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1  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: FFS "Batbox" Lot Debugger v2.0: NUCLEAR WAR EDITION on: 2005 July 20, 19:01:07
...and sims that for some reason freeze when told to move out and never actually do it at college (detonates the move-out controller so you can try again).
Brilliant! Thanks a lot for this update JMP, it's much appreciated. Smiley

Now to go and try it out... will report back!

ETA: Still can't get YAs to graduate, unfortunately. I threw a grad party for the sim, and afterwards she just stood there doing nothing. So I used the debugger and it said 2 things fixed, and I could get her to use the phone to 'Return to Pleasantview', however she still stood there doing nothing. So I used the debugger again and it fixed 1 thing, was able to use the phone to 'Return..' again, and the same thing happened again, over and over. Eventually had to boolprop her out of there because her Aspiration was falling below Platinum.

Don't know what's going on, but detonating the move-out controller doesn't seem to fix the problem. Sad
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Better Use of the SimVac? on: 2005 July 19, 23:17:15
I don't get the Sim Vac at all. (So I don't use it... I find that way I don't mess up my game Wink )

Ok, say my Sim has 4 cooking points and he sucks the skills out of a Sim with 2 cooking points. Does that mean he now will have 6 cooking points, or does the fact that he already has more than 2 cooking points negate the effect and leave his skill total the same?

3  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Greek Houses - Gah! on: 2005 July 19, 23:13:53
I had this problem in a dorm, not a greek house. Sim called for "Move back to whateverville", and the cab just didn't show up.

I started out with 6 sims in the dorm. The other 5 moved out no problem. I then moved a new sim in, before I let him move out, and he wouldn't go. I already had the moveoutbugfix in place and it didn't help in this case. I got a hacked object ... it looks like a money tree - I think it was twojeffs' but I'm looking over at Varioussimmers and don't see it.

*rummages around the world wide web*

Ah, ok, I found it - it's the MoveOutControllerResetter file here:

Ta for all the responses, glad to see it's not just my game that does this! I'll try this fix out and see if it solves the problem. Does anyone know whether there'll be any conflicts with some of JMP's hacks?

(Just to note - my Greek House was never empty, as it was for a Legacy Challenge. Between the original Sim moving out, there have always been YA Townies in it, although none of these have been able to graduate normally, either!)
4  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Greek Houses - Gah! on: 2005 July 18, 14:24:43
I've never seen the taxi entirely fail to appear like that. That's unusual, and I don't think it's associated with Greek houses in general, since all of my sims have graduated from two Greek houses without any such incident. Perhaps it's one specific corrupted house?
Well, I kind of thought it may be specific to this one house as it's the only Greek House currently in Academie Le Tour... however....

This problem started after a Clean Reinstall. It also started before I downloaded anything, i.e. the fixes I mentioned. So it can't be that I've downloaded anything corrupt, or any dodgy hacks. That's why I thought it was maybe a problem that was another unintentional Maxis boob (such as Level 6 problems). I've never had this problem with Greek Houses before, although I never played them that much. The first guy graduated fine from the house, but since then I can't graduate anyone from it.

And I already know what the next reply is going to be... delete the lot. Sigh... I'll go and delete the lot. Sad
5  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Greek Houses - Gah! on: 2005 July 18, 14:13:06
Is there fix available for the annoying Greek House glitch which stops Sims being able to Grow Up and return to Neighbourhood in a Greek House?

E.g. Sammy Sim comes back from his finals with a 4.0 GPA, throws a Graduation Party, the party finishes and everyone goes home and Sammy Sim is left standing around doing absolutely nothing, still a YA and with no taxi turning up. And even 'Return to blahblah' on the phone doesn't help him grow up?

And Sammy Sim has to be boolpropped into someone else's house on campus via the Tombstone of L&D just so he can become an adult, leave Uni and go and finish out his pathetic life as a Criminal Mastermind, before becoming Grim Reaper bait. Ahem.

Already have the Greek House Amnesia Fix, the Toga Party Fix and the Level 6 Fix, which work brilliantly. But I still want to die, or commit random acts of violence everytime I graduate a Sim from a Greek House and they stand around dying because the Taxi WON'T COME!  Angry

Cheers for reading.
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