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1  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Miscellaneous hacks by rufio [Update: moar hacks] on: 2009 April 10, 12:51:29
NoInappropriateLoveWants is not on your wiki page, was it removed for a reason I couldn't find in the thread?
2  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Empty and Cleaned-up Templates. [UPDATED] on: 2009 March 21, 14:21:19
I could only find an empty template for the AL stealth hood, so I made a clean, Maxis-only version with the three sim bin families. If anyone's interested, it's available here.
3  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Empty and Cleaned-up Templates. [UPDATED] on: 2007 September 28, 23:18:05
There doesn't seem to be anything to download in the link for the Clean and Fixed Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville.  Is there anywhere else available to download them, or would they need to be reuploaded?
Link on page 10.
4  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: More Awesome BV templates on: 2007 September 17, 12:37:56
I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question. I tried this and it still forces on me the 40 odd vacationer's (not locals, I can live with the locals) Is this mean to be an empty replacement?

You're supposed to have antiredundancy as well, because that's what stops the game from regenerating the vacationers.
5  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Empty and Cleaned-up Templates. [UPDATED] on: 2007 September 16, 15:20:05
Thanks for posting these. My C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate folder only has a G002 file in it. Will it still function properly if I add the G001 folder you have created? Where did you find it??

The G001 folder goes to the C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Seasons\TSData\Res\UserData\Neighborhoods folder, with the usual instructions (delete neighborhood.package and Characters folder, copy contents of rar into their place).

On another note, I've uploaded the Maxis-only original hoods here (and I have the others as well, if anyone needs them).
6  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Empty and Cleaned-up Templates. [UPDATED] on: 2007 September 01, 17:50:26
I've been meaning to use the clean templates for ages, now, with a reinstall it's coming to pass. Since there were no Maxis-only templates for Seasons available, I made mine according to the tutorial, you can get them here: Riverblossom Hills, "stealth" template.
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