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1  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Drama Professor & Met Self Fix on: 2006 July 03, 21:11:37
I don't THINK I've ever had the "Met Self" memory, but I'm glads that this hack should ensure that it never crops up in the future.

Thanks once again, JMP. Smiley
2  Awesomeware / The Scrapyard / Re: Customer Selector: Hobbsee Has A Scrawny Pencil Neck! on: 2006 July 03, 14:25:06
Thanks for this one, JMP. Smiley Should be most useful in my 'Hood. Smiley

Sorry for the verbosity in your Local Walkbys thread though.  Embarrassed
3  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Local Walkbys on: 2006 July 03, 14:22:05
Thanks for the answers, JMP. Smiley

So the object will only work its mojo on OWNED Lots, eh? Well, that's handy to know. Smiley

I wonder... if maybe Twojeffs(if I ask him very nicely) might consider coding another Visitor-banning painting that could work on unowned Lots, which could be added to the set? Perhaps called the "Lady Who Hates Travellers" or "Tourists"? I figure it would be quite useful, since it would mean that you could designate individual lots as purely LOCAL shops - like grocery stores or tobacconists(convenience stores I suppose) which probably wouldn't get patrons who've come from afar just to buy a melon and a pack of cigs.... yet, a Lot such as that probably wouldn't be quite so much fun to run as an owned business, so a "Localiser Painting" or similar might be of use.

I guess I could ask at least?  Smiley

Because I had a thought you see, about the issue of enabling sims to meet and expand their social circle. Now it's true that if "out-of-towners" CAN'T visit Lots(including Community ones) in your own neck o' the woods, then it does indeed prevent you meeting them if you visit only the local haunts within your own district...

...BUT, IF you want to meet specific sims from a particular area(ie. not your own area), then an object that makes a select few individual Lots purely local would actually narrow the search... provided the playable sim makes the journey.

For instance, if I want to arrange for Don Lothario to meet and establish first contact with Lisa Ramirez, then logically the chances of finding her should be higher if I send Don out of the Pleasantview Core 'Hood, and have him visit Lots in Bluewater Village, local to her home. At present, the visitor pool from which the game draws takes in sims from all other districts as well, and - though I don't know this for certain - I'm unaware of any bias towards local sims; so in very populous 'Hood, with four or five SUB-districts, his chances of meeting her would be slim, even though he's shopping on her very street...

...but a painting that forbade non-locals would narrow the field, thus increasing his chance of finding Lisa, since the probability of the game spawning her as a visitor would be one-in-the-population-of-Bluewater and not one-in-the-population-of-the-entire-Neighborhood.

I guess it would also mean that it was applicable in games without EP3, because Uni and NL don't allow us to purchase Community Lots. But Twojeffs paintings work on unowned Lots regardless. And while I think of it now, even with EP3 you can never purchase University Comm Lots... yet it seems plausable to me that a Library on a Campus probably would not get visited by students from other colleges(depending on the rules of the faculty, they might not even be permitted admission).

Hmmm. Well, sorry to ramble, JMP... just thought I'd express my thoughts whilst I have them, since I wouldn't want everyone thinking, "Tsk! Once again Adam's wanting a Hack that's surely of no use to man or beast, and for what for what reasons could anyone require it?" Lol.

Er, anyway, having ellaborated upon a few reasons for why such a painting would be requested... is it ok to ask Twojeffs about it? That's within site rules, isn't it, JMP? I figure it's a courtesy to ask first.

Hope that's ok.  Undecided

And sorry for the long post.  Embarrassed

Thanks for your time as always. Smiley

4  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Local Walkbys on: 2006 June 29, 22:11:55
Ah, grand. So this Selector-thingy applies to Home Businesses too.

Good stuff. Smiley

If I may ask just a few more questions though... Sorry, hope you don't mind.  Undecided


With the Selector... I can take sims that I'm currently playing to Community Businesses that would otherwise ban them, yes? No restrictions there, I take it? And presumably any companions travelling with them, either as Dates, Casual Group or from the same Family, would be ok too, even if banned, yes?

Also, if on A Community Lot I use a cell phone to Invite a Sim who'd otherwise be banned, that would over-ride too? 'Cos it would use Visitor, rather than Customer parameters, right?

Finally, if I were to sell a Business Lot back to the Community, and there was a Selector on it, would its configuration settings be preserved? Like with the Time control Clock and the Visitor Adjuster etc.?

Sorry for all the questions, JMP. Hope you don't mind.
5  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Local Walkbys on: 2006 June 29, 21:50:26
Ah, that sounds pretty groovy, JMP.

I'll have to look into the Customer Selector. Smiley

As it happens, I do tend to purchase all Comm Lots with my sims - even those I intend to turn back over to the Community - so that I can set up certain factors, spawn various Adjusters and InSIM sectionals, set the game's speed with Merola's Time Control Clock etc.

So yeah, that's gotta be worth a look.

Thanks for that.

But one thing though... seems the hack(this hack) isn't doing anything for me OR syperspunk.

Now, I don't know IF this is relevant, but further up the page it was mentioned that "If you, like me, are playing into a custom hood and have previously DELETED the default hoods, you don't need this mod."... well, I'm playing Pleasantview because my custom 'hood got messed up when I installed OfB. Might this be in some way related?

Also, I noticed that at least SOME of my unwanted visitors showed up AFTER I'd opened a Business on the Lot in question. Does THIS Hack(not the Selector, but this one) only work on Residential Lots with no Businesses?

Just wondering. Maybe they weren't Walkbys at all, rather Customers....

...HOWEVER, the Business was Closed at the time they showed up, and, when I checked the Customer Loyalty thingy, it said I'd had no customers. Huh So, I'm not sure if these three visitors were walkbys or customers(maybe they were customers, but I'd asked them to leave before serving any of them).

Hmmm... a few issues to sort.

Would you recomend that I put the Customer Selector on all HOME Businesses(Residential) as well as Community Lots, just to be sure?
6  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Local Walkbys on: 2006 June 29, 13:56:21
I love the idea of this Hack, JMP. Thanks for writing it.

For a LONG time I've wondered if something like this might be possible - back in my PRE-OfB days I had two universities attached to my 'Hood, which I wanted kept as "no go" areas for outsiders, whilst at the same time keeping their occupants from wandering far afield without invitation to other sub 'hoods. A Hack like this is just the thing.

Sadly that ol' 'Hood o' mine is gone, erradicated, destroyed due to a bad install of OfB Sad but I'm slowly rebuilding, bigger and better than before... and this Hack may well enable me to do this time what I'd been unable to do before. Smiley

So you have my sincere thanks for that, JMP. Smiley

Just one question - am I right in concluding that this does not affect Community Lots? I'd LOVE a way of restricting access on Comm Lots to "locals only"... especially since we can't save the "Visitor Adjustment" settings(Twojeffs' excellent hack) on Comm Lots. 

Edit: Hmmm... alas, JMP, this Hack doesn't seem to be doing anything in my game at least. Townies show up as notmal, unlike on jsalemi's PC, and I've had uninvited visitors arrive on the Lot, who live far away in other Downtowns, Universities and Business Districts. And all of that lot happened within about two or three sim hours of loading up the game with this Hack installed for the first time.

This wasn't on a Community Lot either, but a Residential one... so I don't know why that should have happened.  Huh  Undecided
7  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Playable Shoppers on: 2006 March 27, 19:21:08
Ah, well if it's a question of feasability, JMP, then yes, of course I fully appreciate where you're at there. Smiley

It is a shame though that Maxis buried something so, as syberspunk puts it, "borked/broked", in such an inaccessible place. Sad

One might've thought they would at least have made a distinction between Catalogue and Craftable for Inventory purposes though, eh? Ensuring that only Craftables went in, or something like that. Clearly there's some discrepency between how the game identifies them, as Craftables need to be remade and put into the Owner's Inventory before they can be Restocked, so they clearly made them different in some way. Shame they didn't differentiate between the two for "purchasing purposes" as it were.

Oh well.

As before, I remain endebted to you for the Hack you've given us, JMP, and reiterate the thanks I mentioned above. While it doesn't do 100% of what I'd initially requested in my post to Squinge a few days back, it does nonetheless afford the user a measure of insurance against PCs running rampant with chequebooks on Lots where they have no sane desire to do so. For example, buying cars if they have no driveway or even room for one.

And that's certainly an improvement.

Thanks. Again.

But, syberspunk, I confess I'm somewhat surprised that you would consider it "cheaty" to have a hack such as the one I've talked about. I don't see how it's cheating to ensure that our Families(when NOT being played) aren't ever wasting their funds on spurious items they don't need(or which we don't want them to have), or which they can't use.

In previous releases - TS2 and its first two EPs - this was not possible for them. I don't really see how it would be cheating to make it impossible for that again.

They'd still be able to make purchases, through either the Catalogue or by visiting shops when we take them there. That's the way it's always been. Run out of food and you take your sim to the Grocer's(I lifted the Permafridge out of my game when I installed OfB because it was preventing this), and so you could still do that - including shopping for Crafted Items. None of that would be removed, and the playable sims' spending power would still be constricted by their families' budgets. So I don't see how it would be at all Cheaty.

The only Cheating as far as I can see would be by the console("Kaching" and "Motherlode"), and would be down to the conscience of the player.

I'm not quite sure I get your drift.

In any event, as I said before, I have no idea if such a hack would be possible, and if you assure me, JMP that it would be difficult at best - and moreover that it would be undesirable for it to be in your game - then I certainly don't cast doubt upon that, as I know nothing about Maxis code, as I freely admit.

But I'm not sure how it could be seen as Cheaty.  Huh
8  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Playable Shoppers on: 2006 March 27, 15:21:48
True, but I had of course already asked if it could be done such a way, and JMP had said that he felt it would a) prompt people to complain, and b) hinder the game by stopping purchases of craftable Items.

Hence my discourse to expalin WHY I felt that it's a good idea.

I could of course have been briefer, very much like yourself, and said "Could you do it this way," but that would've made no sense at all without an explanation of WHY.

Beyond an unreasoned demand, my tacit friend, there is something we like to call "discussion". It's how literate people express a point of view.

I'm sure JMP understands.
9  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Playable Shoppers on: 2006 March 27, 12:33:24
Well, depending on your stores, you may *WANT* your sims to have what they buy. This is particularly true when they buy some of those nice handy snapdragons from my playables-allowed store, and I find them in their inventory later, saving me the bother of having to drive over there and fight with the obnoxious browsers to buy out the store. Tongue

I note you use the word "depending", ie. in some circumstances it may be that some purchases made randomly by sims over whom the player has no control may JUST prove not to have been completely undesirable and thus, it VERY OCCASIONALLY vindicates the inventory-based shopping system we currently have... so that Playable sims can buy snapdragons.

Yes, but then people would start demanding it the other way, because they might WANT the items they purchase. Ultimately this seems to be no-win, except to selectively ban playables from patronizing establishments NOT suitable for them, and allow them into others.

The present No Playables allows this level of control: You can permit playables on a shopwide basis by hiding the token on your lot, or you can permit SPECIFIC playables to show up at all lots, or you can ban all but specifically exempt playables.

To be entirely honest with you, JMP, I'm very surprised to see you of all people write this kind of thing. As someone I've always admired for thinking outside the Box, and grasping the simplistest and most elegant solution to a simple problem.

Lovely though the idea above IS, of banning specific sims from specific Lots, while allowing others - and believe me, I welcome it, and have always wanted to be able to do it - you can't seriously mean that it's the most convenient and easily playable way to prevent UNwanted purchases, surely? Not when you've got to configure each Lot individually(or each sim) every time, and then wait for the required sim to show up when the game randomly chooses, and then persuade them to purchase the right item you want them to have, while steering them away from purchasing stuff you DON'T want them to buy, then reset the configuration to prevent them returning, then, later, remember to extract the item(s) from their Inventory, removing(at a loss) any superfluous item(s) they may also have bought, and then putting on display any you want to keep... all for the sake of the occasional Snapdragon or any other crafted Items...?

...and all that in favour of keeping a very clunky and NON-foolproof Inventory-based purchase system? When a far more workable and easier system would be to have the Illusory system of "fake" purchases, as outlined by jdanddpt, which would prevent, with 100% effectiveness, any unwanted purchases(and thus necessitate Inventory clearances) that slipped through the net?

I find that hard to believe, sir, coming from a man with the awesome intellect you have always hitherto shown.

I mean, if a Global Hack that worked the way jdanddpt suggested, WHO would seriously wish to return to the way things currently work, and burden him/herself with the necessary, Lot-specific set-up, for the sake of a few crafted items, which could far easier be purchased on Residential Lots with this Collection:

It contains ALL the flowers, toys and robots(to my knowledge), and they can be placed directly in the sims' homes. Job done. On my other PC to my right, I've just tested this by purchasing a Snapdragon Bouquet and placed it on a desk in a Residential Lot. No problems. The OFB Craft Objects Collection solves the issue of "the bother of having to drive over there and fight with the obnoxious browsers to buy out the store."

This Collection would thus(if a Global "No Inventory purchasing" Hack complemented it) remove the need for ever, as you put it, wanting sims to keep what they buy(on Business or Community Lots). When would a user ever require their playables to keep the stuff they'd bought, if just about every Community- and Craftable- item from all EPs is available for instant purchase in one Shop-at-Home Collection or another?

Now, I grant you that I have no idea whether or not a Global Hack such as the one jdanddpt and myself talked about is at all possible; nor do I know if it is easy to code; nor do either of us have any right to demand it or expect it of you or anyone else for that matter. Not one iota.

BUT, I do declare that it's by far the best and most playable way of rectifying this "unwanted Inventory Items" problem... and it would leave nothing to chance, while still permitting playables to visit our Businesses by default, and a the Hack in THIS thread would serve to complement it as a nice, optional filtration process to go along with it.

And if, as you point out, some users were to start "demanding it the other way, because they might WANT the items they purchase", why on Earth would they DL such a Hack in the first place?  Huh  Nobody would be forcing them to.   

JMP, with all due respect, I've always admired you for the work you have done, and for your keen intelligence, which has time and again proven that YOU, above all others, have out-thought both Maxis and the average user vis-a-vis how the game can be made more convenient and easily playable with a minimum of unwanted micromanagment and handling during said gameplay... that is precisley why your arrogance and frequent lip-ripping are justified(we wouldn't endorse them if that weren't so).

Thus, surely you must see how a Hack, the nature of which I speak, coupled with use of the Collection I linked to, provides a foolproof solution which covers every eventuality while ellimating the need for ever again worrying about who's allowed where or who's filled their pockets with what useless crap?

Am I wrong? 
10  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Offer Cheap: Don't Give Away My Store! on: 2006 March 27, 02:36:02
No, I confess I haven't had that problem.

I have other bugs - for example everytime I attempt to Make Toys or Robots it completely freezes the game - but I don't have the bug you mentioned, TheCheat.
11  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Offer Cheap: Don't Give Away My Store! on: 2006 March 27, 01:21:59
Yes I have issues with the employee sales people too. The AI could be a little bit better for it. Like if they try to sell to someone and the customer has a negative reaction maybe they should not try to sell to them again right away. DUH

AGREEEED x a million there, my friend. I had a Sales Employee with a Gold Badge in Sales hassle a customer all the way down to five red marks in the space of about 5(real) minutes or less. Unbelievable. The Customer stormed out and will undoubtedly NOT be returning.

What made me really annoyed was that there were other people she could've picked on.

Having driven one customer away though, that's exactly what she then went and did.

Total madness.
12  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Playable Shoppers on: 2006 March 27, 00:43:00
Actually, I think the version that works that way has been availiable since the day after I made the request. The Awesome one just hasn't updated the first post's readme to  reflect it.

Erm, when you say "a version that works that way," you mean that playable sims who shop there don't part with their families' funds and get their Inventories filled with rubbish(as I've hoped and prayed would come from somewhere)? Or do you mean, as one of the above posts mentioned, simply a version whereby playable sims can be permited back onto specified Lots?

Sorry, just wanting a clarification.

I've tried it that way in home lots, and it worked fine.,  Haven't tried it on owned community lots, because I haven't been able to find the money order in the community-lot catalog. plan to move one there to a community lot with inventory tonight.

There is another way to do it while AT the Business Lot - it can even enable you to buy stuff that's not anywhere in the Community Catalogue. Use the Business Tag Tool, and put the Lock ON. Residential-only items will appear, and be purchased as STOCK. Then just use the Tag tool again to De-STOCK them, and they can then no longer be purchased, but will instead remain and act as functionable items as normal. Smiley
13  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Playable Shoppers on: 2006 March 25, 22:32:36
What a stupid, stupid, stupid feature, by Maxis.  Thanks for this patch.

At first, I assumed that playable Sims bought stuff the same way townies do... 1) pull money out of thin air, 2) make object disappear.  That's how it should be.  Of all the times to choose a "realistic" implementation of a feature, instead of a much more playable alternative that requires some suspension of disbelief... Maxis really blew it on this one.

That's exactly how it should be, my friend, and God alone knows what possessed Maxis to do it the way they did. Can they have been so earth-shatteringly short-sighted as to have imagined for a second that players wouldn't get seriously fed up of cleaning out Inventories, time after weary time, of useless crap? I think it's probably that same trade-mark "no Alpha-testing" policy they have which peculiarly resulted in Messrs Le Tourneau et al failing to notice within, oooh, 14-and-a-half seconds, that Objects can no longer be placed in roads and on sidewalks... and then actually releasing the product onto the shelves in such a poor state of health.

Too bad the only solution is to prevent playable Sims from entering the lot.  If only you could code it so that their shopping transactions (as visitors) have no effect on their inventory or their cash... oh well...

I too wish it were so. Indeed I posted a request of this to Squinge(he, like JMP, has been working tirelessly to help turn OfB into something approaching playable) on the forum at

I was directed to here by Sleepycat - my thanks to you, BTW.

I thank you unremittingly for this hack, JMP. While it doesn't re-address the STUPID sales coding in quite the way I'd have liked(ie. the way jdanddpt describes in the post above mine), it is nonetheless an improvement.

I should like to concur with the user who requested that we have an over-riding controller item for specific Lots of course. It'd be a shame if playable sims never again visit our Gyms, Nightclubs and Cafés. But for the time being, it's better that than filling their pockets with unwanted crap.

Thanks ever so much, JMP.

14  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Smarter Cashier on: 2006 March 22, 20:50:25
Y'know, it's things like THIS that make me wish Maxis would send advance copies of their EPs to JMP to Beta Test and debug sort of two or three months before inflicting them on the rest of us.

The ****** "Location out of Bounds" bug is another of course. How no one spotted THAT during weeks or even months of testing before its release, when it took me about 10 minutes after installing, God alone knows.

Anyway, yes, better Cashiers. Thank GOD!

By which I mean thank YOU, JMP. Wink
15  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: University Final Clock on: 2006 March 08, 12:19:35
Just an FYI for those of you who may be interested.

As far as I can tell, this clock IS ok with OFB.

Damned good job too, as for some bizarre reason Mortimer Goth(I restarted Pleasantview from scratch yesterday) had a LTW of "Be Celebrity Chef"!!!

Somehow that seemed inappropriate, so thank GOD(well, thank JMP at any rate) I could change it. Wink
16  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: AutoYakYak Macro Phone Caller (01/29/06) on: 2006 March 08, 12:14:01
Forgive me if I'm asking a question that's already been answered elsewhere, but is this hack OFB-Compatible?

Indeed, are Hacks in the Armory here because they are ok with it?

I know most of them PREDATE OFB of course, but can one assume that they REMAIN here unaltered - rather than put BACK INTO the Firing Line - because they're in need of no alteration?

Sorry, it's just I'm a bit confused about which of the OLDER Hacks are safe and which aren't.  Huh
17  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Bathroom Controller: In Soviet Russia, Bathroom Uses You! on: 2006 February 11, 13:40:11
I didn't realize that Inge's lockable doors would cause a problem with the bathroom controller until I had a child with high active points freeze in mid-air as he was running to the bathroom, and stay there for a couple of minutes, just floating off the ground.  Smiley There wasn't anyone in the bathroom, and I couldn't figure out what the problem was until I clicked on the bathroom door and saw it locked behind the last person who left quickly.  Unlocking it freed the kid from his freeze, and when he was done I removed the lockable bathroom doors from all my lots...

I'm interested to note that in someone else's game too the sim froze when he couldn't reach the toilet.

This clarifies my thinking on the problem. It has effectively nothing to do with doors and their configuration, or whether or not the TP can recognise them, it's all to do with the Action Queue.

You see, IF I were to place a bookcase in a corner, and then stick a potted plant imediately in front of it, then click on the bookcase and tell a sim to "Read Book", it would fail, because the bookcase cannot be reached. The action would be dropped. If I did the same thing with a toilet and a potted plant, and tried to tell a sim to use the toilet, the same thing would happen. The action would fail, it would be dropped from the queue, and the sim would go and do something else. Now this has nothing to do with hacked objects or the configuration of any of them and their abilities to "co-operate" with each other, it's simply that a "route failure" SHOULD result in the action being dropped - whether that route failure is due to a locked door or a plant pot in front of the clicked object shouldn't matter... the object is inaccessible, the sim fails to reach it - the action is dropped.

Yet, in my experience, and that of jsalemi, this does not seem to happen with the summons of the TP. The action never drops when the sim can't get to the object.

Now, I MAY be wrong, but I don't THINK it's the doors which are at fault. I've placed objects like bookcases in rooms which are locked, and clicked on them with the selected sim(who had no access), and he she would simply turn, look at the door, and fail to enter. The action would be dropped from the queue with no fuss, and he/she would wander off and look for something else to do. A simple case of Inaccessible Object(for whater reason) = Failed Route = Drop Action and do something else.

The doors, in all cases that I've tested, seem fine with this. And furthermore, Inge Jones says, I BELIEVE, that sims SHOULDN'T AUTONOMUSLY try to reach/interact with objects and other sims that are the other side of the locked door(s).

My play-testing of her doors would seem to support this. I've NOT had instances of sims trying to get into each others apartments to chat to their neighbours behind a locked door, nor read each others books nor play each others pinball machines etc. They don't EVEN try to serve food for their Neighbours if there are insufficent places available in their own Apartments/Accessible Areas. And that really IS a breakthrough. Out of sight really does seem to be out of mind.

Yet they'll still try to enter each other's locked apartments to use their neighbours' toilets if and when summoned by the toilet roll.

Now this WOULDN'T be a problem IF the the Action would drop from the Queue upon Route Failure, but unfortunately that is not the case.

If the Action would drop, the problem would be solved, and it would seem that Locking Configuration is(or at least would be) irrelevant.
18  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Bathroom Controller: In Soviet Russia, Bathroom Uses You! on: 2006 February 11, 00:09:20
Bathroom-autoservice is meant to eliminate the need for locking bathrooms at all.

I would totally agree, JMP. I never lock bathroom doors, only front doors to properties. Unfortunately the problem I have is with neighbours being summoned to a toilet inside a locked apartment. Sad

I'm interested to read that you say the Use Toilet Action CAN be cancelled. I've not found that to be the case. And even if it were, that's still a problem for visitors and NPCs, unless you use other hacks/hacked objects to take control of them.

However, IF the action were not Permanently queued, a solution to sims trying to break into their neighbour's toilets would theoretically be possible, and depend NOT on the specific traits of the sim him/herself and how the TP identifies them, 'cos that would be impossible. Rather the notion of TIME.

In other words, IF the action were to disappear from the target sim's queue AUTONOMOUSLY in the event of failure... just as surely a sim will give up waiting to "Chat" if the intented Chatee is busy, and the action disappear after about 5 sim minutes, so too could the "Use Toilet" action vanish if the sim failed to get there within that time. He/she would then be free to wander off elsewhere. This would mean that unselectable sims like visitors won't get pinned to the spot permanently; after a few moments of "failed route", they'd give up trying to reach the bathroom and find something else to do.

Then, to prevent perpetual RE-summoning, it would be cool if the FREQUENCY with which the loo roll issued its summons were far less - like once per 30 sim minutes, instead of constantly - or at least configurable.

This way, sims that are trying to use someone else's toilet in an apartment they can't enter would at least have a chance for 30 minutes of freedom, hopefully to find the toilet in their OWN flat, before being summoned again.

Just my thought. Less a case of the controller being able to recognise doors and THEIR configuration(which is of course impossible), and more a case of toning down the eagerness of the thing and reducing its ability to jam an action queue permanently.

Very handy for apartment blocks... and I am told that Twojeffs is interested in creating a hack or hacks to further the cause of Apartment Living and make it work realistically. If the TP were able to be modified a little, it would be an invaluable asset in that area.

Just a suggestion.
19  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Bathroom Controller: In Soviet Russia, Bathroom Uses You! on: 2006 February 10, 16:06:45
JMP, I've read through the opening post, in an effort to try and ascertain something, but can't, so I hope you don't mind if I ask direct.

Does this NEW version take into account toilets/showers/tubs that are in rooms Inaccassible to the sim? In other words, if a sim is near a bathroom with a locked door - be it a simlogical one or a Maxis Gender specific one, or even one programmed with your Security Alarm - will the toilet roll still try to summon them in...?

And if it does, will it still freeze them for the rest of their lives, as the old version did?

I've had this happen with my sims. They've walked past a bathroom and been summoned to go and pee, but due to the door barring them, they just stand there forever with the hammer and sickle permanently stuck in their action queue... and it CAN'T be cancelled out.

To free them up again, one has to MoveObjects and delete the loo roll.

Does the new version cater for this, and summon only those sims who CAN enter said bathroom?

20  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Making my own townies/downtownies on: 2006 January 21, 23:49:47
It depends where you "release" them as townies.
Thus, townies you create and release downtown will become downtownies and likewise for uni (ya only, of course) and your main hub.

I don't think that's true at all. Townies don't specifically live ANYWHERE as such. They are simply folk who wander the Neighborhood. Furthermore, they stroll around from one SUB-Neighborhood to another, so there's no such thing as Townies versus Downtownies. Not as far as I can tell.

YAs at Uni will visit both Residential AND Community Lots in your Core 'Hood and your Downtowns(I've seen them there). And, prior to Installing the "No Shove After Look Through" Mod, I found that one of the Dads living in my Core Neighborhood had a habit of turning up on Campus to do the shoving.

It is however true that Uni NPCs, such as Cheerleaders, Streakers and Mascots etc. will only do their annoying BS On Campus, although there's a hack on MTS2 for people weird enough to WANT these irritating NPCs visiting their NON-Uni 'Hoods.

But, apart from the Uni NPCs, which I always BAN from all my Lots, thanks to Twojeffs' marvelous work, I don't honestly think it matters WHERE you make a Townie or NPC. I THINK they'll show up just about anywhere.

Though I haven't looked at the coding, so I couldn't swear to it.
21  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Unlinkage On Urnstone Delete on: 2005 November 30, 17:09:25
All you do is get the Sim to click on the gravestone and send it wherever they want to (there is an option to send it to Gothier Green Lawns if you have the default Downtown).  The ghosts will then stand and wave goodbye and their gravestones will disappear in a puff of smoke.  You then need to go to the cemetery in build mode, where the gravestones will be waiting by the mailbox for you to place wherever you want them.  Should you want to return them to a lot later, the Sim who lives on the lot needs to go to the cemetery and click on them again, then choose "Send home".  There is never actually any need for them to go into the inventory unless a Sim is moving house, as far as I can see.

Wow! I never knew that!! :O Is it in the Nightlife manual? I sure as heck don't remember reading it.

Thanks. Smiley
22  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: No Unlinkage On Urnstone Delete on: 2005 November 29, 20:07:18
This sounds truly Awesome, JMP. Smiley I've had real problems with Dead sims becoming erased from History in a disconcertingly Stalinist way. I'd swear the Maxoids have all been reading too much "1984" inbetween coding sessions.

I am most grateful for this fix. Smiley

I have a question however, and I do realise that I'm putting myself forward for a good lip-ripping here, but...

...How do we move urnstones to Community Lots(Cemetaries)?

As far as I can conjecture, the only way to do it is to make your Community Cemetary a Residential Lot(with Changelotzoning, and you'd need Carrigon's "Lost-n'-found" Mailbox and Trashcan), then you Move a sim in, summon a sim from the Deceased's Household(who has the Urnstone in His/Her INVentory), then, using a selection device like Merola's Mirror, get said-Deceased's-Household-Member to place it on this Lot, then Move Out the Resident(for which you'll need Inge Jones' Moveout Object Stayer, or else everything on the Lot will vanish, and what's more, the Stayer doesn't catch all Community-in-Res Items, like the Cellphone dispensor for instance), and then finally use the Changelotzoning cheat AGAIN to return the Lot to a Community Lot.

And you'd have to do this EVERY time a sim died and needed transplanting.

Sounds ghastly to me. Sad I am of a mind simply to have a Residential cemetary on a Priest's/Vicar's/Rabbi's(etc.) Lot, where I send sims to die and be buried, then simply Summon mourners over to his Lot for a bit of grieving now and again.

Unless I'm missing something? How does one move Urnstones to Community Lots an easier way? You can't access their Inventories on Community Lots, afterall. I've tried that.

If anyone here knows of an easier way, I'm all ears. Smiley
23  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: mods that do and don't work on: 2005 October 16, 23:56:22
Another bug issie to report here I'm afraid.

I've found that EasyBreakup causes problems. What it does is spam the sim's action queue with a command to drink a Love Potion(assuming they have one or more in their Inventory). Prior to the patch, this would then be followed by DEATH! Yikes! Not an animated death, just a winking out of existence, and Live Mode greyed out if no other sims remained on the Lot.

Now interestingly, on MTS2 some other users reportd that this hack worked fine for them, but it's possible that these users had only been running the game and playing it with sims who hadn't yet bought any Love Potions. Who knows?

Moreover, I should stress that it may be a Vampire-related issue. The only sim I have who possesses any Love Potions is a vampire. Now, this repeated autonomous potion-drinking is a bug I encountered before - the CloserFamily-OptionPatch.package created by vagrant caused this swilling frenzy too... but only if/when this sim was a vampire. Using Eric's Life State Adjustor I could toggle between vamp and human, and I found that when human this problem did not ocurr.

It was a downer incidently, as the OptionalPatch was the only part of vagrant's hack that I actually wanted. I'm not particularly eager for my sims to be incestuous, quite frankly. But the Add-on gave an option for the Opposite - ie. to allow UNrelated sims to perform the "Family Kiss" interaction. I REALLY wanted that bit of it in my game, but with NL it causes this Love Potion spam on vampires. Sad

Anyway, I THINK that EasyBreakup has those very same problems. I think it just affects vampires. Still, I'm glad I've got the patch. At least now it doesn't add killing them into the bargain.

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