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176  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Can the horrible werewolf walk be fixed? on: 2007 April 28, 15:31:48
Back in the day when I played with this Game Which Must Not Be Named, the hapless heroine would have failed a save vs. paralyzation/poison, which was often used in various situations as a generic save.  Since she would probably have been a 0-Level NPC, this would have made her chances of falling on the root in question almost guaranteed.  Dex would not have been a factor, unless the DM was free-thinking and open-minded and allowed a Dex mod to the save.  I'm not really that old yet, am I?

As for the werewolf walking, I don't mind so much.  What is terribly disappointing is that they stop the wacky walk to go up or down stairs and such.  What the heck is up with that?  If they can walk normal on stairs, why not all the time?  I just think that if they must have an outrageous gait, then they should also have a unique way of negotiating stairs.  Personally, I would much rather see a fix for that than see them just walk like normals all the time, although I admit that just having it one way or the other would be preferable to the way it is now.  Zombies have the same problem, and it makes the game execution seem sort of unprofessional, incomplete, and lacking.  (I should just say half-assed)
177  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Factoids and Statistics on Skill Gaining on: 2007 April 27, 18:56:48
I have not noticed the issue with the surgical station needing to be used last, although I have noticed that sometimes it takes much longer for the sims to back out of that object and move on to the next.  Also, the chocolate factory can be used in this for sims with no or low cooking skill to start, but the order to move on to a different object must be given before the skilling on that object drops out.

This seems to be a very odd sort of thing to be a bug affecting only some people.  I wonder what causes it?  The only obvious differences in peoples' games, outside of hacks, that I can think of right away are patches installed or not, or base game CD or DVD editions.  I have all patches and DVD base game.  I actually always wondered why there were separate patches for CD or DVD base game, unless there was some actual difference in the core game, perhaps?  Once installed, why would it matter if the game was CD or DVD edition, unless they were different somehow? 
178  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Factoids and Statistics on Skill Gaining on: 2007 April 20, 04:36:52
So, not sure if I have an unexplainable bug or unique system 'feature', but all of this seems to pale in comparison to multi-tasking the skilling actions with the career rewards.  100%, 200%, 500%, what does it matter if you can have most skills advancing at the same time?  I have always wondered about this but I have never seen it mentioned before.

If you have a trainable sim ask another sim of higher level for help learning a skill on one of the career reward objects, then while that session is still going on have that first sim ask for help with a different reward object, the sims will automatically transition to the next object and the skilling will continue for the first item as well as the next.  Continue this in a like manner and soon you can have all skills advancing at the same time, except cleaning.  Combine this with a thinking cap on the training sim and in this way you can max a sims' skills in a day or two, providing you have enough reward objects and a 'teacher' sim who is already maxed.

Feature, exploit, or bug?  I wonder if this works for anyone else or is it just because my game functions off of the energy derived from a BFBVFS?  Certain reward objects like the fingerprints scanner will not combine with others in such a way, but most do.  I know at least that I have never used a skill related hack.

N.B.  Perhaps the thinking cap is required for this, I can't remember if I ever tried it without one.
179  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: What do you build into your houses? on: 2007 April 16, 05:10:55
Since it seems as if I do more building of families and lots than actual playing I can say that my sim families live on almost every kind of lot imaginable, from trailers to castles.  If there is one thing that seems necessary, though, when I do happen to be playing, it is a basement.  Building a good, functional basement is effective to stash the incredible horde of junk that seems to be required to play the game with success.  I suppose attics could also be used, or rooms over the garage, but I just prefer basements for this.  There is something about reward objects that just seem to demand placement in a basement.

In general I would say that there is very little that I would want for every lot.  What would be the fun in having every family equipped with exactly the same facilities?  Sims in trailers have their junk strewn all over the lawn, that is normal;  Sims in castles have extra rooms for anything they want.

Also note, vampires must have a coffin chamber placed as close to the car or carpool point as possible.  That way they can get up and go to work with little fear of frying and no extra effort on my part.  Putting them back in after work is also much easier and far less dangerous, especially for the lazy ones.
180  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sigh, that's what I get for messing with non-awesome hacks. on: 2007 April 12, 10:43:40
The best action for you in this is inaction, for now.  I have used this Hack Which Must Not Be Named many times over the years and you should just wait until the Seasons updated release is out and then put it in at least long enough to reclaim your Uni child.  Until then, play other families.  I never used the hack so much that I didn't have plenty of other unaffected families to play while the hack was updated.  As for the boy with the odd wants, as long as he is not afflicted with a jump bug, massive Q-dump bug, or some other heinous malady I wouldn't be too concerned.  The game is pretty resilient in my experience and he should be just fine, and I would expect him to 'grow out' of his peculiar narcissism in time if you play him long enough.  It's really quite funny if you think about it.  I really love these kinds of 'glitches' because they can break the monotonous routine of 'normal' sims lives, especially if you have a lot of them.  Maybe he has low self-esteem?  Perhaps because of this he has one less free 'wants' slot available than others?  Role-play it and add it to his story.  This sort of uniqueness is something special that gives that sim a certain character that none of your others have, making him something more of an individual than the others.

Besides a BFBVFS isn't a BFBVFS until a BFB is VFS!

" the crazy bugs that were rampant before the expansion packs..."
I miss those...wait...I still have some of those!
181  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Delphy's Organiser on: 2007 April 12, 09:19:52
Witch, in the bar at the top of the thread portion at MTS2, there where it tells you how many posts there is in the thread, there is a linked option to "Hide Thanks Posts for this thread."  Just click on it.   Of course this won't kill posts if the poster neglected to categorize the post as a 'thanks' post and it is a small, inconvenient extra step but well worth the effort if the thread has a lot of entries.

thread there posts there is thread there is post thread kill posts poster post thanks post thread....ectoplasm
182  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Ford Mustang GT on: 2007 April 12, 08:39:42
Boatloads of free continual advertising.  They're just showing off the fact that they have *the* cool, retro rod and Dodge totally failed with theirs and GM...well...GM would like some attention too, I'm sure.  Maybe someone could make a 'picture' of a 'Camaro concept car' so we could download it and put it on our sims walls.  Ha!

Thanks for posting this, by the way.  I almost never go to the EA site.
183  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: My Sims 2 Is broken.. on: 2007 April 12, 07:15:24
Obviously these people at MaxisEA have engineered the AI to do *exactly* as they intended, with more than a few glitches to be sure.  It is a game, obviously, and if the 'stupid' sims just did whatever made sense then they would need no input from us and the 'game' would be quite boring.  It seems obvious that the primary strategy of the game is to prevent the sims from doing 'stupid' stuff and make them do something more productive.  All of these 'annoyances' are what you are supposed to be trying to avoid by *playing* the game.

While I accept this as the reality of the Sims2 game, what really bugs me is the way they applied this same 'logic' to pets you cannot control directly.  You can keep stupid sims from bottlenecking at the computer and the bookcase, and you can make them eat before starving and so on, but how do you keep two dogs from always wanting to sleep in the same doggone bed, chew the same damn bone, or eat from the same farking bowl when there is another perfectly good bed/bone/bowl sitting right next to it?  There should at least be a praise for/scold for 'trying to use item already in use'.

Anyway, dealing with stupid sims *is* the game, as if dealing with supid people in reality isn't enough already.  I think it was Einstein who said that the way to understand infinity is to comprehend the extent of human stupidity.  I could be wrong, the actual quote eludes me.
184  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Fix: Performance sucking on Dual Core and HT CPUs on: 2007 April 12, 04:25:04
I executed these hotfixes a few days ago and here are my results.  First, a noticeable improvement in OS response and most programs except Sims2.  Second, Forcecore does not seem to improve performance at all and in fact seems to make my Sims2 slightly more sluggish, especially when scrolling a large lot.

I totally missed the irony in this at first and blindly followed the directions like a good sheep.  This post is recommending a hotfix for dual core and HT issues, and then advises completely bypassing the hotfix by using Forcecore to make Sims2 run on only one core.  (Sometimes my brain does not catch up with what I read until days later.)

I would recommend these updates to anyone but the Forcecore I would not.  I don't see it could hurt anything to try, though.

[Interresting related tangential note]  I have uncommon BSOD since GLS of the generic, 'Stop error, thread stuck in device driver' kind that causes an instant reboot of my computer.  I had small hope this might find some solution to that issue.  Alas, no, but what is certainly curious is that now I have gotten different error messages after restart and no more of the old familiar 'stop error' kind.  (I realize the instant reboot is still a stop error, but now the details of the stop error messages have changed.)  I know a lot of people have been having problems of this sort and most seem fixated upon a problem with nVidia drivers.  My experience with this makes me wonder if the problem is not deeper than simply graphics card or software issues, perhaps involved with the problematic timing of dual core CPU's mentioned here as well.
185  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: No face on: 2007 April 06, 06:09:28
The blue/shimmering face does not really seem to be the issue here.  The skintone does not look Maxis;  Perhaps the skin file download was corrupted.  The large file size of skintones in general leaves more possibility for error when downloading.  Maybe you should try downloading again and replacing the skin files?
186  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: The more I learn, the more I realize what a noob I am... on: 2007 April 06, 05:47:02
3.  If I am not mistaken the character limit was raised significantly in one of the earlier expansion packs.  I have one custom neighborhood with 3600+ character files that works as well as can be expected.  Some of these are even junk files from a mass migration of sims from Strangetown to the custom 'hood that took place roughly two years ago.  (BTW:  Widely considered around here to be a VBT causing a BFBVFS)  I think you should have little to fear in this and you should go ahead and make lots of townies, who wants to see the same lame cashiers/waitresses/bartenders/etc. at every single lot visited?
187  TS2: Burnination / The War Room / Re: Fix: Performance sucking on Dual Core and HT CPUs on: 2007 April 06, 04:17:21
I notice this hotfix info comes from a notebook computer forum, so I was wondering if this also applies to desktop computers as well.  I presume it would but I am not a programmer so I can't be sure.  I can say for certain that my Windows folder does not contain KB896256 and I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+.  Is this something I really ought to do?
188  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: GAH! stop creating wolves! on: 2007 April 03, 10:26:45
The 'wolves' look like sled dogs except with straight tails and seem to come in white and 'wolf-colored'.  Disappointably, they act just like dogs and are definitely scoldable/praiseable/adoptable.  If you don't like wolves or werewolves then just ignore them.  They are no more bothersome than the unbelievable multitudes of other stray animals which come wandering by at all hours of the day and night.  Just be glad they don't kick the can!...Or do they?
189  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: No face on: 2007 April 03, 09:52:39
I have had a very rare similar problem save my missing faces were replaced with a shimmering prismatic blob which left tracers and often appeared slightly out of place with respect to the head.  Going through a 'change appearance' action at any mirror always brought it back.  It is my assumption that it was a problem with an older, inferior graphics card, and I have yet to have the same problem since upgrading to a new computer.
190  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Poll: How do you feel about accidental deaths in the Sims 2? on: 2007 April 03, 07:01:24
I have to agree with many here in that accidental death seems very rare indeed, and even intentional death can be very difficult to accomplish sometimes.  Even still, with a certain reward object, death is only a bin where sims go to await revival, so what harm is done?  I could not answer the poll because I could handle more accidental death but only if the means were not completely bogus.  Considering MaxisEA's track record I don't believe this is possible.  So if an answer like, "Yes, no, maybe?" could be added then perhaps I could cast a vote.

In all I have to say that death is handled reasonably well compared to other issues.  For myself, having a sim possibly die in flames is a small consideration compared to the annoyance of having one hardly able to look at a stove without it bursting into flame, regardless of cooking skill.  Or how about having one dash from the sidewalk to the back corner of a large community lot just so she could slap the bejeezus out of some dude who flirted with her once?  Or what about the joker who just polished off a cup of joe standing right next to a dishwasher and a sink, yet for some reason he finds it necessary to march to the other side of the house, down two flights of stairs, just so he can put the empty 'coffee' cup on a 'coffee' table?  And what of this gem, because their fun meter is basically maxed it seems like a good idea to turn the TV on and off repeatedly until it explodes?

Death in, it doesn't bother me much...sometimes they deserve no less.     
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