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1  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: More Awful Than You! February: SKINS on: 2008 February 14, 02:36:27
lol I know, Ella. I'm amused myself. MATY indeed. It's kind of the anti-dating site of the whole internet. Aside from, maybe, BNABBT.

Personally, I don't care one way or another. I'm not insulted or annoyed or anything. I think it's funny. ^^ But seriously, Luke, you let yourself in for that one. Shiny red is not the way to make people notice...(though, admittedly, I DID notice. Wink)
As did Pescado . That's the first time I've seen someone be canned before they had even posted in RL.
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Alternatives to Trillian? on: 2008 February 12, 12:46:02
I thought GAIM went pay, and that it only works for AOL Instant Messenger. Am I wrong?
Completely, you might be thinking of DeadAIM or something (I don't use AIM). Pidgin covers multiple clients, and is completely free. If you want to use MSN though, you will need to upgrade to one of the latest versions, as they changed how the protocol worked a couple of months ago, making all non-official clients stop working properly (it even stopped Microsoft's own client in the Xbox 360 from working!), but it's fixed in the latest version.
3  Awesomeware / Playsets & Toys / Re: Salvaged Stories Crap on: 2008 February 12, 02:07:01
Smiley Can you make the "Pet Contest" from "The Sims Pet stories" for the "real"The Sims 2"?? It's that possible?? Would be very nice to have that! The don't put this in the "Pets"-expansion pach. Can you make this work for "The Sims 2",please??
This isn't possible, as noted on the first page of this thread.
4  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Well-the Unsavoury Charlatan finally showed up. on: 2008 February 12, 01:51:04
Crumplebottom, I believe. I ended up summoning her to one of the Downtown lots because after three generations of public makeouts, woohoo, and general Sim debauchery she still hadn't made an appearance. I haven't sent another Sim out yet to see if that kickstarted her into being in everyone's business.
If you have the Visitor Controller installed, I'm fairly sure that it blocks Crumplebottom by default.
5  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Mitch is bugged and buggy on: 2008 January 28, 23:31:17
What a coincidence, so am I, wait is it emulated or from a cartridge?

Actually, I think there is both. There is a guy at work who ordered this thing for his DS and now he can pirate games and play them on his DS. My memory is horrible, I wish that I could remember what it's called, as I would be very interested in acquiring one for myself. Ahh well, time to work on my google-fu. I would like to play the second Phoenix game and there is a third coming out sometime soon.
Morriganrant is right, I use a R4DS for all my DS ARRing.
6  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Mitch is bugged and buggy on: 2008 January 28, 08:19:59
Hey, Venusy! What's with the new avatar? Some sort of story behind that? What happened to the Municipality?
Well, I've been playing an ARR'd copy of the first Phoenix Wright game recently, and since the current HOP invasion of RL makes me feel like banging my head against a wall repeatedly, it was obvious what to do next. I'll change it back after the outcome of the Senate vote to punish MegAnne.

Untrue. EAxis download manager version phones home every time, thus transmitting all of your personal information on your computer back to its EAxis managers. It is evil spyware. Do not use that version!
Doesn't the disc version do this anyway if you leave it connected to the Internet?
7  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Mitch is bugged and buggy on: 2008 January 28, 07:47:12
But the EA download manager versions are the exact same as the regular CD versions, just with the security set to check if Download Manager can establish a connection to EA's servers, instead of checking that you have the CD/DVD in the drive. Other than that, there is no difference between the two versions of the game.
8  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What's in YOUR Downloads? on: 2008 January 27, 09:35:35
The "ij" prefix implies that they're from Inge Jones, meaning that you should be able to find them at Simlogical.
9  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The bork pool for L&P Sims 2 "Free Time / Hobbies / Numpty Crap" EP7 on: 2008 January 23, 22:26:17
I am fairly worried about the Lifetime Friends feature. Given everything we know from previous statements, a "low chance of relationship decay" actually means a "0% chance of relationship decay" (much like how an "increased chance of twins" actually means a "100% chance of twins"). To this end, they will probably also be hilariously easy to obtain, leading to more useless relationship panel spam.

And given that the Lifetime Aspiration meter will probably be powered by Lifetime Wants, it's almost a certainty that sims who have previously fulfilled LTWs won't get all/any of them counted towards the LTAM.
10  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Limiting number of sims on a community lot on: 2008 January 22, 21:38:01
Follow the same instructions as how to increase it, but replace the big number with a small number. Enter in UserStartup.cheat for it to take effect universally.
11  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What are your PC specs? on: 2008 January 22, 00:05:25
Welcome to December 2005.
12  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Please change back the FAQ thread title! on: 2008 January 20, 20:32:32
If I change the title to something else, it will violate my secret agenda of increasing workplace productivity by getting MATY blocked.

However, I will attempt to change the FAQ's title once per month. Here are some future planned titles:

"J.K. Rowling announces new Harry Potter book"
"EA announces Sims 3, click here for details"
"Win a free iPod! CLICK HERE!"
13  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: System freezes when trying to open the game - is BV the cause? on: 2008 January 19, 16:54:46
Clarification: it will attempt to install from the .exe regardless of which type of account you're using. The thing installed during a non-admin installation is just so that SecuROM can get admin access so it can install itself later (it might install itself there and then as well, but the key thing is that it installs a module that allows it to reinstall itself from the .exe even if the .exe is run without admin access).
14  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The bork pool for L&P Sims 2 "Free Time / Hobbies / Numpty Crap" EP7 on: 2008 January 15, 18:30:08
Maybe it's actually an NPC...

Wait, if it is the Tragic Clown, and it does have the same method of "removal", won't that mean complete disaster given the increase in the deadliness of fires in TS2?

FAKE EDIT: Or was there an easier way to get rid of the TC in Sims 1? Back when I played TS1, I got most of my information from the Prima guide... oh.
15  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The bork pool for L&P Sims 2 "Free Time / Hobbies / Numpty Crap" EP7 on: 2008 January 12, 12:09:42
The twins thing is a total lie. Wasn't there something about cookies that was supposed to improve twin odds but did nothing?
That was a rumour started around the time of TS2's release. Eventually, it got so well known that EA actually created a food which increased twin odds (cheesecake, introduced in OFB). However, due to buggy programming, it increased the odds to 100%. I have no doubts that the EP7 increase will either be the same as the cheesecake increase, or complete bullshit.

Any Sim with the bad luck to become a zombie vampire werewolf plantsim (insert EP7 weirdo here) will either constantly error due to a lack of foresight on how many layers a Sim should be able to display, or the skin colour will change randomly and generally look terrible.
16  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2008 January 12, 01:23:46
General SecuROM question: all versions of SecuROM are bad, but are some (e.g. the ones included with BV/the BV patch/TSS) worse than others? Because something seems to have installed SecuROM v7.01 on my PC without me noticing it, but all the games I have on this PC are running fine even with DAEMON Tools running.
17  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The bork pool for L&P Sims 2 "Free Time / Hobbies / Numpty Crap" EP7 on: 2008 January 10, 20:25:53
Due to some confusing "fix", the invitations for any crafting-related "party" in the phone tree will show in yet another instance of "Throw a Party." My New Year's Party thing already does this. I hate that.
Easy fix: open %LATEST EP INSTALL DIRECTORY%/TSData/Overrides/HolidayNewYearsPartyFix.package (or something to that effect) in SimPE. Find the pie menu string for English_uk, and remove the ellipsis. Then retype the ellipsis. Save, and it should be fixed. You'll need to recopy the package for every future EP.

TECHNICAL EXPLANATION: EA did the pie menu string "translation" for that package with Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word likes replacing a three-character ellipsis with a one-character ellipsis. This means that the two are seen as different things by the game, creating the duplicate entry.

PREDICTIONS: SecuROM will be updated again, but this is obvious. Relationships scores between family and friends will decrease much, much faster while "in the zone". Sims will autonomously get "in the zone" on community lots, and will not come out of the zone until they die or are close to dying. There will be at least 300 new "WHERE R TIRPLETS AND QAUDS/NO FREINDS 4 CAERERS???/???//" threads.
18  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: January More Awful Than You! Pets, pets, pets... on: 2008 January 06, 23:46:30
It doesn't compare to corpso or happy kitty, but there is a creator on MTS2 whose only creations are sim pets made to look like Pokemon. Its really pretty pathetic as none of them are very good.
Post a pic, PLZ!

You can see these don't look right even from the preview pics. The only ones that look close to what they're meant to be are Growlithe, Arcanine, Houndour, and Houndoom, and those all have something noticably wrong with them as well.
19  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Life Stories - which version of awesome hacks to use? on: 2008 January 06, 13:47:12
OFB, and it does say this in the thread you linked to:
InSIMenator (UV) v2.5 OBJ Edition - not fully tested but seems to work okay, allows pregnancy past the limit of 4 sims in family
Find a Mate Crystal Ball (OFB version) (TwoJeffs) (Squinge)
Paintings Stay Viewable (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
Buyable Reward Collections (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
No Smart Milk Drag -TJ (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
Self Exploding Bottles (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
Lazy Anim Fix Only (OFB version) (TwoJeffs) (Squinge)
Baby Wants Fix (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
No Whining at Missing Objects (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
Homework Sometimes (OFB version) (TwoJeffs) - only the "sometimes" part could be tested.
Abductions - Higher Odds (OFB version) (TwoJeffs) - couldn't really test this one beyond the fact that no errors are generated when using the telescopes. No one got abducted in two days.
Same Sex Marriage (OFB version) (TwoJeffs)
Triplets & Quads (OFB version ONLY) (TwoJeffs) (Squinge)
no20khandouts (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
sshack (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
marriage-traditional (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
ffsdebugger (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
autosoc (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
autoyak (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
skillinator (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
macrotastics (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
encouragifactor (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
noagediscrimination (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
noaplusspam (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
marriage-postmortum (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
phonehack + phonehack-talkmodule (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
comm-skilling (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
thefightclub (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
callover (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
debugabductionfix (OFB version) (JM Pescado)
20  Ye Olde Simmes 2 Archives: Dead Creators / Ye Olde Syberspunke Archives / Re: Testers Wanted: Move In All Pets or Later Version + fixes (Updated 1/2/08) on: 2008 January 06, 12:49:24
Umm... the links aren't working. Am I doing something wrong? I noticed you have a different setup for your hacks than Pescado has.
Use the links to the attached files (at the bottom of Syberspunk's post) instead of the MTS2 links. If you'd prefer Syberspunk to have a hack directory as well, start a thread in Cheese With Your Whine.
21  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What's in YOUR Downloads? on: 2008 January 05, 16:56:08
The magic wand lets you depreciate everything on a lot, so a newly furnished 30,000$ house becomes a 18,000$ starter/retirement home with old furniture.
Its primary purpose is to recover Sims who have got trapped between lots, but furniture depreciation happens to be a side effect.
22  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Trepie's Budget Awesomesauce on: 2008 January 05, 02:06:14
Doesn't the Clean Pack Installer ignore that? (And if it does, do you end up with a lot with non-compatible features erased/replaced, or a lot that freezes on load?)
23  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: January More Awful Than You! Pets, pets, pets... on: 2008 January 04, 21:32:31
420 is apparently slang for marijuana, which might explain Agent 420's... creations.
24  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What's in YOUR Downloads? on: 2007 December 31, 02:46:58
moneyorder (is not working with bon voyage  Embarrassed )
I do like the phone hack (the one that lets you set the number of rings) and the dailygardener hack, but neither have been working since seasons.
Update. These all work with Seasons/BV.
I am also having trouble with maxis runs with scissors since BV.
Check that you're using the post-OFB version of the Scissors, and not the pre-OFB version.
25  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: No Unneeded Coats?? on: 2007 December 27, 20:49:43
"Dress for class" is not a Pescado hack, or if it is, it isn't a recent one. Is it possible that you've put some old/otherwise unsupported hacks in your Pescado folder?

Try removing your Pescado folder, and redownloading the DC.
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