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1  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 May 01, 14:47:41
For some reason the game wouldn't start and just crash when I denied it internet access so I had to revert to patch 1.2.3.
Did anybody else experience that or is it just my F.U. system?
2  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 April 29, 12:35:39
Here's the 1.3-patch

for the Disk version

for Digital Downloads
3  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 April 07, 13:54:01
In any case, for some reason I cannot shut it down. When I check the system settings and try to put Sims Medieval in the list of which programs the Data Execution thing should ignore, I just get some pop up saying I can't shut it down. Or really "This program must have the data execution prevention turned on".

Did you try to log on as administrator first and then add TSM.exe to the exception list?
I'm still wondering why you are the only one so far that has problems with DEP. Did you download the game?
In any case you might want to get the free version of Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and let it scan your computer before granting potentially harmful software higher access rights.
4  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 April 05, 13:37:45
What do you mean by a different arr version?

It's quite simple, really. Rubyelf talked about the 107 (which is the international digital download version) while I have the 001 (which is the Disc version). So I suspect said registration box pops up if you use the update for the wrong version. Based on the fact that I never saw said box. It's just an idea, but if you get the registration box you might want to check your SKU under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval

@Anach: Those were the links I tried from HERE but they still lead (at least for me) to a "file not found"
Anyhow, after I fixed the market stall glitch the game runs OK now and so far the graphics seem to be fine.
Off for further testing.
5  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 April 05, 03:01:17
If you read the posts for the patch on demonoid, they say if you use the crack for the previous patch you will not get the fixes of the new patch.

You're correct there, Anach. But I didn't say I used the crack from the demonoid torrent. Just the 1.2.3. Update. (i obviously suck at Google that's why I didn't find said patch elsewhere. The  links to all lead to a "file not found" error)
A crack isn't needed since the modified Twallan No-CD .package works.
6  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 April 04, 14:32:11
Do not patch to if you have an arrged version of this game. When you go to load it up, it asks for a security code to be entered.

You must have a different arr version. Are you sure you have the digital download?
I used the TheSimsMedievalPatch_1.2.3.00001_Update.exe and never got that "security check" (I found it as a torrent on demonoid)
It solved the lvl 7 security crash and now I can place all buildings but in good old EA tradition it borked something in the process:
Like in Moryrie's game the market place is showing just one stall now and it looks kind of weird seeing peasants selecting wares from the two  invisible ones. But others than that it seems to be working so far.
Big deal.

Edit: I just put the missing stalls back into the marked place via buydebug on and moveobjects on
7  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 March 28, 14:19:21

Edit: I have thought of something that might work, but I'd need.. erm.. help. If I could send my saves to someone who can place the buildings without le crash every time I needed those buildings placed.... that could work. But it would also inconvenience all involved, which is something I do not enjoy doing.

I don't know if this is of any use to anyone. I uploaded a kingdom with all buildings placed but left it untouched otherwise.
That means no monarch or hero has been chosen yet.

If you put your save folder up somewhere I could always try to place the missing buildings.
It's no big deal.

Hmm I've entered the codes and it told me I unlocked them, but they are still not appearing in game, any reason why?

The new throne rooms show up when you start a new game. Apparently they're not meant to replace an existing throne room.
8  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 March 26, 11:10:07

Did you remember to put d3dx9_31.dll in Game\Bin?

That did the trick

BTW why don't you just change the 4 bytes in S3PE directly? For people that don't want to download a hex editor:
Open the .package in S3PE. Mark the tag S3SA and click on GRID.
Double click "Unknown 2" and change 0x2BC4F79F to 0xE3E5B716.
Commit, Save, Enjoy
9  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: The Sims Medieval on: 2011 March 25, 19:04:14
I have a crudimentary AwesomeMod prototype available for it

Do you think you could find it in you to throw something together, even if it only has the most basic functions?
Let's say Autosave, no CD and no Tantrum.That would already make all the difference.

10  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Updating other people's CC? on: 2011 March 22, 23:32:26
I tried those files (plus the LEGO collection from Sugichaco) and Sims3 would take forever to load. Process monitor showed that those files were accessed several million times.
So I ran them through the Compressorizer Deluxe and joined them through S3PE and that seemed to have resolved the issue on my computer. My game loads and runs just like it did before I added those files. (The access count went down to ~100 IIRC).

11  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Re: How To Tell If Graphics Card Is Aging on: 2011 March 18, 13:59:25
One thing about graphics cards (and computers in general) that's easily overlooked by most:
they need to be cleaned once in a while (say once, better twice a year). Even more so if you have any kinds of furries in the house.
Increasing temperatures usually result in a slightly degraded picture quality at first.
Are you sure it's the graphics card tho? An aging CRT monitor for instance could be the culprit as well.

12  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: help please? on: 2009 August 15, 17:03:58
That has nothing to do with not "installed correctly the first time". The TS3InstallHelperUAC.rar just takes note (and handles) Vistas security system that doesn't allow just everyone to read/write everywhere. Vista != XP
13  Awesomeware / AwesomeMod! / Re: questions on: 2009 August 15, 16:41:03

Having folders within the Packages folder doesn't work for me.

That's usually a good indicator, that your Resource.cfg either isn't set up correctly or resides in the wrong folder.
I have 10 folders under C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\. The only .package files not in folders are awesome.package, aweconf.package and IndieStoneMod.package.

Resource.cfg is supposed to be in
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3
and here it looks like that:
Priority 501
PackedFile Mods/Override/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Override/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Override/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Override/*/*/*/*.package
Priority 500
DirectoryFiles  Mods/Files/... autoupdate
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*/*/*.package
Priority 499
PackedFile Mods/Test/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Test/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Test/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Test/*/*/*/*.package
Priority -50
PackedFile Mods/Probation/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Probation/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Probation/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Probation/*/*/*/*.package

This way it should handle 3 layers of sub directories (more than I will ever need).
14  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: BREAKING NEWS: TSR INSTALLS SPYWARE! on: 2009 August 13, 22:40:06
Better yet Noscript AND Adblock Plus

Just don't forget, if Noscripts constant updates notification starts to bother you (opening its webpage after each update) go to about:config and set
noscript.firstRunRedirection to false
15  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Looking for advice on computer fixing/building. on: 2009 August 06, 21:35:54
What are you talking about ? HP virtually has no Tech Support whatsoever.At best you'll get some guy in India on the line that tries to sell you a 12 month contract. But that's beside the point. Those guys wouldn't help you assembling your own PC anyways.
Whenever I have to deal with a defective HP which was beyond repair, I gut that rig an keep housing, hdd and perhaps the CD/DVD writer. Board, RAM and PSU will be replaced with whatever fits the owner's budget. Parts I usually order at newegg or Tiger direct. I fixed 10-15 computers that way, so far rarely going above $300. Just match the equipment with your expectations/the purpose and you're all set.
16  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: I CANNOT install the new patch (1.3) on: 2009 August 01, 18:32:36
Now you're on the right track. In case you have multiple rtpatch.log files only the most recent one counts. The oddly named folders are the reason why nobody could give you an exact location.
I suggest, you get the BIN.rar from witch
and replace the faulty files from there. If the patch process already chokes so early in the process there will be more "defective" files

And remember : Double posting is BAD
17  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Patch ponderings... on: 2009 August 01, 16:39:22
Quote from: hidethe_cutlery
Hybrid; Reloaded patched to Razor with Witch's Bin with both Official patched.
Same here
Quote from: J.M.Pescado
...because I have never had any problems that I didn't cause in some way
Problems: caused by me (by deleting several MBs of foreign language shit) but initially caused by EAs anal retentive ways to crc check unnecessary files.

18  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: I CANNOT install the new patch (1.3) on: 2009 August 01, 15:59:52
...Motherfucker! It actually said Invalid File when I was trying to install patch 1.2.
Leave your Mod folder alone. You don't get it,right? There are altered files in your installation which are rejected by the installer. Of course if 1.2 already chokes there is no way in hell, 1.3 would run through smoothly.
That leaves you with 2 options: either identify and acquire the files in question (that's why you're suppose to read rtpatch.log) or go out and buy an original TS3 DVD.

19  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: I CANNOT install the new patch (1.3) on: 2009 August 01, 15:28:39
The failing patch process has nothing to do with AM or any other MOD. It's all about altered original files which fail the CRC-test.
Find your most recent rtpatch.log, read it, understand it, act accordingly.

20  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Patch 1.3 Released on: 2009 July 31, 02:04:31
@ShortyBoo: Mods are no problem (like Pes already stated, those are new folders that are not involved in the patch process).
To find out where the patch process choked, you'll have to find the most recent file rtpatch.log on your drive, open it with any editor and scroll down to the last line. The exact location of said file depends on your OS and your login account.

Typical candidates for easily overlooked, altered files would be:
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini\VideoCamera.ini" (better camera mod).
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\Shaders_Win32.precomp" (the old censor remover ).
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3.exe" (No CD Patch).
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TSLHost.dll" (also delivered with some no-CD patch).

The Launcher must be closed during patching since it might or might not be altered by the patch and  the OS usually denies the modification of files in use through patches.

21  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: Patch 1.3 Released on: 2009 July 29, 18:05:38
Shaders_Win32.precomp was altered to get rid of the censorblocks (at least before uncensor.mod was available).
So if you don't have the censor you must have exchanged the file Cheesy Cheesy

Quote from: rosess
For those who are having troubles due to overwritten game files, try making a habit of keeping the original files in the original location with a .off extension so they can be easily searched and swapped back.  It's simpler than trying to remember changes and hunt down original files later on.

I just rename anything that's going to be replaced like this and during patching I rename the exchanged files like this: TS3.exe.crk
That way not only do I have all files in the correct directory, but as well you can see at once, what has been replaced.

22  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: BREAKING NEWS: TSR INSTALLS SPYWARE! on: 2009 July 25, 17:07:24

I get an entirely different md5sum, 51e41f48f7aceef99c3ed57f0e072e2c for TSRW.exe, meaning your version is newer and has been altered, probably to better hide the evidence now that they know they have been caught. They are probably using a new trick that fools your particular scanner.

That's why I included the checksums to begin with Wink. Additionally I wasn't able to find any evidence of "run at startup" in this version.
I checked with msconfig, autoruns, Hijack This and manually via regedit (clearly I have way too much time on my hands  Grin ).
Security software installed here includes Avast, Ad-Aware and Mark Russinovich's Rootkit Revealer.

Again mind you, the program was never allowed to connect, so I have no idea what it might have done/loaded/installed after contacting its home server.
So until someone finds more evidence, the program in its present form appears to be safe to use .

23  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: BREAKING NEWS: TSR INSTALLS SPYWARE! on: 2009 July 24, 15:28:45
For what it's worth, I ran some tests on the latest TSRW.exe 07/24/09
CRC-32: A3952AF2
Neither Jotti (0/21) nor VirusTotal 0/40) found anything.
During Installation both parts  (SlimDX and TSRWorkshop.exe) asked for net access, which I had blocked.

Next I tested the just installed TSRWorkshop.exe
MD5: 84D590202FC53AA752831288D0775BBC
CRC-32: 155F574A
on VirusTotal (0/40) and on  Jotti (0/21)
The program started and seemed to work (I'm no modder so don't take my word for it).

Conclusion: Either the Program itself has been modified after Pescado's discovery or the warning was a hiccup on TrendMicro's side and the scanstrings have been updated/adapted/corrected accordingly.

What I didn't test was, if the program loads any unwanted payload after it's given net access.
After uninstall 101Reg-keys were left (mostly under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  which also includes the now obsolete firewall settings to block this prog. and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT those were mostly Installer related).
As expected with runtimes SlimDX hat to be uninstalled separately.

24  TS3/TSM: The Pudding / The World Of Pudding / Re: where do my downloads go? nothing in mods>packages on: 2009 July 18, 13:52:45
You either turn of UAC altogether via Control Panel (which I absolutely don't recommend since it effectively makes your system less secure!!).
Or you just  go into Program Files, right-click on the "Electronic Arts" folder, go to  Properties/Security. There you click "Edit", highlight your actual account and set a check mark at "full control" .
In case your actual account isn't in the list, you'd have to use the ADD button first.

25  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Sooze's shiny new PC: yay or nay? on: 2009 July 17, 15:03:37
I wouldn't worry too much about Lightscribe. The difference in price is just neglectable. I would loose ALL the software on your list and rather use either Jack Sparrow versions or just proven good freeware i.e Open Office instead of M$ Office, Avast as an antivirus etc.
Loose the Floppy and rather get the Multi Cardreader (or if you don't own a camera etc. loose it altogether Wink
I personally would take the 1GB SATA, but I'm a notorious packrat. And just for good measure, add another Fan.

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