button. USE IT.

To answer your question: What's the difference between Alpha/Beta of ANY software?
Hint: If you still don't get it, there's always Google.

I won't force feed information you can get yourself.

Thank you Anach, that explains why the download was freaking 4 GB. I suppose the Blue Lot Fixer won't find errors with HELS until it too is updated. Meh.
It should NOT be this much effort to run a game decently. SHOULD NOT.
56  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomod discussion/questions/helpful tips thread on: 2010 February 03, 03:55:57
Are there large differences (if any) between freeloader AM and PAY PLUS AM? I've seen it mentioned that there were differences.

I'd consider switching to PAY PLUS but 40 bucks a month hurts the pocketbook and I'd like to know what I'm getting.
For serious?
OMFG, this is the most hilarious thing EVER.
57  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Loading screen issues on: 2010 February 03, 03:37:32
Christ. Every day there's another thread like this.

Let me ask some questions:
Why are you here?
Who's telling you to come here and start new threads without SEARCHING for the answer first, or telling you what MATY's about?
Why are you even trying to fuck with Awesomemod? WHY!?

I find this ridiculous. Someone P&L these people, it's so retarded I have nothing to say.

ETA: I just realized this is a technically resurrected thread. But my questions still remain. Especially for the n00b.

If you saw what I did there, then you have good taste in electro-industrial music
58  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims 3 Update Problem on: 2010 January 29, 21:01:10
Googling the invalid file also brought me to a link in this forum.
I stand by my statement that some people find searching to be too hard. Especially not googling what "clean reinstall" might mean.

I'd suggest getting CCleaner also, but I don't know if that's considered too hard either.
But at least s/he is "humble" enough not to capitalize "I."
59  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims 3 Update Problem on: 2010 January 28, 21:18:24

ETA: Seriously, is searching too hard?
60  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Sim canīt fish any more on: 2010 January 16, 22:44:03
Just wanted to report:
So... I started a new game since my older hood got "pear-shapred."
My sim only went to China once, without any Adventure quests.
She was fishing before, and had collected special seeds before, but I wanted to get some higher level fish for my museum and when choosing bait she would jump back to the house, like what happens with "reset sim."
I did put the fish away, but put some of the bait fish back into the sim's inventory.

Anyway, removing the special seeds alleviated the problem. Didn't try the grocery store, but yes. There does seem something much more "special" about special seeds.
I am patched to the latest, using Awesomemod, and all the rest of that fun crap.

Edit: To delete unnecessary quotation marks.
61  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Freezing again??? on: 2010 January 07, 20:48:20

But I would like to think the people who use the internet (in America) have been in high school and have taken an English class.
People don't snicker about it. I actually find it very sad people disregard grammar and spelling, considering language can be assumed to be the basis of conscious thought. It's also a matter of logic, and efficiency in communication.
This forum isn't just about "helping" people with AwesomeMod. There's an air of honor that needs to be upheld, and your presence is degrading it. MATY isn't a forum so that YOU can get help for YOUR problems, it's for actual intelligible people to better a game among other things. *I* truly care about grammar and language regardless of what's "obviously there" because what's OBVIOUS is that this forum will not help you if you cannot conform to the rules. Just like society will not help you as much if you become a serial murderer. Helping the stupid ones just breeds more of them, so there really is no point in helping them. If you know English, but cannot communicate in English, then there is no help for you. They don't need to help you if they don't think you can be helped.

Also, I suggest you take an English class as well. I understand French doesn't use the same capitalization rules, nor does German, but the double periods, failure to spell, and odd spacing is just UGLY. So what if I can read it-- everyone's going to assume you're ignorant, because you communicate that way. You're expressing YOURSELF, and you're doing it poorly.

I know I'm just an "Asinine Airhead" but I've lurked for a very long time. Primarily because this seems to be one of the few, tiny corners of the internet that actually abides by honorable codes like proper grammar, lack of double posting, deleting of pointless threads, and scorn of idiotic questions when needed. It's efficient. Don't be butthurt because you're the lowest denominator and you're not being catered to. Either better yourself, or GTFO. You're wasting space and time with you're whining, and nobody will GET help or be able to FIND the help with pointless posts like this.

I feel nothing if someone would so kindly delete this post, especially MsRaven's.
More lurking...
62  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Marriage in Family Trees on: 2010 January 05, 17:58:32
Aw, crap.

It was bound to happen eventually, I had played the neighborhood for so long.
Thanks anyway-- at least the marriage thing was fixed (sort of.)

Back to lurking I suppose.
63  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Marriage in Family Trees on: 2010 January 05, 17:14:04
Oookay... well, I thought I had annihilated a copy of one of my broken-family-tree sim mother's using Twallan's computer since "nukeimpostors" wasn't doing it, and saved. When I reloaded the game this morning, the child's family tree was working, but had her mother listed as the "impostor" only the icon was greyed out as if the impostor mother had died. I go to the mausoleum and see a gravemarker for the impostor mother, while the child's real mother is very much alive, is shown in the family tree as married to the correct father, but not shown as her mother. Genealogy report still lists things correctly-- I think.

My question now is, how can I permanently destroy this deceased, so that I can link the child with the proper mother, or will this turn my game into a BFBVFS?  (That is, if there is a way to do it?)
64  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 05, 02:11:47
Yeah, I tried that, but it didn't delete them.

I had to use the twallan computer to select the "stranger" and delete them that way.
I honestly have no idea what my game decided to do behind my back, but the rest of my game doesn't seem like a BFBVFS.
Some of the other relationships in the family are messed up, but those were with deceased members. Things like missing mothers from the tree, not necessarily marriages. I do not have the "keep marriage lines with deceased" or whatever enabled, considering you noted it was "experimental."

Do not know, and do not want. But I can live with it. It's just fucked up.

Edit: For some reason my search didn't end up to the thread on marriages and family trees, but then again I was more concerned with the family tree not coming up at all. Though I suppose it's not completely irrelevant, it could be a WA bug as well. Sorry for my sight fail, I should've posted this particular issue there.
Twallan computer isn't exactly fixing it though, I can't see a reason for EA to put in a "feature" that borks the family tree. What were they thinking messing with existing family tree coding anyway?
65  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 05, 01:58:10
Type "fixall" in AwesomeMod.

Haha, yeah, I redownloaded awesomemod and saw the post from yesterday. It fixed the marriages, but not the kids...

Twallan's computer is showing me a copy of the mother and/or father of the girls, which they know as "stranger." I did something (can't recall what) and restored one of their family trees, but it showed the stranger impostor as the mother. I annihilated her, and tried to reclaim ties with the actual mother, but the family tree is again FUBAR.

The other girl and her father who don't have family trees are still FUBAR. When using the debug "Genealogy" everything lists out correctly. It's the family trees which are corrupted. I don't care that much since it's technically a nice visual "feature", but if I wonder if I try to get one of them married once grown if it'll corrupt further trees? If it's listing out correctly in the genealogy panel that should mean it's correct, no?

I could attach a save if you care, I know you're very busy dealing with all the other things happening on MATY/EA's epic game creation fail. I don't exactly understand all this family tree business, why it lists correctly in the genealogy panel but not the visual tree. It's nothing major, but I'm intrigued.
66  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 05, 00:25:55
Who are you asking?

I had no problem with the canopic jars. A mummy came out of the sarcophagus like it was supposed to.

To clarify my previous post, I was curious as to see what would happen if I put a mummy who was never a normal sim into the blessed sarcophagus, because the whole mummy animation borkness was getting on my nerves. She came out fine, but the mummy animation borkness remained. I had her train in martial arts, and her head reverted back to that of a mummy with no skin texture. Changing out of her belt turned her back "normal."

For some reason "unlockOutfits on" doesn't do anything for me. Huh.

Also, a few of my sims family trees don't come up, though I'm going to download and tamper with twallan's computer to see if it can be fixed. Both included toddlers, but so did another two which had no problem with their family trees. I suppose it got screwy since I've been playing the same neighborhood since I got a legal copy of TS3, but I just find it odd that the two female toddlers got screwed, but the two male ones did not. The father of one of the female toddlers also misses his family tree, and the marriage lines of the two female toddler parents also do not show up even after wedding them again. Hopefully the supercomputer can fix that, just wanted to put it out there in case someone else has something to add about fambly trees.
67  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 04, 21:58:23
Yeeeah... the martial arts belts are pretty messed up.

I had a mummy using the canopic jar method and, interested, I had her sleep in the tomb of blessing or whatever. She came out alright and still walked like a mummy. I don't care as much, except for some reason the mummy animation is FUBAR considering she's switching from being seated to standing in the seat, and her arm thing glitching, etc.

Also, I had her practice martial arts:

Don't know what happens with a NON-restored mummy, but chyah. WTF.

Edited to add: Also still getting the "Soaked" moodlet after her showers. You'd think after advertising mummies so much for WA that they might focus a bit more on making the whole mummy thing... uhm... correct?
68  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 03, 03:55:16
Hm... well my particular sim ISN'T charismatic, and still has two copies of each song in her queue- no icon.

It's not it's a bug that's going to turn my game into a BFBVFS, (theoretically) but it's still annoying to look at. Though the sims seem to sing quite enough without having to direct them.

Another EA "typo" pet-peeve: Aren't tables supposed to be feminine in French? Instead of "Le Petite Table" shouldn't it be "La Petite Table"? Ugh.

I know, I know, bug thread, not typo thread. Just wanted to put that out there because it irritates me so.
Though every now and then I catch my mummy attempting to do what I'm supposing is an idle animation, when her right arm becomes extended and hand bent back. I know she's undead and all, but it still looks messy. Darn EA coding clashing with my high standards. Puh.
69  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Bugs in WA on: 2010 January 02, 21:59:30
Just wanted to list some minor things...
Has anyone mentioned the songs?
When I choose "Sing..." on my sim, each song is listed twice. Don't really know why.

Also a pet peeve, in the queue it says "Zeneport" but in the description for the reward for 150 hours of meditation it's spelled "Zeniport." Not really a bug, but it bugs ME.

Haven't noticed many major bugs, but I'm updated to 2.3 and all of that grah.
70  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: What needs to go where to make AM work on: 2009 December 04, 05:23:42
No problem.  But since you said "just put the files into the WA folders as well as the Sims 3 folders...", please don't duplicate the actual package files - just the files that are mentioned in the non-monkey installer framework directions & then move the package files & resource.cfg as needed to make them work.

And, I love that quote of Ron White, by the way!  I feel like using it a lot these days ... (LOL)!

I didn't mean it like that, I had to leave for a class in about 5 minutes so I just articulated something... I know it doesn't work like that.
I might not fully understand computer coding, but moving files around is fine with me.
So although I might do something wrong in that regard, I at least try to figure out the problem and fix it myself.

What pisses me off the most about people, is that you can't argue logic with an illogical person, nor can you argue illogic with an illogical person. I'm just surprised they can make up a screenname and post on forums; or even get connected to the internet, for that matter. People need to stop helping people connect to the internet if they can't do it themselves. It should be a clear sign that they would just be infecting the internet with their idiocy and lack of autonomy.

Anyway, I was lurking for a reason, and will not pester you with all this off-topic-ness. I'll try not to have any (non-EA) problems if I ever get WA.
71  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: What needs to go where to make AM work on: 2009 December 04, 00:23:19
Ah... that must be the main problem... I have just the Basegame patched to 1.7.9. I'm still pondering whether or not to get WA.

If I do, I'm sure your explicit instructions would be better than the Installer Monkey method... but it just seems I just put the files into the WA folders as well as the Sims 3 folders. Doesn't seem that difficult.
I've only been reading threads about 1.7.9, sorry to be so close-minded about the WA thing. Perhaps Delphy could just do a separate install for WA?; though I know he doesn't take requests, and this is MATY not MTS.

But from the words of Ron White: You can't fix stupid.

I'll see how I'll fare when I get WA. Sorry to bother...
72  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: What needs to go where to make AM work on: 2009 December 03, 23:38:01
Uhm, fill free to poke me with flaming pointy sticks if what I did was wrong, but I did the easy n00b thing and just copied my mods folder somewhere else, deleted the mod folder in the Program Files location, and re-installed the Helper Monkey from Delphy at MTS.
Then re-installed Awesomemod and Awesomemod config and the game seems to be working fine...
I have a feeling that might be easier to follow than the instructions you've been copying-pasting which IS simplified, I know, but when I did it I messed up somehow. Looking back I think I just put a "/" at the end of the .resource file instead of "*" but reinstalling the Helper Monkey thing just seemed so much simpler. I was afraid since the last update WAS June 25th, but I just assumed the major issue was simply the mods folder thing?

If I just did a VBT please let me know, but so far I haven't had any problems. I just thought that the ignorant people like me would think it easier to go to MTS and install the Helper Monkey. Or maybe put that in your locked thread as an option? (If it is...)


EDIT/Offtopic: Just wanted to add, I've seen how much harder you've been with some of the dumber folks wizard_merlin, and I commend you. Deleting their threads would be nice, but I'm sure someone will do that in due time. It's good to know there's a tiny part of the internet that actually flames the dumbfucks, and not the other way around. Additional lurkmoar.
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