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1  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Collections on: 2014 September 18, 07:26:24
Here is a link to a post by Kresh at Carl's forum who deciphered all of the frog types and how to breed them.,21203.0.html
2  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: AwesomeMod Bug Report Thread on: 2012 January 13, 15:54:50
Easy workaround until it's fixed is to have the sim sit at a desk or table before you click on the mailbox. I can get them to write thank you notes this way without error.
3  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Is it possible to turn off showing ALL foods when clicking the fridge? on: 2011 December 18, 18:14:06
I was liked by a Senator? I'm torn. Should I slit my wrists or go fap in the corner? ARRRRGGH!
4  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Is it possible to turn off showing ALL foods when clicking the fridge? on: 2011 December 18, 18:04:32
Nope. RTFM. Besides, if you know how to make waffles, you can make them at 6PM, not just during the morning. Do you forget how to make waffles just because the sun is in the west?
5  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Sims 3 Pets- Whats borked thread on: 2011 November 13, 19:03:40
Hunter training seems to be broken, in that a cat can learn hunting skill from eating, guarding furniture, sleeping, playing with humans, playing with other cats (not just the pounce interaction either), breathing, going to the toilet, etc. All the while through training fatigue. It's taken my sim cat 3 days to get to level 8 hunter. Surely that can't be right?!

ETA: reset sim fixed the sticky hunter training issue. I really hope I'm not going to have to do this for every pet I train. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
Shades of endless TV skilling when interrupted by video gamers.
6  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: new patch 1.24 on: 2011 July 25, 16:42:38
Well, all I want fixed is that damn green box bug after vacations. I don't see that on the list.
7  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Using CC in the Sims 3 on: 2011 March 25, 16:35:42
<looking over package folder>
Agree with the twoftmama suggestion. She makes simple tweaks and happily makes them to order. I'm a biologist and can't program to save my life so I just ask her and POOF, it's ready. I also use Twallan's woohooer to spice up my puddings' love life and his Master Controller since I'm a total control freak. He makes a new skill called Kama Simtra (yup, a woohoo skill) but it fucked up when the pudding travelled. If you plan on loading WA, get Buzzler's digsite fixer since it fixes EA's fuckup. Anach has some great tweaks here, as does cmar.

And you definitely need AM. Do not attempt to play without it. I'm doing a few challenges where I'm not using it and some of the simple, stupid EA crap bugs the fuck out of me. I think I'll stop these challenges just because of that.
8  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Can someone help a newb? I'm prepared to be flamed. on: 2011 January 14, 01:22:50
My favorite part is how they complain Pescado doesn't update for ages after a patch. WTF? Testing mod is usually available the same day as the patch. Fucking morons.
9  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Facial Hair For Women - Sims 3 on: 2010 December 29, 16:08:50
Now we need a breast slider for men. Then my dreams may yet come true.

That scares me. Absolutely.
There's nothing wrong with some nicely defined chesticles. Mmm yes. Who doesnt love a good tranny.

Are you the Vole's brother?
10  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Top 3 pieces of advice for Pudding on mac? on: 2010 December 28, 02:06:10
1- Follow the instructions for putting in the mods folder and the framework and you'll be fine.
2- Place links to your download folder and packages folder in your finder window. That will save you a ton of time when updating mods.
3- Make sure you have your RAM fully upgraded and don't run any other programs while you run pudding.

I play on a MacBookPro like sooze and have no issues. I don't go for a lot of CC, just about 10 or so mods.
11  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomod discussion/questions/helpful tips thread on: 2010 December 15, 22:36:25
Using AM you could just "addtrait vampire." not sure on the capitalization of vampire, try it and see. Vampire, mummy and SimBot are just hidden traits.

EYA: err, don't do that per Pescaedo. See his instructions instead.
12  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomod discussion/questions/helpful tips thread on: 2010 December 07, 06:06:45
Is there a way to force story actions? I know of the "runstoryaction moveinhousehold" or whatever that one is. I'd like to do a forced "partner" and "marry" interaction. My hood is thriving due to a combination of ASM hooking sims up and Buzzler's mirror knocking them up. The sims rarely get to the point where they marry. Could it be that there are too many and the story doesn't get that far too often?
13  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: The Birth Control Mirror on: 2010 November 24, 22:36:12
I've had BCM notices when vacationing sims. You have to make sure there is a mirror in the country you are visiting.
14  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: 'Master of Seduction' not working? on: 2010 November 20, 16:17:39
You can use Twallan's Master Controller to view a sim's orientation and also to change it.
15  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Vampires on: 2010 October 31, 15:36:54
Stuck at a bar when 6AM rolls around? Have fun hanging out in the lobby all day, lest you die on the way home. Stuff like that.

Don't bars close at like 2-4AM in the game? (I thought it should be like 6AM, but again I have no experience with real-life bars, so maybe it's a realistic closing time)
[IN THE USA] Closing times are determined by an establishment's liquor license, which is restricted by city/county law and, in cities like Chicago, further by neighborhood aldermen. 2:00AM is a pretty common closing time around here. A few clubs I've been to around River North (Chicago neighborhood that blends with downtown) close at 3:00AM. People generally would have an issue with loud drunk people carousing outside their door a couple hours before they are supposed to get up. Of course that's here. It's possible that other areas let bars stay open later. LA, maybe? Isn't Lindsey Lohan always leaving clubs and causing trouble at 6:00AM?

You know, there is more to the world than just Amurika.  

As for puddingworld, 2-4am sounds pretty reasonable to me. Most places I've been to kick you out around that time. Sure, some are open later, but that's not so common, at least in my experience.

But here in the bestest part of USistan, we don't have that medieval thing known as "last call." It's 4am and I wanna get my drink on, well, there's a ton o' places do do just that. Of course, we aren't normal for this country. And we may just be electing the craziest senator in, like, ever.

16  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Is there any way to edit a library fambly? on: 2010 June 29, 11:28:50
redwards - there is a "modify" button on purpose. Do not fucking double-post. Thank you.
17  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ambitions: What's borked on: 2010 June 12, 22:25:36
Since installing Ambitions/new patch, I haven't been able to have my Sim excavate anything. They complain of a routing failure, even if they're standing right next to it.

They'll excavate dig sites on lots, but the ones on open land are fucked.
18  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Special Seeds In Twinbrook on: 2010 June 11, 15:01:35
Two places I've found are by the graveyard and in the lower part of town in the swamp.
19  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Save file: TravelDB.package Corrupt/normal/just rly rly big? on: 2010 June 11, 13:26:56
Sure. Capitalize, spell out your words and use proper grammar. Stop with the fucking smilies. Don't fucking double-post. Maybe then someone will be able to read your question and help you. Until then, go away.
20  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Getting CC to work post Ambitions and 1.12 patch on: 2010 June 09, 06:17:57
For Mac users having issues:
I was having a problem with using the new mods folder. I had created a new resource.cfg in textedit. I removed the .txt. None of the CC or mods would show up. I hunted for a while before I was getting really frustrated. Finally I did a "get info" on the resource.cfg and noticed that the .txt was still showing up in the official name just not the name on the screen. I deleted that in the get info box and now all is well.
Just an FYI if you are having issues.
21  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ambitions: What's Fixed on: 2010 June 08, 07:15:12
If your sim has the attractive reward and has met over 25 sims then everyone he meets will instantly be a friend. If this is the case you won't get the "get to know" interaction when you first meet someone.
22  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: AWESOMEMOD 1.2.7/2.7.7/3.3.11 TEST THREAD on: 2010 June 07, 19:47:34
Just played close to 5 hours (Ambitions, Twinbrook, 7-8 person family). No crash, no big issues. No school-aged kids so didn't see the school issue. SC for skilling, collecting and working worked very well. I have one moodlet manager for the family and it keeps popping around between members without my doing so. I am not sure where this comes from as I did not have the thing before I installed AM. If you want I can run an older save pre-AM and add the manager and see what happens to it.

One minor thing that's Ambitions-only for when you get around to it: Simbots eat scrap, but SC kept making them try to eat meals. Lulz ensued.
23  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ambitions: What's borked on: 2010 June 07, 13:37:22
New borkage I've seen:

- While on vacation I had one sim call long distance to build friendships. She has made 6 best friends at home, and 3 on vacation. The charisma tab shows 3 best friends.

- I have 5 simbots in one family. The first few did not cause any reaction, but the newest 2 keep causing an "ew, a simbot!" reaction, even from other simbots. This is problematic as they keep dropping their queues when the see each other.
24  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ambitions: What's borked on: 2010 June 05, 07:25:23
Took my Twinbrook sims to Egypt to collect some gems so I could get the damn pink diamonds cut into heart shapes and finally build a Simbot. None of my sims could dig at the dig sites, they kept getting route fail thought balloons.
25  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ambitions: What's borked on: 2010 June 04, 21:06:39
Not major, but annoying: When traveling to the past my Sim was given a new wardrobe and hairstyle. It is set as everyday 1 and I'm having a bitch of a time just deleting it.

More major and very annoying: Gems mined do not count towards the unique gem count, so I haven't unlocked the heart shape cut. I need that cut for the Servo. I don't want to travel just to get one or two more gem types, but I may have to since I can't find any other gems in Twinbrook.
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