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1  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Help! What am I missing? on: 2009 March 15, 09:33:09
From there I started to load my downloads back in. I opened a new downloads folder in my owner/documents/ea games/the sims2 folder and filled it with the first gb of custom content from my old downloads folder and ran the game. No problems. Took out that folder, started an other downloads folder in the game, loaded it with the next gb of CC and ran the game again. And again, no problems. I went thru all my CC the same way untill I had no CC left in the old folder. every time the game started with no problems. I loaded all my CC in a brand new Downloads folder in the game
file and started the game. I get past the splash screen to the Sims 2 screen and it won't load any farther.

Sounds like you might have conflicting downloads? Have you tried the hack conflict detector?
2  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: AL and M&G: What's the Wantspam? on: 2008 December 29, 16:14:53
I have a couple of sims who are constantly rolling up a "be popular" want. As fast they as they fulfil it, another one rolls up. Kinda tedious, but I grin and bear it like the stoic one has to be to play the game.

Is that the "have a good reputation" want? I seem to only have sims who are fully in the green in the reputation bar get it, then it satisfies itself at a random point in the day. Has anyone any information on what triggers this want to come up and what fulfils it?
3  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: Persistant problem on: 2008 November 12, 10:33:40
Do you have default replacement faces such as these? I know of a few that make most of the faces look the same.

I hope you've already tried playing without any downloads/custom content? Most that you have installed into your game wouldn't have been removed by uninstalling and reinstalling.
4  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Unofficial AL Patch - Assorted Fixes on: 2008 September 23, 07:22:25
Is there any way this could be fixed, without ruining downtown, or Belladonna?

Dude, look a couple of posts above you.

I extracted the neighborhood condo building as soon as I found it missing, if anyone wants it you can find it here
5  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: VOTE! The MATY and PMBD design contest runs until Sept 16, 5pm Malaysian on: 2008 September 09, 18:16:47
I would totally buy the macro->caffinate cup Smiley
6  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Researching Awesomespec: How far back? on: 2008 September 06, 21:46:27
Brilliant, detailed summary of Awesomespec, well done!

* The ideal kitchen contains counters that cost over $500, and no food processor.  The food processor reduces the quality of food prepared on such good counters.

I didn't know this. I thought counter type was of no consequence at all except in decoration. Do you the link to hand of the post / tutorial you read for this fact? I'd be interested to read more.

7  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sim Strategy Discussion on: 2008 June 04, 14:00:21
Wow, just had a ganders at your file Zazazu, and look at all of those names! Was that some copy+pasta I saw there from several different sites? Did you vet them before you put them into play?

Also, thanks for the tips about the community gardens. I figured it would work something like that, however I wasn't aware of the cheat to get the food ready to harvest, and didn't want to go through five/six straight days of growing only to find that they didn't "stick". The idea there was that my Sims would have a community garden that they'd only visit in the Summer and Autumn to harvest their food.

Some of the ideas in this thread are great. I just wish now that someone would start the "universities in a normal hood" thread, I'm very interested in that too but have no idea how to go about doing it.
8  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Freetime Patch is out on: 2008 May 29, 10:52:51
I was wondering if anyone had posted this yet. Looks like you beat me to it!

It seems to contain a lot of fixes that awesomeware fixed a long time ago - eg Romance asp graves and LTW. I guess we don't need the awesome versions any more?
9  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: OFB installation breaks CAS, user SOL and rather PO'd on: 2008 May 28, 15:37:55
Didn't know haikus
were back in season (again)
Glad to see them though
10  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sim Strategy Discussion on: 2008 May 28, 15:32:30
Do community lot farms work? I'm thinking of a kind of allotment that your playable Sims can visit to harvest some food. I suppose there's problems with the community lot resetting each time you visit. It could be an owned business I guess, depending on whether customers can "pick your own". Has anybody tried doing this?
11  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sim Strategy Discussion on: 2008 May 27, 09:38:56
I was hoping more people would reply to this thread. I love reading about other peoples Simming strategies. Zazazu, the amount of variables in the game that you randomise must make your gaming a lot more interesting - I often have certian paths I unknowningly go down time and time again with my Sims. This is why I'm setting up my new neighbourhood.

I now have three families. The second and third family were given a random amount of cash to get started, and now pay back that money to the first family as a form of mortgage. They will be paying a lump sum at the end of each season for two seasons, thus paying back the whole amount plus an arbitrary 6% interest. The second family own a clothes store which will only be played by visiting families so they can change the awful clothes their children grew up into. The head of the third family is waiting to get into the architecture job track - these new families need somewhere to live! - and in the mean time is selling deco from a home business.

The clothes store pays a tax, a percentage of the lot value, while the home business pays a tax related to the level of the business - currently set at 5 x the level, payable at the end of each season. I currently pay these by using the familyfunds cheat - but once I have the children move out and there are multiple households with the same name I'm not sure what I will do.

The taxes and mortagages will be used by the first family to buy, build and maintain community lots that will make free destinations, such as a park and church. These will be built at the beginning of the third year. I may make a couple more families then too, perhaps a nunnery to go along with the church.

I've really enjoyed playing in this style, and I hope it will continue to hold my interest. I was going to start out with just the one family, but got bored with them after one year (four seasons), which is why I've introduced two more families. I love the flexibility, a reason why I didn't get along too well with many challenges.
12  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Can I Nuke a family with Sim PE? Or is it best for them to DIAF? on: 2008 May 25, 15:06:43
Yes there is a way to delete them with SimPE which involves first preparing them for delete with the FFS Lot Debugger. Read the instructions here:,6205.0.html

Beware that the instructions use an old version of SimPE - it'd be best if you read the whole thread for pointers.
13  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sim Strategy Discussion on: 2008 May 24, 10:40:39
How did you start your neighbourhood? With one family?  Do you use a randomness generator, like the one linked to in the Peasentry? How did you decide what optioins to put on it? What else do you roll for?

I want to do something like this myself over the summer vacation so that The Sims still holds interest for me - Even though I've just installed Free Time, I'm finding myself getting bored with the game rather quickly now.

I've just installed clean templates (wow - loading times are great!) and have one family which started off with two adults. There's a few townies I've made, but I'm not sure what to do with the neighbourhood yet.

I have little patience with the business side of OFB and so I'm not too sure I want to play my neighbourhood with owned businesses.
So I'm interested in what other people are doing with their neighbourhoods and particularly how they manage the money sides of things.
14  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Crediting Custom Content Creators-- without knowing hardly anything. on: 2008 May 20, 16:45:54
Kazzandra, would you be interested in hosting your stuff on my domain? I could probably host the files - will have to talk it through with my other half with regards to bandwidth issues. Can you code HTML? If not I could code a simple website for you to go with the files. Advertising etc would all be up to you. I don't care about where meshes come from etc so long as your stuff works. It'd be free, of course.

I've been thinking for a while about setting up a Sims subdomain, but the only content I have to put on there are stories and very little CC.

Which one are you, Benjie or Jemma?

 Grin That would be telling
15  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Crediting Custom Content Creators-- without knowing hardly anything. on: 2008 May 20, 16:33:16
Kazzandra, would you be interested in hosting your stuff on my domain? I could probably host the files - will have to talk it through with my other half with regards to bandwidth issues. Can you code HTML? If not I could code a simple website for you to go with the files. Advertising etc would all be up to you. I don't care about where meshes come from etc so long as your stuff works. It'd be free, of course.

I've been thinking for a while about setting up a Sims subdomain, but the only content I have to put on there are stories and very little CC.
16  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: CEP 8.1 released on: 2008 May 20, 13:32:07
Thanks for the warning Blueblood - I'm in that situation as well. I generally dont use fences, so I guess I'm safe. What kind of crash are we talking about here?
17  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Selfmade vacation sims on: 2008 May 17, 10:51:00
gynarchy have you tried cloudlessnights at MTS2? She's done some converted BV stuff.
18  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The Evil Twin Challenge on: 2008 April 13, 13:52:51
I did the toddler stage without the nanny. She just gets in the way and takes the toddlers to the crib / gets them out / bathes them / makes dinner when you don't want her to - and that's just in a usual household. As I knew I'd have at least one toddler in a rubbish mood most of the time, hiring the nanny just wasn't an option. So instead I moved the household to the smallest lot I can comfortably play in (2x2 rather than 1x3) - coupled with growing food (which adds lots of green to the parent's fun bar, and once she was a gold badge she could get her social up by talking to the plants - so she was in a pretty good mood most of the time) I had plenty of cash to spend without having to get the parent a job until the twins were half way through child stage.

The mother, by the way, didn't eat gelatin all the time - one sparkly meal of pork chops a day kept her going fine, and she could make it when the twins were asleep. Getting both toddlers all three skills was tough, especially when avoiding triggering the wants, but that's why this is called a challenge! And, besides, playing the toddler stage in Autumn helped a lot.
19  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The Evil Twin Challenge on: 2008 April 12, 15:32:34
As an aside, the latest evil twin, David Dopple, somehow got out of his crib once. It must have been a glitch, because I couldn't repeat it.

Toddlers that have learned to walk are able to get themselves out of the crib if their energy bar is in the green.
20  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Skins Disappear From Sims on: 2008 April 11, 19:14:54
Binary search: Take out half of your downloads to see which half is causing the problem. From the half that is causing the problem, take out another half. Repeat until the problem download is isolated.
21  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Greater LTW Variety & Sanity on: 2008 April 10, 10:02:14
I was wondering if this has been updated for the new LTWs added in Free-time yet? Will it take account of secondary aspirations?
22  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: problem with cas screen and sims on: 2008 April 10, 09:20:53
For future reference, it's good to attach the error log as a text file to the post and say when in the game play it occurred.
23  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The Evil Twin Challenge on: 2008 April 10, 09:18:11
It's to do with the want trees, isn't it? If you're always fulfilling social wants, the toddler will roll more and will never roll the skill wants. Also, wants that don't get fulfilled will eventually go away.
24  TS2: Burnination / Planet K 20X6 / Re: The Evil Twin Challenge on: 2008 April 09, 21:10:33
I've been following the discussion on this challenge, and it motivated me enough to try it. I succeded within about 4 hours playing time.

Create a house for the family on any size lot, but the family only starts with the standard $20,000.

I moved the family to a 2x2 lot, leaving them with $18,400 to play with. This was used on building a tiny house, with two seperate bedrooms for the twins of 2x3 squares to keep them from waking each other up, a 2x3 bathroom with expensive toilet and cheap shower, and a 2x3 bedroom for the mother. The central room was a square of about 7-8 squares on one side, which served as kitchen, living room and training room. I carpeted the place in cheap carpet, but left walls bare. This left plenty of money for the few pieces of furniture and for the mother to not need to get a job until the twins were half way through child stage. Food was also grown, which meant paying for a delivery once.


no money except through a career, no leaving lot under your control except via school bus/carpool, no inviting sims over with another playable family, no off-lot skilling except through chance cards/school.

Ran into a couple of problems with these restrictions, but they were due to my stupidity. Eg, twins became friends with Sharla Ottomas but couldn't phone her because she hadn't moved into a house yet. The "no money except through a career" ensured that the mother got a job in the end, and meant that the evil twin had plenty of chances to ruin the good twin's artwork before selling it off for $0.

No turning into supernaturals (vampires, zombies, plant sims, werewolves.)

I actually had my first in-game born plantsim during this challenge, due to the mother using too much bug spray. Was very surprised, but called up the garden club and got her fixed. Now the challenge is over she's happily a plantsim again!

Twins must grow up together (age transition on the same day between 6pm and midnight.) When they age to teens, they must choose the same aspiration.

I let the first and second age transitions happen naturally, but the third (teen to adult) I chose to do ASAP due to the way the aspiration levels were looking. I chose knowledge for the aspiration, which was a mistake due to the skill matching between the twins. This meant very early on in the teen stage I clicked that I could skill the evil twin beyond the good twin without consequence - however if I skilled the good twin beyond the evil twin, the evil twin was usually satisfying skill wants when I skilled her up to her sister's level. In this challenge, most skilling was done through normal gameplay, not by my direction to read books. The exception to this was skilling the evil twin in charisma for the headmaster mini-game.

-10 parent or twin suffers aspiration failure (per instance)

No aspiration failure through-out the challenge, but was interested to see the good twin fall into aspiration failure straight after aging to adult due to the 10,000 asp hit for growing up uneducated. However, that was outside the challenge time-frame and she grew up well.

-1  Anyone pees or passes out on lot (family or visitor)

I had one passing out, by the mother near the end of the toddler stage. My own stupidity. I was wondering, though, about whether toddlers "pass out"? Or is it just sleep when they do it? Otherwise how would the "keep in a room with a radio on" strategy work?

-1  For each use of an Aspiration or Career Reward object.

Not needed. I rarely use these in normal game play anyway.

-5 parent is fired or demoted (per event)

She was demoted once, due to my taking a chance card. I guess pressing "ignore" would solve that, but I prefer not to. I didn't see anything about ignoring chance cards in the rules?

-5 parent ages to elder and grows up badly, or dies before twins are teens

I was wondering if you knew that if played without aspiration rewards, the parent still has three days left before turning to elder when the challenge finishes? I guess this is just an extra penulty for anyone who (mis)uses aspiration rewards?

-5 parent isn't friends with both children

It was very trivial for the parent to reach BBF status with her two children.

-5 parent doesn't get kids into private school

There was no penalty for days of not being in private school, so I didn't do this until half way through the teen stage. By this time, there was more than $20,000 saved, which allowed me to buy expensive wallpaper and an expensive statue. I trained the evil twin in charisma to schmooze, while the mother was around a level 8 in cooking skill. Evil twin did the house tour (moving the statue from room to room - nothing against that exploit in the rules), while mother made the dinner. Easily passed first time. Managed to time it so that the want triggered for the good twin, while the evil twin did not receive any benefit.

-5 per twin that doesn't learn all three toddler skills, learn to study, have a best friend outside the family, have a first kiss (cumulative)

This was indeed the hardest part of the challenge. The evil twin rolled wants to learn to walk and talk on the first day, and so I trained her in the potty first. Trained her in the other two skills most of the way, but didn't complete them until 4pm of the last day of being toddler, when the wants finally went away. Training both toddlers in all three skills took some doing, but three of the four days were Autumn and so the seasonal boost was very helpful (Nothing in the rules about setting all four seasons to the same. In this case, autumn autumn spring spring is probably optimal - first two for skilling when younger, then romancing when teens)

Learn to study was done in no time, with little want benefit for the evil twin - the aspiration drainage of children is surprisingly high, as JMP suggested above. It really took me by surprise. Have first kiss was a funny one, and I managed to hit the evil twin with two rejected first kisses before giving it to her when she didn't have a want for it any more.

  • -5 per twin that doesn't get an A+ in grade school
  • -5 per twin that doesn't get an A+ in high school
  • -5 per failing grade (D or F)
  • -5 per twin that doesn't earn a scholarship

The wording of the first two of these confused me, until I realised you meant get an A+ both as a child and as a teen. This was achieved, however I was cheated by this as the game threw three (!!) snow days my way - stopping the evil twin from getting this requirement until the day of age transition to teen. This also trigged the want she had for an A+, throwing her into marginal green aspiration. The aspirational decay just wasn't fast enough to counteract this and she aged to teen automatically in green aspiration. No failing grades - in fact the one scholarship both twins got was the "A- or better grade" scholarship.

-5 if evil twin has fewer friends, skill points, talent badges, or scholarships than good twin (cumulative, per category)

This was no problem. In fact my stragtegy to this was to make sure it was the evil twin who got the skill points, badges and scholarships. She ended the challenge with almost twice as many skill points than the good twin. Does this rule mean the same total number of skill points or the same pattern of skill points? (Ie would the penulty be given if the good twin had 10 cooking points, but the evil twin had 5 logic and 5 cleaning points?)  With regards to friends, because the good twin has to befriend everyone she meets and the evil twin has to have the same friends I made sure the good twin met as least Sims as possible. In fact, the only people she met were the nanny and people she brought home from school. It was simple to keep her from meeting the mother's boyfriend, for example. She didn't have the "met X" memory or his picture in her friend panel, yet the evil twin knew him quite well in the end. The evil twin knew more people, and I think had one more friend than the good twin.

-5 good twin grows up badly from toddler to child, from child to teen, or from teen to (young) adult (cumulative)
5 evil twin grows up well from toddler to child, from child to teen, or from teen to (young) adult (cumulative)

Only one problem with this, the evil twin grew up good once due to the snow day thing referred to above.

-5 good twin has no best friends outside family
-1 good twin does not make friends with each person met (cumulative, per person)
-1 evil twin does not pull a prank, irritate, or fight each person met (cumulative, only needs to be done once per person)

Not too much of a problem, given the long time-frame for this challenge. It was hard to remember which people the evil twin had irritated, but by the time her relationship was up with them she could do it and "get away with it".

+1 For each LTW fulfilled.

Sadly not gotten, due to the mother's LTW being "graduate 3 children". Silly mother.

So my overall score was -11, mostly due to my own stupidity. I don't think that's too bad, however far below what I was expecting.

I hope this is helpful to you. This was my first play through, and I may do it again. I found it quite fun and refreshing from my normal game play. Is there any point I've missed that you want feed back on?
25  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: A harvest conflict, and what does the shopping cart do? on: 2008 April 08, 20:02:44
Do you mean the shopping cart icon in the control panel with the other inventory icons? I have no idea. I've never seen any items in it.
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