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1  Ye Olde Simmes 2 Archives: Dead Creators / Ye Olde Crammyboye Archives / Re: Sims wear normal clothing on community lots (No work clothes) Version 5 on: 2008 September 25, 03:59:33
Does anyone know if this mod will ever be updated...? Sad I really hate non-controllable Sims showing up for parties in their lab coats and burger flipping gear. If not this hack, is ther a similar one available for Apartment Life?
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2008 September 18, 04:04:55
Yes, I left the original .EXE with the original name, and named the crack ALNOCD.exe actually! Smiley

I didn't rename the original .EXE in case the crack wouldn't work and I would need to use the original method. Thankfully though, its all working. I have the CD away in its case and the game running all by itself. Wink
3  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2008 September 18, 02:35:54
Okay, so I've managed to delete SecuRom (I think I did it right! lol. No errors!) and apply the No-CD crack, because the game loaded with it. Go me!

Thanks for explaining about the patch and the updated NO-CD crack, I will be patient until I see the new version - whenever that is! However, one quick question: Should I not keep the original EXE just out in the open in the same folder as the NO-CD one? I renamed the crack and the game loaded up fine, with the original EXE in the same folder.
4  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2008 September 17, 20:38:31
Hello all, first time posting, as I too have been having issues with the game & my pc in general after installing AL and I would like to remove SecuRom and use the No-CD crack.

I will be attempting to remove SecuRom tonight via the instructions here, but I just have one question: I see a few people mention the No-CD patch for AL, and I'm not quite sure what thats means, as all I found on GameCopyWorld was a No-CD crack. Is this a hacked version of the official patch that will eventually be out for AL? I'm new to all this stuff, so please forgive my noobishness. Smiley
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