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26  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: K&B/TSS/Ikea on: 2008 July 03, 03:26:28
This is something that only you can decide for yourself.

Choose your own fate!
Take control of your destiny!

Seriously though, they're just packs of objects and clothes and hairs. The website shows you all the items that come in the packs. Look at them and decide whether or not you like them.

You like them = worth it
You don't = not worth it

27  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2008 April 29, 04:57:02
Aah, okay... thank you Cheesy


Is it allright if I translate and simplify (with pictures Wink) this tutorial in Dutch and post it with a link to this page and give you guys credit?

Can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't mind.

Hell, just go ahead and do it. It's not like anyone can stop you anyway.
28  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2008 April 26, 03:29:54
I really like this tutorial, I hardly ever work with SimPe, but even I understand it! I do have a question though, is it possible to enable miscellaneous (for example) for toddlers so that you can decide when they have to wear a pacifier/soother/binkie?

Never tested it with toddlerz, but it won't hurt anything if you try. Just categorize the pacifier as a nosering or something and it should show up under misc.
29  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: FFS "Batbox" Lot Debugger v2.0: NUCLEAR WAR EDITION on: 2008 February 28, 22:19:55
Are there special circumstances required to use the One True Hobby selector? It's not showing up anywhere for me.
30  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Upgraded Jewelry for the BV Machine on: 2008 February 19, 03:36:07
Yeah, teens require a different mesh from adults, sadly. In theory, it's a trivial operation of just moving the piercing to the right place for a teen face and reassigning bones, but I guess that'd be too much work for lazy ol' Maxis. I probably ought to train myself how to do it.

I dunno why your wrangled jewelry is crashing you. If you upload it, I'll gladly take a look at it and see if I can find what's wrong.
31  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: OfB Bookcase Behavior - individual book sales on: 2008 January 29, 21:07:42
Okeydokey, in the zip are 3 .packages: one for career rewards, one for aspiration rewards, and one for miscellaneous rewards. As I said before, the career rewards prices are kinda wonky. I was testing out various things like maximum price (32,000 or so) and how hard it is to sell high-priced items to sims, so you'll probably want to open those in SimPE and change them to something you like. Some of the objects have multiple OBJD files, but the only one that needs a price is the main one, which will be the only one with a sale price to begin with. Sorry, but I haven't sat down yet to figure out the best prices for things. The only things included in the Miscellaneous .package are the wishing well from Seasons and the voodoo doll from Bon Voyage. The wishing well was already deletable, so I didn't change its price. The voodoo doll I set to 1000.

If I screwed something up in all my back-and-forth, let me know and I'll fix it. Also, I'd like to know if I missed any other misc. rewards so I can edit them too. Enjoy!
32  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Juicer Tweaks - Recipe Book, Stocked Produce Count, and More! - Updated on: 2008 January 29, 19:28:46
Come on, man!
33  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: OfB Bookcase Behavior - individual book sales on: 2008 January 29, 19:15:12
It's all good, Emma. I guess I was expecting too much, thinking that there might actually be something logical in the game. Now I'm just mad at the devs for not doing it that way in the first place.

doren, that's kinda what I was thinking. Or even cloning some sort of envelope object and jacking up the price, making it a voucher for the case, or making it a "free gift" for buying a bunch of lesser things. There are several different ways to get around it, so I'm not all that bummed. It was just one of those moments where I got everything working except that one stupid thing, you know?

As for making them sellable, there's a field in the OBJD that SimPE labels as "unused" (I believe it's field 0x003C, in the last section of the raw data), and in unsellable objects it's set to 1. You just change it to 0 and you're set. Aspiration rewards are easy because they already come with a price attached: the number of aspiration points required. Thus you can purchase it for aspiration, and sell it in a shop for money. The career rewards have no price, so you have to give it one in the OBJD. The nice thing is that both kinds of rewards won't sell back for money in buy mode, so the only way to sell a reward for cash is to sell it in a shop. Thus, you don't end up with a family getting $16K every time you delete a drained thinking cap. If you want, I'll post the packages I made so you don't have to bother with it too much. I didn't get around to giving the career rewards logical prices, but that's easy enough to change. So let me know if you want 'em.

J.M., thanks for the definitive answer. Now I won't have to waste a lot of time trying to fix something that I can't.
34  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: OfB Bookcase Behavior - individual book sales on: 2008 January 28, 18:35:10
I think to sell whole bookcases you need to put it on one of the ofb shelves (the box one with no upper shelves) and set it for sale by clicking on the shelf, not the bookcase. I think so anyway, I am sure I did this before I realised the books could be sold individually.

When I read that I thought, "Yeah, of course! It's so simple! It has to work!" I am in utter disbelief that it didn't. I had to use moveobjects to get the cases up on the pedestal, but even when placing one on the very top of one of the shelves, the sims still managed to reach out and grab a book. I tried setting the price by the shelf, both with the tool and through the sim, and neither worked. Blah.
35  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / OfB Bookcase Behavior - individual book sales on: 2008 January 28, 17:22:56
I only just learned today that bookcases, set for sale in a store, allow sims to buy individual books. I guess it was just something I never tried before. I actually think it's a pretty cool feature, and a nice little detail that would make a bookstore seem more realistic. Here's the problem:

I recently went through and futzed around with all the career/aspiration/other rewards to make them sellable in an OfB store. The idea is to set up a group of sims as black market dealers, earning rewards and them selling them off at a substantial markup to other sims who may have more money than time or happiness. The Education bookcase reward is, in my opinion, the big ticket item. I find that whole career track otherwise unrewarding, so I generally don't have many sims go that route, even though I'd like them to have the bookcase. The problem is that the little bastards buy the books off that shelf too, an action that J.M. Pescado has shown to be pretty much useless, as the book itself is only special as long as it coexists with the bookcase.

Ideally, it'd be nice to have the career bookcase itself buyable, while maintaining the per-book behavior of the other cases, but from what I can gather, that looks impossible. I also gather that the issue is now in the arena of BHAVs and such, which is kinda beyond my understanding. Does anyone know of a pre-existing hack (or know how to go about creating one) that would allow entire bookcases to be sold? I searched the forum, and there was some talk when OfB was new about how some people were selling books individually, while some could only sell entire bookcases, but none of the threads ever seemed to settle upon any particular reason why the behavior was different. If I missed something, I apologize, but if anyone has any ideas, it'd be nice to know. Thanks.
36  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Mascots on: 2008 January 27, 19:15:14
If the skunk idea fails, there's also the stinky prospector. Goes well with Prospect University, too.

That had been my thought too when I read this thread. That, or a giant, gold-plated turd.
37  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Upgraded Jewelry for the BV Machine on: 2008 January 27, 17:17:04
This is a follow-up to an older thread in which a bunch of us put our heads together and figured out how to upgrade pre-existing accessories for use in Bon Voyage's new jewelry scheme. There was much rejoicing, and it seemed that a new era would begin, with a flood of new jewelry appearing on this site and others around the world.

Didn't happen.

I got a PM today asking if I'd ever gotten the Family Fun Stuff Snorkels (my guinea pigs) working as BV jewelry. The answer is "Yes," but I wasn't sure how to go about sharing the item. I didn't really want to make a new thread just to share the damn snorkels, but I didn't want to tarnish the purity of the other thread's tutorialness. So, what I propose is that anyone else who has done the legwork and converted some jewelry, please share it with the rest of us for maximum happiness. I understand that the Wrangler makes the whole process easy, but you still have to find the good jewelry before you can convert it, so why not let us benefit from your discerning eye?

I'll start by contributing the snorkels. I don't have any pictures (speaking of which, can anyone recommend a good picture host?), but if you don't have FFS, you can't use these snorkels anyway, and if you do have it, you probably know what they look like already. These will override the original snorkels, completely relocating them to the "Misc" section of Jewelry. From there, you can choose what outfits you want it to appear with and whatnot.

You can read about some of the bugginess inherent in the Jewelry system in the tutorial thread. It's almost guaranteed you will experience weird behavior with these snorkels. Hell, I experience weird behavior with the default Maxis jewelry all the time. Weren't we supposed to get another patch? In any event, let me know if the snorkels just plain aren't working for you, and I'll double check to be sure that I didn't make some boneheaded mistake.

Enjoy the snorkels if you are so inclined, and please share your awesome, converted jewelry!
38  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Converting Adult BV jewelery for Teens? on: 2008 January 22, 13:48:22
Yes, you'll have to create a new mesh for the teens. Just adding them to the property set results in jewelry that's still positioned as though it's on an adult. Thus, noserings end up floating in front of foreheads, etc.
39  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: hidden stuff for preorders and other like things on: 2008 January 08, 14:10:57 has all of the various preorder items in one place. has links to preorder items, as well as various other international items and whatnot.
40  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV problems - anyone else noticed these? on: 2008 January 04, 02:38:42
I have 3.25 MB of RAM...

Yikes! Tongue

I figure this is as good a place as any to ask this: Are any of the BV hacks rendered obsolete by the official patch? I recently went through and made sure I had all the latest versions of the FFS hacks, but I wasn't completely clear on some of the manuals -- unsure whether I needed them or not, and whether having them could potentially be bad.

Much appreciated
41  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: TUTORIAL and HACK. Hacked neighborhood deco that goes ANYWHERE. on: 2007 December 30, 08:42:29
With the 'hood decor subject freshly breached, I'ma ask this:

Does anyone know what governs an objects viewability from a(nother) lot? Some objects show up in the 'hood view while others don't, and I've never been able to figure out where the difference is. I originally thought it had to do with whether or not an object had its own super-low LOD model, but various things show up in 'hood view without LOD models; they simply use the high detail model (though very small). I haven't done much with the game in an age, so I can't remember what things I want to see but can't, but I seem to recall some noteworthy statues that couldn't be seen, even though they should be 'cause they're focal-pointy.

Also, what about some of the neighborhood "effects?" I'm thinking specifically of the ground-cover effects, like the farm fields, the flower patches, and the grass/dirt/desert/concrete swatches. They do a great job of varying the terrain, but they can only be seen in 'hood view, not lot view you know. They'd probably just be big blurry messes, but sometimes I feel like anything's better than the endless repeating texture. I get the idea they're some kind of texture overlay, what with how they conform to variations in terrain level, which I'm also guessing would make them impossible to transition over to lot view, but I don't know, and I won't until I do.

Thanks for the research on 'hood decor placement. I'd meant to monkey around with that, but never got around to it. Now I don't have to, and that's just delightful.
42  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Bodyshop Face Weirdness on: 2007 September 26, 13:35:40
I noticed when I was looking through the game resources that Bigfoot has his own face archetype. I figured that it was probably hidden from normal use, but for whatever reason shows up in BodyShop as the current sim's face, I guess because Bodyshop doesn't know what else to do with it.
43  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Bon Voyage on: 2007 September 24, 23:28:26
The Sim(ulator)s 2

Edit: Actually, it'd be Sim(ulation)s, wouldn't it? Simulations within the greater simulator. Whatever. Sims 2 = the simulator. SimCity = the other simulator. SimAnt = the best simulator.
44  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Begging a la Omri Chan on: 2007 September 24, 14:09:22
Your Omri-Chan impression is terrible!

IIRC, it should be as easy as overwriting the pie menu functions and pie menu strings with the new options, but my memory isn't perfect. If I could get at my Sims computer right now, I'd just do it for you, but it'll be a couple of hours. The way I did it with Pets (and with fridges in Seasons) was to just clone a Maxis compy/fridge in Object Workshop, and compare it against the CC object. Whatever the Maxis one has that the CC one doesn't, update it in the CC.

Edit: I should probably clarify that, for the sake of completeness. Only update the CC with the stuff that pertains to Vacation interactions.

Edit2: You got me worried I'd steered you wrong. I didn't, but since I was already there, I made a package with the appropriate things.

Open it in SimPE
Right click the 2 files in turn and choose "Extract." Save them somewhere happy, and name them something logical.
Open the custom compy.
Find the "Pie Menu Functions" part. Right click the file and choose "Replace." Browse to the appropriate file you extracted.
Find the "Pie Menu Strings" part. Right click the file and choose "Replace." Browse to the appropriate file you extracted.
Save and enjoy.
45  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Door Jam Fix on: 2007 September 23, 14:32:53
Thankya for sharing this, J.M. (and thanks to Gwill, I guess, for asking for it)

Will this affect doors that stick due to being placed too close to other doors or archways via moveobjects as well, or is that a separate result of going against the intended way of things?
46  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2007 September 21, 15:04:04
Darn it, I was hoping it was something simple!

If you keep having trouble, go ahead and upload the file you've been working on and I'll take a look at it to see if I see anything.
47  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2007 September 21, 14:09:34
SimPE is annoying with throwing that error, yes. From what you said, it looks like you're highlighting the whole number and then hitting backspace, throwing the error. Just click "ok" in the error text box (or whatever the button says) and continue typing. It's more of a warning than an error, to ensure you don't put in an unsupported value. To avoid the warning completely, you can just highlight the entry and start typing (or paste the new number in), but if you're more comfortable with the first way and don't mind the warning, you can just hit "ok" and go about your business.
48  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Ack! *stabs resolution problem* on: 2007 September 17, 07:43:35
I have a 1680x1050 monitor too, and the fix is really quite simple.

I'm just going to link you to the solution at Widescreen Gaming Forum, as I couldn't really explain it any better, and that place is a fantastic resource for getting all manner of games to run widescreen.
Just replace 1920x1200 with 1680x1050.

EDIT: Forgot to add that you should edit the file in your latest EP directory. Also, be sure to back it up.
49  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2007 September 14, 13:40:45
Shoot, I'm so sorry, jfade, I completely missed your edit. Here's a really quick-and-dirty conversion of the horn-rimmed glasses that I spit out of BodyShop.

pioupiou, thanks for the info. I had managed to get nearly every piece of jewelry on a sim and had to trash her before I went crazy. Good to know it's the game's fault.
50  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to fit in new BV Accessory Section on: 2007 September 14, 12:35:02
Theoretically, it should display it as a pair, while only taking up 1 ear slot. Now, though, I'm not sure how anything is going to work. I took out my test conversions, but I'm still getting the sticking/stacking issues with the Maxis jewelry. I think my brain turned off more than a few times trying to figure that stuff out, so I wouldn't be surprised if I damaged some game file in my haze. Anyone else having those problems with jewelry? I'd love to not reinstall BV right now.
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