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1  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: The Sims 2 Vs. The Sims 3 on: 2012 February 19, 09:54:58
That is of course assuming you mind the sync issues. In my opinion, TS2 and TS3 are not really replacements for each other with their vastly different gameplay (TS3 feeling more like an adventure than a toy box), but I have pretty much given up on TS3 due to the chore to keep up with the patches. Then again, my TS2 gameplay consists of setting up testbeds, experimenting with a few things, then abandoning them again. Have not played properly for ages.
2  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: GSC has been hacked on: 2010 January 08, 16:16:32
Well, they deleted almost everything, all the posts, members and renamed the forum to the Gay Pirate Fag Club. I made a fake name and went in there to see what was going on, and someone that was signed in as me PMed me and called me a Gay Pirate Fag. And that's all he said. One of my members said it's probably TSR.
So your site is a "Jolly Buccaneer Cigarette Bludgeon"?
3  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Can Inge's apartment mods be partially combined with Pescado's? on: 2009 August 28, 12:48:09
The 4key doors should involve about as much code as EAs internal locking system (or APO for that matter, but via a different function so they are not mutually incompatible), meaning it is acceptable to have it in the game, but in certain cases certain pathways need to be unlocked.
4  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Plots / Re: Three Abodes for Pudding Habitation on: 2009 August 26, 14:00:24
There is no environment score, it has been replaced by moodlet-based mood buffs for "well-decorated" rooms and debuffs for unfinished rooms lacking floor and wall coverings.
5  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Three TS2 Bedding Patterns for TS3 (UPDATED) on: 2009 August 02, 23:27:07
The cream stuff is pretty much the only style of bedding I use in TS2 nowadays, except for the blue-striped one, a few more excentric ones for kids and the default light blue for when I cannot be arsed to click on the color options or when a sterile look is appropriate.
6  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: TSR Merlin !!! (magicaly giving TSR information about your downloads?) on: 2009 August 02, 23:07:04
I don't know about tracking...I'd have to err on the side of doubt because it basically looks like a TSR-branded version of 3Viewer. Of course, if it interacts at ALL with the Net there's reason for suspicion.
Credits: Jfade for development and Echo for letting us use her libraries.
it most likely is. Now did they buttrape the program or do we have a defector?
7  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: What 5 Buy Mode objects would you like Modders to make first? on: 2009 July 04, 10:42:47
Rotating stairs (is that what you call them? The ones that go around.)

They're generally called "spiral staircases" or just "spiral stairs". "Rotating stairs" would imply that the stairs had angular momentum, which I can only imagine being logical in one of those carnival fun-house things with the wacky mirrors and spinning hallways, or perhaps if it were a spiral escalator.  Grin
Thank you, now I want to try rotating stairs!
8  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Facts & Strategery / Re: Kleptos Only Stealing Light Fixtures on: 2009 June 24, 18:41:17
The community lots do not reset every day, at least not in my experience. I've played two kelptos heavily and it appears they reset about every three to four sim days. The only thing I can think that might make this deifferent between our games is I usually play with long/epic lifespan or with aging off. If you play on something shorter perhaps they reset more often?

I believe there is a level of chance involved in whether stuff gets regenerated each night.
I believe so, too. When playing Stan and Alan, I have noticed that the emptied gym gets filled slowly, but not steadily.
9  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: New video card on: 2009 June 21, 21:43:46
The card is GeForce 7300 GT AGP DVI-TV DDR2 512Mb   I was told I had to connect it to the power supply and it also has a cable that I have no idea what it is to connect to.  It has three receptacles. One for the cable, one for the monitor (the 15 prong one?) and I have no idea what the 24+4 receptacle is for. 
Sounds like a DVI adapter. Might be to connect an old-fashioned or cheap analog VGA monitor to the DVI-I port of the card.
10  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Der Gestapo on: 2009 June 15, 21:14:54
It is short for "Geheime Staatspolizei" (secret state police). As Polizei is feminine in German, so is GeStaPo
11  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How do you protect your right to piracy? on: 2009 June 15, 08:44:47
Mr. Presidente, you are failing to keep things within the proper context here.  The amount paid is nothing when you compare it to what you've saved.  Chumpy lil' $50 buck games aren't all there is to be had.  Just think, for a small fee you get quality products that range a very broad spectrum.  TIVO is something that comes to mind.  FUCK TIVO, as I've read elsewhere.  I watch commercial free TV that's delivered speedily and on demand as I wish.  Of course, I did buy a Western Digital media player, and nifty passport drive in matching color and two 32MB flash drives, so I could free the laptop from the entertainment center.  Worth every cent, it was.

I understand your point and your purpose.  My point, however, is that some things, tangible or otherwise, are worth the costs.  If I spend $20 USD for a month of usenet service (which I do not because I get great service through ISP - I have paid for it in the past) and I obtain just one $50 game, how have I defeated the purpose?  I paid for a service and obtained a game through that service.  However you see this, the purpose wasn't defeated because I've saved $30 at the least, I've retained my anonymity and I wasn't bothered by P2P limitations and such.  If anything, I'm paying for the convenience and the safety of privacy, excluding ISP logging.  Then as the games, programs and media mount, that $20 is such a small fraction of the possible costs, that the cost itself is extremely justified.  But then, maybe my logic buffers are fried and I'm seeing this all wrong. 

I do not think a pirate copy has the monetary value of a licensed copy for a simple reason - it lacks the license, which is what you actually pay for when you buy the software. For that reason, unlicensed copies are not worth being paid for more than the costs of data storage and transfer, which means the slowdown of network tubes and your computer and possibly additional power-on time, which slightly increases electricity consumption.
12  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 June 05, 01:14:22
Speshul Offar:
Now! Shiny! Stan and Alan for your own game. PLUS SECRET MATERIAL: Get to see outtakes and promotional material previously released only in #grah (or maybe here, too). Plus, a preview of future content, some uncaptioned pictures from an as of yet unreleased episode.
Get the pack here:
13  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / Pudding Factory / Re: Hack: Download anything from Sims Store for FREE on: 2009 June 04, 22:39:01
It does apparently not work with every item. For example the Mandarin coat:
Image URL:
Item URL: (404'd)
14  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Edge Smoothing/AA on: 2009 June 04, 20:09:06
Pescado had once suggested an out-of-game solution for Spore, which does not even have anti-aliasing features built in:
How do you make the screen smooth out? I have tried changing resolution, heightening graphics settings, and lowering graphics settings. Nothing seems to work. There is no anti aliasing slider that I can see.

15  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Sims 3 + Windows 7? on: 2009 June 03, 20:48:43
I unfortunately blew up my Seven when trying to downgrade to WMP11, which broke all media player functionality, and XP still runs too well to run a re- or -pair-install. Maybe when it is released, so there is a standard version everyone uses and there is no guessing involved if this file is for a beta, RC1 (7100) or the leaked build 7127.
16  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Share pix / vidz of THE HORROR here on: 2009 May 31, 11:51:55
Is it just the quality of your screen caps or is that actually how jagged the lines are in your game?
Edge smoothing has been a near-useless performance sink since TS2, and the power saved is better spent on thinks like increasing texture resolution, for upscaling is using too many filters causing textures to get blurry instead of jaggy when set to LQ.
17  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Ctrl-click to remove moodlets - testingcheatsenabled on: 2009 May 30, 14:35:21
The moodlets effect what was called the aspiration level in TS2 (the vertical green or yellow bar) for the duration shown under the moodlet, so yes short term memories would be an appropriate description.

Actually, it is more of a relocated mood bar (hence moodlets), and it replaces two non-critical needs of a sim (environment, which effectively still functions the same, and comfort, which is no longer chargeable.
And, I hope I am not getting this wrong, but it either effects a change in the mood or affects the mood. The mood is not solely caused by moodlets, although they are a deciding factor.
18  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: What would you call a Sims3Pack editor? on: 2009 May 25, 11:07:55
Those are not TS3 tools. They are therefore irrelevant.
Then it must be labeled JfadeToolTS3 for disambiguation.
19  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 23, 17:57:05
<image snipped>
How is that for a hippochrist? The final version will of course get longer hair.

Brilliant. Although I'm pretty sure it's against Hippocristan doctrine to display craven images of HC. Enjoy your stay in hell PLASHMEMER.
Splashphemy is Stan's job. I must not forget to have him meet Hippochrist at the pool in my next playthrough.

Stan has installed his new spoils from the gym. An expensive flat-panel TV

and a treadmill, complete with ceiling light.

At the pool, he meets a familiar face:

It is nobody else than Cheeseus Hippochrist!
virtuethrugod:    and anyoen who does not belive in jessu is crazy
adrisole:   I don't believe in a Jessu.
adrisole:   FatD, that is fantastic.
HeyYeah:   rofl FatD
jesslla:   Cheeseus is my lard and savory.
Aner-Dyfan:   rofl FaTD
virtuethrugod:   fatd you will burn in hell when you die i hope you know that
kutto:   LOL V:   lol
Tyyppi:   I would happily accept Cheeseus as my savior
soozelwoozel:   he's just showing his faith VTG
HeyYeah:   Those cheeseballs Cheesus is holding are the best thing ever
Mitten:   Great, now I want a biscuit.
Amber:   Virtu, you sure did pick the wrong room to troll.
PirateNeko:   i love cheeses.
adrisole:   Virtue: won't I? Damn, I was so looking forward to hell Sad
Aner-Dyfan:   No VTG, from your own admission if he repents he'll be fine
virtuethrugod:   the spanish are crazy anyway they are all hypocriste
soozelwoozel:   hippochrist?
virtuethrugod:   they onl say they worhip jesus but rally they al lworship the DEVIL
LilBrudder:   HIPPOCHRIST!
GayJohnScarritt:   oh, now he's calling Christ fat
LilBrudder:   soozelwoozel: I smell a meme!
Aner-Dyfan:   Hippochrist awesome
Metalkatt:   no, I think he's calling him a horse
LilBrudder:   HIPPOCHRIST!
Michael_the_choirbo:   She has a stuffed hippo- "Augustine of hippo" she calls it.
virtuethrugod:   hiipocrites ok
virtuethrugod:   not hippochrist
Dementropy:   Isn't Hippochrist half-horse, have-savious. Like a Christaur?
virtuethrugod:   hippocrites
virtuethrugod:   hypocrites
Aner-Dyfan:   Christaur lol
LilBrudder:   Christaur Redentor?  Tongue
Dementropy:   *saviour
virtuethrugod:   now you have me doing it
soozelwoozel:   hippochrist is infinitely better than hiipocrites
Michael_the_choirbo:   hungy hungry hippochrist.
The inevitable fight erupts.

They say Jessu always defeats the devil.

Apparently not.

I know, it is all Splashphemy.
20  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 23, 15:55:04
This is hilarious, but you forgot two crucial components to the Alan & Stan saga: Hippochrist and his fateway. Although perhaps Hippochrist is far too metaphysical an entity to be appropriately rendered through the workings of TS2. We are not worthy!
This is TS3. And I am yet to indroduce Santa as well.

How is that for a hippochrist? The final version will of course get longer hair.
Well, let us continue the story.

Stan has gone to town to meet his boss for some social interaction.

Apparently, she agrees with his dislike of Alan. He invites her into his windowless twin tower of evil home.

By the way, it has been redecorated again with library equipment. Alan has his own PC now.

A new, bigger table from the library has replaced the old dining table.

As Alan's waffles are already spoiled, Stan tries to make mac and cheese

and fails.

Alan will pay for this.
After Dinner, the boss says goodbye,

Alan gets his ass kicked

And a new Sim has arrived in the neighborhood:

I wonder what is up with him.
21  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 23, 12:32:02
You know, I missed the TS3 thing in the title, and I... still don't see how this isn't TS2. WTF? Why are you messing with my head?
The graphical update is by far not as significant as that from TS1 to TS2.

Anyway, Stan has decided that mechanical experience cannot hurt (as long as he will not get electrocuted), so he is fixing the PC

and the shower, which stupid Alan has broken, too.

His most recent interior design project, making the natural lighting in the library more dominant by removing all sources of artificial light, is nearing completion.

But the tables in the center of the room still need to be removed, the room looks too stuffed. Maybe giving that computer to Alan might get him off Stan's PC.

The house has been redecorated as well, including a shiny new

kitchen. A legitimate purchase. Happens rarely in this household. However, unfortunately,

Alan decides to use it first, to make waffles. If this fails, you know what is going to happen.

But they actually turned out pretty nice. Too bad, we have to skip the beatings today.
Let us throw in a bonus beating for good measure.

There you go.
22  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: THE HORROR: The REAL TS3 Scoop As It Unfolds on: 2009 May 23, 11:18:47
(can't steal from yourself)

If they used a torrent version they helped distributing it (no download w/o upload), and that would have to be considered illegal, even if they own the rights.

Well, they probably won't sue themselves, but if they tried to sue the ones who put it up as a torrent (theoretically speaking), they might have a wee bit of a problem...
Actually, they own the copyright, so they can distribute in whatever way they see fit. Of course, torrenting would most certainly not be in their interest.
And it is, in fact, a buggy pre-final, because the official release will be just that.
23  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 23, 01:17:39
LOL that this is most likely the first sim story of TS3! Stan's got quite a lovely beak there!  Roll Eyes
Thank you, I originally tried to make him look demonic, but where that did not work, I just went the bizarre route.
Stan is my PC in that playthrough, Alan gets very little control and all the townies and neighbors are NPCs.
Anyway, Jess pointed out that Emos should be offensive to Stan, so let us go after the closest thing to an emo the game has to offer, Cornelia Goth.

[01:54:45] jesslla: Emoness is offensive to Stan.
Upon reflecting that Mrs. Goth looks like an emo, Stan goes out to see her.

"I hate thine emo style. But thou art kinda cute." Poor Mortimer is forced to watch helplessly as

Stan rapes hipehopes her.

Meanwhile, incompetent Alan has broken Stan's computer.

You know what that means - Time for a beating!

And Alan is broken, too.
24  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Re: Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 22, 23:17:37
Because he needs to be fit for his career, Stan often visits the gym. He also makes extra money here by aiding in interior design. His speciality is making the room look mor spacious. Some of his efforts can be seen here:

We see him at work here:

This is also where he eats, as his ventures have not yet allowed him to acquire his own kitchen equipment.

Of course, everything goes well until Alan shows up,

leading to MOAR FIGHT,

leading, in turn, to inevitable pwnination.

At least he got to assrapedonkeyhipehope Mrs. Crumplebottom!

Take that as revenge for two generations of annoying sinners. Umm... Simmers, I mean.
25  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / World of Puddings / Stan and Alan - A TS3 story on: 2009 May 22, 20:42:04
Meet Stan YHWH and Alan Of Suffering (now downloadable), created after a #grah session with virtuethrugod, our favorite christian fundamentalist tard.
virtuethrugod:   dont listen to the prophet of staan
virtuethrugod:   yes he is a liar
LilBrudder:   STAN!
LilBrudder:   NOT YOU AGAIN, STAN!
This is Stan YHWH. Quite a likable sim, I would say. At least for people who voluntarily frequent MATY. Stan is an evil mean-spirited hot-headed kleptomaniac (dare-)devil.

Whoops! We caught him while showering. Now we see his ass donkey in all its pixelblur-censored glory.

Now that is better. Now meet Alan Of Suffering, as introduced in the same #grah session:
virtuethrugod:   no heaven is not on eart
soozelwoozel:   heaven is a halfpipe
virtuethrugod:   earth is a lano f suffering
Aggie:   Heaven is a PLACE on earth.
JennyJenny:   Okay.. a lan of suffering?
Aner-Dyfan:   Screw God, screw his prophets. Give me jesus dong!
soozelwoozel:   exactly my point Aggie
LilBrudder:   Heaven is a magical place named CoolWhip.
HeyYeah:   "Heaven is a girl I know..."
V:   Earth is lamo F-ly suffering?
FatD:   no
JennyJenny:   Like playing against a room full of 12s?
V:   That is wha I heard
FatD:   Alan Of Suffering
virtuethrugod:   aner dyfan you will not say such things when you have rpeented for your sins
V:   OH
LilBrudder:   The Earth sheds a single emo tear for you.
V:   Alan!
FatD:   Lord Alan, Duke of Suffering or something like that
virtuethrugod:   after being cleansed by fire
V:   And he hates Stan, right?
soozelwoozel:   Alan and Stan
LilBrudder:   Alan of Suffering was the primary Prophet of Stan.
Aggie:   Duke of Earl.
V:   Alan & Stan... are they lovers?
Alan Of Suffering used to be the gay fancy lover (and husband) of Stan, but they broke up because Stan just loves beating up Alan. They still live in the same house though.

Oh, Alan is abusing Stan's computer, freshly stolen from the library. Guess what that means...

That is right, Alan is getting his first beating for today.
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