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1  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: "Really needs to pee" analysis on: 2017 October 24, 07:14:41
To be fair, sim woohoo has ALWAYS been boring

Okay, I guess I'm talking about all the foreplay available in TS2. You can really create some very sexy moments before Woohoo, what with 4 different Make Out animations, in bed, standing, dancing, sitting... You can do a lot of flirting before getting down to it for a great athmosphere.

Heck, I didn't remember the "peck" animation when sitting together was so hot, the sim fakes an it's over then goes to kiss the other in the neck...

Anyway, back to topic, I found a two new ones, exclusive for children:

When children are doing their homework with a low bladder, they will do a special "on knees" pee desperation animation, sometimes waving, sometimes not.

Why is this relevant:

I didn't know, but Pescado's "Don'twaveatme" hack actually disables Pee desperation animations in TS2, because they only do it when they wave at you. Instead they go to the toilet ASAP.

It means that if he ever does a Don'twaveatme hack for TS4 that disables those animations, he has to be aware of all these things to kill. Though frankly, I like them, compared to those, TS2 Sims don't seem to care much about their bladder (just like it's no apparent when a Sim is hungry, or low on social, etc. - low bladder is something you can tell without looking at the need bar.)

PS - After playing TS2 again, I can say the bladder need drops twice as fast in TS4 or something. Specially, in TS2 the Sims basically can't pee themselves unless you cancel going to the toilet every time. TS4 Sims WILL pee themselves if you don't have enough bathrooms for everyone, specially if one of them breaks, even if you micromanage them. I can see a Bathroom Uses You hack fighting with the engine and losing having the Sims pee themselves despite all efforts  Cheesy
2  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Questions about hacks that don't have their own threads go here on: 2017 October 24, 06:30:05
Okay, so I was lazy and just installed The Ultimate Collection and put in there the AL hacks that I thought I needed.

Apartments got a really weird behavior: The neighbors would just go insane with the ringbell, and they were fully interactable but would just ring the bell all day.

It was specially annoying with the landlord, who would even go inside, clean up the dishes, and then go back outside to keep ringing the bell...

Removing "interactwogreet" fixed the problem.
3  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ghosts on: 2017 October 24, 06:13:08
Hiya Basura Smiley  Welcome to the shithouse.  I see that Starlie or one of the other wannabes has recruited you as a potential internet troll.

Huh? Nobody hired me, and I'm actually an outsider around here. I wouldn't be surprised if you are unable to read this because after posting this my account was banned and deleted for NECROMANCY WHICH IS BAD. It has happened before.

"whatevvv's, i dont care anyway, its not my account!"
Whatevvv's?  Whatevvv's??  WHATEVVV'S??? ..... HA HA HA HA HAAAAARRRGH!!!!!
WHAT ... THE ... FUCK???   "WHATEVVV'S"Huh?
Ha ha haa!  I can assure you, little girl, THAT did NOT come from me!

So, I'm a little girl now? I guess I'm gonna look at myself in the mirror and touch myself because that'd be awesome, at least for a change. Alas, still a guy here...

Anyway, the point was that it was predicted that there was going to be a claim that that account wasn't yours anymore, which you did (or attempted to...)

Little Miss Trash then gives a quote from myself to the personage that made this inappropriately-named site, said person, whom from their username I believed to be Hispanic and I left a message for in Spanish.  Said message: Pescado ... gracias por su hospitalidad, sin embargo esta cuenta es de mí padre.  Esta muerta, así se puede removar lo de su recuerdas.  No más lo soy hace fuelta!  No hastaré de vuelta.

No, that's not Spanish. Believe me, Spanish is my mother language, and that is a really poor imitation. "así se puede removar lo de su recuerdas" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, not out of context or in context, one basically has to imagine some similar sounding phrase and assume that's the attempted meaning lost in translation.

THIS is Spanish:

"Pescado... No tengo palabras para agradecer la hospitalidad, pero esta cuenta le pertenecía a mi padre. Está muerto, así que puede borrarlo de sus recuerdos. ˇNo estaré más de vuelta!"

(last part removed since it was there twice)

Oh, if you didn't get that from Pescado, did you by any chance get your translating software from the Pinto Blimp?  If you did, you ought to know that Jezzie Baby got a calculator from him and it was as fucked up as your translator!  Go and kick that li'l shit's arse!  Give 'im an extra one from me!

Nah, the Spanish was so botched it was impossible to translate. As I said, one has to imagine what the heck was in the mind of the person speaking, and replace it with something that makes sense, even if it was nothing to do with what was said.

"Sin embargo esta cuenta es de mí padre".  However, this is my father's account (I do believe I had already made this very clear, but considering the kind of responses I was getting, it seems that I had to reinforce this issue).

How can your father have an account if she's dead? "esta cuenta era de mí padre" would have been in order there.

"Esta muerta, así se puede removar lo de su recuerdas".  He is dead ... we'll stop here for a quick Spanish lesson.  ‘Esta' ... from the root verb ‘estar' ... ‘is, or am'.  ‘Esto' = I am.  ‘Esta' = he/she/it is.

First, when used like that, it has a different pronounciation, marked like "Está".

Second, it's "muerto". "Muerta" is femenine. Which only makes sense if the father was both as a male, and died female. Thus, transexual.

  So; He is dead, so you can remove it (his account) from your records.

Ah! So this is the mystery phrase.

"removar" is a new, invented word that has nothing to do with Spanish (thus I introduced "remembranca"). " lo de su recuerdas" makes no sense gramatically. The closest is "remuevalo de sus recuerdos", which means, "remove it from your memories." You'd want something like "remuevalo de sus registros."

  "No más lo soy hace fuelta!"  He doesn't need it anymore; referring to his account, why would he need it?  He ain't here now and he ain't gonna be back anytime soon!!!  Does it actually require any more translation than that?

Yes. "Fuelta" is another word that doesn't exist in the Spanish language, so I'd just ignore this for now.

So if you got this translation from Pescado, it seems he's no more Hispanic than you are or I am: ‘remova', remembranca', ‘fack', ‘haccupy', don't occur in the English language, so where the fuck is he from?

From the places your invented words came from.

Dunno what ESL is

English as Second Language. Spanish is my first one.

, don't care,

Sorry, you're not getting your time back!

Anyway, see you in 2018 by the rate I check this back (if I'm still around.) For someone that doesn't care you were quick to reply.
4  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ghosts on: 2017 July 02, 02:19:07
Didn't you flounce? I'm pretty sure you flounced. I just can't seem to find the it anywh- Oh, here it is!

Oh man, I can't resist posting this, as it seems it went unnoticed:

In the linked thread, Starler made a prediction:

Isn't that cute? It's hedging its bets for when it gets its parent's account canned/nuked. Welcome home indeed, future resident.

I can see it now:

Quote from: FerDeLance, Some Future Post
whatevvv's, i dont care anyway, its not my account!!! Smiley Smiley Smiley

Guess what happened next?

Pescado ... gracias por su hospitalidad, sin embargo esta cuenta es de mí padre.  Esta muerta, así se puede removar lo de su recuerdas.  No más lo soy hace fuelta!  No hastaré de vuelta.

Which "roughly" (as in, it's written so poorly one can only attempt to show it by using intentionally poor English) translates to:

Quote from: FerDeLance In Engrish
Pescado ... thanks for your hospitality, however this account is from my father. She's dead, so this way to remova that of your remembranca. More not that am make fack! Won't haccupy of back. [ed. note: she means she's leaving the forum]

Get it? Her father was transexual!

As an ESL I'm deeply offended by the way FDL destroys my native language.
5  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: "Really needs to pee" analysis on: 2014 December 23, 02:03:10
The 'Kiss passionately' interaction don't appear unless the sim is flirty

Next thing you're going to claim is that Sims can make out.

Oh, yeah, if you're flirty enough, you can get Sims to do an animation called "make out", and they will kiss several times, but calling it a shadow of what it used to be would be giving it too much credit.

It's not just that two sims can no longer relax on the bed to have fun, it's that the fun that they can have is lacking and basically not there. Thus, Woohooing is boring and they can no longer make out, even though there's a whole system "under the hood" there, and things called how they were called before, I've always played the sims based on their animations, not "what is supposed to be happening".

It's as if there was in fact an ass-grabbing animation and the sim was like "oh, you grabbed my ass, I get it" - I'd want an actual ass-grabbing animation.

Seriously, can this be fixed? Like, importing animations from previous games? (they did away with playing with each other animations like "Punch You, Punch Me", by making telling jokes be fun, so presumably we could import those into the game and make think the game that they're telling funny jokes while they play.)

The point of this thread is pointing out that they got rid of several animations, the animations that are there are a joke when compared to previous games, and then there's the whole RNTP game stage that is fully developed, and it shows, as when you play premade families one member will be on very low bladder so you don't miss all this.
6  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: "Really needs to pee" analysis on: 2014 December 05, 08:56:30
You are our new resident Weeaboo Pee Specialist.

Not the peeing part, I only saw it once in the TS4 and it was an accident. Really, all this can be gathered upon with normal gameplay, unless players cancel stuff the sims are doing and sending them to the bathroom (which doesn't seem a priority when sims have whims to take baths at that point despite their hygiene being fine.)

Quote from: jezzer
Please stop posting long-winded assburgery rants about stupid things.

Who said I was ranting? I find it fine the way it is, just find it odd where their stuff has been focusing. It's as if they had special animations and group gathering, and emotional stages, and specific whims for the TV, with specific channels to pick from and entire simulated TV series and movie sequels. It'd feel weird given the lack of content elsewhere. Yet, the TV works mostly the same, like most other things that haven't been expanded, but have been reduced in variety and interactivity. And then we got this.

Quote from: jezzer
Why are you even playing TS4?  All you seem to do is bitch, whinge, whine and moan about anything and everything in the game.

I think all my complains have been related to whims? And lack of content. I'm playing it because it's fun, and I'm reporting my annoyances because there's a thread asking for them, and, they have been well received by Pescado, who has been even discussing how to fix the annoyance, why are they annoying and how can they be made even more annoying (er, to avoid such fixes), so I think a whim fix is coming (by... the third expansion?) and I'll be the first to download it and use it.

And I just can't stand TS3's sims look, they look like... pudding. Even the most custom content enhanced ones, that people carefully designed to use as avatars around the communities, look terrible. TS4 sims look actually attractive, out of the box - in TS2 a custom content enhanced sim would look beautiful, like, a painting, but what was about it. TS4 sims actually have some sex appeal, even the fugly ones that are auto generated (after one fixes their make-up.)

Quote from: J. M. Pescado
So, the flirting is way down, you say? Still no assgrabbing? No asymmetrical relationships?

Yup, they made woohooing actually boring, I don't know why they made it an immediate option (if your selected sim can woohoo with another, as you click them you'll get options like Brighten Day, Tell Joke, and Whoohoo, without regards to anything else - and upon clicking the sims will look for the nearest bed and do it, like zombies. Actually an effective way to fill the Fun bar, but that's it.)
7  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 December 04, 13:59:02
Your proposal simply creates the opposite situation:

I'm looking for a common ground, some point in the middle where you don't have most sims being dancing fools (increasing the appearance of other traits would help with the stereo one appearing less often) but where it doesn't disappear entirely from their whims, ever (which would make them more likely to roll the rest of few whims, leading to even less variance. Presumably, they'd become "wants to know new people" wishing machines, unless they have the Loner trait).

I, for one, have no desire to ever do a very large number of things.

I guess if it was there and your sim only got the "wants to eat raw meat" when happy, and was made happy when eating raw meat, leading to a vicious cycle of raw meat and happiness and the sim only doing it all day if the player keeps fulfilling whisms, it'd be okay? Because, that'd be like a raw mean eating fool not different from the dancing ones, and I think the only way to combat this is with variety.

The thing with whims is sims will get fixated with something, a solution where each unique sim gets fixated to a different thing doesn't sound interesting to me, as that would lead one to just have a sim doing the same thing over and over (but a different thing from other sims!) which sounds like grinding. Getting a given sim "whimming" for 20% of stuff available depending on their traits and emotion would be very cool, would be from 20 to 200 times more interesting than how it's now.


My closing comments about whether it's worth it to get TS4, I say, get it if you get bored of TS2 and TS3. Some people will never get bored (there's always something new to do, which is the point of open-ended games) so they would only get it when there's actual full content to see. Though I can say despite its huge holes it's more fun to play than vanilla TS2 or vanilla TS3 (heck, it may be more fun than TS2+Pets) that's about it and its disadvantages when compared to the fully "expansionated" previous versions are insurmountable.

Will continue reporting (I play TS4 so you don't have to!) but I don't think there's anything else that hasn't been said in the thread. I'm looking forward to seeing someone complain about something new.
8  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / "Really needs to pee" analysis on: 2014 December 04, 13:20:48
I think this is an interesting topic, specially considering how cut the game feels on interactions and animations when compared to previous games.

We get 2 hugging animations, 3 kissing animations, 1 flirting animation... We don't have any animation related to playing with another sim directly, no massages... Many of the interactions that were in previous games for different age groups are gone entirely...

The list of lacking content goes on an on, but when it comes to the "Really needs to pee" debuffs, this aspect seems complete.

My current theory is that one of the developers of TS4 is an omorashi (which means, people that feel pleasure when they see other people being desperate to pee), and they had a lot of fun working in this aspect of the game.

Let's take a look at it:

The game has an entire emotion only accessible when the sim's bladder is in the red, the "very uncomfortable" state which I haven't seem them have in another way, and which, if followed, leads to animations where it seems as if the sim is enjoying to hold their pee (in detail, sims with a great urge to pee switch to this emotion and have a whim to take a bath, and if you do it, the sim, siill bursting, switches to the happy emotion and it's shown laughing while taking the bath).

The game has 2 related debuffs, the "needs to pee" and "really needs to pee" ones which affect how the sim walks and to which of the animations below it has access.

One may think "well, that makes sense and seems easy to program", but that's where the rabbit hole starts.

There are two different animations for when the sim whines because they have a full bladder, depending on how full it is, one where they wave at the camera.

There are two different animations for when the sim is standing and struggles to hold their pee. In these animations, the sim sighs at the end as in "Phew! I though I was going to piss over myself on that one! But I could control it!" One of them is lengthy and detailed, as if they got a model that really needed to pee for the game.

There are two different animations when the sim is sitting and realizes they need to pee, one including a complain. Previous games would have an animation that would play when a sitting sim was low in a need, or couldn't reach a place they wanted to go, or an object they wanted to use was unavailable, and the sim would recycle that animation. It gets its custom one this time around.

The pissing pants animation is unique instead of being a recycled one.

There's an extra animation, that doesn't seem to have a reason to be there, unless a developer really had nothing better to do with their time: sims now "pee dance". This animation meshes well with the walking animation, and it's rare. As the sims is walking, it puts both feet together, then steps back and puts both feet together again, before resuming walking, all while keeping their legs closed and twisting their body to hold it. I may be the most cute animation in the entire game, but makes me wonder how much time it was spent on this for show.

The thing doesn't end there, on previous games, where sims had a low bladder, there was some kind of urgency to use the toilet, at least, there was some point at which the sim would get obsessed with using a toilet if their bladder was red enough. Not so here, the sim will happily choose to go to sleep with a low bladder, or taking a shower then going to sleep while their bladder is low (on previous games, a sim in the bathroom with a low bladder would always choose to use the toilet).

There's even a mod out there that forces sims to use the toilet before going to sleep just to avoid waking up in the middle of the night.

When two sims entered the bathroom, the one needing to use it badly would shoo away the other and use the toilet. Here, it may go like "oh, there's someone here. I really need to go but that's impossible, guess I'll go get a drink instead."

The toilet may break now, and it may do so right before a sim that really need to go sits on it, and they will just stand up and refuse to use it, and if it's the only toilet on the house you may need to buy a new one, see the sim pee themselves, or watch as they fix it while on pee desperation (very suspicious, just like omorashi videos that show people holding it while doing other things) which is unavailable for children.

And speaking of children, in TS2 children would almost never go into pee desperation, unless it was a weekend. The reason for this was that they would use the school's toilet every day, and otherwise, they could use the schoolbus' toilet so you could ignore it entirely.

TS4's children behave differently, coming from school with a bladder full enough that you can see them desperate every day if you focus on doing other things. My guess is they made all these new animations for children that needed to go and it would have been a waste if the bladder worked like in the old system.

And finally, there's toilet cancellation. In TS2, a sim that had already started releasing, if stopped, would go to at least 3/4 empty bladder. In TS4 there's a clock that appears around the toilet that you can stop at any point, so a cancelled sim may go from very red to just red.

While the sims of TS2 were just terrible at bladder management causing accidents often enough to need a Toilet Uses You mod, TS4 is more about showing the sims in the pee desperation stage and being very detailed at it. And it seems done on purpose.

It may seem some of this stuff is caused by being careless about it, such as lack of shooing, but I wonder, would adding shooing to the game have taken more effort than adding so many animations about it?

I think this is relevant because, one could possibly think that the lack of other kinds of interactions and animations was caused mainly because of laziness, lack or time, or lack of resources, but this means the time and resources were just used on this instead.
9  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 December 04, 12:30:46
My eating habits are straightforward: Today, raw meat. Day after tomorrow: Raw meat. Always raw meat. All the time. I never really get tired of this.

But if you were on TS4, then only YOU would want to eat raw meat, and only sims with the
raw meat treat (if it existed) would ever have a whim to eat it. My claim would be, that all sims, no matter their traits (unless there was some "dislikes raw meat" treat) should now and then want to eat some raw meat. But they will never do it (paraphrasing: having a trait there that makes it want to only eat raw meat: GOOD. The existence of that trait meaning that only sims with that trait may ever want to eat raw meat: BAD).

It's like the "dance to stereo music" whim that currently every happy sim rolls (there's so few variance that I keep giving the same example), if only sims with the "loves music" trait were able to whim it, it'd be an annoyance ("you don't have the loves music treat? it should mean you hate music"), and this applies to the trait-centric whims, which should happen more often with compatible traits, not disappear entirely with incompatible ones.

It's not meant as a minute-to-minute walkthrough of things your sim needs.

It kind of is with the new emotional system. At least the first whim, which is always tied to the sim's current emotion, which can change minute-to-minute. So on bad emotions you get a whim related to that emotion, except it may not be related to fixing the need that is causing the bad emotion (I downloaded a mod that makes sims have the Dazed emotion when they have low energy, so at least they wish to take a nap, as opposed to going like "YAWN! I'm in a very bad emotional state because I'm SO tired!... I know! What if I took a bath?")

Also, I think the game is worth getting and playing already, as long as someone else goes through all the hassle to getting it. I was originally planning on passing too, but then a friend arrived to my house and told me he had already downloaded the thing, so I went and installed it, and despite the problems it's fun to play. I bet if THIS was TS2 (with TS2 and TS3 not appearing at all), people would be loving it. It's when compared to TS2 and TS3 when it feels so barren and empty, so there are so many things still to do in those other games that going through the hassle of downloading and installing TS4 just for curiosity doesn't feel worth it.

But if one woke up and it was already installed in one's computer ready to launch, what would one lose checking it out?
10  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 December 04, 11:55:30
So basically you're complaining that EAxis has actually made the traits of sims slightly more meaningful this time?

Since when there's only ONE kind of people that gets a whim to eat something? Most people do it all the time, or base their eating decision on what they want to eat. Specifically, if you were forced to eat salad for a week, wouldn't you want to eat something else? It's fine if there are sims with a trait where they're obsessed about food and want to cook and eat all day, but that shouldn't mean the rest of the sims would never want to cook or eat.

Heh, not even when the sim is dying of hunger will it wish to eat something...

You don't remember how talking to ANYONE of the appropriate gender immediately resulted in one of your want slots being blocked by Flirt With X wants, even as your sim was repulsed by said other-sim?

Yeah, but there's a difference with "sims should only roll some whim when it makes them sense to do so" and "sims should never roll this whim". Like the "be saved from death" wish. All Knowledge sims in TS2 would roll this wish all the time, which was annoying, and the mod fixed it so that only sims whose lifes sucked would roll the wish. With TS4 it's just something we'll not see them rolling even if it's the most pathetic sim on earth.

And, huh, probably a simple fix would work, like "Whim limiter" so that, if a sim had already had the whim to dance to stereo music today, and they already fulfilled it, that whim doesn't appear again for 24 hours. So that this play style doesn't produce sims that are dancing all day, which is currently the case (I guess my complain is that the sims world is very easy to turn into a sugar bowl? I guess it fits, what with the sims already speaking their own inscrutable language at all).


Two more complains:

1 - My play style leads to most sims being happy most of the time, which further restricts their whims to the happy ones. I guess this problem may be a "fix it yourself" problem: if you want your sims to roll more interesting whims, keep them miserable.



from what I've read around the communities, I'm from the very rare people that care about whims at all...

Which makes the most sense because whims are absolutely useless. Yeah, in TS2 vanilla, at the end of the line, if you fulfilled enough wishes, you'd have enough to buy cool objects for the house, which at least was fun for a while, or could have some potential use.

With TS4, I didn't see a single object worth buying. Oh, you can buy one so that a sim doesn't need to socialize again, or eat again, or pee again, or sleep again or bath again... or stuff that just fulfills a need instantly.

What's the point of all that anyway? Isn't this a life simulation? Didn't they put stuff in there on purpose? Why would one get rid of it with objects? It would be different if these were actual objects, say, a super bath tub with shinny liquid that would make the sims clean when they used it, or a game so fun that playing it for 1 minute sent their fun through the roof. But, magic potions they use to solve all their problems?

So what's the point in making whims interesting if fulfilling them doesn't have a point at all?
11  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 December 02, 01:13:48
It's probably because the amount of crap that sims have to do, period, is so reduced compared to what was in TS2, especially towards mid and end-life, whereas TS4 is basically a bare-bones stripped-down game shoved out the door too soon, and won't really be interesting for a good several expansions.

Yes, but there's so many things that the Sims can do, and interactions that they can have with other sims, but they never Whim for them. Simple things like "play on chess table with X" or "play Blicblocks" are absent, and I reckon from all available stuff a given sim only whims for 0.1%-1% of stuff available (as restricted by traits and mood).

And I never thought I'd miss wishes like "see a ghost" or "be saved from death", examples of things the sims can still do but don't whim for (the sim gets confident when they save the life of someone else, it'd be fun if sims got the whim to save someone else's life, so one could start a fire and have them put it out, or something).

Social interactions Sims never whim for:

Compliment appearance
Pick-Up Line
Ask Risque Question
Start Preposterous Rumor
Ask to Hang out
Tell engaging story
Chat about X
Complain about X
Discuss Interests
Ask if Single
Get to know
Ask about day

And that's just in the friendly/romance menus (and I don't think the list is complete). Would like to have an otherwise nice sim to wish to be mean or treacherous to a sim that they don't get along with.

Sims could also whim to eat certain foods even if they don't have food eating treats (I still remember my Sims 2 wishing to eat cereal the next day so I'd just go and give them that - what happened to that? TS4 does have more food variety and snacks foods than vanilla TS2, but without whims you could just give them Green Salads for life...)

Finally, what about making whims a little bit challenging? The developers have it backwards: having a certain mood (er... "emotion") unlocks certain interactions, but the sim never whims for any of the unlockable interactions unless they already have that mood, so you can basically ignore them for life.

It's backwards because it's expected you'd want to do the happy interactions before being happy to become happy, instead of only wanting to do them when you're already happy.

Would be very cool to have a Tense sim whim to brighten the day of another sim, or have their own day being brightened, so that is interesting because you have to make it happy, or to make another sim happy, before being able to fulfish the whim. This is valid for all emotions and their specific interactions, the sims would whim to unlock them and do them.

So I hold the framework is there, and what's there has a lot of potential, but it's currently decorative, and you basically have no reason to deviate from just talking (already have a mod that deviates in interesting ways on its own anyway), but from what I've read around the communities, I'm from the very rare people that care about whims at all...
12  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 November 30, 08:20:54
You're right, now that I recall, TS2 wants worked the same, and I had to download a mod to make them interesting (did we have an awesome mod that affected wishes? perhaps it was from here), but I haven't found one for TS4.

Still, it's a bummer that the Whims seem so very limited on their variance (even more so than in vanilla TS2, unless the Whims are there but their random number generator sucks and they keep rolling the same ones.) I guess what I'd want to see is a Whim editor.
13  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: Sims 4 Annoyance & Problem Thread. on: 2014 November 30, 01:35:43
Okay, so I'm apparently a guy easy to satisfy and think that in general TS4 isn't that bad. At least, what is there, if few, is done well, and I couldn't ever go back to TS2 with all expansions except AL. The animations of the sims flow better into each other-- Oh wait, this is the the complain thread...

Yeah, my biggest annoyance is:

Boring Whims!

I found interesting and challenging to fulfill wishes for my Sims in TS2, and eventually I resorted to make my play style fulfilling their wishes, and it was fun.

Yadda yadda.

However, with TS4 it's not very interesting. Despite the great amount of possible interactions available for the sims (despite the little difference between the animations they carry when executed) they keep rolling the same mood-related ones over and over.

A happy sim will want to meet new people, dance to the stereo, and hug someone, over and over and over. You get the wanting to joke now or chatting now and then, but that's it.

I'm not even asking for much, just, roll "watch TV", "Play Sims Forever on the PC", "Joke about Politicians", "kiss X sim", "eat hamburgers", or something! I'm not even asking for depth here, just more variance.

And I would like whims that seem to be locked depending on the sim's traits to appear more often, just because your sims isn't materialistic doesn't mean they can't admire their new pricey stuff now and then.

Basically, I'd like if TS4 Whims were like TS2 Wishes, because currently a given Sim is locked to a very few ones, and if you choose the playing style of fulfilling their whims, you'll see them making the same few interactions over and over.
14  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: The truth about Toddlers and Teens? on: 2014 November 30, 01:18:19
which are identical except for subtle changes to the body shape and face.

The changes to the face are apparent enough, making sims uglier than they should be (specially if you download a carefully designed sim and aging stretches their face ruining it) so I had to download a mod to stop the abominating of sims.
15  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / The truth about Toddlers and Teens? on: 2014 November 28, 06:02:17
(would probably include Young Adults in the title as well)

I have read endless complaints about how Toddlers and Teens are missing from the game. The thing with Toddlers is more direct, the baby jumps to the kid stage skipping Toddlers entirely.

With Teens it's different, we have teen Sims, indistinguishable from adults or young adults, so that, visually, kids just go from kids to adults, skipping entire life stages.

Yadda yadda.

What I would like to know, is if this can be fixed somehow by the modding community. People talk about it as if something could be done about it. I have no idea, but can assume Toddlers would basically be out of the question, as it'd require custom meshes and whole animations and code to be added to the game, and it'd probably be for nothing as toddlers can't just work like in previous iterations of the game because there's no framework for them.

But what about Teens? Can the meshes in the game be edited somehow to make them "shorter", and make the already available animations fit them as they are? Again, I have no idea, but at least this sounds monumentally more plausible than adding back toddlers.

I would like to know if there's any interest on the modding community for this (have only heard opinions from players but nothing about technical possibilities.)

Otherwise, I didn't expect Ghosts to be added in a patch, is it possible that we will get toddlers and/or teens in a patch, or in a [The Sims 4: Life Stages] expansion? I could imagine the developers milking this, as we could have a full range of ages (say, young kid, old kid, young teen... stages - or even, a gradual aging of the sim without clear separation of stages), but also, if they "fixed" that teens just look like adults, it would be like EAxis admitting that it was a mistake from the beginning and that if they had more time they could have made those stages more visually different or added the toddler stage, so I'm skeptical.
16  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: New patch rollout - ghosts, pools and careers on: 2014 November 28, 05:48:12
I guess people like me need to wait until there's a scene release of the patch by RELOADED? How much do they normally take?
17  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: AwesomeSpec building in TS4? on: 2014 November 10, 00:11:45
All this talk about building rooms with special skill mood boosting objects and neutral corridors and focusing on fulfilling worthwhile wants while ignoring small ones doesn't make TS4 sound like a life simulator at all....
18  TS4: The Pee-ening / Insert Amusing Name Here / Re: L&P: TS4 CAS Demo | Full TS4 Game Leaked on: 2014 November 04, 06:06:35
The subforum's title still reads "No, I still don't have the game yet", is it because El Presidente hasn't been interested in getting the Reloaded version of the game, or is it because he has better things to do with his time?
19  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: I'm pretty sure my entire game is now destroyed in some way (Computer issues) on: 2013 May 30, 14:04:39
Try system restore.

You can manually remove registry entries to make your computer think that you never installed the game, and it's not recommended to rely on system restore to fix stuff, but seriously, sometimes it's that simple.

Wait, Macbook Pro, you say? Then try a Time Machine.
20  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Ending Process of The Sims 2 on Task Manager? on: 2012 July 14, 06:59:51
Task manager is not to be used to shut down a program on a regular basis.

J. M. Pescado said on this thread that he does that all the time.
21  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Ending Process of The Sims 2 on Task Manager? on: 2012 May 22, 10:21:06
Thanks, it seems the time saved is worth it.

Anyway, at least I found that besides wasting our time, the process saves changes made to the neighborhood (like added decorations) and game options (changes that aren't saved when one uses the save button in-game.)
22  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Ending Process of The Sims 2 on Task Manager? on: 2012 April 19, 14:07:30
Short version: Is there any danger in killing the game in task manager as soon as it's done saving?

TLDR version: The game is taking ages to close, and hogs up resources when I click the proper quit option of the game. Actually, the longest route seems to be saving a quitting, and a shorter one is somehow going to Neighborhood view confirming that game should be saved, and then quitting. I was wondering if I could just kill the process, or if bad things would happen if I did. What's the game doing that takes so much time and RAM when told to close anyway?
23  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: The Sims 2 Vs. The Sims 3 on: 2012 April 10, 02:52:34
If you're playing 30 famblies in TS2, your progress is effectively close to zero.

Indeed, the progress is virtually 0. But that's not a bug, it's a feature as that's just the progress of the source material. I'm a fan of Comic Strips, and I'm stealing this from Robot Hobo of somethingawful:

- Charlie Brown has always been in elementary school.
- Swee'Pea has been a baby for 78 years.
- Marvin's been a baby for 29 years.
- Luann is on her 26th year of high school.
- Little Orphan Annie did seem to age by a couple of years... over the course of 87 real years.

I wouldn't see a problem with their Sims counterparts doing the same, so NO PROGRESS FOR YOU is fine with me.

I'm more worried about soozelwoozel's question of the game asploding once the number of characters get too high, though.

@Nalia: Thanks, that's what I've noticed on videos, so it's not just a quantity problem, but a quality problem (as I consider how they animate a big part of the Sims, I still find some new funny animations I hadn't seen before, or forgot about them, now and then. I play The Sims 2 because they are charming.)
24  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: The Sims 2 Vs. The Sims 3 on: 2012 March 14, 08:29:34
The key difference between the fambly-counts in TS2 vs. TS3 is that in TS2, every fambly you add, you MUST play

Isn't that the point? Otherwise, why would I add it, or how would the members of that family be different from townies? (in a meaningful way.)

or they will lose sync...

I'm not a perfectionist regarding syncing of time scales, and don't mind if one teen is 6 days older than another one the same age after several cycles, after all, with so many families it's hard to spot the difference (but I MUST play all my families anyway.)

even if they become really boring.

Boring families can die in a fire. Though, switching to speed 3 thorough the day may make things interesting again, with Sims  having to rescue their jobs for missing the carpool or several needs dropping lethally.

In TS3, the number of maximum famblies you can expect to manage is lower

I could live with that, if it wasn't DRAMATICALLY lower, like, Elephant-to-Ant-ratio lower.

Most people don't have the time or inclination to play sixty families at once, but then most people aren't insane.

I said "sixty" only as a starting point, in a different post I mean to add a couple hundreds. And I don't see this being different from adding thousands of characters to a MUGEN roster, so this is just like an Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny but with famblies. So, if I can add all the Marvel, DC Comics, Webcomics, Comic Strips, Ánimanga, TV Shows, Cartoons, Films, VideoGames, Celebrities, Sports, Tabletop Games*, Media, Fan Fics, Fictional, Historic and Literature (and whatever I'm missing... **) Characters, what is going to stop me, that the game would just combust? No.

The Sims 2 is the ultimate crossover tool (at least until they make one in where I can add the 648 Pokémon and such in there as pets, a cat that looks like Mewtwo just doesn't cut it...)

* I hadn't thought of it until now, but yeah, I have to plan to make families based on Chess sets, with two enemy families being White and Black, though I think the pawns would need to be born in-game so it doesn't become idiotic.

** Oh, heck, just imagine The Sims 2 Meets The Akinator, I don't think I'll put really obscure chars in the game, so no Alfredo Cristiani or Mettannamuwa in there, I'm not THAT insane, that's why I'm saying a couple hundreds and not a couple thousands.
25  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: The Sims 2 Vs. The Sims 3 on: 2012 February 16, 14:37:06
And The Sims 2 wins! The deciding factor was the number of families that can be played at some point. In TS2, you can, instead of adding new neighborhoods, adding new Shopping Districts, so that all new families become connected to previous families. You can even do that with the default neighborhoods so that Strangehood and Verona are Shopping Districts of Pleasant View (or rather, download content from someone that did it.)

This gives the player about 60 playable families (including dorms) from the get go with freedom to add more families, which makes TS3's "a handful of families" seem very poor (if even as few as 7 seem unpractical to play.)

With so many possible families, TS3's very limited number seems like a waste, for someone that wants to play all families in the game.
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