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1  Awesomeware / Armoire of Invincibility / Re: TOOL: TS3 Recompressor on: 2015 December 18, 23:43:10
I've got a 1.3GB TravelDB.package file from a non-awesome save.

Just as a comparison - I'm playing a save that is around 2 years old, in which I've travelled and moved to nearly every town (some multiple times), along with edits, and my TravelDB.package is only 50Mb.
2  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: DVD base game, digital expansions? on: 2015 April 04, 19:07:40
You'll find that EA DVDs these days are simply download savers, as everything else (updates, registration) has to be done through Origin. You actually don't need the DVD at all, and just the registration key to activate it on Origin, where you can then download the digital copy. The same thing applies to DVDs that require Steam activation. It's a lot less confusing than when there were several different versions of the game, like there was with Sims 3.

3  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Pudding Factory is for downloads: put your lame requests & WCIFs here on: 2015 March 07, 06:42:50
Has anyone made some decorative round railing objects to place upon the EA spiral stairs?
4  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Game starts minimized on: 2015 February 26, 20:23:54
You seem to have a talent for making things difficult for yourself. I'm currently playing 5 games and all of them downloaded and worked out of the box, so to speak. I've been playing this way for nearly a decade and have not had any major problems I could not solve.

Quite the opposite. I was tired of making things hard on myself. Having to install ISOs, manual patching, waiting for a release group to finally release the latest patch or expansion for a game I was enjoying, worrying about propers for dodgy cracks or broken content (Like initially base Sims 3 wasn't final and wouldnt patch correctly or Homeworld Remastered this week with it's non-final version and broken content) then having cut down content due to it not being legit. Then there's the problems of mods and modding. Some games require workarounds for mods (Sims 3 again, for some reason on some PCs it wont recognise mods in the mods folder and requires framework installation, which is a hassle, as then you have some content in documents and some in programs) or certain modding tools for some games. I remember cracked Skyrim having a lot of problems with mods and tools, but can't recall exactly what.

Unless you compare the pirated version with the cracked version, you often wont realise just what you're missing out on, in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and performance. I've lost count of the amount of times I've read posts from people reporting bugs that are only in the cracked titles, pr being unable to get mods or tools to work, essentially giving themselves away as pirates. Thankfully Sims 3 doesn't require a cracked exe to function, so that saves a lot of hassle right off the bat, but does require decrapifying sims3packs to get the content functioning, then you have to worry about doing that with mods that patch store content (FYI, there was no way I was buying all that over-priced Store content). Overall, pirating is the big hassle in comparison, so whenever I can afford it, I prefer to purchase, and the cheapest and easiest place for that is usually Steam.

As for Origin vs Steam. Whenever I bought EA stuff on Steam, I also got an Origin version along with it, but if you purchase the Origin version, you didn't get a Steam version, so I got to try both systems. Origin still requires me to install each and every Sims 3 EP/SP separately, where as Steam its just an all-at-once install, including patches. Origin is also somewhat featureless in comparison, especially for community friendliness.
5  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Game starts minimized on: 2015 February 26, 07:08:23
I forgot to mention, that even cracked games these days still try to phone home, as they don't remove those checks from them unless they mess with the protection.

My point though witch, is that there isn't much point avoiding them these days, as you're just shooting yourself in the foot, as even the pirated games require you to block them in your firewall. If you choose to avoid specific online stores for whatever reason, you are limiting your choices of games available to you, as well as having to suffer dodgy cracks that hinder performance. However, if you only play a few select titles, then it's not going to affect you much. In the last 10 years, I've probably got around 700 games on Steam, either through direct purchase, freebies, humble bundles, or retail games I've activated there out of preference; I also recently threw away my warez DVD collection of approximately 1000 disks. So I have a good amount of experience in both areas.

Steam also allows me to stream a game to a lesser laptop from my main PC and allows me to share all my library with my daughter and partner on the home network, outside of that, my friends can watch me play a game, which is handy if they want to see what it's like without leaving their house, and it allows me to instantly join my friends in multiplayer. So you can see, I've become a bit of a Steam fanboy. I still wont purchase an EA title though unless it's something that can only be played online, like Battlefield (mostly due to the crazy prices and inability to purchase elsewhere). Sims 3 was last offline game purchased, and that was for pure convenience.

My daughter recently reinstalled Sims 3 due to her HDD drying, and after installing 20+ disks, one of them didn't install correctly, resulting in issues with some of the content. So that required reinstalling that particular EP. I had to listen to her sighs the whole way through. If that was Steam, she would simply hit download, and it would all be done in one go. I used to keep my ISO version installed because during updates I'd continue playing the older version while I updated my mods on the new version, but to do that I had to keep a backup of the registry entries for whenever I would reinstall or upgrade my OS, as the game wouldn't run without those reg entries; where as the Steam version just recreates them upon launch.
6  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Game starts minimized on: 2015 February 25, 21:17:55
Except for the part about being spyware, so now you have to pirate just to avoid being spied on. It is linked to systems that snoop through your system memory, ostensibly looking for "cheats", but of course, if it's snooping through your memory, it will find EVERYTHING. It knows every program you run and exactly how long you've been running that. It whitewashes this by appealing your your vanity and sums it up as hours-you-played-a-game. But do not be fooled: This is SPYWARE, of the most insidious kind. Oh, and all the stuff you "bought"? They can take it away from you any time they please for any reason they please. If it's down to Steam and Pirate Cat, go with Pirate Cat. Pirate Cat will never take away your games, doesn't spy on you, and won't pay for his downloads.

I think you'd have a hard time not being spied on these days. Our phones do it, our TVs do it, our web browsers do it, web sites do it and our operating systems do it. Looking for cheats though, I'm assuming you mean VAT; not all games on Steam use it, and there are some games that can bypass Steam by launching directly from their normal launchers.

The problem with pirating, in most cases (Sims 3 excluded), is you end up with a barely functioning game with terrible performance and more bugs than the official, plus lack of proper update support. As most the pirated installers say, "If you like it, buy it", so this is mostly what I do. However, I'll still pirate it first to try it. Buying Sims 3 was mostly about saving my sanity, as when it sometimes threw an error during patching, I'd have to reinstall it to fix it. 21 disks later, plus patches that apply during install, it was pulling my hair out, but with the steam version I just hit play. Disks and ISOs are just so slow and annoying, to me it's like using a floppy drive.

As for Steam controlling if we can play the games we buy, or the possibility of taking our stuff away, well isn't that what you do yourself to a degree, by having a timebomb set into Awesomemod? You might say that it's to ensure people update, but there are always arguments for why people apply DRM and all of them suck. Even so, if for some reason Steam went belly up and the games didn't work without it, and the developers didn't patch them to work like they have with the recent vanishing of GFWL, then I'd simply resort to cracking them.
7  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Game starts minimized on: 2015 February 20, 05:51:06
I'd just put it down to gremlins. One of those things that appears to only affect you, but probably no one else, likely due to some random combination of things that you'll probably never reproduce and only track down accidentally one day.

8  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Game starts minimized on: 2015 February 19, 19:25:33
Is is normal for Sims 3 to start minimized when using Awesome Mod?

Steam runs the launcher (Sims3LauncherW.exe) visible, but when I start the game from there (TS3W.exe) or directly via that .exe it's minimized. As soon as I remove the AM package - or if I set the game to windowed from full screen - it reverts back to the standard behavior of starting full screen.

Obviously this isn't the end of the world. The game is still one swish and click away. It is a hiccup for my xbox-controller steam-powered living-room entertainment-box setup though. How can I get Sims 3 with AM to launch from Steam without mouse or keys?

I use Awesome with the Steam version, because fuck installing 21 disks (ISOs) and patches or downloading 21 separate setups with Origin when things go south. I launch via TS3W.exe to avoid the horrible launcher, but both methods work fine. I do change the GameVersion on the AwesomeMod scripts, just to avoid the annoying nag warning about incompatible version, but otherwise Awesome works perfectly fine, as other than the directory layout and the internal versioning, the Steam version is identical, even in windowed mode and doesn't minimize my Window at all.

PS. Steam was definitely a crap platform 10 years ago and I hated it, but in recent years has done more to revive PC gaming than any other publisher, developer or platform combined, including bringing back many revamped old favourites I thought I'd never play again. I haven't used a disk in years, as the convenience is fantastic and the cheap prices has mostly eliminated my need for piracy and the bad cracks, bad stability and performance that come with them. Looking forward to Homeworld Remastered.
9  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Origin screws my computer on: 2015 February 15, 00:26:10
I'm thinking that installing Origin is merely a coincidence; even as bad as Origin is, I can't see it doing much to your PC, although It's hard to say, as a fix for "screws" on Windows 8 didn't come up in any Google searches.
10  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 18th September 2014 (1.67) on: 2014 October 14, 21:19:36
I'm currently using your version of Sunset Valley, and something prevents my sims from moving in and out of Doo Peas Corporate Towers lot. If I move my sims on that lot via teleport, they have no problem entering the building itself. Does anyone else experience this?

I did have that problem with an early version, but thought I had fixed it in the current version of the world. I haven't had the issue at all since. You could try reinstalling the world and clearing your caches, or you could try removing and replanting the lot, just be sure to save the lot to the library first.
11  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: Awesomemod Request Thread on: 2014 September 29, 23:20:09
Been a while since I made a request, but I'd like a multiplier for Base Pay and Pension Pay so I can make things harder on my Sims in game, and not have to edit  Careers and ActiveCareers XML in AwesomeMod.
12  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 18th September 2014 (1.67) on: 2014 September 18, 03:09:02
Mods updated! Been out of the loop for while. Decided to try Sims 4 and it was so terrible that it drove me to update my mods for Sims 3. I haven't tested these yet, and I'm unlikely to get a chance until next week, so please report any problems.
13  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 is out what's the scoop? on: 2014 September 11, 22:55:42
No-way am I buying Sims 4; I might try it when there is a fully working scene release, but for now I'll avoid it.

Sims 3 is still my favourite, but I'm frequently being hampered by that 3gb 32bit barrier, and that really kills the game for me; it needs something like the enb wrapper for Skyrim that shifts assets away from the main .exe, but I doubt that will ever happen; I'm assuming this is why they went back to the single loaded lot style of Sims 2 to reduce on using memory and thus, not require a 64bit .exe; I'd rather play Sims 2 if I was going to go back to single lots.
14  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: AwesomeMod Bug Report Thread on: 2013 September 13, 23:47:59
Sims with Chosen and/or Track on Radar are unable to receive their extra traits from social group influence and degree.
I reported this way back when, but I didn't follow up.

They get the pop-up to choose a new trait, but the trait just doesn't get added.

Exactly. The trait is different than normal traits and shows with a red outline in the trait list, it is awarded when you complete your Uni degree, or when reaching level 10 of one of the social groups.
15  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: AwesomeMod Bug Report Thread on: 2013 September 12, 23:07:23
Having the "chosen" trait will block Sims from receiving their extra trait from university degrees or mastering of social groups.  I have 'disable trait caps' enabled in AM config.

16  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 30th August 2013 (1.55) on: 2013 September 12, 06:54:10
As far as I can tell at first glance, none of my mods need updating for patch 1.57.
17  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: AwesomeMod Bug Report Thread on: 2013 September 09, 03:18:33
As well as the build/buy issue with houseboats reported above will lock the build/buy buttons on any houseboat not docked at a port, which means the only way to build/buy is through the real-estate menu.. I'm also having problems with Awesome moving Sims into my houseboat, even though it's owned by my Sim.
18  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 30th August 2013 (1.55) on: 2013 August 30, 04:04:17
Couple additions
19  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 2nd July 2013 (1.55) on: 2013 August 06, 20:45:10
Yeah the other mod does what it's supposed to, apparently. You don't take calls. It's the other stuff, like sims taking the phone out and pressing buttons (autonomous) or making calls ( I thought that was autonomous, but perhaps not). Basicly any action that would look out of place in a world set before 1990.

That would be something like a no idles mod; taking out things like holding the camera, pressing phone buttons and such. I believe there is already a mod about for that too, as there are plenty of people that like to play Sims that way. You might be best off posting in the WCIF thread.
20  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods on: 2013 July 22, 20:25:38
Anach, how possible would a 'never make cell phone calls' mod be? For us Medieval folk Grin Cheers.
I don't recall seeing my Sim making calls autonomously, only receiving them, is this what you mean? It's not something I'd use myself, although, I'm pretty sure I saw a mod somewhere for the latter, which would stop Sims answering the phone, but you'd still need to mute the calls.
21  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 2nd July 2013 (1.55) on: 2013 July 02, 21:01:53
Is it just me being moronic (wouldn't be the first time) or have the following mods disappeared from you collection for patch 1.55?


They have indeed vanished. I haven't used them for a long while now, so I didn't feel a desire to update them this time around. However, there doesn't appear to be any changes to those files, so as far as I can tell, the last version should be fine to use.
22  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 2nd July 2013 (1.55) on: 2013 July 02, 03:20:12
Better late than never! Updated, but untested.
23  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 12th January 2013 (1.47) on: 2013 March 17, 10:35:41
I know that EA is a huge pain with the constant patching - am curious as to whether or not you'll be updating for 1.50 or if you are, in fact, waiting for the next patch. I use several of your mods and will hate not having them in the game but I don't want to deal with trying to figure out what does and doesn't work. After an HD crash (with little saved-oops!), I'm still trying to get my downloads back so I'm still going through everything with the Pets patch. Yeah....way behind and too tired to tackle much else just now!  Tongue   Will keep checking back and hope to put them in soon. Boy, I miss the days when EA waited a much longer time between EPs!

I haven't felt that urge to patch yet, as I haven't got the EP yet, and so have a lack of desire to play right now. I will get to it, but as usual, it will just happen when it happens. Smiley

You can probably find alternatives to most my mods on MTS anyway, and as usual I encourage people to get winmerge and update the xml themselves, as it's quite easy once you've done it once.
24  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 12th January 2013 (1.47) on: 2013 February 27, 19:10:30
I'm running these mods with the 1.50 patch and the only issue I've had so far is with All Buyable, which made books disappear in World Adventures worlds.

The only issue you've noticed. It's likely anything that edits interactions or buffs will also be missing data.
25  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Anach's Sims 3 Mods - Updated 12th January 2013 (1.47) on: 2013 February 25, 19:59:40
It is definitely the University patch, but there will no doubt be another minor patch between now and the next SP.
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