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1  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Remove the darkness...shall there be light on: 2015 September 17, 17:08:20
Okay.Allright.Shall I delete them?
2  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / FORCED BUILD on: 2015 September 17, 15:38:02
Here an extremly simple trick to build foundations and swimmingpools where you are not allowed,for example on the road.In some cases it is a great help for building castles.
1.secret passsage-escapecorridor
2.building walls INSIDE the the ground for making a moat
3.adding lowerthan16-levels to an existing castle


It might be that you all yet know the trick.
In this case just ignore this tut.

Now here is the trick:

1.cheat:moveobjects on

   often I forget to tell people that,for the simple reason that moveobjects   on  is the first thing  I do when I enter a lot.It has become an automatism. ctrl and keep it down a foundation or a pool on the road (the game accept this because it is as you would delete the foundation or the pool)
4.keep ctrl down and press shift with another finger
5.take your finger from the ctrl-button
6.than  leave the shift-button
7.the foundation appears on the road
AFTER  a little bit exercise ,you will be able to build pool and foundations on the road very quickly.
Unfortunately the trick only works with basegame to bon voyage.

Regards and best wishes,
3  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Remove the darkness...shall there be light on: 2015 September 17, 15:22:01
All castlebuilders know the following annoying fact:

The courtyard is dark when sorrounded completely by walls.A long time ago,I turned around this problem by opening with a halfwall/highfence and hide the hole in the wall with bushes and trees, lol .

But there is a much more elegant mannner to make light inside the courtyard.

Let us see here:

-and here

The courtyard is sourounded by walls but bright.

What is this mystery?

Let us look at the door....and let us remove it.

There is no wall,but only a little piece of a nopassthroughfence.
One should know that for the game-mechanics,a nopassthroughfence works exactly like a wall.
We put the door back on the fence.

I will look like this:

save the game.
leave the lot.
reenter the lot and look:

everything looks like it should and works correctly.

Did I mentioned that I ALWAYS cheat :movebjects on when I enter a lot?

Regards and best wishes,
4  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Advanced Building Tips on: 2015 September 17, 15:15:23
As I said before,some objects behave differently.
In this case,AlSUIRYs dragon,you have to work with the blue and white slots.I choose 78° for the start and the end of the ladder,because the mesh is already high in the air.

First a test:

Building 4 different ladders:(you might although give each ladder another
height,by choosing different angles)

all slots and counters invisible

from the side:

and in the neighborhood:

thats all for today.
thanks for your attention.

special thanks to ALSUIRY for making this nice dragon on one tile and visible in the neighborhood.
5  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / ladder 2: endless slanted columns on: 2015 September 17, 15:10:41
we build an endless slanted column.On the pic is everything you need.It works best with simple columns where top and bottom are equal.

randomly I choose 45°.

second column: 2 counters +1 bed
third  column : 4 counters +2 beds
column 4 :   6 counters + 3 beds
etc etc

making invisible

put together

with this trick and a lot of patience,you will be able to build things like this:

Thanks for your attention.

6  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Advanced Building Tips on: 2015 September 17, 15:06:42
tutorial:THE  LADDER
           how to put things OUTSIDE of your lot

The beast is still far away of my lot...about 15 tiles
But how did it come there?

I put it there with a "ladder".

Here is what you need:
 -the object you want to put outside -most things work perfectly as long as
  they are on ONE SINGLE tile,even sims,trees,rocks,statues,etc etc
-one more slot-counter-by night stalker
 it only works with this and the bedslot
-the whole set of mootildas little things

I put the statue on the red 90-thing

then the red 90-thing on a counterslot

just for testing ,I put the counterslot on the green 90

okay,lets go on...
counterslot on blacktile,black tile on counterslot,......until you have something like this:

the last counter on the green voilą:

Sims can still interact with the object,as you can see on this shorter ladder:

At last I make all slots and counters invisible:

the possibilities are infinite.

Is there a limit?
 -theoretically not,one of my sims visited a neighbor who lives on another island.
 -a lot becomes corrupt when you overload it with several "heavy" outsided objects,so if you want to try overloading,make a copy of your lot in your housebin,
some objects behave differently,sometimes you have to use although the blue and white tiles.
Just an suggestion: If you want to try this tut,use lamys wonderful dragon .
  It is on ONE tile and VISIBLE in the neighborhood.

thanks for your attention.
this tut should be considered only as an introduction to the "ladder".

special thanks to:
-SUN&MOON for the beautiful rocks
-KATIVIP for the alien queen
7  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: CS native Easel on: 2008 April 11, 22:03:25
Thank you .That will look fine in my stoneage neighborhood.
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