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726  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Question about BV souvenir shelf boost on: 2007 November 19, 15:31:56
I've read somewhere that 5 seashells on souvenir shelf actually make bladder decay faster, and all member of the family carry its effect everywhere they go. My question is, do other boosts (skill, friendship, romance) act the same way as seashell? If a Sim has 5 far east dolls on souvenir shelf at home lot, will he and his family get the boost when they're skilling at community lot as well?
727  TS2: Burnination / Oops! You Broke It! / Two elder female hairs don't show up in CAS debug mode on: 2007 November 15, 10:37:04
When I was making a hair/clothing unlocker for BV, I found that two of elder female hairs do not show up in CAS debug mode. They appear only in adult/YA bins. If Sims had chosen them when they were adults, they can keep it into their elder years. But they can't choose them from mirror ever again. The borked hairs are BV mountain tour guide hair (brown visor) and Pirate hat for Seasons adventurer career.

This seems very similar to that afhairmediumcenterpart hair, which can't be chosen from adult bin without the missing hair fix. Is there any chance to expand the fix to include these 2 hairs as well?

728  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Stocking defective goods in shops on: 2007 November 14, 10:16:12
Prices are prestamped onto the item, so what you restock with doesn't affect anything.

This can be exploited when running a bakery. Prices of meals cooked from fresh food is higher than normal food. Initially stock the bakery with goods cooked from fresh food. Once you set the price, restocked goods cooked from normal food will be sold at the initial higher price unless you reset the price.
729  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Forcing 12 hour clock problem on: 2007 November 13, 04:58:31
In my experience, even with Bon Voyage, all I had to do was change the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff\1.0\Language" to 1, and I get US english and 12 hour clock no matter what the other settings say.

You're quite right, the whole point of 12-hour-clock reg fix is applying "Language"=dword:00000001 value. Other settings are merely cosmetic.

@BastDawn: Did you fix the value mentioned above? It's located under the 1.0 key.
730  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Stocking defective goods in shops on: 2007 November 13, 04:35:16
There are evil versions of all the toys Sims can make, I think. The evil jack-in-the-box is especially nice.
No, there are only three kinds of evil toys. (Clown-in-a-box, Kite and Water Wiggler)

More info about evil toys here:
731  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Forcing 12 hour clock problem on: 2007 November 12, 11:39:34
Here's 12-hour-clock registry fix for WinXP (32bit) I'm currently using. I have all EPs and SPs up to BV and TSS. If you don't have some EP or SP, open the reg file in notepad, and delete lines for any EP or SP you don't own before applying. (Just to  be on the safe side)

Alternatively, you can make a text file on your own, copy the following, and change the extension to reg and run it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Language"="English US"

"LanguageName"="English US"

For any future EP or SP, all you have to do is change the name of the registry key (EP/SP name in the bracket) and paste it to the existing 12 hour clock reg fix. You can find the correct key name for new EP/SP in Registry Editor.
732  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Stocking defective goods in shops on: 2007 November 12, 07:37:53
Interestingly (or not) enough, when you improve your badge it doesn't eliminate the chance of failure for the items you've already learned to make.  Even having figured out how to build a flying robot, you can still screw up making a basic toy robot.
It seems a little different with toy making. They seem to fail only at the hardest items they can make at their badge level. A gold-badge Sim only fails at Water Wiggler, but almost never fails at Kite or Clown-in-a-Box even in the red aspiration. Similarly, a silver-badge Sim only fails at Kite, and never fails at Clown-in-a-Box. I'm actually a little disappointed that they lose the ability to make evil toys when they hit permaplat. I LIKE evil toys, they are much funnier. Grin
733  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Teleport disabled in and out of the APO-autonomous-locked rooms on: 2007 November 12, 07:19:29
I've noticed that Sims can't teleport in and out of APO-locked rooms denying autonomous passage. (The ninja teleport, not the meditation teleport) For a few hours after buying a new APO unit, Sims can teleport in and out of autonomous-locked rooms as usual. But after that, the "Teleport Here" pie menu is not showing up when a Sim is in the APO-locked room and clicking a spot out of the room. (Or vice versa, when a Sim is out of the APO-locked room and clicking a spot IN the room) This only happens for autonomous setting. As soon as I permitted autonomous, the problem went away, even if the room was still locked denying other types of passage.

It's a little problematic with the autonomous-locked kitchens. Is it an APO's bug, or is it the way the game is supposed to work? I have tested with only awesome hacks installed.
734  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Teen Style Stuff and SecuROM on: 2007 November 09, 22:37:23
Thanks, morriganrant.

Yes, I play with the BV nocd.exe. I also, just because my bout with Securom was so bad, if I do put TSS on my PC, I will need a TSS nocd.exe! Otherwise I'll sit and worry about it! Took me several months to be able to play while connected to the internet nocd.exe in. Smiley So, silly and unneccessary tho it may be, overkill is better. No TSS nocd.exe? No TSS for me. lol.....
TSS NoCD DOES exist. (Reloaded release) You can get it from GameCopyWorld.
Of course, if you have any EP newer than Pets, you won't need TSS NoCD, as morriganrant already explained.
735  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV and no CD? on: 2007 November 06, 00:24:55
Go here to get a program that deletes securom off your drive.

This was so easy, I almost couldn't believe it.  Wink
The instruction above assumes you have already done Step 3 & 4 of Zazazu's post. It deals with only removing registry entries (the trickest part of whole process), which is the same step covered in Step 2 of Zazazu's post. Follow "simpler suggestions" for Step 2, it's basically the same process as Celesta's link.

or do I need to follow the more thorough intructions posted by Zazazu?
736  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Buy jewelry/clothes wants not fulfilled by purchasing from OFB business on: 2007 November 03, 08:17:57
Are these your controllable sims that you have made to go shopping or sims that are visiting your controllable sim's owned business?
I meant the former. Sometimes I send my playables to another Sim's owned business to pick up some cooked meals. (Well... I know I can cook it myself at home much quicker than that, but then I HATE cooking in RL. I wish I could buy home-cooked meals from shops as in SimWorld.) I put a clothing rack, a jewelry rack and a grocery fridge in every owned business lot so that visiting playables can do one-stop shopping.
737  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: MaxoidMonkeys Eggshrub and Pyramidshrub Seasonal working on: 2007 November 02, 19:39:21
This is really cool, those shrubs were sticking out like a sore thumb in snowy winter garden. Thanks a bunch for the update. *presses thanks button repeatedly* EAxis should have updated them in the first place, like that Running with the Scissors download. (Of course, with the advent of SPs, they are not giving a damn about Exchange objects anymore...)

Any chance of similar update for other 3 shrubs? I kinda like that dolphin shrub.

Edit: Thank you very much for the updating Dolphin and Llama shrubs! I didn't realize that you've added them in the main post, as you didn't bump your thread and I only checked for threads with new replies.
738  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Buy jewelry/clothes wants not fulfilled by purchasing from OFB business on: 2007 November 02, 19:14:28
Upon arriving at the community lot equipped with jewelry/clothes rack, Sims always roll Buy Jewelry/Clothes wants. But these wants are never fulfilled when they make a purchase from neighbor's OFB business. Is it normal EAxian behavior? This is stupid, if it's impossible to satisfy those wants from OFB business, they should not roll in the first place. Huh Can it be fixed?
739  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Bigfoot memento seems borked on: 2007 November 02, 03:19:31
The Bigfoot memento thing seems somewhat borked. According to Prima Guide, Sims don't have to ask Bigfoot to move in to get memento. They only have to achieve STR 55 and LTR 5 with him. If more than two Sims go to bigfoot lot together, only one of them can get Bigfoot memento by befriending him. The problem is, other Sims who didn't befriended but acquainted Bigfoot in their first vacation cannot fulfill memento in their second vacation just by befriending him. They have to ask Bigfoot to move in to get memento.

Is it the Prima Guide saying that only one sim can befriend Bigfoot when they go to a lot together, or did you mean that only one of them get the memento even if both of them become friends with him?
The part about "only one of them can get memento by befriending him" was not Prima's saying, it was my experience. Sorry for the ambiguous wording.

Could it depend on who is having a map?
That may be the case, as only one member of the family managed to dug up the map in their first vacation. I'm not sure if the Sim who had the map was the same one that befriended Bigfoot and obtained memento though. In any case, the other Sim who didn't get memento went on her second vacation, this time map in her inventory, and she still failed to get memento just by befriending him, even if her STR/LTR was 100/25.

I have, uh...  "Move In - Normal New.package" dated 10/10/2005.  Either I hacked it or I downloaded it.  It's not a Moveinall type hack, in that you can't invite teens and others to move in.  Its purpose is to allow townies to keep their memories when they move in.
syberspunk maintains and updates moveinall hack in here. The fix for calculations of simoleons is included in the hack, alongside the feature that keeps townie memories.
740  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Bigfoot memento seems borked on: 2007 October 31, 18:20:21
The Bigfoot memento thing seems somewhat borked. According to Prima Guide, Sims don't have to ask Bigfoot to move in to get memento. They only have to achieve STR 55 and LTR 5 with him. If more than two Sims go to bigfoot lot together, only one of them can get Bigfoot memento by befriending him. The problem is, other Sims who didn't befriended but acquainted Bigfoot in their first vacation cannot fulfill memento in their second vacation just by befriending him. They have to ask Bigfoot to move in to get memento.

After I asked the first Bigfoot to move in and had a new one spawned, I take care to send only one Sim to Hidden Burrow at one time, so that other Sims don't accidentally make acquaintance of Bigfoot.

Anyone else noticed this problem?
741  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Should I take out dontshootfood? on: 2007 October 30, 16:00:17
There was an experimental hack named dontshootfood that prevents resetting of food plates some time ago. I can't find it anywhere in the ffs hacks directory now. Does that mean this hack is now obsolete/unsupported? Should I take it out? I left it in my hack folder just in case. I was afraid that BV would shoot every plate stored in inventory to hell. I have all EPs up to BV.

742  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: Pickpockets are stalkers on: 2007 October 25, 18:49:09
There is a strong possibility that anti-redundancy stomps charlatans, if not altogether then to the degree that it is highly unlikely that you will ever see one. The charlatan is supposed to be able to appear on any community lot and I have never seen one appear by themselves yet.
I agree. Without antiredundancy, the (unpatched) game may spawn a new charlatan every time a Sim visits the community lot. I can live without charlatans if the alternative is 500+ redundant charlatans in my character files.
743  TS2: Burnination / Peasantry / Re: Crammyboy's nudist hack v2.07 (updated for Bon Voyage) on: 2007 October 24, 13:49:01
I've noticed a problem regarding Tai Chi. When Sims finish performing Tai Chi, they are supposed to change clothes from gym outfit to everyday automatically. With the latest nudist hack installed, however, they all get naked instead, regardless of their personality. Then, realizing they're nude, they revert back to their gym clothes, not their everyday outfits. Could you fix it please, so that they properly change clothes to everyday after they finish Tai Chi? My Asian vacationhood is full of locals and tourists hanging around in their gym outfits now.
744  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: How to get rid of SecuRom, NOW on: 2007 October 19, 18:36:15
Speaking of Pet Stories, does anyone know where I can get a good, reliable, no-cd crack sans SecuCRAP?  I went to gamecopyworld and there was a no-cd crack listed, but I don't do much ARR-ing and I'm not sure if the file is reliable or not.  Anyone have a good source for one?  I went ahead and uninstalled PS from my laptop, but if I could find a good SecuCRAP work-around I might go ahead and re-install it.
I somehow prefer gameburnworld to gamecopyworld. Try that site, it's way better and reliable in my opinion. I hadn't go there in a long time though, haven't need to...
The Vitality crack for Pet Stories hosted on GameCopyWorld is the only one available and a reliable one.

Personally, I find GameBurnWorld less reliable than GCW, as GBW don't list the release group name and release date clearly. Looks cleaner though, as they don't put up as many ads as GCW.
745  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV patch is out on: 2007 October 14, 19:46:53
Looks like current version of YASU ceases to work for BV after patch.

Quote from:
Same thing here guys. I have the same problem with Sims 2 Bon Voyage patch 1. As soon as you patch the game the new securom that's probably in the patch triggers the "conflict with emulation software" error. Waiting for a new version of DT or YASU too.

746  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: SecuROM on H&M Fashion Stuff on: 2007 October 14, 17:24:23
AFAIK, EPs after Pets use the latest EP executable, but EPs before Pets use the latest SP executable. FFS was released between OFB and Pets, and it used its own executable, superseding OFB one. So if you have only up to OFB, I think you'll need to use H&M executable.

To avoid Securom being planted, NEVER run the original executable that came on CD, use NoCD instead. Securom won't be installed until you run the original exe for the first time.

If you already ran the H&M exe once, backup your downloads and neighborhood, uninstall H&M (you don't have to uninstall OFB), follow the stickied tutorial to remove Securom completely, and do fresh install of H&M. Get NoCD for H&M from GameCopyWorld and copy it to your <Your H&M Game Directory>\TSBin folder.
747  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV patch is out on: 2007 October 10, 11:05:06
Part of the reason the "scene" doesn't notice Sims patches is because EAxis does nothing to make them apparent. Other games have patches with clear version numbers on them. The Sims doesn't. There's ONE patch, older patches are not available, and the information that the patch even exists is never publicized.

I've never seen such a dumb way of releasing patch in any other game. Other than the URL where the patch is located (like /ep6/ in BV) on their server, there is no clue whatsoever to version or build number in the official homepage. WTF, do they think such an information will scare the sheep away? I immediately change the filename to include the version and build number after download, in case I need to go back to previous patch.
748  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / Re: BV patch is out on: 2007 October 10, 08:37:50
And they should have just quickly released an anti-tour guide creation patch like a day after they realized it was a problem.

Pescado basically did it, why not the developers of the game?
Indeed, and screw their usual bullshit about proper testing blah blah. If they just have to take months to patch after each EP's initial release, at least they should have decency to get it done right, not to break it MOAR.

Unlike other games, new NoCDs for patched Sims EPs don't seem to get released. I couldn't find NoCD for patched Pets and Seasons. Perhaps the Sceners don't feel the need to bother with the .exe which will surely be superceded by new EP after half a year anyway. I don't feel it's worth to inflict Securom spyware on my machine for handful of changes, and I won't install the next patch if I can't find updated NoCD either.
749  TS2: Burnination / The Podium / BV clothing booth new interaction causes the game to freeze on: 2007 October 08, 14:42:36
I was initially delighted to find that two clothing booths from the base game have new dresser-like interactions (Change/Plan Outfits) in BV. My delight was short-lived, however. Every time I move the cursor over a clothing booth on community lot, the game freezes for a few seconds before it brings up the newly-added pie menu. (tested with no hacks installed, no error log in debug mode) Unlike other objects, the cursor doesn't immediately change shape from footprint to sun-shaped upon mouseover. It remains footprint-shaped for a couple of seconds when the game hangs. It only changes shape after the game unfreezes. This bug makes it annoying to put clothing booths on, say, beach lots. I guess EAxis somehow botched something up when they added new interactions.

Not surprisingly, the H&M clothing booth doesn't have new interactions at all, as stuff packs are intended to all version of the game. I managed to enable them by extracting pie menu strings from the base game booth.

Anyone else noticed this bug as well?
750  Awesomeware / The Armory / Re: Anti-Redundancy *CRITICAL FOR BVp0* on: 2007 October 07, 18:39:49
I'm playing the new hood (made from the clean template) with antiredundancy installed, but without notownieregen installed. (I'm just too lazy to make townies myself) The game starts to spawn tourists to fill vacant hotel rooms after you check in a hotel. It's similar to dorms, the game will spawn as many dormies as the number of vacant dorm door if you don't have nodormieregen installed.
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